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LTO Network is a hybrid blockchain with two layers that operate independently. The private chain facilitates automated live contracts between private networks; the public layer is optimized for "anchoring" and sharing information on an immuateable decentralized ledger.


>scaleable inter-agency data sharing consortiums

>~100k Tx/day (rising)
>99.9% Tx's from actual usage
>used by United Nations (land registry in Afganistan)
>used by Dutch gov
>GDPR compliant

>50% circ. supply already staked
>deflationary: 0.1 LTO burn/Tx
>unique "LPoI" network economics incentivizes clients to buy, stake LTO
>100% of staking dividends derived from network fees


>LTO in 1.5min:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Obj9GhhgE8M [Embed]
>3 min:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4B5w0j4IQQ&feature=emb_logo [Embed]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMa4HwgoeMI [Embed]


>ARTICLE: "An Obj. Look at LTO"
>ARTICLE: "LTO's Valuation"



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34k dolphin reporting in, feeling comfy bros, only 100mil marketcap still so a gradual 10x is on the cards

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pretty accurate, high IQs will make it, and low IQ who take bold uncalculated risks can make it, but the rest over analyze everything

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Based dimwits and topwits dabbing on midwits.

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Im at 41k, am i a dolphin as well?

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Anyone else do the math?

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I'd say so. 55k is the make it stack but I didn't have the cash for that at 25c when I bought in - certainly not gonna make it now that it's 38c.

Just gonna be comfy for now and think of the traveling trip I'm gonna take if this does as well as I hope.

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thats a fun meme!

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>do the math

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Holy crap I am never buying anything on ERC-20 again. These fees are insane.

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Yep, it's killing DeFi's momentum.

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doesn't this have a mainnet native coin? I bought on exchange so I assumed it was just a standard altcoin

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>the year is 2027
>exponential network growth finally levels off for LTO
>all major partners and integraters run their own nodes
>they have bought up 85% of the LTO supply and use the network on a "Net-Zero" basis -- shareholders comfy
>their initial capital investment in their staked LTO sits on their Balance Sheets and has even appreciated in value -- shareholders comfy
>85% of staked LTO is therefore permanent removed from circulating supply
>only 15% of LTO supply is owned by passive-stakers who don't actually use the network
>this LTO is the only source of supply for users who want to expand their usage of the network, or for onboarding new clients
>be /biz/ node in 2021
>already own 10% of staked supply
>already own 5% of circulating supply
>have done the math
>diamond hands
>have already unironically cornered the LTO liquid supply
>just have to wait...

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40c waiting thread

it's also on binance you cuck

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>CEO is known for scamming and pathological lying, has spent most of his childhood in psychiatric hospitals
>The issuance of the ERC-20 LTO tokens have a tradeable asset versus the staking asset. This could certainly flag the ERC-20 LTO token as a security at the SEC, and the resulting measures taken against the LTO Network would be anything but good. T
>The whole process of having three different tokens (native, ERC-20, and BEP-2) is confusing and unnecessary.
>The team claim to have been working on it for 6 years but their website was created 2 years ago
>LTO is centralized, slow, and the tokenomics are unsustainable if the price gets higher than $0.5 as it would force clients to pay much more than if they were using a regular a regular company.
>They are using IBM cloud to host empty PDF files and claim they have a partnership with IBM
>The token was only created to get funds in the ICO and could easily be replaced by a stablecoin
>Their only real partner is the government of Afghanistan, which has the 7th lowest GDP per capita of the entire world in 2020 according to the IMF
>Most if not all of their marketing budget goes into paying pajeets to shill their scam on /biz/ and Telegram
>There's no proof that all 60 clients LTO has are paying customers and the team didn't offer a free or discounted trial run to boost their numbers to make LTO more appealing to investors.
>In fact the CEO explained several times that they are giving free tokens to companies to try out their system, and you wouldn't know if these companies stopped using LTO and their transactions were replaced by fake ones.

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It can be bought on Uniswap. Americans can't get it from Binance.

