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What kind of sick and twisted shit will you pay Instagram porta potty whores for when you make it?

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Imagine all that for a million. And shes retired? I bet she means from that line of work or shes investing well.

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Make them cuddle with me

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didn't happen to the one in the pic

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how to sell your soul 101

might consider doing all that for a cool billion tho

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Every whore on ig that goes to Dubai has been pissed and shit on

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built for poopy dicc

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You might for a billion. Theyll do it for 10k and a holiday.

Tag the sponsor compile these horror stories.

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lol she got shit on

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incorrect, I lived there. a lot will stick to their own kind, mostly rich russians. they are undoubtedly whores though

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why is it always European women? are the Saudis racist towards them?

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>i'm now retired and have normal sex with whoever I want
I wonder if she tells her boyfriends about the time she literally ate human fecal matter... jfc.

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Arabs view white women as exotic the same way everyone else views Asians.

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No. Women do depraved shit all the time they just lie and say they didn’t. They whine about a double standard but then lie to cover up their past

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Dude she ate shit and got shitted on and the tone of the article makes it seem like it was all worth it. Just for a million. All of that trauma and humiliation at the hands of some unshowered hairy Arabs. Imagine having to open wide as a turd slowly slides out of some hair 65 year old unshowered manass and into your mouth, being forced to watch as his sphincter cuts that yellowish turd off and being made to swallow it. That kind of trauma isn’t worth a million.

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Any women has a price. Some of the most gorgeous women you can imagine will get shit on and fuck whoever you instruct for the right money.

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man these whores are cheaper than i expected
gotta figure in the lifestyle expense as well tho, and providing food and housing for them

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of course

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I mean people like freaky but not THAT freaky

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>That kind of trauma isn’t worth a million.

>and providing food and housing for them
feces and a shed

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Women will never tell you the truth on their past, even if you ask and they give you bodycount it will still be a lie.
I know a woman who have done multiple BBC bareback gangbangs, and I look at the poor sap/beta she ended up with and he has NO idea.

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Billionaire degenerates. Not based

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how do you find the ones that are willing to be payed for sex?

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some poor cuck will be kissing those shit-eating lips lmao

and people still take women seriously after this

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keep in mind thats a million total over her career

she probably took turds for a few grand

just imagine what you can do to these whores if you have enough ALGO

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>only 1 million

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hired my first hooker the other night. just wanted someone to cuddle after breaking up with my girlfriend. she ended up pressuring me into sex and now won't stop texting me

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>sick and twisted shit will you pay Instagram porta potty whores for
Here's a red/blackpill for you: they do it for free. I'm not shitting you (heh), women fucking love to be degraded, for some god damn reason they just can't get enough of it.

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Imagine being a regular joe with vanilla sex interests and ending with a girl like this who of course isn't going to tell you shit about the things she has done.

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kek fucking dumb bitch im gonna hit 1mil this year and all i had to do was press buttons on my computer.

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You've been eating shit on biz for all these years tho.

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if you need a girl who has only ever had the job of "instagram model" to tell you she's a whore your biggest issue isn't that you might end up with a whore but that you were born without a brain

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I think this makes sense if you realize that women view all sex as a bit disgusting, and just something they will do if they are in the mood or using it as a transaction

So more disgusting stuff is just an extension of that, especially if the price is right

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>admits to being a nonce for hire

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>mfw I'll pay whores to kill themselves

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women disgust me. That being said I have given an escort a golden shower.

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Some things you can only sell, like health, innocence, dignity. People with lots of money love to buy this, because they know it is gone forever. The power to forever destroy something for what amounts to pocket change.

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be honest
who here would let some old dude shit on your face for 1kk?

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I would force them to eat eggs

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Maybe for a million dollars.
But she did it over and over again. She did so many things for 1 million.

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>can have normal sex with whoever I want
Imagine putting a ring on this toaster and passionately tongue kissing the same mouth that a dirty Arab took a dump in

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My algorandy makes me dandy

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It's funny how I can never find a single post about women that ever makes me look at them more favorably, only less.
It's impossible to be on 4chan for any length of time and not begin to despise them eventually.

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4chan is one place where they can't use their hole for power.
tits or gtfo

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>babe... is that a piece of corn in your teeth??

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Bro. Thats disgusting.
Get a nice girl, marry her and raise a family.

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>person does x
>everyone that shares a classification with that person is x

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vanillafags deserve it. I will east my gfs poop and make her eat mine

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The illusion you are raised with is shattered.
Women are property that should be married off at 15 to a man of her fathers choosing.
Look what happens when you let them roam free, have rights, etc. They have brought about the end to our age.

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Eat shit roastie

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lmao this retarded whore could have gotten a million sending shitty pictures to people on onlyfans instead of getting beat up and shat on hahahahah

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This image is before the OF era

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>atlanta celebrity news
>anonymous ig model
you can't be that fucking stupid

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>the entire female race comes together to "empower" women like this and viciously attack any man that publicly speaks against it
>"ummmm sweaty just because 95% of women are in support of something it doesn't mean you get to be prejudiced about it"
You are going to lose so much money if you stay on this board.

