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Have been beaten into submission over the last month. While all of your shit coins mooned, we sat crabbing in the shadows, eating beans and rice, pumping iron, getting ready for the next chapter in our journey.

Well let me tell you, that next chapter is upon us, PRQties have held through a month of faggot sellers and now there ain’t nobody left but holders. The chart is looking juicy and the team has confirmed there are at least 6 announcements left on the 7 weeks we have left in q1 (2 Defi integrations and 2 level 1 integrations (I.e. solana) among them).

So you’ve had a better month than me. Fuck you. I’m about to have a better end of q1 than you. PRQ is done capitulating and you can either dump your faggot earned profits in now, or wish you had a month from now.

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Fuck yes

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3$ OEM, 37.7$ EOY. Now u know, prepare ur bags

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I made a lot thanks to GRT, is this one similar?
I don't feel comfy buying after a 10x anon but chart is juicy i admit

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Original Equipment Manufacturer... really makes you think

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Never stopped stacking and likely never will. End of Q1 there will be melted faces.

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Yo are correct. Parsiq will be the next 10x of top 200 coins. Top 50 by end of March.

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PRQ is like a cousin but with 5% of the mcap

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the whales have killed my hope
we will be right back down again tomorrow

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More GRT to PRQ info

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>Well let me tell you, that next chapter is upon us
Yes, go play with Analtoy.

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We're still on track

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dont lose hope friend, we are over 1.3 again

over 2 by monday

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If you are schizo, then.. yes, it makes you think.

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PRQ is real

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Trust the plan - two more weeks

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Is this actually it? I wanted to grab another 300 to round me off.
Should I just wait until tomorrow incase a whale takes another massive dump?

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I bought PRQ at 5c. I'm coping fine thanks.

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dilate GRTrannie

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The definition of cope is to “deal effectively or successfully with something” you meme parroting retard

Yes we have coped for a month but you’re going to never be a man of you cannot recognize moments like this in your faggot life

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thats not even PRQ chart lol nice try

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Is it time for me to dump my eth into prq gents? Feed me more infographics and memes!

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just use the time travel feature to get your eth back it it goes tits up

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it's prq/eth brainlet

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Bros what are the stacks/ranks? I have a lot of eth burning a hole in my pocket.

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Its a solid long term play, im in with about 25 eth

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Reset the timeline again? but look how things have turned out, can it be done to bring us into a golden future from this arid wasteland of decayed humanity

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*toilet flushes*
nice try, maybe next month

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The question is, short term into bancor/avax? Then into PRQ later? PRQ seems a lot like early link, plenty of time to get in as it just trudges on steadily

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I mean thats up to you in the end, prq has been plauged by whales for a good while, if you go short term with bancor and avax you might miss buying in before the next leg to 3$, or you might be lucky and we are still crabing, just pick what you belive in the most

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50k make it, 5k sui

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newfags who missed out on GRT will be all over this next week, possibly even this weekend. When this lists on binance it will be a legendary pump. $50 is a reasonable sell target later this year.

>t. hodling 4300 GRT, 4700 PRQ

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no, 5-10 is a resonable sell target

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In the next 2 months

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I don’t have enough parsnips

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GRT can be used IN PRQ for proper blockchain data indexing. Fuck off you niggers you have no idea how good GRT for this ecosystem is and how fucking important PRQ is for smart contracts.

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this looks so much like gore

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The implication being 1 PRQ = $20, I take it?

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In Nov 2020 Stansberry group that called Link at like $0.25 said PRQ could 70x at $0.25 over the following 12-24 months, so $20 per isn’t an outlandish mid-term projection. Stansberry’s publication costs investors $5k per year to sub

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Fuckin’ell coinmetro is great, don’t know why I didn’t make an account sooner.

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Buy xcm friend

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Interesting, i'm trawling through warosu right now to see what I can find. Appreciate it anon.

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will definitely consider it in future, still need to wait to be verified, but I’m going to throw another £300 at PRQ
fuck gas fees

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Until you see the garbage liquidity on all pairs

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wtf good point man

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liquidity is fine for most people and a new liquidity providers should go online very shortly.

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I know I’m not going to get a serious answer in any GRT thread so I’ll ask here, how much room does GRT have left to grow?
I’ve made a tidy profit, but what goes up must come down and I’m thinking of getting out and throwing it into PRQ

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Isnt grts supply going to tripple over the next two years?

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I sold before VC's, I aped in GRT without noticing it (check fully diluted marketcap, it's ridiculous). About to put my profits into PRQ

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More than triple, but supposedly it’s priced in.

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I would get out before desu

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Thanks to CM I will make it this year.

