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MAJOR sell sign

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Thank god I sold

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what kind of niggers are these to not set a must be 4:20 long rule?

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> Reefiumz in da hood like muh homies in the biz

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This. First huge sell sign was when this Nigger YouTuber skilled this coin

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would have been better as a meme competition like rubic. cringe.

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actual footage of reef finance after taking your money

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Denko had got to get a handle on the brown idiots running community outreach... They're going to kill this fucking project.

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just dumped both my REEF and my AVAX, thanks for posting this

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This was the biggest sell sign. A lot of hype surrounding this coin and speculation money running through it and this was the fucking UI they came up with for staking, not to mention the pitiful APY. Awful. Just awful.

Glad I sold.

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Switch telegram to read only announcements, and delete the Twitter and start fresh with a cute white girl running it.

Fucking mess...

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staking UI was really garbage

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jesus christ i missed out on GRT because of this

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alright, what the actual fuck

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Yeah, I just market sold. Jesus christ.

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digits confirm

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Sold yesterday for XLM

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Imagine the poor fucks who's not on /biz/ right now and will come home to REEF being at $0.3 and officially pronounced a scamcoin.

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nice a containment thread for reef fudders

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I just sold this scam
Good luck anons

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same, swapped my 200k stack into 1inch and staked, feels good anon

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Holy shit, I thought it was fud but team really is full of pajeets.
They do this kind of competition where I work and it's always pajeets that start it and they're the only ones that participate

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Man, I've been holding for weeks and planned to hold this throughout altseason, but this is like the biggest fucking red flag you can get. It's your money so stay in if you want, but you're going to get fucked and it will be nobody's fault but your own.

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Just sold, fuck this

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We're totally doomed Reefbros

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$1 soon, book it

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There once was a coin called Reef
It caused the shillers much grief
No pump and dump
No ones a chump
Get rekt faggots, my gains are massive

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bro what the fuck

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They tweeted it literally 22 minutes ago. 99% of people haven't had time to see it yet, so it hasn't affected the price. You saw it, yet chose not to sell. And now you will go down with the ship like the fucking idiot you are.

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>chose not to sell
I'm buying more

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Glad I fucking sold. Extremely bearish sign.

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God, I hope you're serious

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Dude, I've made massive gains this week with GRT and DENT, massive gains, this one is going to skyrocket far more than both of those.

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why tho? is it worth to buy 1inch now?

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Good luck, man. Hopefully you'll take this as a learning experience.

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They are going after normies to make defi normie friendly. How can you not expect them to play to the lowest common tiktok instagram denominator?

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You really are retarded if you believe what you just said

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I just left over this, the onslaught will be unBEARable
SHILL ME A PUMPIE pretty please

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What the fuck are they doing? I put my life savings in this piece of shit

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Just sold. I don't care if it could still pump.
If AVAX really gets involved in this shit, I will also sell everything.

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Very tempted to sell at only a slight loss and just move on

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Fucking hell man, you won't get a bigger red flag in crypto than this. Other than an outright rugpull.

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Check the comments on the post even twitter hates it lol also it seems like they don't pay the giveaway winners

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just b/c i'm lazy and it's a solid bet to pump. sold my 1inch drop to get into reef to start w/. bought it back and then some b/c imo 1inch is much better at this point both short/long term (and unlike most other defi blues: aave, snx, sushi, uni, etc) it hasn't done a serious pump yet.. really barely 6x all time.. more like 3x unless you were lucky enough to buy the 75c dip... gonna increase my 1inch stack another 10% w/ farming and see where it goes.

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Faggots were fudding this shit yesterday and one hour later it broke 4c and went to 5.5 before stabilizing
I'm not gonna sell because of gay shit like this

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bullishbeat vibes


its over for REEFers

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thats a brown

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Great. Take this as a learning experience, and remember that it's only money.

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This is fucking epic. KSI has infiltrated.
Bullish as. Moon incoming.

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Waltonchain vibes.

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>1m chart

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Why did I buy this

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My friend just sold GRT to buy into reef!