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mudslims envy white people thats why they hire white soulless whores to shit on them

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I recently learned that the French Revolution was facilitated by feminism back then as well, when laws were changed that effectively removed any power the man had in his own house. Women really are evil and destructive creatures.

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I have a gf bro

you only hate them because they reject you

you are not different from feminists who hate men

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There is literally multiple accurate private IM conversations and names in the article that is lifted from. It is real.

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Take your reddit-spacing cuckfaggotry back to the shed

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women in 1st world countries are truly complaining about nothing

in my country they actually get beat up, raped and shit. I think it is pretty legit

you are just ugly/no social skills
you blame the jews because you can't get laid too don't you

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I’ve had girlfriends and women are fucking trash mate.

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>you are just ugly/no social skills
Is much better than getting a greasy old man log slid down your throat for pocket change you dumb cunt

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This. My girl got mad I took a drunk coworker home from a company outing when we live literally a minute apart from each other. Then I find out the guy she wanted me to be friends with so desperately she had been fuck buddies with in college. When I confronted her about it, she acted like it wasn't a big deal. I dont want to be friends with the dude who fucked my gf a bunch. She, of course, lied again and said it was just once and then months later we had an argument and she said a "couple of times". God knows id assume they still fuck if she wasn't taking antidepressants that make her sex drive 0.

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ok now tell me the one about how theyre equal in physique and iq

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she says normal sex but she probably has a new collection of fetishes that she wont be able to normally satisfied. I guess it's like watching to much porn.

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Damn all that for 1million. I'll just keep gambling on shitcoins thanks

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meanwhile onlyfans bitches made twice that from their couch hahahaha nice one

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Lying is literally second nature to women. I know exactly what you mean. They are totally shameless when it comes to falsehood.

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Random girls could have done that, they just never tell you that chad shat in their mouth or pissed on their face.

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one of the leading cancer researchers in my field is female

my biggest complain is being needy as fuck and you get tired of the sex with the same one after a while but they don't get tired of you

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1 girl vs 50 cocks

>> No.28503697

lmao are you telling me you never lied to any gf

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this. im gonna pay 10 whores to come to an island where they will fight to the death and the winner gets 100k

and then she also gets murdered

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No, I try to be straight up for the most part. Most women carry baggage that you’ll only find out about through complete happenstance, like somebody’s ass she licked or an ex-boyfriend she cheated on. They are devious little cunts.

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I know now what I will do when I'll get to 7 figure hell.

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>Tfw have pissed on/shit on multiple attractive women, had sex with multiple older women as a young teenager, and have a body count closing in on a thousand and I literally have not spent a penny on any of it

Why are Saudi Royals so pathetic anons?

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Incels that don’t interact with real women and let their collective consciousness roam free here won’t have a very favourable idea of women in general.
Every bit of content here is tainted by all the rejections annons went through.
As a consumer it’s your own responsibility to not eat this shit up like an idiot. Do your own research not only considering shitcoins

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I think women are less prone to remorse and disgust than men. That being said, trannies and gays are famous for doing the most outrageously degrading stuff but I don't count them as men

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She's these 2 pics compressed into 1

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>All of that trauma and humiliation


That kind of trauma can seriously and long term fuck up a person's mind.

Money is not everything.

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You think its just the royals? I think muslims do this to their women frequently. Imagine living in a country where your royals are outed as being such vile soulless monsters and still tithing them with taxes.

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t. Never been involved with a crazy bitch

>> No.28504649

That’s it? 1 million liquid? I’ve met strippers who didn’t do half that who have that.

>> No.28504669

Anecdotal evidence. Guess youre not a real scientist after all.

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Built for Mr. Bix Nood

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found the seething tradcels who are incapable of inspiring respect and loyalty from women

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It got a lot better after corona.

>> No.28504907

>inspiring respect and loyalty from women
is reserved for the 5% of men, because they are the top 5%

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Unironically I would rent out a small apartment near my house and I would keep a bimbo there. Some real stupid girl with some kind of insane idea that she wants to get plastified. There are plenty of those. I'll pay for her surgery, her lip injections, fake ass.. Whatever. I'll house her and feed her and she can do whatever the fuck she wants, all she has to do is be ready for me whenever I want. Then I'll text her, saying I'll come over and when I'm there she has to eat all the eggs.

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Not sure why this is so hard to believe. You can pull women and not lie about who you are.

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>paying women
Anon, I...

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>dedicating a whole thread to 3dpd whores

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I lie to all girls, that includes sexual, money and lifestyle stuff

I'm a phd student not hard to believe but whatever

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No I hate them because they're gross.

>> No.28505434

so you like dick instead

you are more disgusting

>> No.28505508

Ah i see the issue. Pesky how expertise takes years to build.

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why yes I like dick instead, how could you tell

>> No.28505559

>antidepressants make her sex drive 0
Sleeping with other men will also make her sex drive towards you 0.

>> No.28505589

>if you don't like disgusting humans then you're gay
lol kill yourself retard

>> No.28505904

You are too retarded to be a phd student

>> No.28505948

checked and true

incel cope

>> No.28505981

Ouch. I don't think she's going to live past 30s.

