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This will blow HOGE out of the water when it hits the normiesphere on Saturday. Get in while you can and sell the top

DOGIRA - The meme token for social justice
>200k MC
>Loved by jews
>Normie meme value
>Unique reward features
>Liquidity locked, already audited by waronrugs


You heard it here first, enjoy your 100x

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kek what the fuck is this?

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Oyyyy veyyyyyy!!!

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Those people look fake, the website looks fake, the gallery has been raided by /pol/
Is this a troll?

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I’m not going anywhere near this shitcoin

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>I don't follow pump trends
kek alright faggot

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These dumb fucks still allow people to upload photos? Jesus christ lmao

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10X since January. Keep putting your money in worthless rug pulls

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I've done 15x since december and I ALWAYS gamble at least 2 ETH on bullshit like HOGE

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I've made x20 just today putting all my wife's savings on DOGIRA

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Yeah the website looks like bait which is actually based if true

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lollllll those people were generated by an ai. literally look at the backgrounds closely. SCAM

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actually kind of based if someone intentionally put 3 kikes and a nigger up on a tranny site and let it get raided by /pol/ and /b/

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bizlets never learn
you will fomo halfway into the climb and lose 50% of your gains
marketing starts tomorrow

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I'll throw down 1 ETH when gas goes down

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I might buy in later as well

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So, this is when we P&D the SJW's, aye?

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It looks like it. Anyone have any SJWs to shill to?

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>It looks like it. Anyone have any SJWs to shill to?

I dunno man, do /mu/ and /lit/ still exist?

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Just post anywhere on reddit

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this cant be real

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bump, I bought some

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gas is still to high to buy memecoins

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why arent you supporting dogira /biz/?

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This has got to be a joke, right?

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yes is it 100% a joke, the real website is dogira.lol

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Yes, exactly why I'm buying

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wew lad

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bump I'm a bagholder now

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fucking kek their gallery is fucked

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They don't know how to stop this shit I guess

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Hoge is a stupid pajwwt scam.

Those faces and people are AI and fake.

Why donyou faggots keep falling for pajeet scams

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Pajeets aren't high enough IQ to pull this off, it's an elaborate troll

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very high-iq if true

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>invent fake people to run your fake coin that attempts to grab cash from sjws, and give the team chosen names
This was created by a poltard wasn't it

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These bullshit coins do a x10 or a x100 pretty much immediately, its true. Problem is if you're not one of the creators its impossible to get in early enough to ride the wave and dip.

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Yeah I got some, this is going to go up for no reason soon then I'll sell

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When did you buy in? Its almost certainly too late to make real gains now

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Also obvious names lol

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can you explain why the contract is selling dogira for eth? looks like a scam kek

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They unironically pay shills in eth every day at 1600UTC, you can see it on the "much support" mechanic

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Has no one looked at the dex, one person dumping like fuck lol no thanks

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i'm in

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How much are you throwing away on this

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>tfw all in on DOGIRA

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DOGIRA chads will pump this project

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Uhhhh, guys? Where to buy? I'm going to shill this shit to normies so hard hahahahahaaha

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Unironically click "support dogira" anywhere on the site

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Only niggers don't HODL DOGIRA, king of DOGE

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underage B&

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dogira is pumping this weekend, I can feel the HOGE vibes

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It's getting marketed on normieville tomorrow according to their telegram so it should

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This shit is a literal scam and not run by /biz/ like $HOGE is. Come hang out in here, anons, it's our coin not theirs.
Have it right

$HOGE is not a pajeet scam like this bullshit clearly is.
You can either, buy this now, miss the moon/get rugpulled, or trust in concrete old $HOGE and it's no bullshit community. I trust you will make the less retareded decision.

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Dogira.org is the meme site of the original meme site dogira.lol. To everyone thinking it is really a SJW scam thing, KEK!

This token will definitely go 100x. The meme power is strong.

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That was a small/honest mistake in the contract using msg.sender instead of sender. Dext picks it up as the Uniswap router and shows it all to be the same seller. You can see which wallets are selling on Etherscan no problem.

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you sound like a faggy nigger, sell signal confirmed

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Active telegram
Up on the hour STILL
Pending requests on coin sites

Do you want to do one pump (if you're lucky) on this piece of shit clonecoin or do you want to build /biz/'s cumcoin?

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HOGE is for trannies, DOGIRA is for chads

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I would rather be a chad than a tranny, any day of the week

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HOGE is dead, the new king DOGIRA awakes

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based as fuck

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literally click support dogira anywhere on the site or click buy on uniswap

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My DOGIRA face is ready goys

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All this shilling and no one has bought in the last hour.

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kek you are retarded

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what is wrong with your face bro

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kek that 1.488 ETH purchase

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Dogira sounds like a pre op tranny you stupid nigger

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You are a post-op tranny fagboy

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the launchpad is forming frens, get in now for max gains

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Nice crop fag

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come here and say that to my face you ugly torn inside out tranny pussy faggot nigger

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and? anyone can see the chart for themselves lmao

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I will literally rape your asshole and make you my bitch IRL faggot

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bitch ass nigger im 6'5'' with a 14 inch dick i will strip your ugly head from your shoulders and fuck your throat

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post id and timestamped hand and I'll throw in 10 eth

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my lord those memes look like they were made by kids in fifth grade or actual indian street shitters

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is it too late to invest? or is it like other shit coins advertised on here already pumped

>> No.28540411

THere is an unmoderated gallery, people are uploading a constant stream of garbage

>> No.28540657

see >>28539692
It already pumped and they want you to take their bags.

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>The information provided on this website does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the website's content as such. The DOGIRIA team does not recommend that any cryptocurrency should be bought, sold, or held by you. Do conduct your own due diligence and consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions. By purchasing DOGIRIA, you agree that you are not purchasing a security or investment and you agree to hold the team harmless and not liable for any losses or taxes you may incur. You also agree that the team is presenting the token "as is" and is not required to provide any support or services. You should have no expectation of any form from DOGIRIA and its team. Although DOGIRIA is an EXPERIMENTAL token for social experiment and not a digital currency, the team strongly recommends that United States persons do not purchase it because the team cannot ensure compliance with United states regulations. Always make sure that you are in compliance with your local laws and regulations before you make any purchase.

the coin /biz/ deserves

>> No.28540976

it was released yesterday, one whale dumped only

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Are we looking at the same thing?

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Sorry, I see now it was the same wallet dropping all those sells. Looks like it's blue skies ahead?!

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Yep 24/7 shilling, 10 ETH marketing fund drops tomorrow morning, sweet reward system for buying and holding. The whale fucked up early momentum by selling presale tokens
Legit project: https://dogira.lol

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oy vey!!!

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I can't believe the price is actually going up from this

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