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On New Years Eve I made this thread on biz. I just got an alert on my blockfolio notifying me that my price target has been reached. I was thinking to myself, there's no way this could have happened this early. I check the price of GRT and its fucking $2.80. I'm literally shaking right now, I have 500k. I know to many biz folks thats not alot but for me thats making it. I'm about to sell everything and buy a condo. Holy fuck, typing that doesn't seem real. I'm feeling so many things right now, I might unironically die of a heart attack. NOWFHAOAHFQWO IFQWOEHUX QXOH QWOEHUF FIWQFORWHF

Thanks for everything biz. After the dust is settled I'll be back to reinvest. Please, if you're anon who wants to know how to make it heed the advice I gave in my OP. Pick a project you're confident in GET THE FUCK OFF BIZ. Not only will your quality of life improve, but your chance of holding through your target will increase tenfold. I'm gonna try to sell this in batches so I don't dump the price (though I doubt that would happen even if I market sold). Anyways, my head is spinning right now. I might stick around and answer some questions if anyone has any
>inb4 hate
Nigger, literally nothing you say right now can do the slightest damage. I fucking made it

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>Selling at 3$
Lmao see you at 4$

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congrats nigger, now fuck off

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this what a digital dummy!

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God bless bro
Now take half that stack and put it in RBC cause that's another 20x by EOY and also please pump my bag sir yes please do the needful
We're all gonna make it bros :D

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Remember to hold 200k of that for taxes anon.

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This is like the toy story scene where the alien gets grabbed by the claw and lifted away from all the aliens that are trapped

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congrats anon, I'm glad you made it

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Instead of selling why not set progressive exit points and a stop loss

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really hope its a larp becuase if cant handle being here thats pretty sad

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>im literally shaking
Back to plebbit

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Transfer to Bitcoin, have 1 mil+ at least eoy. Of course you'll pay taxes on the transfer, but still, worth it for the easiest 2x ever.

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Swinger FUD

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>I fucking made it
glad you made your coal, but I wouldn't think you made it unless you're in a 3rd world shithole

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Congrats OP; hope to join you one day.
t. 213,000 RSR 8,800 RBC

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Good for you! :3

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Based and satisfying. No temptation to hold it longer since you were planning to anyway??

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FUCK. I legit forgot taxes exist for a second kek. I'm only 23 and this is infinitely more income than i've ever had in my life. I just did the calculation and its gonna total 83k where I live since only half is taxable. Kinda hurts, but I'm really not complaining at all

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Congrats OP, that's insane.

What made you pick GRT in the first place?

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I am happy for you OP

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Did you just cause the market to dump lol

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Nah. Lessons learned from 2017. I had my 10x target, I was in heavy and I'm walking away. Even if I wake up and its $10 tomorrow I won't have any regret because it would just be greed at that point.

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Nice job OP. Consider instead of outright buying a condo that you get a loan on it, and reinvest a portion of your stack in something you believe in long term.

Interest rates are very low right now and it makes no sense to buy a home outright when even the lowest return funds will outperform a mortgage's interest.

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I beat him to it. What a faggot

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I remember that thread and you’re right. I sold grt at like .80 shitcoin chasing. Now I just have to find the next grt and I’ll take your advice this time

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Listen to this anon. Mortgages are essentially on sale, you'll never see a rate this low again

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I was here in 2017 and got major link vibes with the way some anons were talking about it. did research and decided it was the real deal. I missed link and would not miss this. Although I expected it to take much longer the way link did

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>dump 60k fiat into crypto
>tfw had a 40k bag of GRT at 25 cents (still have a 5k bag)
>diversified and day traded into various shitcoins
>Bao, RBC, asko, Reef, DOKI, BNT, LTO, SURF, DOGE
>portfolio now worth 240k, I've done a 4x but I would've been 10x if I just held GRT

sigh, congrats OP

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Congratz! you are actually one of those who exits this market as a winner. Many of these newbies think that 27Billion mc coin can double every day and its a bit scary. But im seriously happy for you!

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Based. Price target reached, exit position, call it a night. Good job

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good for you

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I'll consider it. I come from a not so wealthy family, and the possibility of one day not having a home is something that always gave me anxiety. I think the peace of mind knowing I'll always have a roof over my head is worth more than the money and will allow me to perform better in my other endeavours. But I will look at all my options before I make a decision. Thanks

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Great forward thinking mindset.

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why dont you wait? this shit is going to moon to at least $10 EOY
do what you said and just forget this place exists once again

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Unironically good advice on image.