>> No.28506079


The world isn't beautiful, and in that way it lends itself to beauty

>> No.28506142

>Ah i see the issue. Pesky how expertise takes years to build.

one of the leading scientists is still female
in a conference meeting more than half of the scientists were female too


>> No.28506150

>and now won't stop texting me
either larp or she must be mentally ill / new / extremely desperate for money because that's not normal behavior from a hooker

>> No.28506153

Sadly, this is true. I had a couple of chicks I did unholy shit with in college and medschool. Caught them during their “find myself” phase and took full advantage. Still cross paths as we’re in same field and see them at conferences and such. At one we were out drinking late and clearly it was a few too many. Got talking about med school and mentioned a camping trip I and another guy took with one of the chicks. Her husband caught the tone immediately
>wait, you went camping with two guys
>oh shit.jpg
She tried to play it off but the wheels were coming off the bus. Eventually came out that we spit roasted her. I left as things escalated. As the fight went on I guess he found out about all the other shit she did in school but clearly not in their marriage. Needless to say, they’re no longer together.

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It's scientifically proven that people who use homophobic language try to suppress their own homosexual tendencies

>> No.28506462

Apparently he lies on anonymous online forums too.

>> No.28506665

Imagine retaining your dignity as a human being and not having 1 million for losing it, woah crazy huh

>> No.28506709

To be more specific it's slavs. Prostitutes are the #1 export from Eastern Europe.

>> No.28506825

He probably told her about the gf thing. Maybe she sees him as an out.

>> No.28506868

you attract girls lke you anon. they're trash because you're trash.

>> No.28507091

you what's more twisted than this? wagecucking all your life in a soul/backbreaking job and still be poor in the end.

>> No.28507171

Europeans view Asians as exotic? We see them as low human trash, Latinas are seen as exotic.

>> No.28507450

welcome to dubai where 90% of white girls are slave to arabs

>> No.28507539

>more than half of the scientists were female too
yes, they've been shoveling in retards to meet quotas for a while now

>> No.28507625

Whenever I think am getting over my hatred for women, I read something that makes it even stronger
I have given up on finding a good gf. But from time to time I just want to murder some of the tinder whores I fuck

>> No.28507642

I've had sex with 60ish women, been on dates with at least 100, had 4 serious relationships. Am in one now. I'm not an incel and even I know women are trash. Immoral, lying, manipulative. Even the independent, intelligent and driven ones at the end of the day flip a switch when they feel you lose interest and become batshit. They throw the Hail Mary and offer to let you do depraved shit to try to keep you. That's normal behavior for women. They don't belong on a pedestal

>> No.28507723

legacy of communism, what they hell else can these women do to escape?

>> No.28507832

Bladee hates women because gay

>> No.28507864

>t. beta incel
anyone that has had a relationship with a women knows exactly that all the post have a huge degree of truth

>> No.28508124

>t. made up story

Also this has nothing to do with biz

>> No.28508616

underrated post

>> No.28508641

What is the point for any woman to go to Dubai except to be a whore? There are better beaches everywhere, better parties, better looking guys and no chance of ending up in jail because of some bullshit law for drinking in public or kissing some dude who isn't your husband.

>> No.28508730

which country? I have noticed its mostly white women who do all these crazy things. I visit dubai frequently and these arabs see them as nothing but sex toy. The future of white race is bleak lol, many of these women go back to their home with brown seed in their belly

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I posted this in the last thread. This girl I know (pic related) gets paid $2k a week to punch and slap herself on webcam. To my knowledge that's all she does.

>> No.28508800

I 100% agree with that already. I post about women being property here quite regularly.

>> No.28508849

The same thing saudi oil princes do

Bull mastiffs x muscle instagram whores all while coked up/ecstasy

>> No.28508864

Why would you ever admit to any of that? Just lie and say you invested in something

>> No.28508928

>monitizing your parasuicidality
Now that's smart...

>> No.28508952

Obviously because she got paid by the journalist and her youtube channel and dr phil and now shes kim

>> No.28508961

Damn good point. I just bought 50k link in 2017 and sat on it. Didnt do any of that shit. Damn

>> No.28509168

Just not with the girl in the picture, but you’d know that had you read the article.

>> No.28509328

That's bad as well. But it's a different beast, anon. One is being broken gradually into an oppressive system and seeing very little way out. The other is a very conscious decision to forgo one's own humanity and dignity for greed.

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File: 1.25 MB, 480x848, VID-20210210-WA0023_1.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's actually just a normal girl filling a market. I've asked once if she's done anything sick like throwing up or scat stuff and she said never

>> No.28509757

i was you once. the amount of degeneracy women can get up to seems implausible and straight out of a male porn fantasy, until you actually date a hot woman yourself and get a window into their life
it's not like anyone wakes up one day and decides "today i'm going to hit literal shit for $30k". much like sexual abusers groom their victims, whores tend to go with the flow and accept things one by one, and it eventually escalates

>> No.28509929

>1 mil
>go back to usa, have to declare it, pay taxes
>only 600k left
>buy a decent condo
>only 300k left, still have to work
>you fucked a dog for this

>> No.28509971

Has she got herpes? Gross

>> No.28510027

This. I have more and never got shit on. But hey, whore's gonna whore.