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Anyone here wanna make a song together? I'm pretty good at beatboxing

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I've had my sell limit at 0.0429 for about an hour or 2 and it keeps tickling it's anus but doesn't reach it. I want out, you hear me.

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>buy the 75c dip
kek no i bought at 5. just wanted to hear your opinion about 1inch. cause seems nobody talks about this coin here.

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Exactly what I've been thinking, lmao. Newfags have no idea what's coming.

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just had a look at the telegram, the admin is literally named kumar

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Reeferiums. Uh.
(whisper: reeferiums)

Ma lil' reef stock doin 'sum
Niggas know.
Triple locked the stock
Let the good times flow
Blockchayns round ma neck
Step to me I'll teach 'sum respect
Time to invest ma stimulus cheque

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Because it was a somewhat promising shitcoin riding on the supposed Reef/Binance relationship.
Now it has become blatantly obvious that it's a scamcoin though, so only a real fucking idiot would stay in.

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never entered the telegram, but that is bearish too. just get the fuck out. I don't think it will crash but will go back to 3c

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walty so salty, can't wait to see the newfags get in on that
as long as golden bull keeps on pacing around the paddock $20 1inch soon seems likely to me, would put it about where sushi is rn mcap wise.. seems fair to say the least. but if you pick the right shitcoin you'll definitely do better - just depends on where your portfolio is at and how much risk you're willing to take

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You're going to learn the most important lesson when it comes to both stocks and cryptos: Never become emotionally attached to an asset.

Good luck, buddy.

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Imagine ignoring all the sell signs because you have become attached to this coin

I held 100k REEF that I sold earlier today, at first the telegram FUD and supply FUD didnt really get to me until it became apparent that they lied about how many tokens they're releasing onto the market, compound this with the staking UI that looks like it was made by a down syndrome child and now THIS, then yeah, if you arent selling right now you're a chump.

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imagine staking this yesterday FOR 6 MONTHS and then getting hit with these 'news'

>> No.28515380

But that would mean I'd have to sell at a 10% loss now.

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>pack bags
>show up to launch pad
>ring of pajeets singing Kumbiya
>not enough gas to get home

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Explain to me why having one of the largest youtubers ever market your coin is a bad thing

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>you pick the right shitcoin you'll definitely do better
1inch seems safe bet my second bet is reef lol i fucking missed grt not gonna miss reef.

>> No.28515509

>what's reef?
>reef is when you need two gats to go to sleep
>reef is when your moms ain't safe up in the streets
>reef is when I see you
>guaranteed to be in ICU

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Unironically this. If this coin hits coinbase with all the KSI hype and stuff, won't it pump to fucking 0.5?

>> No.28515540

You're right. Selling at a 40% loss sounds better.

>> No.28515875

Hard to pump to 0.5 with billions of new supply introduced

>> No.28515898

I put up a stop limit order just in case. I still believe in this project

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If you a DeFi project launching a song competition doesn't make alarm bells start ringing in your head, then nothing will. Good luck in crypto.

>> No.28516060

Who the fuck is this guy? I know it's a youtuber, but does any adult that has money to invest watch him?

>> No.28516170

just children up to high school age

>> No.28516173

A multi millionaire and one of the most influential youtubers alongside Pewdiepie.
>Bros, pewdiepie is shilling our coin to his 70+ million fanbase! This is terrible!
Makes zero sense

>> No.28516249

Kek Reef is going up since they posted the news about this song comp

>> No.28516283

newfags much? feels a bit like spring '17 in here rn
^ newfags take note. you've been warned.
this is not grt which is a 1 of 1 necessity. anyone who knows a little tried to get at least 100k grt the minute it was listed. it's not even rbc. it's a defi shitcoin trying to ride the wave (it may yet for a little longer) but considering all facts and fundamentals, chances at it substantially pumping from here are slim to none.
that's final warning fags.

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Clown world.

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mate fuck this coin

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>A multi millionaire and one of the most influential youtubers alongside Pewdiepie.
>22 million subs
I though you actually meant popular. and most of those are kids. If you honestly believe this is good you will never make it.