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yepp, utter dilution and huge cas of coin not needed
but grt and prq are nothing alike wwe shuld stp mixing them

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Not my intention to shit on the coin, dont know enought about it but thats the main thing i have heard about grt, and why i went with prq in the first place.

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damn i was hoping to move some shit coins into PRQ today but it's moving already

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can't wait to hit 3$ EOM

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We are bound for another leg up soon, so not to late, 2-3$ next floor

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Was hoping to flip my OCEAN profits but turns out I’ll keep holding both

Maximum comfy mode engaged lads

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fuuuug i wanted to get into ocean last week, its over 1$ now.

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This doesn't help at all.
What the fuck is PRQ? What does it do? "Live transformations"?

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do you like time travel, anon?

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time traveling wallet

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it's a chinese take out menu as well. DYOR fagget

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Should have bought GRT

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nobody unironically knows, were all here to make moneyyyyyyyyy yolo

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Tell me anon, what's a better buy. GRT at 30x Mcap of PRQ or PRQ?

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On a unrelated note, we are over 1.4$ again now

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I like both but I think GRT hadgreat days of unreasonable pumpery now.
PRQ is the better investment for the rest of Q1 by far, so much stuff is coming. But be patient and don't open these threads too much, the people here are disingenuous and want you to sell, they make shitty threads about how much money they're losing when in reality their more comfy than ever.

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It makes smart contracts smart while also being a secure time travelling wallet and making tokens not needed useful.

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hey where did you get that from, can you sauce me up?
Heil Parsieg

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time travelling?

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>they make shitty threads about how much money they're losing when in reality their more comfy than ever.
this is me aha

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yes, don’t you want a time travelling wallet?

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it's from an AMA anatoly (lead dev) gave last week or the week to the communist party of china

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Comfy day for PRQ holders to be sure.

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I do this for other coins so I get it.

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lmao this is one aspect I'm not okay with, fuck commies fuck c#inks

Honestly why is the US government (or europe) so tech-averse? C#inks dive in deep into BC-tech and crypto in general. I hope the civilized world picks up the slack soon.

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There is a point in blockchains and specially L1 when different realities exist at the same time, kinda like the schorodinger cat and that is a problem because it needs a trust mechanism to solve which one is the one who is going to oush through during that time there is uncertainity of events, parsiq solves this and potentially can predict the outcome of even branches that did not even exist.

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if you know you know

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for people wondering if they are to late

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I lost 5 ETH on this shit.

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moon mission started. lets go guys

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are we breaking ath today?

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"Live transformations" means it takes a stream of blockchain and can perform various functions on it such as filtering i.e. the transaction happened on a certain wallet or was a certain token, aggregation i.e. summing up the total transactions, mapping i.e. changing the format of the data.
It can emit events using the transport mechanisms set up which can be native integrations like telegram and google worksheets or could use webhooks to hit an external API.
The ncase wallet will use these features and accept crypto payments. They plan to support Xero natively so a company could use a ncase wallet and receive a payment in ETH or BTC which would be converted to a stablecoin for them so they don't lose value. This could then also execute a smart trigger which could record a payment in Xero or SAP (they've been in discussions with them but nothing is confirmed) to then help with invoicing and reconciling payments.

>> No.28500264

What other coins do you guys hold? for me its xcm dna and ada

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I have been in crabbing hell until this week

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PRQ fucking gooo

>> No.28500791

Based as FUCK op

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yaaawn whales again trying to buy in lower

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>1 post by this id
Can we have some more please?

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Creating a handle on the massive cup on the 4hr would not be unwelcome to be fair. If it does I'm shilling that chart everywhere.

>> No.28501359

Kek'd, thanks.

>> No.28501455

we got too cocky bros..

>> No.28501534

Here comes the whale dump

>> No.28501774

nah, it was one guy selling at a loss. already moving back up

>> No.28501872

Is that megawhale still dumping twice a day? Might buy in but I'm not going to buy if it immediately crashes back to $1.1

>> No.28501961


Parsiq plan to have retrospective trigger functionality where it can replay a blockchain stream back since it is immutable so it wouldn't cause any side effects doing that. In a way that could allow it do queries on historical data if you were able to set up triggers with the conditions that would be the where clause, the mapping would be the select statement, the from would be whatever data stream you are replaying. I think it will have different use cases to The Graph and both will exist and probably work together eventually.
The reverse triggers in Q4 is off chain to on chain and on chain to on chain events. So Oracles and cross chain communication. Lots of use cases there especially as they add more blockchains and defi products to integrate with.