>> No.28510119

>trusting a woman who is willing to debase herself on camera for money


>> No.28510128

it's all one giant shit test

>> No.28510305

found the virgin who doesn't have ANY experience with actual women in the real world

>> No.28510363

Does her past really matter if you are the only one sticking it in her now?

>> No.28510518


only the strong

>> No.28510541

if she ate shit it does

>> No.28510593

...... Yes?

What kind of fukin question is that? Lol

>> No.28510670


>> No.28510724


i'd rather a girl eat shit than hook up with teenage virgins

i don't want her to measure my stamina in bed against theirs

>> No.28510758


>> No.28510865

Nah she punches herself on cam. It's a bruise. I get nudes from her but they always include this stuff

>> No.28510908

Anon this is literally what you're doing.

>> No.28510911

The girl says she got shit on multiple times
>tfw you pay a girl to eat shit she's probably done that for 10 other saudi princes already

>> No.28511006

big time. Imagine there being pictures of your mom eating shit. suicide fuel

>> No.28511134

i sticked a pencil into my ass for 25 bucks

>> No.28511136

they lie like their very life depends on it

>> No.28511173


Jk right?

>> No.28511194

you seem to not know what teenage sex is like, anon. sad.

>> No.28511213

Whenever someone posts an xkcd comic to illustrate their point I immediately dismiss everything they've ever thought or will think.

>> No.28511231

Why are you together with her?
Obviously it sounds like you can't trust her, I think you should move on anon, there are better women out there

>> No.28511258

Yes you coomer
Imagine letting her TOUCH kids let alone raise them

>> No.28511288

>God knows id assume they still fuck if she wasn't taking antidepressants that make her sex drive 0.

>> No.28511367

Paying a prostitute to have sex with your son is some royal-knight level shit.

Something out of fantasy, dunno how i personally feel about it though.

>> No.28511384

For a thot that's pretty decent since they're number one at spending money on useless shit.

>> No.28511434

No hooker will pressure a client for sex if she gets paid anyway. She has seen so much dick that she wont mind missing out on neet dick for a night. stop larping get a life

>The power to forever destroy something for what amounts to pocket change
I think that you're right, there is this trope of the bored millionaire degenerating more and more that buying normal services like a cleaner and a driver aren't enough. Look at Mcaffee getting shhit on by jungle bitches. It's kind of scary and something that everyone who makes it should reflect on

careful with the edge

Sounds like they do it just for themselves and not because they think that you are depraved and would like the shit... You can't hold it against them that they become sad and crazy when they liked or even loved you and feel like they are losing you
>I'm not an incel and even I know women are trash. Immoral, lying, manipulative
why the fuck beeing in a relationship then?

Testosterone levels in the west are steadily declining, the amount of processed sugars and hormones in tap water have made asexuals of modern men. Look at the average joe, no muscles, geeky, soft bordering on pedophile and unreliable. It's not the womens fault that they had to become their own owners. They saw that they can't trust these new generations of degenerates and started profiting of it

>> No.28511464

This is one of the most confusing things about women. They'll do all this shit with rando dudes for ten years, but then when they marry a nice dude they suddenly stop.

Like as a guy in a long relationship I think of all the things I put up with in the name of keeping peace. I'd WAY rather suck a cock a couple times a week or take it up the ass occasionally than deal with the mountains of bullshit I have to sort through lol

>> No.28511541

>the amount of processed sugars and hormones in tap water
americans don't drink tap water.

>> No.28511571

Never before have I wished so badly that I didn't read something....Thanks a lot OP

>> No.28511623

Having your dad pay so you get your joint greased is pretty lame.

>> No.28511723

i only sell my life to a shitty evil company..... fuck

>> No.28511815

they stop doing it because deep down they know that doing those acts degrades themselves on such an deep level they couldnt ever look their husband in the eye again.

>> No.28511971

Sure but chad doesn't do that stuff. Piss maybe, but only Saudis are weird enough to be into poop

>> No.28511995

>americans don't drink tap water.
americans apparently also never shower, brush their teeth or cook food

>> No.28511996

I’d prob get a dog and have it eat girls out. I find that hot for some reason but I don’t like dogs actually fucking girls only eating their pussy and ass.

Don’t get why people like al the shit eating stuff tho Saudis are weird man.

>> No.28512000

>fucking a dog is the worst thing this anon thought was done
>not eating shit, getting shit on, anally penetrating a senior citizen with a fish
Bro, you know some girls fuck dogs for free right?

>> No.28512115

not all. but those that do are devil spawns in every way possible

>> No.28512144

I would just have them lounge around my pool topless on sunny days. My tastes are pretty vanilla.

>> No.28512256

Wow, girls suck at math. Also xkcd is fucking retarded.

>> No.28512369

I wanna see what she does. Send link lol.

>> No.28512398

>individual examples to disprove trends

Found the leftist

>> No.28512399

just going to flaunt it in the face of e-girls I used to know on twitter

>> No.28512400
File: 516 KB, 1079x1314, Screenshot_20210212-093640_Instagram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd pay an IG whore to do wife/ gf things with me. Go out to dinners, vacations, grocery shopping, watch movies etc.