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>Telegram was full of people asking about the 8.3 billion circulating
>No mod or team member could answer the question
>"so much FUD in this channel guys"
>we're going to update the tokenomics later
Can't even stick to a damn spreadsheet or plan. They're either valuing their coin more than the market currently is along with for some reason, making decisions away from investors and their "community".
Sold, made 2x. I suggest you do the same. If this manages to net you a little more in the upcoming days, then do that and get out.

I was with you fags saying it was fake until today, but they literally just confirmed there's 8 billion in circulation right now, which is over the amount that there should be.

>> No.28516542

It's staying in the same range doing nothing. But that's because it was posted 1 hour ago and most holders haven't had the time to see it yet. I hope you hold. I really fucking do. Because to learn you must fail.

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fuck were ngmi

>> No.28516641

Nah, not gonna read your post. I can tell that you're a huge fag from the attached gif.

>> No.28516695

I actually like KSI, but he is literally children-teenager gamer entertainment.
If the coin you hold is marketing to children/teenagers, that isn't a good thing anons.

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I'm beyond confused here.. is this another rubic coordinated pajeet smear again?

How the fuck is this not bullish cunts? Someone explain.

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>1m chart

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Read nigga read >>28515898
I bought in at just over a cent. I'm still doing at least a 3x no matter what happens

>> No.28516972

>How the fuck is this not bullish cunts?
A DeFi project launching a song competition while using a Youtuber who's popular amongst children and teenagers to shill it is bullish? Are you serious?

>> No.28517073

unironically bullish

>> No.28517093

Its dumping again faggot

>> No.28517166

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh anon bro?!?!!?

>> No.28517171

>what is a correction

>> No.28517238

uh oh mommy found out KSI's fanbase got her credit card again.

>> No.28517283

My prefrontal cortex is saying sell, but my limbic system is saying hold. I'm already doing nofap, so I want to give my limbic system a little win for now.

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Everyone is buying in because they're hyped about the song contest let's gooooooooooo

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>When you troll the /biz/tards so hard that they ragesell their coins and you buy them up on the cheap

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Fucking oath it is. Are you forgetting what you're investing in? This product specifically targets the normie market.

This is going to fucking spread like wildfire.

>> No.28517426

lol imagine selling now

>> No.28517447

should i sell? i bought at 0.049 and im already down 2k and this really is a huge sell signal. what do you think? is it over? (i'm an oldfag from 2007, not a redditor so give me the real answer)

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OK, who the fuck wants in the screencap?

>> No.28517539

We've already gone through this in 2017. REEF is going to crash and burn. Hold and learn.

>> No.28517573

fuck off. sell nigger

>> No.28517585

>and this really is a huge sell signal
No. It's a song competition that lasts for ONE WEEK. All it will do is make normies aware of the coin. It won't affect their year long timetable.

>> No.28517596

Yes Denko you're a marketing genius, I forget what you're coin even does because of this amazing song contest. Oh, whats that? Oh, another billion supply to fund "development/marketing". Yes Denko. *guzzles semen*

>> No.28517614

don't sell at a loss.

>> No.28517679

See >>28516972

If you think that sounds bullish, hold. If you have a fucking brain, you run as fast as you fucking can.

>> No.28517680

It will eventually go up, i boughted at .045 but just sold, fuck this shitty contest with some nigger

>> No.28517723

Yo Australian retard word to the wise you should fucking sell mate. This is bearish. This is a sell signal. A $1000 song contest for a fucking shitcoin is BEARISH. Even normies look at this shit and think its lame. I sold 100k today, I sold it yesterday at 0.05 but bought back in thinking it would go up, it hasnt and it wont. Find a more legit coin.

>> No.28517785

>17 posts by this id
wow look at this caring anon. he cares so much about our money! thank you and god bless

>> No.28517834

It's literally about to be 0.045 why did you sell?

>> No.28517886

>it hasnt and it wont
It was 3 cents yesterday. Now it's 4.5cents. You bought at the top and are upset at a correction.

