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Don't say you were not warned, /biz/....

Ditto is dead, hop onto MCBASE for those juicy rebases

+47% in the next 6 hours....

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uhhh, McBased department??

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Dump your rubics, hop on BSC

Binance Smart Chain fees are $0.10!!!

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Nice project

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see >>28510272
this is bigger than McBase imo. CZ will eventually need to generate fomo for BSC and I believe him pumping up the shitcoin market is inevitable. The timing is right for this to happen with McBase

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how the fuck are you shilling tokens on the binance smart chain....but you don't know who CZ is?

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I'm only in for the sweet 10x

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>Chengpeng Zhao (pbuh) founder of binance

oh I see

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well, CZ is the guy who runs binance....minted BNB...and funded development for BSC. he's responsible for your 10x, so you owe it to say 'thanks based chinaman for the gains'

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yeah he's literally making me rich, so thanks him

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I know you guys are a bunch of telegram faggots but
>current price higher than target price
>McDonald's based scam coin, couldn't even pick a new food chain
Just neck.

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>>current price higher than target price
hurr whatever price you buy, you're getting 48% more coins in 5 hours dude

time in the market beats timing the market

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mcfucking rugpulled by a onlyfans thoth

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>8 posts by this id
>doesn't know who cz is
>if the coin loses value then you have more worthless coins!
Hey faggot I have some old tokens from the ET zone arcade I'll sell them to you now for $50 a piece and next year you can resell them for $5
Stupid hype chasing teenage zoomer faggot nobody is buying your rugpull

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hardly anyone is even on BSC yet faggot. maybe there are TG trannies here, but it's not me. I don't think you understand rebase tokens anon...it's bullish when the current price is higher than the target price. bullish as fuck when it's consistently multiples above the target price.... get in or don't, I really don't care.

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>current price higher than target price
how new are you that you don't know how a rebase coin works?

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> 75% of liquidity is locked

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Faggot alert

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this is mcbase

a rebase coin
different team

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kek wrong token retard.

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There's no way you idiots fall for it twice..right?

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this is not a pnd, it's a rebase coin

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Price Target:
Current Price:
Circulating Marketcap:
12hr TWAP Price:
Circulating / Total Supply:
17,660.86 / 55,898.14 MCBASE
Rebase Lag:
Next Supersize %:
Next Supersize in:
4 Hours 39 Minutes

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In it to win it. Easy cassshh

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hahhahahahahha it's been less than a week since the last scam.

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I don't see the difference Sanjay.

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>sushi?! wtf is that garbage. you're not going to fall for it twice after hotdog are you?
these are very different tokens anon....they are similarly named food tokens and thats where the similarities end. have fun staying poor

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>I don't see the difference Sanjay.
stay poor then

you could literally put $1000 now,
get $500 in 4 hours and sell

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Another rebase project, time to lose your funds

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t. ditto bagholder

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because you're new and don't know shit about this market yet. obnoxious food themed token names act as a filter for early accumulation because idiots like you immediately write them off. that's kinda the whole point......

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Why is the crypt so unfair? I invested my last 10 dollars on which we live as a family for a whole month in the hope that I can multiply them on a new successful project in the Binance network and at night I find that my balance is 1 dollar left, I do not know what to say to my family now

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This is the dumbest shit shilled on this board right now. And thats saying a lot.

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This is a pyramid scheme

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