Then at night time I'd double her rate to watch her gang banged by random men she doesn't know. Like have her create a tinder, and have lots of men come over. Then when it's over I'd "break up" with her, pretending that I can't handle how much she seemed to enjoy it. And stop paying her. Lol

>> No.28512412

You got more where that came from?

>> No.28512446

>had sex with 14 year old boys
If she's American she should be arrested for statutory rape. If I said I went to Cambodia and did that I know I would be. Female priveledge.

>> No.28512467

Better than raising kids being poor.

t. Coomer

>> No.28512545
File: 77 KB, 600x800, 1612635311869.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Okay. Okay. There is a lot to unpack here so let's break this down a little.

>> No.28512638


Anon, I...

>> No.28512647

Did the snake get aids?

>> No.28512706

> 1 million and retire
> ngmi

>> No.28512712

I'll pay them to go to church and live virtuous lives, lmao

>> No.28512754

This ---> >>28511288
She doesn't respect you bro. She will never respect you because you don't respect yourself.
You've shown her 0 consequences for her actions, why would she stop? Why would she respect your feelings when she has no reason to believe you'll ever set proper boundaries?

Get out while you still have some SMV to bag another one.
Or is this one of those "oh she's so hot so I put up with unimaginably shit behavior that I wouldn't tolerate in an average looking girl" type situations?

>> No.28513081

Based and isthisrealpilled

>> No.28513117

teaching a boy early that pussy ain't shit is a valuable lesson - worth every penny.

>> No.28513170

>americans don't drink tap water.
lmao not everyone is middle class mr gucci

>> No.28513213


get rich

simple as

>> No.28513226

In both cases it is the man correcting the other. So girls do suck at math.

>> No.28513372

Having your dad pay so a girl smears your shit all over her face on the other hand....

>> No.28513462




pls more screenshots and stories like this?

>> No.28513510


>> No.28513634

I would ruin her asshole like siswet x10.

>> No.28513723

Lmao I feel like for most men the shame and disgrace of being treated like that will outlast the million dollars in spending. But for whores they just compartmentalize it and move on. Really weird shit.


>retiring at 24 with one million dollars

Is this bitch serious? This isn't 1985 lmao.

>> No.28513913

She could have been a neet and multi millionaire if she joined /biz/ and invested in crypto.

>> No.28514026

women don't invest in crypto

>> No.28514040

congrats, you fell for the demoralization

>> No.28514057

>that make her sex drive 0.
What she means by that is her sex drive is 0 for you. What are you, 18? Drop her and find better.

>> No.28514298

drop her dude wtf

>> No.28514302

break up with her. its over. if shes lying about anything its over entirely.

my wife wouldn't lie to be about a fucking single thing. Nothing to hide because were not whores.

>> No.28514367

I'm Saudi but I'm not interested in that degenerate lifestyle desu. I'll just use my gains to be support my hiki lifestyle and spend the rest of my life watching anime in my comfy room.

>> No.28514577


>> No.28514719

>the amount of processed sugars and hormones in tap water have made asexuals of modern men. Look at the average joe, no muscles
I have high testosterone, am facially good looking, workout 6x per week and have a top 1% physique (based on size, shreds, muscle inserts, symmetry, vascularity etc. there isn't even a single dude at the gym that has everything I have), I don't drink anything other than highly filtered water from my giant 1 gallon jug and sugar free coffee and I have 0 desire to have sex with modern women - I'm in my twenties. I'm 100% heterosexual, not asexual and idc if I ever touch a woman again. I also practice nofap cyclically and never watch porn. Not a degenerate at all.

>> No.28514917


>> No.28515261

>I have 0 desire to have sex with modern women - I'm in my twenties. I'm 100% heterosexual, not asexual and idc if I ever touch a woman again.
Maybe you're gay annon

>> No.28515322

yeah I'd pay $20 to watch her beat herself up on webcam why not

>> No.28515567

>needs someone of equal physique
literally gay

>> No.28515717

go project your gay ocd elsewhere, r*dditors

>> No.28515797

kek are you a prince or an oil mogul anon?

>> No.28515937
File: 419 KB, 720x971, 1612188759756.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28516004


>> No.28516098

wimin were designed to get raped. this shit wont affect them by the slightest as long as they get paid in the end

>> No.28516321

Unironically this for me as well (well, I'm relatively attractive but nothing to write home about). I think after genuinely taking myself off of porn my view of what's attractive in women has changed, to the point where what I found attractive before I don't really find attractive anymore at all now. I find modern women to be even more disgusting than I did before which will probably not help me find a wife but.... Life. It is what it is.

>> No.28516419

Kek, I literally made a million this year trading shitcoins
Women are a meme

>> No.28516434

Imagine kissing these girls and you feel a piece or corn in her teeth and she's been with you all day, you never ate corn

>> No.28516442
File: 518 KB, 904x768, 1611544984123.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Give the sauce anon

>> No.28516516

nah no amount of money is worth my dignity
I'm not that jewish

>> No.28516564
File: 201 KB, 900x1050, d8d3ab_2045b365e2e04009800b1bb80370564d_mv2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why does that dog look like Jordon Peterson's daughter?

>> No.28516657

Don't pretend you are better than these thots, /biz/.