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based fuder

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>IOTA will be able to perform LTO's entire usecase for free. LTO is a fork of waves which offers no real innovation and will be replaced by IOTA
>CEO is a long time friend of Jed McCaleb and Mark Karpelès, he was the mastermind behind the rise and fall of Mt. Gox
>Most members in the team are trainees with no experience, only the Lead Architect is talented but he was diagnosed with prostate cancer last month and is likely to pass away this year
>The parent company of LTO, Firm24 has lost customers and is close to bankruptcy after a scandal involving 2 employees who participated in child trafficking
>It's been proven that the team shares and publishes misleading informations about the number of staked tokens and daily transactions
>Pic related is OP, working as a freelance to shill LTO
If you are a newfag and wonder if you should buy LTO or not, do yourself a favor and use filters to hide every LTO thread. Do not listen to the paid shills ITT unless you want to end up broke.

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Hello resident schizo how are you doing?

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>>CEO is known for scamming and pathological lying, has spent most of his childhood in psychiatric hospitals

pretty bullish desu

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So I've learned. That's what I'm using from now on. Earlier I was under the impression the only way to get LTO for burgers to get ETH and swap it on uniswap. Now I have to wait 10000 years for binance to let me get buy BNB with fiat.

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How the US can buy LTO without being raped by uniswap fees:

This assumes you have created an LTO Wallet (https://wallet.lto.network/)) and downloaded Trust Wallet for iOS/Android:

1. Get some BNB coins from Binance.us
2. Open Trust Wallet, tap on BNB, tap on Receive, copy the wallet address
3. Go back to Binance.us and click on your BNB. Tap on Withdraw, specify the amount you want to send, hit Preview Withdrawal. Paste in your Trust Wallet address and leave MEMO blank, yes you are sure you don’t need a memo, then hit Withdraw.
4. Wait for the BNB to appear in Trust Wallet
5. Tap Dex at the bottom of Trust Wallet
6. Select BNB for “You Pay” and LTO for “You Get” and swap. You will see that the fee is minuscule!

If you want to lease them and earn more LTO...
7. Now that you have LTO in Trust Wallet, log in to LTO Wallet and click Bridge from the Menu, then Let’s Get Started, then make sure to select LTO (BEP2) to LTO (MAINNET), Next, Next, copy the address generated.
8. Go back to Trust Wallet and Withdraw your LTO to the wallet address you just copied. You are done!
9. Once they arrive, don’t forget to stake them!

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Based fudder is higher IQ than us. He's unironically an LTO whale who knows that you need some good fud to make these threads not look like p&d pajeet generals.

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my favorite fud

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ok so it's actually really easy
>transfer your bnb to trust wallet
>convert bnb to LTO in trust wallet

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need to hand hold lurking normans

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10.5k was all i could afford

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15k here, DCAing more soon.

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Thanks anon, just sold all my coins and bought rubic!

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>2k stacklet

A-am I gonna make it too g-guys?

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>the Reddit masses storming Binance to buy LTO after Monday's AMA with Rick, pic related

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No but it'll be decent income.

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How can one token be so comfy to hold?

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Bit over 500k. I heard, whale is 1 Million. Feels bad, man.

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bros I want to DCA in at the End of the month, plese don't explode

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I love irrational, inefficient, underdeveloped markets.

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You must offer enough cigs and booze to El Tío and he may listen.

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15k suicide stack reporting in.

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and ass, preferably a female lover of yours, if no lover, then yours will do

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not everyone is a euro poor

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LTO Economics 101

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who else waiting for biznode for paycheck this weekend

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indeed, what a shame!

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What's the .png picture that best summarizes what LTO is and how it is already being used at a glance? High quality only!

I need this for a Twitter giveaway to spread awareness.

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40c almost there

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I can feel big news coming boyos, get ready.

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This is a good red pill for high IQers

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I recommend everyone take the time to read this to understand what you're holding.

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40c sell wall getting eaten

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comfy new ATH

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I was waiting for a dip since 0.3 and it just didn't happen, climbing up steadily. What a chad coin

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ATH stable coin

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Price predictions on this please. Got 2.5k ready to drop in

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Top 10 transactions under 100m mcap. Do the math.

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$3.66 eoy, conservative prediction ($1bil mk cap). Or $6.66 eoy, chad El Tio prediction ($2.5bil mk cap).

