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Is this bullish for Chainlink?

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Norm made it to the final question on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? He’s the fuckin best

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This explains the current pump, the "Normies" are buying in

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Norm is smarter than everyone on this board. He's also hilarious.

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Norm being onboard is unironically based

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Not only did he make it to the final question... He got the final question correct but Regis talked him out of locking it in because he wasn't 100% sure. Norm is a degenerate gambler. Love that fucking guy

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Explain to the folks at home what chainlink is

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he also had the right answer but didn't want to risk it because it was for charity

but I am a little worried about Norm and crypto because he famously has a gambling problem

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Is Norm a normie?

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Is normy a normie?

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Holy based

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Domp eet.

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Fucking nice. He is my favorite comic but now I love him even more so

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also seems like he's not just a blind fomoing retard jumping in without a clue, actually did some DYOR himself

I feel good for Norm

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coolest hollywood guy and its not close at all

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