I have seen grown men stick sharpies up their ASSHOLES while begging for shitcoins, numerous times

>> No.28516723

>Maybe you're gay annon
This makes no sense. Wouldn't I want to or wouldn't I BE fucking dudes if I were gay? I'm 100% sexually attracted to women, I just have no desire to talk to one long enough to fuck one anymore, and I refuse to pay for sex looking as good as I do - maybe when I'm an old man. I just can't stand modern culture and female obsession with everything trendy. Women literally dress the same, wear the same makeup styles, get the same piercings, the same fucking tattoos, are all addicted to social media, watch the same tv shows, the same movies, have the same phones, talk the same... It's just fucking tiring. And to top it all off, many of them have fucked 30 guys before they were 20 years old. No thanks.

>> No.28516810

This desu. If I could go back in time I would do two things differently:
1. Buy more bitcoin
2. Keep my virginity

>> No.28516836
File: 646 KB, 1000x1500, 1611192191695.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be thot
>want million dollars by 24 y/o
>fly out to shitskin country
>spend 3 years getting shit on, pissed on, having pussy treated like sewage dump and losing all dignity and humanity

>be racist neet
>want million dollars by 24 y/o
>visit /biz/ board on favorite anime image board.
>learns about link from memes and acquires 40k linkies over 2018 at cost average of $0.30

>> No.28517101


>> No.28517336

Yes it's true. My work colleague / friend hired escorts on a business trip.

>> No.28517460

Did this bitch actually write that piece? Because i mean, you can charge what, $100k to get shit on? How the fuck does she only have a mill?

>> No.28517714

>1 (ONE!) Million
dumb bitch got ripped off

>> No.28517716

>2. Keep my virginity
100%. I started dating at 14 and lost my virginity at 15. With my addictive personality, pussy became like crack to me and nothing else was fun anymore. I went from a straight A student to barely passing. A top athlete to not giving a shit about training and began having a bad attitude with coaches and other authority figures when before that I was the most coachable kid in the world etc. Every single guy that has wanted to fight me in my life has been over pussy (except for heated tensions in a sporting event but that's different). I would be 10x further along in my life goals than I am now if it weren't for derailing myself with pussy for 10 years

>> No.28517980

Make a haram. Move to Dubai. Have fucking 50 wives. And the AOC over there is based.

>> No.28518314

Funny little world isn't it?

>> No.28518586

>”what’s wrong honey? You’ve barely touched my shit”

>> No.28518637

Extremely based

>> No.28518743

>2. Keep my virginity
Eh, just turned 25 and I can tell you the other side isn't that great either. fomo is a bitch

>> No.28518943
File: 39 KB, 656x527, 341CE730-63C8-4366-B2AD-D038943C10CA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I once paid my broke fat tittied Korean ex GF $500 to come over and let me creampie her pussy and film it.

>> No.28519364

They pretend to compartmentalize this shit. In reality their mental health is in serious trouble and they'll be lucky to ever get a good nights rest ever again or ever have a stable relationship. Her future is drug addiction, blowing her small fortune on drugs, and doing more degrading shit for any pocket change to purchase more of said drugs.

>> No.28519446

Fuck, how would you even figure it out bros. I mean if she's determined enough, she can hide anything. I don't wanna be that beta..

>> No.28519469

proof or larp

>> No.28519527


>> No.28519639


>> No.28519694

Easy. If you meet an attractive woman with a large instagram following, red flag. If she's also a millionaire or anything close to it without any inheritance and no skills - RUN.

>> No.28519730

>100k to get shit on...
imagine being so poor you don't know the rate for instagram sluts...

Genius, she confessed to doing tons of literal and figurative shitty stuff and she got only 1 mill.... are you implying got shit on 10 times and-that's-all? 100k per month perhaps.

>> No.28519754


No but I will tell you the best part was we had been broken up for 5 years then and when I started fucking her, her pussy got soooo creamy.

>> No.28519848

Sticking sharpies up your asshole is degenerate but eating literal shit and fucking dogs is burned-at-the-stake levels of degen.

>> No.28519881

If I gave the sauce it would probably dox her but I have more videos I can make into webm if you want

>> No.28519995

Lmao, I've been here for weeks and I agree

>> No.28520091

0% income tax. Earn and stay there until your cunts tax return grace period runs out and declare that you made all money the first year.

>> No.28520142

>Imagine all that for a million. And shes retired? I bet she means from that line of work or shes investing well.

I don't know about you but personally I don't think a woman that eats shit and sticks a fish up a mans ass for a living is capable of making the right decisions to invest well and retire off $1million.

>> No.28520207
File: 20 KB, 278x315, 89E32027-E04F-433C-9A73-0FA18B9C1E9F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please do anon
If name and digits i'll send her 1k donation to stop beating herself

>> No.28520253

>her pussy got soooo creamy
so she creampied your dick?

>> No.28520307

I have a gf and everything posted here is true, you need to keep them with a short lease otherwise they will walk over you

>> No.28520369

Ok but what if she's done degen shit but is broke, and doesn't have much social media presence. Like say a religious girl who went nuts in college, but wants to look good for family, it can be impossible to find out if she's smart.