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Make sure you plug /biz/ node's 99% payout.

>> No.28522800

This is a comfy 30x (which would put it at only 3b marketcap).
Don't expect it to moon though. It will be a steady climb, this is a solid product, not some pajeet PnD.

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Yep, it'll just keep going like this, 3 cents up one day, 4 cents another, crab a bit, etc.

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Is the riddler back or is that a larp?

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Thanks lads. I jumped on board. 4k EUR at 0.39. Let's see how this goes. I'm glad it's not a moon mission. I'd rather have a steady climb

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You'll have guaranteed comfiness. I'm DCAing into this with my wage.

>> No.28523839

Make sure you join the oligarchy

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Did a whale market buy a fuckload? lmao

>> No.28523906

Welcome aboard, chad. Yeah, don't forget to stake your LTO at /biz/ node, 99% payout. Drain binance wallet and enjoy the ride

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none of us sell before 5$

>> No.28524037

Move to wallet https://wallet.lto.network/
Go to lease and lease to Xeno node which is /our node/ like they said >>28523839

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44 cents.

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Is this thing anyone else's comfiest hold right now?

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I am so fucking happy lads

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You won't even have to sell ever

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>tfw every exchange makes you wait 7 days before you can move coins so you can’t accumulate more before the reddit hordes

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Why would you ever sell your main stack? Once price is high enough, you can just live off selling staking rewards.

>> No.28524695

Wire your funds; wire transfers settle same day completely unlike ACH. I wasn't happy about doing it because of the fees but I now see it was the right thing to do. What's $25 compared to missing 19% gains on 10k?

>> No.28524711

My children will inherit my LTO
Comfy af.

>> No.28524823

That'd be like selling IBM stock at $5 instead of waiting for it to get to triple digits and then living off the dividend...you're thinking like a pajeet...hey, what's the smell?

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Can you explain more of the staking rewards specifics for a crayon eater like me.

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Take it easy whale, you don't have to buy that much in one gulp

>> No.28525385

Could it be Coinbase?

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lmfao are the uniswap tokens at a different price?

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Why the FUCK would you buy LTO on uniswap? Are you retarded?
It hit 44.6 cents on Binance.

>> No.28525587

No, whale bought a ton and it spiked the price to .44

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I have a moon stack, a shit stack, a safe stack, and a comfy stack
LTO is my comfy stack

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lel are u a nigger?
wat a’fuck ur shilling here?
I’m not a pajeet who goes for shitcoins that they shill here
longing for bot ocean presale and their open
wanna trade with top algorithms like an expert

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I bought a 40k stack with a 20$ fee in the past

I still don't get how you resolve the price difference

>> No.28525832

fuck I can't decide if I should put all my ADA into lto... that'll get me pretty close to a make it stack

>> No.28525874

APY is based on transactions in the network and amount of staked LTO. LTO will be purchased and staked long-term by nodes that are actively using the network. Chance of a node validating a block and earning rewards is biased towards nodes that are actively using the network and submitting transactions and not over/under-staking. As new clients get onboarded, they will want their own stack to be able to run their transactions net-zero by earning in staking rewards what they need to perform their business transactions. This will create scarcity in the market as the total circulating unstaked supply shrinks. Scarcity in market ==> higher price.

Now you may be saying, 'but if the price gets too high nobody will adopt'. Nodes can adjust the transaction cost down. LTO at high price ==> Transaction cost goes down ==> staking rewards go down too, less LTO given to validator nodes. This doesn't matter since you got in early, and built a make it stack.

>> No.28526493

>has done the math

>> No.28526499

I have a 15k suicide stack currently but have 300 linkies im seriously considering selling and buying more LTO.

>> No.28527092

Linkies just pumped a ton so it seems like a good time.

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If that didn't get your dick hard enough, consider that the CEO was a M&A tax lawyer previously.
There is an 85M LTO fund set aside specifically for mergers and acquisitions. This is literally an apex predator network.

>> No.28527899

this growth is NOT sustainable

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>> No.28528117

under $100mil mkcap was not sustainable. We aren't pumping, the market is adjusting the price to more fair value considering the fundamentals.