>> No.28517924

You're right. Why am I trying to help newfags from getting rugged? You deserve it. I'm out.

>> No.28517933

Guys what's the market cap on this coin? It's showing up as "?" on coingecko.

>> No.28517994


>> No.28518010

Same schizo previous last threads. By any chance I wonder if his name is Jeremy

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Do the math.

>> No.28518031

Are you Australian m8? If you're gonna tell me to find a better coin, can you at least give me a suggestion or 2? Fuck me.

>> No.28518050

Maybe some people just hate scammers you fucking degenerate faggot.

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I dont know dude, the song contest is fucking ridiculous, and pump yesterday was too much, too many idiots fomoed into the coin making it unstable, i was comfy swinging from .025 to 0.04 but now it got too unpredictable, it could dump back to 3 cents if all the idiots get scared

>> No.28518119


You did the needful sirs.

>> No.28518214

newfags always give in to fud. Chainlink's fud was way worse

>> No.28518257

fuck is there really a chance that this is a rug? i got rekt on mcdc already so i can't risk it again. ive literally got my last 10 ETH in this shit fucking fuck me

>> No.28518286

Good nigger begone!

>> No.28518350

I only have 24k reef.. I am keeping them in as a normie coin... I already have 20k GRT..

>> No.28518382

I bought at 0.12.

This shit is starting to look like more of a scam every fucking day. The staking AI looks like it was made by a down syndrome child. The telegram is presided over by some guy called Kumar. They lied about the supply and their dumping tokens earlier than they said they would. And now we have this lame shit, a fucking song contest? You think legitimate tokens are doing song contests? You are crazy.

RSR. I cant really tell you because we are some way into a bull market and alot of things have already mooned but I would say RSR is a safe, legit and profitable coin. Look into it.

>> No.28518392

the market cap is still very low anyway

>> No.28518406

No, but its going to take a while to go up after yesterday.

>> No.28518418

i havent been in crypto since 2018 and even i know most fud on here is just for shits and giggles

>> No.28518440

idk i'm worried aswell

>> No.28518458

Jesus fucking christ. How do retards like you have money to begin with. Reef isn't a 4chan meme coin.

>> No.28518530

The whole point of the project is to simplify things for normies in defi space, and this kind of competition sounds moronic to us but is the kind of reddit youtube thing normies love, especially if the winner is "fire."

You are thinking in the old ways where crypto was a subculture of techies, criminals, weirdos and forward thinking investors. This is the precipice of the mainstream adoption we have all been waiting for, and with that comes all the dumb shit that follows with the normie crowd; or did you think normies and society as a whole would finally venture into crypto and play by our rules and adapt to us? They will come into crypto and crypto will shape and bend itself to suit their desires because that is where the money is. This competition is just a taste of what's to come, you will see when this works out in the project's benefit.

>> No.28518542

>heavily shilled by binance
>rugpull like a literal memecoin named fucking McDonald
some of you are really heavily retarded

>> No.28518599

kek, i run a recording studio. i don't hold reef, but i kind of want to make a song for /biz/ and memes

>> No.28518643

GRT is dipping, im probably join them before coming back to reef and kumar adventures

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>> No.28518702

Seriously, i need to put you cunts in your place. Can you just think for a moment before having a panic attack???

> Backed by binance
> Denko created and now hosts regular meetup/AMA known as polkadot defi alliance. It's solid.
> Not even fucking half way into Q1 and you faggots are about to neck yourselves
> Dank0 has been active interacting and providing transparency with user base

It's not a fucking scam coin.