>> No.28520432

>"Does my past really matter?"
>"You killed those people, Jim."

>> No.28520443

Let her go man, you deserve better

>> No.28520687

Kek wtf is this real

>> No.28520752

Yes. Because I cannot and will not accept a woman that fucked more people than me. In fact, she needs to a virgin or very close to it. If other men already got to have all the fun with her, that's not fair to me.

>> No.28520829

At this point, Anon, you pretty much have to assume that every woman in the millennial/zoomer age bracket is a complete filthy whore until proven otherwise. If you want a woman who exudes traits of a nonwhore, honestly find a woman with:
>social anxiety
>doesn't have many friends
>who doesn't party
>who comes from a two parent household
>who loves her father

>> No.28520883

Dumb faggot commie. Nothing that ever happened matters to you soulless fucks.

>> No.28520947

I'm single but I end up flirting with gfs of other guys regularly and it's completely eroded my trust in women.

I have this one slightly beta but attractive German friend and his girlfriend always flirts hard with me when I see her, she is also an 8/10 and once I've had a few beers I stop feeling bad for him even though its obvious he's looking at us jealously.

>> No.28520985

>Does her past really matter
Yes. Marriage and relationship stability statistics PROVE this.

>> No.28520986

Absolutely, our past actions form ourselves, in this case it implies that she might sell herself or her significant others for pocket change, she will probably let you once things get hard with money, crush you on a divorce and use the kids as leverage, all because money.
I know that's pretty common in america but the point is that with a girl like that the chances get quadrupled

>> No.28521163

200 IQ comment

>> No.28521192
File: 1.16 MB, 480x848, 1609916377710.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think she's saving up for a house, then she'll stop. She's in college for some meme degree. I could probably tell her to stop doing it. $1000 isn't a lot to her

>> No.28521219

Delusional gay retard

>> No.28521288

Considering studies have shown a woman’s ability to pair-bond and remain loyal is inversely proportional to the number of sexual partners she’s had? Yes, yes it is.

>> No.28521358

>retirement money
Do roasties really? That shit won't see her to her 30s unless she lives like she's on a 20k salary

>> No.28521397

Funny, I get to have sluts do all of that if I order them to and am not rich.

In fact, they do it for free and thank me for it afterwards.

>> No.28521410
File: 85 KB, 1387x702, 1613053669608.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hope she doesnt kill herself by then fren

>> No.28521466

I'd do all that for a million.

>> No.28521528


>> No.28521569

you sound like a complete piece of shit, actually kys. your friend is fucked up too.

>> No.28521711

sometimes girls who loves their fathers turn out to be bigger whores, especially if she secretly/subconsciously sees him as weak, then she will crave other people with different traits when she's horny, then go back to be daddy little angel when shes done getting creampied

All women show true nature when their horny, all the information they've been exposed to they use to their advantage and then lie like their life depends on it

>> No.28521817

hopefully this is trolling

itmade me genuinely sad

>> No.28521852
File: 75 KB, 786x591, 1594057767895.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

look at this faggot lmao

>> No.28521857

Honestly I think decent women are out there, you just never see them here. Hell you'd be surprised at what even the most normie libshit women hate.

>talking to a female friend
>hyper normie with reddit tier taste
>progressive bullshit views
>somehow get on the topic of different hair colors, and we start talking about how girls with brightly colored hair are fucked in the head
>she starts talking about how people who don't have a degree of control over their bodies or actions deserve everything coming to them.

Again this girl is pretty far from conservative politically, but based on how she dresses and talks, you would assume the opposite. It definitely gives you more hope in the oopsite sex than looking at the fucked up women posted here.

>> No.28521880

>Delusional gay retard
This is been deboonked

>> No.28521928

Is that supposed to be a bad thing?

>> No.28521946

lmao that's true tho

>> No.28521970

She's got a lot of liquid

>> No.28521999

Dam bro’s imagine kissing her..

>> No.28522159

>who loves her father
This right here. Want to know if a woman is going to be worth your time, ask about her father and her relationship with him. Then meet the guy and see what he’s like.

>> No.28522268

Reverse gang bang, no question about it. If I'm going to pay to fuck prime slave cunny, I need a variety and it's got to be raw dog. What's the point of making it if you're still going to live by gynocentric rules and jestermaxx to women beneath you in status and wealth? Making it is about leaving the pleb life behind and not having to follow (((society's rules))).


>> No.28522326

From my experience in life, I think you're right

>> No.28522362
File: 12 KB, 480x360, 14818FE4-4214-4B8D-9303-319DA64F2A76.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>looks like fear is not a factor for you

>> No.28522479

Imagine being this beta lmaooooo

>God knows id assume they still fuck if she wasn't taking antidepressants that make her sex drive 0.
Only with you lmao, SSRI whores fuck with everyone but their partner.

>> No.28522552
File: 562 KB, 480x848, VID-20210210-WA0024_2(1).webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Same. She's otherwise a nice girl; always asking if I've slept well, if I've eaten, etc. I'm a bit suspicious that she does this stuff when she isn't on cam. Webm related, she sent this without me asking.

>> No.28522650
File: 7 KB, 250x239, 1610138269959.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a tunisian whore in dubai let me piss on her face after sex. didn't even charge extra. i can't even imagine what crazy shit the arabs do to these whores for all that money.