>> No.28528166


>> No.28528440

42c stablecoin piece of shit

>> No.28528764

It is when its severely undervalued.

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Can someone make this meme for LTO, please

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We have diamond hands, we won't need that kind of memes

>> No.28529470

Somebody needs to do a riddler/michael burry meme. They both did the math.

>> No.28529639

Where do you think you are?

>> No.28530534

You do realize it's ironic?

>> No.28531540

Oh I get it now you would want to replace the gun with sayyyy a spoon full of caviar. And the crying face with a smug smile? :3

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Let's go boys

Literally every single time I post in this thread the number just keeps increasing thread by thread LMAO

I can't believe how comfy I am, my portfolio was worth ~35k on Monday.

>> No.28531682

that's pretty wild, good stuff

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closer than you think.

>> No.28532759

This kind of market cap would put the price at around 900 dollars my guy.

>> No.28532840

that's some comfy shit

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>> No.28533561

anyone actually going to disprove all of this? making me nervous

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Ne zaboravi da naglasis da si Serbski chad

>> No.28533734

So theoretically will the amount you ever receive from LTO staking level out?

If you receive fewer rewards as the price increases does this mean to ucould be holding LTO worth 1000€ each and still only be getting the same rewards you were getting at a much lower price?

Say if you had 55k LTO and made 55k yearly when it was worth 10each

Would they adjust rewards and transaction costs so that you'll still only earn 55k yearly even when the token itself is worth 100x that?

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>Pick any of those points and do 1 google search

>> No.28533772

>tfw you realize that LTO's market cap would only need to be $6 billion for the price to be $21 @ current circulating supply

>> No.28533777

All you need to do is do the math

>> No.28533911

That guy is like our pet fud mascot. My theory is that he's actually a based LTO whale.

>> No.28534019


Those who can't do the math can never make it

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Can someone explain this chart to a brainlet (me)? Surely there can't be a yearly return of 138% in 2028?

>> No.28534098

>try to short sell it
>it rises
>"alright, shit, let's just buy and stake"
>it rops
Fucking crypto, I swear to God.

I got only one lesson, wanna trade with profit - try bots. Waiting for Bot Ocean release to use best instruments

>> No.28534499

Fucking checked. Dubs with a splash of trips have spoken.

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Once fees cost more than $1 fiat per transaction, it is likely that the nodes will vote to lower fees in order to keep network costs reasonable. Businesses have indicated that they are willing to pay up to $1 per transactions. That would mean a token price of about $2.80 before that discussion has to happen. However, once the system switches over to LPoI, then the fiat price of transactions actually doesn't matter so much any more...the reason for this is that the major clients will all be running their own nodes and staking the LTO to the degree that their use of the network is effectively free -- "Net Zero". At that stage things become interesting because most of the circulating supply (80%+) will be owned by the clients and staked virtually forever...that means that the only source of liquidity will be passive stake holders (us)...at that point, even if the APY drops down to 1% for passive stakers, the price will inversely rise because of the supply shortage. That's when you get into triple digit LTO territory...and if you have a make it stack, and the price is triple digits, even low single digit APY would be enough to potentially live off of.

>> No.28534934

can someone literally explain me the actual usefulness of this coin

why and how do companies use it? what companies use it? don't give me the meme about WHO or IBM, tell me if fucking LIDL or Kaufland is using this shit

>> No.28534962

That chart only makes sense when you consider that it is assuming you bought early on. ROI of 100% + on staking rewards is possible of APY is a few percent in the future. How? Because if the price rises to, say, double digits, then the nominal return on those dividends is effectively 100%+

>> No.28535083

just buy retard

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This video says it all: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4B5w0j4IQQ&feature=emb_logo
Pic related is from the video...you have a boomer tier Windows XP system that is connecting to a universal public ledger...the edge that LTO has is that is connects existing legacy systems to a public blockchain. In otherwords, massive institutional clients (and even governments) don't have to redesign their entire networks and systems to benefit from some of the efficiencies that public blockchains can provide. This is huge when you realize just how stiff institutional inertia is.

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I already did, I only do my research after I buyed the coin

>> No.28535520

How many tokens is a make it stack?

