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The top will be in when people in the normiesphere start talking about "defi" like they're experts and like it's an actual great idea. This requires fees to stop being so fucking retarded, because burgerinos and most people globally aren't gonna pay fat fees. When shit like ADA and AVAX are perfected or when ETH V2 comes out, then you'll see a retarded amount of money pouring into HOGE2: this time it's not a PND from clueness normalfags and YOUR MOM.

The top will not be in just because normans are talking about BTC being 2x the previous high, that's retarded. 2017 had 10 times the overall crypto marketcap of 2013. If you think that going from 900 billion in 2017 to 1.2 trillion in 2021 is the new 'top' then crypto is basically a boomerstock with more downsides and you might as well chase weedstock pumps on WeBull.

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what? You mean HOGE right?

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No I mean the gay PND that succeeds the current PND you pajeets are shilling.

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i love rika

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The rise is not about crypto, but about the dollar. Your dumbass.

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What coins would Rika buy?

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Rugmuncher coin

No one cares about the dollar.

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