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Unless it dumps I'd only be able to get about 600-650 BNT to stake.
Or what else should I look at for max returns?

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is it worth to put 20k in a usdt pool?
What will be the apy?

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At current gas fees you want at least 2k-3k BNT for staking to be worth your time short-term.
If you're hyper bullish and absolutely MUST stake, then it might be worth it for a tiny stack but beware it'll take you a few months to break even on gas fees.
Even without staking BNT is still very based and extremely likely to do a 20x
With Jews, you win.
Just hold onto your bancies and drop them into a pool once gas fees are down with L2 or when the price of BNT has taken off like a missile and your poorstack is now a chadstack.

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I’m holding 840 bancor and it just doesn’t seem worth it rn. Price predictions EOM? It’s been growing quite consistently, will it continue?

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The APY on the USDT pool is 111.99%.
You'd get $1866 a month staking that 20k.
It's worth it even at current gas fees bro.

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That's pretty bullish. So you think it's a better option than shooting for a promising sum 100mil MCAP?
I've been hoping it will dump a bit so I can buy in cheaper but doesnt look like that's happening.
Gas fees are fucking killing me, hard to pay 10% if fucking gas for a small time trade

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With the current way tokens are released and burned, bancor behaves like a boomer stonk. We don't dip very hard, we don't go up very hard. But this is crypto so instead of 5% a year we get 5% every day or two.
If the trend holds and if the locked value steadily keeps climbing, as seen on https://defipulse.com/bancor , then we will keep going up. Hint: it will, because Bancor is the best, safest and most thoroughly battle tested option. The new LINK pool size increase was gobbled up in minutes. 40M worth of LINK just bulldozed in there like Sergey into a McDonalds.
If BTC is Gold, Litecoin is Silver, ETH is the SPY500 and Chainlink in the new internet, then Bancor is the Dow Jones.

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I think you should DYOR and jump onto a microcap if you really see it lifting off. BNT isn't going to do a 1000x anytime soon unless we somehow replace every stock exchange with it.
If you want some of the upside of a microcap with the stability of a large cap, BNT is a sweet spot. It depends on your own risk profile and how comfy you are with waiting or gambling respectively.

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WAGMI fren

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Someone just purchased a LARGE amount of BNT


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just me and my bankies

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what is suicide stack?
I purchased 300 tokens today.

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shit its happening

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if i only have 200 bnt is it even worth it to stake. Gonna cost like 100$ in gas fees just to fucking move it

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Not at current prices. It'll be worth it if gas becomes much cheaper or BNT becomes a lot more valuable. Imagine you only had a single month of liquidity mining, because your pool isn't voted to be extended for mining rewards. If your ROI isn't 2x gas fees at the least in this month, you will lose money.

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Thanks, ive been putting my wagie checks into this coin for the past month trying to build a nice stack

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ah fuck, NGMI then

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>Thanks, ive been putting my wagie checks into this coin for the past month trying to build a nice stack
Based, you will make it.
BNT is somewhat unique in this regard anon. Your babystack today will be a suicide stack in a year or two if you just stake. Keep an eye on the L2 solution and the price rises of the token, these will make it worthwhile for you to stake even a babystack.

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So you think it will be steady growth for a couple years but no moon? What do you see as a reasonable price for EOY?

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L2 solution when? It helps gas fees I understand?

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Bancor's been working on the Arbitrum testnet since January, hopefully rolling out Q2 this year.

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If you keep growing steadily, you'll set foot on the moon before you know it fren. Liftoffs don't have to be violent and sudden. EOY could be anything from $20 to $100, it depends on our market dominance and crypto as a whole. If dexes and Bancor as an extension become the STANDARD and defi captures a large chunk of cefi, we could go well beyond $100. The price is going to go up so long as it's profitable for actors to own and stake BNT in the protocol. If it's profitable to buy and hold BNT at $1M a token, there WILL be buyers.
Who knows. Bancor has been in beta since early January testing it which is hopeful. It's what Chainlink is banking on as well. Best bets are Q2, but prepare and act as if it's years away. It'll reduce gas fees by roughly 50 times if all goes well, so a $100 stake cost will drop down to a very smooth $2.

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Be real, do you guys think it would be worth it for me to stake my measly 840 Bancor? I have a poorfolio (5k euro) and its one of the only two coins im invested in. Too poor of a return rate for a poorfag?

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That seems like more of a make it stack . . .

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Weigh the risk of whether or not Bancor can push through in a bear market, which we may or may not be heading into right now. I personally think it can, and i am admittedly banking on Arbitrum to assure that its worth it.

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Sounds like you think Q2 could be big, so best to get in ASAP even if its just with poorfag money

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Celsius is currently offering 10.5% on bnt if the gas is too much on Bancor. Maybe do that until Arbitrum is released?

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With that stack you'd make around $200-$270 a month staking. It's worth it if you are bullish on BNT (you should be) and you can catch a moment where gas is closer to $100 than to $400. For your current cost basis, assume you have to stake and unstake within a month because you want to move pools, are you in the profit? If you get the gas at $100 you'll be in the profit or break-even at worst. If you get the gas at $400 during rush hour, you'll need to stake for 3 months to break even. Not at all a bad play in the long term, but it will lock you to that single pool for quite a bit which may not be what you want.

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You should look into getting in during hours when gas is the lowest and even then it will take a while to cover the gas fee but if you're planning on sticking around for the long term then definitely yes.

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Its on the edge, by staking for months and with increasing prices maybe. But you would definetly have to wait for arbitrum before withdrawing

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I hope you guys read this, its so fucking bullish


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Currently staking my 2k banclets, would it be worth it to throw in my 200 SNX in the pool as well? I was already raped once by gas fees, is it worth doing it again for SNX?

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I agree. I think $1k is suicide $10k is make it

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Yes snx pool has a lot of rewards time left. You should definitely do it

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Where is a good place to check current gas prices?

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what's happening in 26 days?

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idk, I have 10K

I just like to not set my expectations too high

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The current pool rewards for many pools get extended or not extended, depends on the votes of vBNT holders. This is not financial advice, but LINK,ETH and WBTC are the most likely to be extended indefinitely until the liquidity mining program runs out, because they have the most locked value and hence the most whales. Unless they are playing games or are retarded, they will not vote against extending their own rewards.

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It's worth to put my 20 AAVE into the pool?

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I have 15k sitting in INJ
Good idea to move them to BNT? You think it will have a faster run?

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It'd net you around $100 a month at current prices. Decent if you can get cheap gas and are planning to stay in the pool for the full duration. If the price of AAVE legs up in the meantime, so will your monthly rewards. Inverse if it dumps.

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I don't know enough about INJ to compare the two, but I'm confident BNT will have a long and sustained run as it gets more volume. It's basically Uniswap without the shitcoins, and with better incentives for users. This has potential to be New York or London to Uniswap's New Delhi. A blue chip building block of decentralized finance.