>> No.28535549


>> No.28535558

So is lto a platform?

>> No.28535653

feels good man. Let's just hope the /biz/nessmen don't go full /biz/raeli and chase the shekels instead of just hodling

>> No.28535870

VPNs exit ;)

>> No.28535913

Never selling faggot. You clearly have not done the math

>> No.28535919

woah, did he really say that?

>> No.28536019

reread what I said, I'm never selling either

>> No.28536025

Its a networking platform that connects existing/legacy systems. The network is sustained/protected by the token economy that both fuels and secures the network. So clients don't have to build ON the platform so much as they just have to connect to it.

>> No.28536099

Yup, chad Rockefeller is an LTO whale.

>> No.28536205


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File: 236 KB, 1214x933, LTO The Riddler.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here you go my dude. Over 9000 hours in Paint.

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I checked the LTO youtube channel
so they are using the coin for
- garbage disposal in netherlands
- land registry for some durka durka country
- maybe some random diamond shop
kinda comfy

>> No.28536632

>*bzzt bzzt*
>Bogdanoff? He shorted.
>Poomp eet.

>> No.28536721

Nice, now do the gif

>> No.28536894

Based retard.

>> No.28536895

>Have you ever been paid to pay a bill?
What did he mean by this?

>> No.28537032

Companies holding LTO will run their own nodes meaning they'll receive tokens from the network while also "paying their bills" to use the network which could effectively mean they'd be using it for free or even getting profit. "Getting paid to pay a bill"

>> No.28537215

As someone who has done their share of suffering under ISO 13485, this is serious boner fuel.

>> No.28537368

Anybody got a link to the stansberry research piece on LTO?

>> No.28537580
File: 1.53 MB, 1400x1365, wb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28538513

Sure, here you go

>> No.28539539

I bought 1k stack, planning on buying more every paycheck. Can you guys give me some conservative estimates for LTO price? 6 months, 1 year & 3 years maybe?

>> No.28539797

3 years $80
1 year $10
6 months no idea

>> No.28540132

So they like LTO.
Theres a p/e chart about somewhere that has LTO at around $5, its from a few months ago i think so transactions are higher now so p/e should be higher than $5 today. Price discovery hasnt kicked in yet. Ill go with 6 months $10, 1 year $35, 3 year $100.

>> No.28540136

i transferred from binance to lto wallet via lto, did i fuck up?

>> No.28540251

No thats what i did, now you just lease to xenonode

>> No.28540380

between seeing it in my wallet and receiving it i read in the thread you would use bep2. dude my heart..

>> No.28540613

77k stack, feeling comfy right now. Wanted to bump it to a plantation stack but not gonna happen now. Rick is the ultra chad.

>> No.28540672

Mine took about half an hour to land in my LTO wallet. 50 confirmations from binance iirc.

>> No.28541892

Here we go

>> No.28542248

I got mine in like 1 min lol, it was in my LTO wallet even before the confirmations

>> No.28542457

I always get my transfers from Binance to wallet in like a minute or 2.

>> No.28542504

Did mine via wi-fi, it was windy at the time

>> No.28543233

where do i see what rewards i get from my staking

>> No.28543717

read to OP - it has two ROI calculators? Otherwise rewards are sent to your wallet periodically

>> No.28543848

Why is staking so hyped on this project when the APY isn't that high compared to other projects?

>> No.28544050

maybe the wind took them

>> No.28544209

Ok I've done the math and done the research. I've bought in. I like it.

Now, I want to know the case against LTO. I've seen the shitty fud spammer in here, but I want the real cons of LTO and reasons why you wouldn't want to invest in it.

Some possible cons: Yes we're told that the network can adjust transaction fees to encourage even late adoption, but what if that doesn't come to fruition? Is there a reason that wouldn't be the case? The shake-out to maturity transition relies on this.
Secondly, why is a decreased staking reward an incentive to hold your LTO? My guess is that the lower APY makes the opportunity cost of holding too high so people will sell, but is it going to be low enough? Early investors are risk takers who might be willing to sell in order to take other risks, but conversely they could also be LTO zealots who will want to hold forever and continue to hoard.