>> No.28518777

ask Dunk0 about the supply

>> No.28518824

Vitalik totally embarassed himself with this song
yet ETH is still what it is
it can't be worst than that

>> No.28518874

gUYSs is this real? REEF is spending funds on a song c contest? fuick i am reallyt stressed how can they make this mistake do i sell now??? it's a fukcing rug isnt it?? fuck i hatge myself so much everything i alwaysd goes wrong for me i bought at the ATH tyesetday and now it's down 15% i started drinking as soon as i sheard the news about fucking song contest sjeus CHRIST what the FUCKK is that kid doing with my 50 ETH do i sell?? i have my finbger on the button now

>> No.28518910

These are the facts:
>REEF team has lied about the amount of tokens they are dumping and are actually dumping way more way earlier than they said they would
>Telegram is presided over by a Paki called Kumar
>Denko is the only visible team member, the rest of the team could well be Fiverr Pakis
>Staking UI looks like it was made by a down syndrome child even though they have millions upon millions of DUMPED token money to create a professional product

If you're still holding this I dont know what to tell you. I sold 100k this morning after buying in at 0.012 a couple weeks ago. Glad to wash my hands of this scam, now its breaking point for you lot. Decide what you want to do.

>> No.28518973

>368m mcap is low

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>> No.28519023

who is kumar

>> No.28519044

Do you get paid in curry for these posts?

>> No.28519076

all i can tell you is that i sold, but idk how it'll go long term. good luck anon and cut out the alcohol

>> No.28519096

some poo in charge of the REEF telegram.

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Is this the new pasta fud? makes me want to buy back some reef

But GRT looking good

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ok retard

>> No.28519182

OK mother fjckers. Can you explain specifically the issue with the token supply. I'm going to download telegram and find out so we can settle this.

>> No.28519200


>> No.28519280

Imagine killing your popular growing coin through pure unintended demoralization propaganda. Incredible.

>> No.28519292

Max token supply is 20B
won't be fully released until 2025
it's just cheap fud

>> No.28519309

Everything I said is quite literally true and correct. The staking UI was the final nail in the coffin for me, you could whip that shit up for five minutes in MS paint and Denko was acting like it was a bullish announcement.

It aint my fault you guys bought the top.

>> No.28519314

that doesn't include the tokens on BSC

>> No.28519444


>backed by binance

lol no provide source please launchpool and backing are 2 different things also cz does not even follow reef finance twitter or denko himself

>he created an ama group for polkadot projects.

ok so what ?

>Not even fucking half way into Q1 and you faggots are about to neck yourselves

They lied about the supply it doesn't matter what quarter it is

>Dank0 has been active interacting and providing transparency with user base

kek yeah sure

>> No.28519511

Doesnt matter, GRT was 2.40 right now so i bught in, already 2.50, see you at 4 cents in 2 weeks fuder

>> No.28519519

That's not updated. Check the telegram anon.

1. REEF is built on Polkadot, and is EVM compatible.
REEF token is on both ERC20 and BEP20 Chain. Choose whichever chain you prefer.

2. For staking, read about REEF Bonds

3. Circulating supply is around 8.7 Billion, and max supply is 20 Billion.
An updated tokenomic doc is to be published soon. Stay tuned for that.

>8.7 billion
Doesn't match up.

>> No.28519551

Seek help, you sound mentally ill. You shouldn't be buying crypto.

>> No.28519644

If this is not a sell signal for smart reef holders I don't know what is look at this average reef holder retard doesn't even know about the bsc supply

>> No.28519658

Got a small stack of 1inch myself.

>> No.28519744

Ok you fucking crypto wizards. How about giving specifics on WHY the token supply is incorrect.
I will pay these pajeets a visit and get the answer.

>> No.28519761

You know you fucked up when you start insulting instead of debunking his arguments rip

>> No.28519855

this is just the bsc tokens cmc shows the eth tokens so add them you find out that current cs is 8 billion reef

>> No.28519858

fuck it i just sold my 200k reef i'm out. thanks anon

>> No.28519916

They didnt even say why. Someone asked what the supply is and they said they were dumping more tokens earlier than expected.

>> No.28519970

Never seen so many fud threads before except for link back in 2018. This might actually explode soon. Cool

>> No.28520038

unsure if it's a "scam" coin or just a shitty team, but either way enjoy your 3 cent stable coin and missing the entire bull market

>> No.28520163

He's spent hours sperging out across multiple threads now. He's made multiple posts complaining about the UI for what was a test staking run that only lasted 2 hours. As if that UI matters at all.

We've all seen the timetable and we're only in Q1. Reef is increasing in value daily despite being brand new.