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that guy is so fcking retarded desu

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No, he's been out for a while, we have a new whale who sells the bottoms and buys the tops. A great indicator is DD2.

>> No.28502125

>more comfy than ever
How can you be comfy if you bought at $1 levels?

>> No.28502358

Because this is going to 10 at least

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This is good stuff anon. Cheers. Q4 reverse triggers are the big ticket I think, pure automation at that point with Ncase and IQ working together the digital empire is on the cards.

>> No.28502723

we have diamond support at $1 and this is almost guaranteed to to to $10-$15 this year.

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i don't hold any coins

>> No.28503047

Thanks for updating the image anon.
Sorry I flew off the handle at you last time.

>> No.28503120

quality content

>> No.28503405

There is also the GUI they built so you don't need to be a developer to use the service. I haven't played around with ParsiQL too much but it was easy to follow based on the code samples I had read. Reminded me of javascript a bit.
Once block chain technology gets adopted more and traditional companies start migrating to it I think they would want to get COTS products like Parsiq and have their staff set up the workflows rather than paying some consultants to do the dev work. Usually is cheaper and likely to be better quality to due other clients having found the most likely issues.

>> No.28503549

If it doesn’t outperform GRT and his x10 right now.
We commit mass murders followed by mass suicides.

>> No.28503703

something I don't get is what differentiates this from a JSON parser and why the token is needed. I swear to god I'm not rehashing LINK memes right now, but as a developer myself, this pretty much just sounds like a glorified ethplorer + IFTTT that doesn't need to be on the blockchain.
I mean I guess it needs to be on the blockchain if you have a service that relies on it but... you could also just use an oracle for that no?

>> No.28503852

do you like time travel?

>> No.28504044

When you dont have an answer just post an unfunny meme

>> No.28504157

So if I buy 2000 of these, I will have an asset which will be valued at $20000?
Jesus, thanks, it is that easy? Where can I guild you, stranger?
I love crypto now!

>> No.28504245

In a few years time yes, its not going to be as quick as other coins, but a way safer bet

>> No.28504248

They are running full nodes on the chains they integrate with so they are able to read transactions in the mem pool so you could capture events earlier then say if you had some kind of automated service polling and JSON parsing.
I'm not a blockchain developer and haven't tried retrieving data from it before so can't comment on how hard it is.
The token isn't needed from a technical sense to operate the transactions on the blockchain however they are implementing a new DeFi protocol this quarter where the tokens will act more like a product key where it will unlock functionality for the holders and will be capped based on the amount of tokens. The DeFi part is they can be borrowed from people who have left tokens in a lending pool who will receive interest paid by the borrowers.
It is a different take on the subscription model.

>> No.28504324

>PRQties have held through a month of faggot sellers and now there ain’t nobody left but holders
lmao no, I'm going to swing again at +30% from here.

>> No.28504370

>why the token is needed
It isn't. That Analtoy fuck just wants money. Who doesn't ofc.
They could just start a company that will charge customers in cash.
>nig rapper pic here

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Subscription is the key here. I'm glad they are going down the SAS route. It makes companies comfy to know a small monthly fee sorts all their issues. All those thousands of small monthly fees going into even more development of new products. I can't wait to see what they come up with next. PRQ is a blue chip in waiting.

>> No.28504586

That's actually really well made meme.
Good one, anon.

>> No.28504630

What happened overnight bro's, did something get announced or are we finally just breaking out?
I assumed OKEx wash trading again was going to fuck us.

>> No.28504806

PRQ team talked to OKEx and they stopped wash trading for now

>> No.28504835

potentially breaking out, im still weary of the whales

>> No.28504963

>They are running full nodes on the chains they integrate with so they are able to read transactions in the mem pool so you could capture events earlier then say if you had some kind of automated service polling and JSON parsing.
ok, ive never done blockchain development but it sounds like this at least has a use case in terms of decreased latency
>The token isn't needed from a technical sense to operate the transactions on the blockchain however they are implementing a new DeFi protocol this quarter where the tokens will act more like a product key where it will unlock functionality for the holders and will be capped based on the amount of tokens. The DeFi part is they can be borrowed from people who have left tokens in a lending pool who will receive interest paid by the borrowers.
eh, this sounds kinda like the governance token use cases to me... not REALLY needed but it does technically do something. well im setting my target at $10 either way
thanks anon

>> No.28505275

>In a few years
Thanks! Now we can sit and watch it crab, while everything moons. Got cig?

>> No.28505490

God damn you’re such a whiny bitch. Impulsive unconscientious retards like you would’ve sold bitcoin at 2 dollars cause that shit dropped from 6. Eat a dick. You have no foresight

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you will never be grt
Cope as much as you want parsiqfags

>> No.28505734

No, they stopped for a bit and started back up again last night. Check their volume now.