>> No.28544249

cause its aprox 7% on your current stash, and if this coin has a 20x or 50x ahead of it, then that 7% will be 20 or 50x'd also

>> No.28544388

may i ask what your calculation is?

>> No.28544469

because APY is derived from businesses buying and using the coin, instead of receiving rewards via inflation. anyway they've announced partnerships with a few big clients (UN) who have yet to begin using the network, so APY could get very juicy very soon.

>> No.28544870

Because the APY is 100% fed by clients using the network, APY is directly proportional to transaction numbers and transaction fees, and inversely proportional to staked supply. Once staked supply stops increasing APY will increase, as txs keep rising it will increase, until transaction price needs to be lowered to keep an affordable fiat fee for clients, but if more clients come on board, even as fees lower, the APY will maintain or not lower too much. Which means our stacks will be larger by the time APY lowers and we can just live off the rewards.

>> No.28544893

Because of the math. Witness and behold.

>> No.28544943

I don't think the network will shoot itself in the foot by not lowering fees if the team makes it clear clients will stop paying. This thing dies if clients leave


>> No.28545113

who cares if some are zealots and hold forever, no different than losing your wallet and having your tokens gone forever like in every single crypto out there. The more supply that gets constrained the higher the price. Voting not to lower the APY would be pretty stupid, you would have to argue that you are happy making the 6 or 7% APY, and don't care about coin price appreciation. The real gains are in the coin Xing multiple times for real gains, the APY is just the cherry, if you are running a node then you want more adoption and more txs so you will vote for whats healthy for chain. And not to mention that big corps will eat up more and more coins and end up holding a majority over time and will always vote in ways that are favorable to the usage of the system. Your basically given a chance to help grow a network by providing liquidity and decentralization to growing a network and your parting gift will be selling at a price that you are happy with, or just holding on and selling your APY shares and living off the divi's

>> No.28545658

>130m LTO staked
>130m LTO staked
>130m LTO staked
It will probably reach 120m by the end of month

>> No.28545918
File: 61 KB, 888x768, 198189189.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because it makes LTO the equivilanet of buying a microcap stock with 100x potential THAT ALREADY PAYS A DIVIDEND OUT OF FREE CASH FLOW. Its fucking unheard of. This is the kind of thing that makes Warren Buffet coooom.

>> No.28546547

Declining staking rewards is far, far in the future. That will after LPoI is implemented and likely after major business partners and integraters own 80% of the supply (and thus the users of the network control enough votes to make consensus changes). But my theory is that the game doesn't end for us retail passive stakers who got in early. At that point 80-90% of the supply will be in the hands of users of the network who stake it to achieve "Net-Zero" and pay for their usage of the network. That means 10-20% of the remaining supply that is actually up for sale will be in our hands...if you do the math and understand the underlying dynamic here, this is where triple digit LTO suddenly seems not only plausible, but inevitable. I think the end game is the users of the network buy up the rest of the supply from the last retail hold outs for triple digits.

>> No.28547416
File: 77 KB, 971x684, 1612884862249.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/biz/ node bump

>> No.28548539
File: 15 KB, 228x228, lto.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.28548576
File: 216 KB, 507x474, 1612281256236.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28549468

how much is required for staking?

>> No.28549647

28k stack here. Am I going to make it?

>> No.28549710

Just sent another 500 to the node, let's do this.

>> No.28549813

There's a 1LTO fee for leasing. For staking 100k are recommended afaik, might be lower now since token price has gone up.


>> No.28549881

thanks breh, praise el tio

>> No.28549908

>For staking 100k are recommended afaik
*with your own node

>> No.28550320

Are there gas fees for leasing?

>> No.28550486

1LTO for each lease.

>> No.28550511

checked train gang

>> No.28550808
File: 643 KB, 487x1265, 1612859742735.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.28550870

I'm still accumulating

>> No.28551347

I have never felt this comfy about a coin before holy fuck.
But bros, what does the spreadsheet for leasing mean when they say that all nodes have the same APY return? I thought some nodes pay 95%, otehrs pay 97.5, and biz node pays 99?

>> No.28551440

I think it means later on active nodes (nodes from clients participating in the network) will have higher APY than passive nodes (nodes only staking).