>> No.28522651

>not being turned on by the thought of your girl being a subhuman and enjoying it
>not being proud of her

>> No.28522672

>muh top 5%
define what this means
this is honestly just cope because you are too lazy or stupid to even try

>> No.28522683

Yeah it’s the rich fags that are pathetic not the Heckin valid human toiletterinos

>> No.28522703

aging like milk

>> No.28522710

Hello poojeet. Poojeetas are the biggest whores I've ever met.

>> No.28522766


>> No.28522816

>always asking if I've slept well, if I've eaten, etc.
Is it actually your mom?

>> No.28522868

>pretty far from conservative

>> No.28522882
File: 151 KB, 960x980, 1612327350108.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.28522968

I know a girl who 4/5 of this list except she didnt have a father, kind of shows when she starts getting horny; craves an authority figure. I think but of the reason she likes me is there im 5 years older than her, literally guide her through sometimes to the point it feels like shes my daughter.

Shes cute and likes normie shit, she says shes progressive but in reality most her opinions are pretty conservative.

only problem is she has a low iq Portuguese friend who is massive whore

>> No.28523061

Oh man, haven't heard this one in a long time

>> No.28523094

>commits statutory rape against children
>eats fecal matter
>inserts live animals into old mens anuses

lol it's okay that's over now I'm totally normal and ready for a healthy relationship, tee hee!

>> No.28523109

The kinds of women that would associate with the misanthropic low status males known as “anons” usually have a lot of problems.
Normie women(the kinds that fuck a few guys, almost always who they are in long term relationships with, get married, have 1.7 kids and 0.3 divorces) are basically invisible to anons. They only think about raging nymphomaniac Instagram whores or bizarre BPD chicks who would go for guys who shitpost on a Himalayan goat hair weaving forum.

>> No.28523127
File: 3.54 MB, 600x400, 1556469596662.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kek she really sounds like a mommy material

>> No.28523176

Nah she's quite younger than me.

>> No.28523222

Right like if I commit several murders but I tell the judge that the past is the past I get off scott free.

>> No.28523278

I mean, has any post here ever made you appreciate any group more?

>> No.28523280
File: 76 KB, 641x530, 32523.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I've got paid to eat shit

>> No.28523303

you already are

>> No.28523310

I met a hooker in Dubai one time at the breakfast area and asked her about how it works and all that.

She didn't give me any gory details about shit or whatever, but she said that she spends a couple months in Dubai, then spends the rest of the year in Rio on the beach doing whatever she wants.

She was smoking hot, but there were tons of hot chicks there so she didn't really stand out. She only stood out because there were nothing but middle aged business men at our hotel, and she was the only person my age. I was too naive to realize that she was a hooker, so I thought I could talk to her and try to make a move.

>> No.28523532

>incapable of inspiring respect and loyalty from women
>implying I give a shit about respect and loyalty from a woman

I've dated plenty of women and I can tell you with a straight face if you took away physical features, 99% of women are completely indistinguishable from other women in their age range. They're lazy, irrational, entitled, intellectually uncurious, and all love brunch, hiking, wine, and doggos. Today's woman provides nothing of use other than a vessel to coom into and should be treated as such.

>> No.28523552

I don't understand why the men would want to do this? What pleasure do you get from shitting in someone's mouth? Then you fuck them, after she lethality just ate shit? What the blue fuck?

>> No.28523827

I just brake into my gf's phone, email, social networks (one password for everything) and check history. Women don't have a slightest idea about cybersecurity and think they are safe.

>> No.28523935

It is about having power over them and degrading an otherwise beautiful woman that would be considered as a princess in our society, reducing her to the worthless dumb whore that you know she really is.

You would not understand because you place these girls on a pedestal.

>> No.28523951

>Women literally dress the same, wear the same makeup styles, get the same piercings, the same fucking tattoos, are all addicted to social media, watch the same tv shows, the same movies, have the same phones, talk the same... It's just fucking tiring. And to top it all off, many of them have fucked 30 guys before they were 20 years old

>meets the same women over and over
>complains that they are all the same
Maybe try meeting a different type of girl anon.

It is no different than shitcoins. You can spend weeks researching shitcoins and you realize 99% of them are worthless trash, but there is maybe 1 or 2 that you recognize could have real value. The hard part is after you buy the legit coin from your research, it will of course be very overlooked and continue crabbing while the dogshit coins all 10x because the other retards are all FOMOing in on them. You will question yourself constantly but then again, would you really be comfortable holding a significant sum of money in fucking dogecoin? When the rug is pulled all the shitcoin chasers will rope while you will stay comfy. After 5 years the shitcoins will be long forgotten but your pick will have finally reflected its real valuation.

The shitcoins in this story are the stupid sluts with massive amounts of makeup, tattoos, revealing clothes etc. The valuable coin is the shy girl that you barely notice.

>> No.28524020

just "accidentally" shit on her, if she pukes shes clear

>> No.28524232

This fantasy is unique to Arabs.
White men are more likely to pay the girl to shit on them

>> No.28524300

We are all the sum of our past actions and nothing more

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