>> No.28520200

Thanks. Now kindly fuck off. You and your pajeet mates are clogging up our thread.

>> No.28520220

They haven't said why apart from "well you need more coins if you're staking!".
That still doesn't make sense though, even without staking, we were going to go over by March.

>> No.28520262

another retard that doesn't know what is going on
everything is increasing in value your shitcoin is not special if you check other altcoins reef is performing like btc almost

>> No.28520754

They could easily just have decided to rush the schedule forward a bit since price is pumping faster than I think anyone expected and they can do it without outright killing the project. Not particularly suspicious or sell worthy in my eyes, Denko is too in love with this project to compromise it on the tech end. Let the pajeets pajeet and do whatever cringy normie pr shit they want, the steady waves will just flush out the moonboys that want a quick 10x. What will make or break this project is the product, and we will get to see how that looks somewhere within the next month+, after that we can decide to sell or not.

>> No.28520910

Do by you anon. If this moons, if it is a long hold, more power to you. I just feel burned by this shit, want other's to know that the circulating supply is higher than it should be.

>> No.28521017

Kek. i have been here long enough, to know that no one will ever try this hard, to convince randoms on the internet NOT to buy something.

>> No.28521108

>17 posts
Then go invest in your other altcoins and stop crying in here.

>> No.28521154

So you think I am fudsing so I can buy cheaper? Yes your 100k reefbags will surely cause a dump

>> No.28521169

Trying to get that price down to fill our reefbags

>> No.28521236

and another one capitulates love to see it

>> No.28521780

Denko has said multiple times the total amount was carefully calculated for a number of reasons. I don't know what exactly he has planned but judging by the language he keeps using at separate instances I am pretty sure he has something stupidly ambitious planned involving a lot more than what he has publicly announced, but he keeps it to his chest because otherwise reef would be brushed off as too ambitious in scope. He is hyper focused on the tech side of things and worried about exploits so he is covering that as well as he can and not caring or perhaps not even paying attention to the marketing. Judging by his body language when those questions popped up the chats I suspect he finds it annoying.

The project is solid and nothing has changed, the only thing this kind of PR shit affects is short term price action and bringing more attention to the projects by normies. However, this project IS directed towards normies, so that is exactly the kind of shit they need to do. Sell this project as ultra simple defi "be your own broker and let reef do a little sumething sumething for your defi stock with a few sliders" with song contests and meme awards and whatever the fuck else. Invent a beatboxing shark doing shitty 90's white grandma rapping to her grandchildren videos for all I care, it will work because the target are reddit normies; know your audience.

>> No.28522765

thanks just market sold 200k

>> No.28522777

if i put $1000 into reef in a few weeks what can i expect to see happen

>> No.28522964

you can expect to lose $1000

>> No.28522974

a rugpull

>> No.28523154

How does $500 sound

>> No.28523292

OK. I've had enough with you dumb pajeet cunts. From what I understand, your whole problem with the token supply is that it's inflated. You're adding tokens from BSC and ETH together and calculating the total supply.

Why don't you absolute apes have a read of the BSC whitepaper to understand how it works. What happens when I transfer my ERC20 token to Binance? The token is stored in the Binance Chain and BSC runs in parallel to the standard binance chain, allowing me to trade rapidly and not pay fees. This means the tokens exist in BOTH chains. In other words, do not add them together.

>> No.28523757


>> No.28524177

Cool. You linked a google spreadsheet. How about explaining the problem?

>> No.28524466

dyor or get rugged when the 240bn marketcap is unveiled and your reefys stay extra beefy inside your dilating open wound

>> No.28524708

Yea I'll take my chances m8 lmao.
Not much of a wizard after all, you have no idea what you're even talking about dumb cunt.

>> No.28524936
File: 21 KB, 453x500, 1587216081057.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

absolute state of NoReefies

>> No.28525745

anyone know why the circulating supply is up 700 million in the last 24 hours? it was 8 billion and now it's 8.7 billion according to the telegram admin... whats going on guys? i'm worried