>> No.28551549

the nodes receive a equal amount proportionate to the amount staked on the node. The difference in the 95/ 97.5 and 99% correlates with the size of the nodes owner's nose

>> No.28551717

I got jewed into joining a 95% one, they said there's no difference just join whatever a few weeks back. Thank god we have a non Jewish biz node at 99%

>> No.28551848
File: 121 KB, 690x344, LTO check.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28552633

Funny because I was in the same situation as you before I bought in and asked the same questions. My main worry was about the delay between change in token price (thereby increasing fiat cost of tx fees) and the nodes voting for the proper adjustment of those fees. But it's been done before, and it happens very quickly. There would be no reason for that to happen, because nodes would make more money voting for lower fees if it secures a better market equilibrium.

As for the final shakeout, I was also wondering how that would happen. One is opportunity cost like you said. Really later on they can also adjust the formula such that passive stakers receive basically no dividends and active stakers receive all of it, which would increase opportunity cost. Another element is what I read from another poster, being that everyone has their price.

But in the end it won't become this thing where the last hodlers have the only supply so the cost goes to infinity. The price stabilizes itself in that when the price of the token goes up, the tx fee per token goes down, so businesses need fewer tokens, for net zero, so they sell some of them, balancing out the price. This means that token price is purely driven by the amount of real-world adoption demand, and there will always be tokens available as that real-world demand increases. Those last 10% or so still holding after the shakeout provide better liquidity for this process.

>> No.28552747

Fuck it, I aped in sold half my link stack and bought more LTO. Would sell the rest but binance.us won't let me withdraw more this week. Goddamn fuck being a burger right now.

>> No.28552911

but basically in conclusion, everyone else like us who has done their research has gone through the phase of thinking its too good to be true, doing more research, and finally concluding that it has to be true. This is what it feels like to be early. Hence the emphasis on how comfy holding is.

haha I did the exact same thing. Might regret it later, but I'm still a true link marine, so I don't intend on selling the other half.

>> No.28552935
File: 89 KB, 744x746, IMG_20210204_012134_715.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.28552980

*no reason for that NOT to happen

>> No.28553180

What did anon riddler mean when he said the math didn't work below 20bn market cap?

>> No.28553374

im thinking something in the math of lowering the apy to the point that the amount of tokens used and the amount staked to make it a net zero transaction, paid to pay bills. Not sure what that would look like but could be along those lines

>> No.28553408

M&A fund, higher mcap means higher security which means being able to onboard more prestigious clients or projects that need more security, higher mcap = higher rewards. Can mean many things.

>> No.28553459

or he's a larping faggot

>> No.28553848

finally I got capped

>> No.28553897

Just bought 1350 through uniswap. How do I get my lto from metamask to my staking wallet?

>> No.28553958
File: 41 KB, 714x791, IMG_20210204_012140_935.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think the math is in business model here>>28521042
It did take him to push a lot of anons in that direction of research tho

>> No.28554117

You havent done the math

>> No.28554139
File: 47 KB, 303x320, ltoOLIGARCH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh my
You're going to make as much LTO in a year as it would cost to use the bridge now.
Just wait perhaps for the eth gas to get sorted out or something

>> No.28554478

>more than 50% of circulating supply staked
>Exchange wallet running low while staking increases
>Top 10 transaction coin
>Insane APY return

Is this the only altcoin where most of us will probably hold without any worry of it dumping? So fucking comfy, it's insane.

>> No.28554536

I have 500 LTO is that enough

>> No.28554609

Nope, suicide stack is 10k, make it 55k, plantation owner is 100k.

>> No.28554981

Ok I’m selling

>> No.28555138

People thinking they'll infinitely get passives on this are retarded, guarantee they will stop any APY to non active stakers early

>> No.28555321
File: 67 KB, 1280x794, IMG_20210207_163250_627.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some fgts complained about axis not starting from 0
But basically 10 mil went from binance to staked right before the big pumps from 20-25 cents

>> No.28555411

umm wut? 80% of the network would have to vote for a change like that. so businesses would have to hold 80% of the supply, at which point the price is triple digits and we've all made it anyway

>> No.28555463
File: 85 KB, 883x1280, IMG_20210203_122936_385.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Never going to sell
You cant guarantee shit

>> No.28555940

it is in fact you sir who is the retard. please do 5min of research before speaking out your ass next time

>> No.28555989

Checked. I only had 300 links so my stack was small to begin with. Figured it would be better to go all into LTO the way I wish i would have with link when it was cheap.

