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So are we unironically going to $300k this cycle?

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Yes or maybe no

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Citibank also says you should kneel for black people, why are you listening to what citibank is telling you to do?

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>citibank analyst
can he go to yemen

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So buy stellar?

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remember when they said bitcoin would hit $1,000,000 by the end of 2017? then it tanked to $3000?

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Bullish for gold

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They are beyond inept.

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It comes down to whether or not institutions will start adopting it as a reserve. A boomer company like P&G would not but the likes of Snapchat might

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i feel like all those predictions are to flood the gates and dump on them
120k is probably the top or so

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He must be predicting hyperinflation or some shit. Most analysts get paid to do nothing. Its a bullshit job.

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Boomer companies are the only ones who have actual assets

Shit like Snapchat or any other com bubbles only hold """"evaluations""""

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If they’re posting news stories like this then no.
They’re trying to generate hype before they crash it.

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no shit.

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That was mcaffee

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>Didn't buy any
I already sold at 40

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ye and he literally eats shit

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One of the telltale signs of a bubble is constant goalpost moving. Before the bull run started everyone said $100-200k would be the top, when we hit $100k they’ll be saying the top is $400k, if we hit $200k they’ll say $1 million, but someones gonna be left holding the bag eventually. I myself plan to cash out half between $100-200k then let the rest right through the bear market

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>then let the rest right through the bear market
Ride* through the bear market

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I'm confused all these big titans have different price prediction for BTC, how the fuck do they come up with them.
If BTC was a stock, you'd say based on the fact transactions have barely grown since 2018 that BTC is way over valued and it's a bubble and yet here they're saying 300k end of year.

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>"Hey 100,000 a year analyst how high do you think BTC is going to go?"

>Lol I dunno a billion dolla's

That's about as far as the thinking goes

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you really think BTC will get to 100k+ anon?

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can anyone really predict something like that, and if they can wouldnt they be unironically retired multi billionaire already? Thinking about it logically - do these people make mistakes? Are they really that incompetent? If not then its a plan, something like >>28528853 anon said

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Oh no, now bitcoin is going to tank

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100k is easy when the big bois say 3x more

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Stories about 51% attack, slow, unscalable, fees, miners wasting energy and dumping on you will all start coming out around 80k. Then everyone will buy stellar and algo.

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>Big bank:$XXk trust us we are good with money
It’s just that imagine not being skeptics whenever the institutions start giving their opinions

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>you really think BTC will get to 100k+ anon?
Its only February and thats about a 2x anon.

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