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This is it, we're going straight to $20

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Is this coin uniquely fucked by gas fees? Even more so than other erc-20 coins?

Yes, because the fees are not only paid to swap, but also to stake and vote.

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Holding strong let's goooo

Yes it is, but as the price increases it will matter less

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I don't see any reason why we'd be more fucked than other ETH tokens

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This is my new mantra.

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This is the biggest issue with Kleros right now. There hasn't been a new court case in weeks because of the eth fees. Platform is dead in the water

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why isn't the team letting this coin be on some good exchanges?

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Looking at $9 desu
Regardless we're gonna be rich af

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They have tried, and they were either rejected or the team themselves disagreed with the terms and conditions given by the exchange. I'm sure they'll try again in the future.

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a lot of shitcoins are getting listed in binance and other exchanges why is this having a hard time?

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So many newfags in these threads you're not gonna make it. Maybe next cycle.
>Pnk is the original Uniswap gem

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PNK kickstarted the DEFI rush

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I invested in this during the pre sale. I still hold a significant bag of this. I was just wondering only

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Because the team doesng want to cuck to cz. And insulted LINK. Anybody who lets these retards manage their money wont make it.

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To 20 maybe, straight there is no way

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L2 courts on the way sirs

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Oh fuck so this is the reason?

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>insulted LINK

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Just by being passive aggressive, basically said that kleros was closer than link to have a functioning oracle, and that Sergey didn't knew where he was going.
Was arguably true at the time.

About what Sergey told him, I think that he just didn't want to show his card and Clement took it litteraly

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Where can I look into this?

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I heard there’s big things on the horizon .. can’t say more

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shut up retard

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I got a little inside scoop as well.

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Already priced in.

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kill yourself

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based boomer

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GEEQ does the same thing right? "Proof of Humanity"

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Official kleros telegram, look for keyword chainlink.
I think the comment of Clement was in 2019

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Proof of Humanity has to do with assigning a one-to-one relationship between a person and their eth address. I glanced at Geeq's website and it doesn't look like their product has anything to do with identity on the blockchain.

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Crummy crumbs

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See he assumes Sergey told him everything but what's more likely is that he didn't want to disclose more info than needed

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What's more likely is that chainlink is a meme with no actual product

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imagine not having bought the dip
>he doesn't see what Naval sees
>he doesn't see what Jack sees
>he doesn't see the team has a massive backlog of integrations
>he doesn't see that cases makes you bank
>he doesn't know that once scaling is fixed, casework will be cheap
>he doesn't know clement is airdropping 1 mil every month to stakers
>he doesn't know
honestly i love the fud and the fear, you really have no idea how comfy this hold is.

bit shy of 1mil pnk here.

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Idk, how much pnk the team has in it's reserves, but surely the 1mil airdrop every month can't last forever, especially as juror numbers grow.

Are they just increasing the supply of circulating pnk? Or is this airdrop already in circulation.

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Are you retarded? I personally got picked for a different case each week for a month now

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It's taken from the airdrop allocation

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disclose what? you faggots do realize that chainlink is open source and everyone can see the lack of product?
they have built a pretty good node to sling JSON requests across to smart contracts, i give you that. worth around 2 weeks of pajeet time. good job, serg, those billions you dumped on biz really are working out

as for kleros, ive been keeping silent on these breadcrumbs, but i won't anymore. check this, read, and if you understand even 1% of this, you will realize just how many disputes this is going to create soon.

There are so many more breadcrumbs for kleros because the team refuses to release any news, but that's just more pnk and info for me. You can find all of that on their tg. they have given links to their other relatively private tgs (like PoH), where you can find a lot more direct work products of the team
sorry clems and fed. i had to do it.