>> No.28505754

You must be a newfag
its 100k make it 10k suicide

>> No.28505824

i mean just watch https://youtu.be/ifE6AiAz_cY

>> No.28505849

Parsiq is real time. In this time frame blockchain block sequence can have multiple potential branches. When can you programmatically act on a BTC transaction with certainty? Prq lets you do it earlier.

>> No.28505870

At least I have foreskin, jew.
I will come back and apologize if this shit moons from $1 at least x12, but so far the token and it's price is just a shiny fart.
>muh notifications
>muh snapshots
>muh front running

>> No.28506026

first time i've seen someone fudding parsiq who's not a token holder, werid
at least token holder fud had points, this is just "muh" and "i dont like it"

>> No.28506834

>not a token holder
Yes, not anymore I'm not.
Too late to the party and those gains were just terrible, I could just buy some stocks (~25%).
It's difficult to hold something worthless when everything else is mooning and you know that (your) time is limited.

>> No.28506904

>that (your) time is limited.
you're going to die fren? sorry to hear

>> No.28506905

Latest Q&A

>> No.28506925

Have you even been on the website? Have you watched anything about the project?

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>Our current platform is already considered a huge success, which is evident from pretty much all major projects in this space wanting to work with us (and some big non-crypto companies as well). With ParsiQL 2.0 coming, Public Projects, Ncase and the IQ Protocol, we have no doubt that 2021 is going to be a major year for PARSIQ.

>> No.28507203

>8.Some people claim that prq is meant to equal $1 is this true?
>This is not true
AHHAHA people keep asking them about /biz/ memes

>> No.28507307

Highlighting what I think are the most prominent:

>We have onboarded 5 new members in the past 2 months in addition to the teams who are now working as outsource. We hope to onboard 2–3x as many in the coming months.

This is a lot of new devs to onboard. Means they're growing extremely fast.

>We already have multiple projects lined up for using our upcoming IQ Protocol and any project looking to use their utility token as payment for a type of service or product can implement this revolutionary protocol to also add to their tokenomics profile.

Token officially required.

>5.Will the experimental API being used in the ETHDenver event be integrated into the existing services that are offered? Would this open up another set of use cases to the services provided by Parsiq?
Yes, absolutely. We are not only planning to make this API available publicly that will be possible to use without any payments, but holding PRQ (recall IQ Protocol). But also all the functionality that stands behind this API will be accessible from ParsiQL

Time Travel Not A Meme

>8.Some people claim that prq is meant to equal $1 is this true?
This is not true. Our Tokenomics will scale dynamically to make sure our clients never “overpay” for our services as well as make sure that PRQ can make its own price discovery.

>> No.28507412

I fucked up my formatting, apologies. There's a lot of other stuff that's important too, like

>> No.28507955

What is long term to you anon?
Teach me I want to hold

>> No.28507963

Bitcoin just shit the bed, normally good news for PRQ

>> No.28508167

Don't worry, I did. I put about $3k in that and it wasn't small amount for me.

>> No.28508360

Parseig heil brother

>> No.28508436
File: 118 KB, 456x700, EECD8A16-EEFD-4D90-BDBF-7D7581B5854D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You’re goddamned right I’m comfier than ever

>> No.28508715


>> No.28508819

I lost 25ETH on this piece of shit

>> No.28508951

DEFLA was meant to be degen short term but a v2 is coming out and there rewards for holding so keeping until then at least.

>> No.28509986

I lost 11 btc on this fucking garbage

>> No.28510453

I losed 25000 rupees in this scam

>> No.28511794

I lost neuf cent quatre-vingt-dix-sept dollars Canadiens on this vidange

>> No.28511849

I lost my vineyard on this scam

>> No.28511937

Environ deux dollars Americaine. Desoler pour toi mon ami :(

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File: 775 KB, 1032x540, D15EA55C-1334-4F4E-A2EB-75CAFCA452C3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28512370

Well this degenerated quickly.

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File: 511 KB, 933x1148, pain2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>only pink IDs for the last 45 minutes
it's over

>> No.28512683

Chinks are back to wash trading

>> No.28512792

3+ months.

>> No.28512868

1-2 years

>> No.28513572

B5SEX based ID.
Does that mean you'll fuck 5 genders?

>> No.28514716

This rally will fail like the others

>> No.28514960

are we just delusional?

>> No.28515039

>are we just delusional?
No, its just wash trading and whales that are fucking us over

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*toilet flushes*

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I am financially toilet flushed