Did the same thing for a month and got 100% of profits

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Congrats OP

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Congrats OP, if I ever had 500,000 dollars I would probably cry with joy

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Based as fuck. I wish I had the self control to do your plan, but honestly I don't have it. I unironically was barely able to keep myself from buying the top of this GRT pump. Would've been funding your condo kek.
Lmao true.

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This, follow your own advice OP and wait for $4.

You could have had 1 million.

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Well done, you’re somewhat right about the strategy but I think its mostly good for weak minds who let others fud them out of money and jump from project to project - if I followed it I would still be sitting all in UBT and miss out on most of the bull market, around 160k gains. if I wasnt sitting here on biz all day I wouldnt be making what im making, I made 30k off grt in the recent pump myself. I definitely agree about the pull out a good amount and reenter after it all comes crashing down part

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>wait for $4.
dont do this

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good advice on /biz/?
what alternate timeline am I in bros

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Congrats op!!! remember us on your comfyist days

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Your shaking cause you at most got a 10x? Fuck man that happens here all the time. Enjoy your fucking 500k. I’m going to live like a king.

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Congrats man all the best.

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Important lesson, fren. I don't gamble on crypto. But I've missed many opportunities because I've got greedy with stocks. They're just missed gains, not missed equity. But it's a solid reminder. Set your goals. STICK with your goals.

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>buy a condo

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Gongrats OP good thread if true, and seems to be true

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Knowing that there is no rent/mortgage due at the end of each month is a paradigm shift. It's almost like you're back in HS, when your job was just fun money.

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buy land in a cheap state and build small log house instead of blowing it on a condo

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Happy for you anon, think about consulting a tax attorney so you can legally pay ad little taxes as possible

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I personally think you would be smarter cashing out only 75% and throwing it in stuff that would generate passive income i.e property which you could then throw into a mortage to pay off the condo and still have money coming in to reinvest.

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Lmao fomo tards seething at the chad OP taking his profits0

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I have above average patience when it comes to investing, I've held through a stock falling 80% (it recovered and I'm now up 150% on it). I feel sure I can remain calm, but I've been holding onto my eth just thinking I was done.
This has given me the confidence to spend some eth on some bull run plays, thanks OP. I'm going in on some chinese defi shitcoins, let's see what happens.

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anon don't listen to these fags
you chose the 10x target already and made it dont get greedy or whatever
and dont do too small batches, just take your win

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Already done, I have 0 GRT anymore kek. Like I said here >>28484808
I'm fully at peace with my decision. 467k (595K CAD) is supposedly on the way to my bank account
>inb4 you actually can't cash out
I left 15k in crypto which I'm going to reinvest in a couple other projects

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What do u think poorfags in 5 fig should do with their link? Swap for grt? I have a little over 1k stack of grt, been loving it. Also have 12k stack of rubic

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>Btc is locked away in cold storage

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cograts OP, I hope to one day be able to do the same as you, got in too late for this run I think

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>had to wait 2 MONTHS

Yeah no

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i've only managed 10k from 400 off doge (meant to buy more but forgot about it)
godspeed anon

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Idk. I'm not gonna pretend like some sort of blockchain expert. This one just seemed like a no brainer to me. My best advice for you is keep looking until you find a project that seems like a no brainer based on factors such as team, community, market cap, investors (coinbase listing this on day one was unironically a leading factor in my decision kek) then just buy and hold it. Get off biz. Profit. There were a couple of other projects I was considering at the time but they're more risky, although one of them hasn't pumped yet so I'm gonna do a bit more digging and may reinvest some of 15k into that.

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Further proof that it's impossible to escape 6 figure hell, you'll blow it on some stupid shit like a condo before you ever get out of it

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Yea I think Coinbase VC invested in GRT, so it would make sense it’s on Coinbase day 1. Holy fuck congrats man. And thanks for the advice

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>467k (595K CAD) is supposedly on the way to my bank account
enjoy having your bank account frozen for transferring such a big sum all at once and not telling you bank guy beforehand

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fugg, post a screenshot once it happens, life changing gains mah dude

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I'm sure it'll be fine. It was almost midnight when I posted this. I'm gonna call them first thing tomorrow and tell them. Plus its not like I did anything illegal kek, I have my trade info and KYC if need be

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ok, hope it goes well for you. just speaking from my own experience and i've heard it from many others as well. they generally don't like when you transfer that big of a sum if you don't announce it or say where it comes from.

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Which exchange did you use to bank wire? Fellow leaf

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For a start, Blockfolio doesn't have price target notifications.

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even if you told us it was GRT, I would believe you because the fair value of that shitcoin should always be 30 cents

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it does

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Congrats OP. Curious, what was your plan if it never 10x'd?