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Proof of humanity is going to generate zero disputes as long as Kleros is hostage to these gas fees

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you're a fucking retard who didn't read the paper I sent. this is like saying people will stop using crv because of gas fees. no, dipshit, these PoH deposits are going to be large enough becso that gas isn't an issue because there will be UBI and DeFi integrations on the back that will drop thousands of $ to each user

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I still habeeb in kleros. I'm only an 11k minnow, and thank god I didn't dump a ton of money into this, but it's still a legitimately good project I want to see succeed. If it crashes, oh well. My portfolio ebbs and flows by 5 digits daily, and >1k of my portfolio going to zero won't bother me financially. But I still want to see this pick back up steam.

Hopefully proof of humanity shows promise. Hopefully it gets a decent listing at some point. Hopefully people realize the utility of this beyond judge judy memes and how it's the perfect solution for things like dispute resolution for online merchants, or for DeFi insurance if the smart contract code goes bad or a pool goes insolvent, so that people can get their money back rather than getting rugpulled.

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IS the make it stack 100K 0r 250K

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>Because the team doesng want to cuck to cz
Typical frogs. Pride before reason.

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preallocated from airdrop % of share and it lasts the entire year including jan

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We better. This shitcoin has been so shit all year when even your grandma has been mooning.

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I would be happy if it goes to 0.18 I just wanna get my money back

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Worked for link

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Suicide 10k
Make it 100k

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Reminder that PAID has already surpassed Kleros.

Invest in PAID now to make back your losses.

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Unironically this
In a few weeks the team did more than that french faggot in 4 years.

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This true? Shut I coulda staked months ago ..

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>pAix id
>paix means peace in french
wtf why does kleros threads always have the best ids

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copycat token Sergey partnered with to spite Clement, with no product and shady devs.
yeah, better buy it now while it's up, just before the rugpull.

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At least PAID has solid partnerships. Kleros team has to resort to publishing photos of pajeets and niggers on their twitter to simulate activity.

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there is literally no dispute resolution in PAID
none of their integrations are live, and they're all pajeet integrations
get the fuck out of here faggot
Kleros is integrating with Aave, Maker, UNN, PoH and is live with Omen, Linguo, TCR for uniswap, DeversiFi listings and much more
eat my sperm bitch basterd

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>fap id
we're gonna make it bros

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don't forget that there are 3-5 retarded trump voters who lost all their money in that Omen market and are constantly now shitting on pnk
like that eric little faggot from telegram. they're fudding on purpose because they lost money, as they should ahve the retarded trumpkin monkeys

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Ooooooo sirs

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Any news on when we'll be listed on a CEX? We're getting fucked a lot by gas prices. I've had diamond hands since this past summer when I initial bought, sirs. Kinda thinking to divert some of my eth gains into this to increase my stack, but I'm still kind of hesitant.

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$4 eoy boys I can feel it

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Get your bullshit politics off of this board and away from PNK, you basic, low IQ mong. It brings me genuine joy to know that useful idiots like you will be the first ones to go when the day of reckoning arrives, and that your death will come at the hand of your own kind.

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suck my asshole, faggot. i enjoyed taking your fees and money

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ooOOOoOOooOOOooO im cooming sers

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topkek, seething

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why do you feel the need to disclose all that information? pnk is a solid project and most kleros threads confirm this with a lot of ppl knowing more about it than is actually talked about in threads. what do you think about our suicidal whale?
also, is pnk your biggest position?

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because after the election case there has been an insane amount of hatespam against pnk, and newbs are being misled. it is a classic case of fudsters who missed out and don't like it. every big project goes through that, and it is the community's responsibility to shed light and truth
although yes, pnk threads are usually pretty good and plenty of other anons do the same as me and FUD has been going down lately.
the whale is a fucking idiot who moved tens of millions of pnk back and forth within like 3 months. makes 0 sense and he lost hundreds of thousands. now he's at under 1m pnk, so he is no longer a threat whatsoever
no, my eth position is several factors bigger.

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he still has 6 million on one of his wallets. lost his other address. was at 4 last time i checked.

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Yes, and Clement partnered with API3 to spite Sergey.

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maybe he has a few brain cells left then. not happy about this, but it is much better that he doesn't have 25 mil anymore.

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This is good. Saved

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