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>ScortSwap is aiming to be a global companionship service that'll enable users to be able to interact with models from across the globe in a decentralized manner without any sign up. User's will be able to connect in chat rooms, hang out in VIP booths, & much more. Choose to embark on exciting adventures & experiences at your very fingertips.

Token just launched an hour ago. Even if you don't believe in the project, realize that paying for adult services with crypto is every sweaty NEET faggot's dream. Not to mention unlimited meme potential. According to my expert analysis, this is a potential moonshot.


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>”every sweaty NEET faggot’s dream” is to pay for superficial interaction with a hooker something something blockchain

lol no, you’re thinking of a different breed of sweaty NEET faggot. You’re shilling on the wrong website

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why wouldnt hookers just accept any other crypto? stupid idea

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Acquiring female interaction is fundamental to /biz/

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You can do this with the Graph.

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But there is GRT

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Do you think onlyfans is going to start accepting eth anytime soon?

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I don't want meaningless sex w a hooker. I want a long night of index query protocol conversation with mommy Tegan on front of a cozy alpine fireplace with a bottle of barolo.

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how can I fuck a hooker via the blockchain? Guess what, there was another shitcoin just like this during the ICO craze. They raised 10 million dollars in ETH and then literally exit scammed and deleted everything. Do not buy this anons, it's funny but do not buy it. Pic related.

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