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What's our substitute for the claw, lads?

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yeah but how do you find nice projects if you're off /biz/? this shit's addictive

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This. Don’t be an idiot op. Don’t fuck up this opportunity. That is not a lot of money, but it can be. You’ve made enough to make guaranteed returns on safe investments. Don’t go buy a 300k condo and 60k car. You’ll lose everything. Congrats fren.

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t. Filthy nocoiner

>> No.28493180

>t. Brainlet

>> No.28493250

Obviously you have to be on biz to find the project, but then after gtfo

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post eth address or larp

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Congratulations anon I hope I can make it someday too

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Bro just take a step back and think clearly. You went from zero to 500k in 2 months. The growth of this coin is better than link by a mile. Just settle down and strap yourself in.

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The other side thing worth noting is that this was GRT.
The problem of picking a winner is still the challenging part. Patience comes secondarily to picking a good horse.

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Why GRT? What coins next?

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imo, Ren and Nucypher are on the way up, I took profits on half my GRT stack and threw it into both of them.

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it’s assholes like you that ruin /biz/. leave.
>inb4 he’s harmless
first, it’s not a he, second it’ll make a
goddamn new thread with your replies.

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How could you muster up the courage to buy 500k GRT?
That's way too much risk.

>> No.28495607

>I know to many biz folks thats not alot
For LARPers it isn't

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congrats, but you basically gambled and got lucky
it would be one thing if you invested based on sentiment. however you claimed to invest on fundamentals, and grt has none
your real talent here is likely that you're in that specific slightly above average iq range where the things that average iqs fall for work on you too, but you're slightly quicker on the initial uptake, slightly quicker to fall for it, slightly earlier in and slightly earlier out
you can read this as cope if you want, but it's mostly a warning not to play yourself thinking you're a genius
markets pump on hype and hype alone

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Good job. Now sell and get into something that hasn't mooned, like UNN, hold to another 10x, and then CASH OUT.

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i'm moving my profits from grt to nucypher

i'd advice y'all to do the same. enjoy.

>> No.28496099

rundown on nucypher

>> No.28496101

The Cooiiiiin!

The coin is not a trap! I've been chosen! so long friends!
(begins ascending)

(fucking plummets into the chute like a chart rug pull, pink wojack.jpg)

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Kek imagine being this salty

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Waiting for a pullback.

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Welcome to the half million club bro.

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This made me smile. Enjoy your fortune if legit OP, make sure to get a good doggo to enjoy it with.

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Don't listen to the tax fags. Cash out and pay the tax.

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Fuck off life story nigger

>> No.28496526

How did the exercise and side projects thing go? Are you stronger and thinner?

>> No.28496614

Honestly confused at your seething.

Heh, nice one.

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Fuck man I'm 23 and I'm stuck in 3 digit hell ffs. I'm at uni tho doing Econ and maths as a joint major but with the job market being how it it I've been applying for ages and my 2:1 mean nothing to anyone. Ffs I thought I'd be able to get a baller banking job and invest till I make it ffs

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going to sid's house is definitely the rug pull

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>I'm literally shaking

The biz tradition of autism

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Kek, he already is
Congrats OP

>> No.28496979

Sids house is the suicide stack.
we're not aiming for the truck into the car is the make it.

>> No.28497052

dyor but honeslty

you're a fool to not know about nu

>> No.28497272

congrats op. any tips on how to pick the right project or what you liked about your project that made you so confident? also what would you have done or did you have an alert if the market crashed?

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A condo is gonna come with MONTHLY DUES. That is like rent on top of a mortgage.. Sure they take care of shit but if you actually own a HOMME you can decide when to spend money on the things a home requires, except in emergencies of course.With a condo you are just giving them money every month like paying rent for shit you don't need most likely and open to getting fines for shit..etc. It sucks. OWN A HOME/HOUSE

>> No.28497568

This maybe make me realize OP was just lucky. You can't be this retarded to buy a condo. Or maybe OP sense of "making it" is just "owning" a condo and working to live in it.

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If you have a job, then don't drop the whole stack on a condo. Put in a down payment that is large enough to make the mortgage easily doable for your income.
Keep the rest invested. Now you've got real estate that will gain equity and you're still in the crypto game. I honestly think we're still only in the early stages of crypto gains. The average consumer is still pretty unaware of crypto and only smart money is being invested now. You're too young to think short term, think 30 years out when average people are buying groceries with crypto and how much it will be worth then.

>> No.28499115

Friendly reminder you only "made it" once you cash out.

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worst post I’ve ever read on here

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houses are $1m minimum in canada lol