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I clicked this and now all my PRQ is gone from my wallet!!! WTF????

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relax bro we are in the warmup phase.

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Hovered over that link with my mouse and malwarebytes shut my computer down

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IQ protocol, binance, huobi, 2 defi integrations, 2 level 1 integrations (solana all but confirmed), new tokenomics come into effect, all in the next 7 weeks. Chart is prq/eth, top of channel is 3-5x. prq/usd chart is equally bullish...
Time to sell?

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sell? what? what do you mean time to sell??

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>he doesn’t sell low

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Trend reversal has just occured - solid resistance at 1.40 we are headed back to 1.10 Great exit point around 1.10 I will be selling my 10k stack around there would be even nicer if we could get lower.

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This is the most obvious setup for a weekend pump I’ve ever seen. This is an IQ test. If you aren’t in this right now you have failed.

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I was wondering what the fuck you fags were on about and then I saw my wallet. How the fuck did it pump so quickly

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Analtoy's anal dump.

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*toilet flushes*
better luck next month kiddos

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His face on this pic and your comment is funny af.
He looks like he just did that and you met him at the doors.

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