>> No.28556160

What's a realistic price for this coin three months from now? How about one or two years? It's my biggest holding, but I'm wondering if I should go all in or not. Tired of chasing shitcoins and want to just dump it all into a promising coin and forget about crypto for a while.

>> No.28556444

Think $6 is pretty realistic within 1 year. Think it's around 1.5bn market cap?

>> No.28556496

Think it should definitely be $3-5 by then

>> No.28557165

>Tired of chasing shitcoins and want to just dump it all into a promising coin and forget about crypto for a while.
me too fren, literally my entire networth is in LTO now kek

>> No.28557192


>> No.28558259

I thought I could holding AVAX and LTO but now AVAX shat the bed for a bit lmao.

>> No.28558548

People keep saying suicide stack is 10k, make it 55k, plantation owner is 100k.but then predicting $50-$80-$100 in 3 years time, surely that makes a make it stack far lower?

>> No.28558761

Ok I’m going insane. How can I get something on coinbase that I can convert to BNB that I can swap for LTO that ISNT ETH. I dont want to get fee raped. Trustwallet isn’t showing me a quick easy exchange

>> No.28558992

You can just go on binance.us instead

>> No.28559068

Ok lets do a simulation for the 55K MIS.
For 55 000 × 1% APY = 552 lto / year or 10,6 lto / week. With a lto at $100 month dividend will be $4 240. Maybe I'm missed something or Lto is turbo designed to reach high 3 digits or 4 ?

>> No.28559082


>> No.28559146
File: 144 KB, 1080x1350, loona.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lol does anyone have this thread? i was one of the dubs telling OP he was a selfish faggot

>> No.28559441
File: 904 KB, 3024x4032, fdg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28559442
File: 30 KB, 507x510, 1612556464631.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28559458

Make it would be 10 mill i.e. financial security for a modest lifestyle without working and thats before taxes

With a 1% APY in the mature phase, say youve got a 100k stack (also possible to achieve with a 55k stack if youre compounding rewards for the first 5 years) 1k LTO per year equates to 100k of passive income a year, so you dont even have to cash out your intial stack.

>> No.28559976
File: 6 KB, 249x216, 1614465432.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm trying to buy, but my coinbase pro ETH withdrawal has been stuck at pending for an hour. Anyone else experiencing this?

>> No.28560145

APY isn't 1% now if that's what you're asking, it's around 7. But by the time LTO reaches 3 figures it'll probably be around 1%

>> No.28560647

Ok, they will be a gold age for early stakers.

>> No.28561116

JESUS : with $40 by lto at %7 its becoming INSANE ! ITS REAL ?!! WTF !! I'M SHAKING RIGHT NOW !!!

>> No.28561363

No, the apy will go down over time, I've no idea what the apy will be by the time it's 40$, could be 7 could not be. It's some math shit between cost of transactions, overall transactions, %staked etc.

>> No.28561555
File: 50 KB, 1018x422, 894848949.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

By the time we're at $40 we'll have transitioned to Lease Proof of Stake and passive staking will receive less than nodes that actually use the network. But by then, the price is $40...and we all bought at less than 50 cents.

>> No.28561595

transitioned to Leased Proof of Importance**

>> No.28562109

the new LTO official marketing lead / company spokesperson is a Verge twitter poomper. insane move

>> No.28562227

Still oustanding even at $20.

>> No.28562543

not enough people talking about this. either complete smooth brain hire or hidden big brain move. i dno which it is

>> No.28563155

how could this be a big brain move? new to the crypto space but from what ive seen people are still holding bags of Verge so?

>> No.28563341

how hyped was verge? that was this dudes job. he was effective at getting the coin out there. it was a complete piece of shit, but he wasnt the dev. still, I’m not stoked to be assosciated with that coin

>> No.28563392

Its all about his network. Point.