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CRBPChads' last stand edition

https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq (embed)

>Stock market Words
https://pastebin.com/VtnpN5iJ (embed)

>Risk Management
https://pastebin.com/sqJUcbjp (embed)

>Live Streams

>Educational Sites

>Free Charts


>Pre-Market Data and Live Data

>Bio-pharma Catalyst Calendar

>Boomer Investing 101

>Dividend Reinvestment (DRIP) Calculator

>List of hedge fund holdings

>Suggested books:
https://pastebin.com/jgA5zTuC (embed) (embed)


>Weekly /smg/ update
Full playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3s0W8G-F7AdlU964_8WLh1YsCtQJ4lP1

>Links for (CLF tranny)

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>Making a 2nd new thread
Fuck china

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Uranium miners are the next big sector pump. Big money is preloading their bags. They are going to create a "green energy" narrative and pump the entire sector and say reddit was responsible (just like they did for weed stocks). Buy some tomorrow PM and thank me later. I'm personally in DNN but there are a million shit tier stocks to choose from that will probably pump at least 50%.

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Reminder that air canada was only ever saved once from its numerous bankruptcies.
Don't fall for the chinkike lies.

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Huh? Does this name make sense to anyone? Is thinking supposed to be the opposite of swimming?

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Yeah, they didn't really think the pun all the way through.

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thoughts on the FIRE.TO dip? TAKOF dip?

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I have been searching “dark pool” on twitter and scrolling trying to find this data and I still haven’t found anything

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It might be good

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I watched interviews with the people who came up with the name but they didn't give a satisfactory explanation as far as I remember. I think they were smoking something.

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these PDT rules are killing my gains

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Think we will get a CTRM dip down to the 1.50 range tomorrow?

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manganeSEX shill, where are you
whats the pt

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Since TAKOF is being pushed by a lying chinkike, it's probably a scam.

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You beat the bot. Yaaayyyyyyy

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fire is absolutely MOONING tomorrow! :rocket_emoji: :rocket_emoji:

their earnings report was absolutely JUICED

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I saw that a while ago too

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>literally holding bags
Might do it just for the memes.

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Make sure to lie about your option and stock experience if you want to be able to buy/sell options at all when you do you application.

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>searching on Twitter
Anon I...

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AQB bros, I'm RUINED. WHY did you do this to me?

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This, Air canada filed for bankruptcy in 2003, restructured the debt, reissued shares to the debtholders, and wiped out existing shareholders.

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It had a bit of a pump earlier this week, but it's come back down to its baseline growth rate
There's bound to be another moon moment, but if not it should do well over time. Their stuff gets good reviews

They also make belt clips and things

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I would not play with this stock if you're not in it already.

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This thread was first

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You jelly at the gains we making in Chinese stocks? I'm up 1300% the last 4 months. How are you doing?

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It's almost as if you think you'll fail. Good AP though.

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alright, I'll stay out of it then

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as long as that china shill isnt first god fuck that guy

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Its honestly pretty hard to say. One of the first things I do is look at the stock in question and see if its up massively on the day and check if there's any potential catalysts that could garner a major move higher. You can't just look at how much premium was spent on a particular call or put and be like "wow no one is gonna throw 1 million dollars away! I'm definitely getting this!" Pic related. Look at all the premium spent on those IWM puts and look at where IWM is now. That is a clear example of someone who is long on a stock and is hedging their position with puts to avoid losses to the downside. A lot of times you gotta go with your gut if you're unsure. If I see multiple instances of a particular call/put option on a list, I'm more inclined to get it. Like the AAPL calls for example would have done pretty well if you got them when I first posted this. Its kind of the reason I got the NOK and OGI calls to begin with.

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What do you need help with, friend? Cutting positions? Amassing capital? Finding good shots to take?

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Anon the FLT cat is already out of the bag, no use trying to fud it. The time to buy was last week.

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Don’t sell. Stocks are long term. It will come back.

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investing in mutant fish anon... i got bad news

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Ignore the /pol/tard migrants. They are scared of making money.

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think or swim is a play on sink or swim, which tacitly likens thinking to sinking.
this could be a commentary on things like instinct, analysis paralysis, etc

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So buying at 1.64 was a bad idea?

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>they are pumping DNN
>me having bought calls I'm immediately going to sell after it becomes profitable
Now I want to buy more calls...

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Nobody cares, you're clearly either retarded or le troll
>as long as that china shill isnt first
Imagine being this mad about Chinese stocks.

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I read last thread the they this data from a twitter account

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Am poorfag, tell me what I should do with these?

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>Artist's rendition of humble trader with her canadian bf

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u wot m8

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I had been shilling HURA (TSX uranium ETF) last year. You're welcome.

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Can't wait for SNDL to open at $10 tomorrow

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Idk Im dumb lol

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>analysis paralysis
And then the AP allows about a billion ways to do analysis.

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Yeah, and GME at 300

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Too many positions with that amount fren, you'll never get anywhere

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Go through each one and ask yourself "Would I buy this? Right now, if I had the same cash but 0 shares." If yes, hold. If no, sell. If you don't know, research.

You *do* know how to research, right?

/smg/, tell this poor poorfag how to do research.

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My puts say otherwise

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>tfw I fell for the TAKOF scam

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they gave them so many bailouts you lying little fish

air canada is not going anywhere. it's not like im telling you to buy air canada either lmao. if a service becomes essential, like drones will, as planes are, then canada will not let them fail.. pretty cut and dry.

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Fantastic product, great financials, but it will all depend on marketing and PR. If they can crank up the sustinability aspect to 500% and distract people from the GMO aspect, this can become the next BYND, unironically.

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thoughts on $SRNA?

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What should I cut? I can reposition myself tomorrow.

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Even wikipedia tells the story. What is the chinkike even thinking by lying that hard?

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true, but eventually there's a leap of faith.
like kierkegaard says, "faith begins precisely where thinking leaves off."

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I'll probably dump my TXMD tomorrow. Tired of those bags that never really took off.

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worthless bagholder stocks. Sell ASAP, even at a loss.
Tranny boomer stock that never moved, sell ASAP. Put all that money in a single decent etf instead.

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Why in the world are you all in on tiny buys of the pennies minus the one meme and with fucking fractionals no less? No wonder you're poor.

>> No.28472074

don't invest in meme stocks, kid

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thank you for the reply anon!

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Really hoping for a sub $2 open.

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I'm done.

I'm selling when things turn green. If they turn red 50% I'm selling. Then after soxl splits and dips I will dump everything into it.

I will do this with everything except nio.

I'm done

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>GRST will be the crown jewel of your portfolio. Get as much as you can sub penny. No way in hell am I selling any GRST. long term hodl for me. Easy 10+ moons if you can get in sub penny.

Penny Anon, if you're still here.....

IF I get the 3 stocks you mentioned, how should I split them? Should I split them evenly or have 1 stock be like half, for example? I gots 1000 bux ready but more on the way next week.

Also: Thoughts on $TAKOF ?

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I like electric power companies

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Getting on an air Canada plane is like going back in time, the led screens in the headrests are the only modern tech.

>> No.28472189

Shits done. UK is dead food

>> No.28472209

You bought a lot of junk, mostly skilled here and probably r*ddit. Sell that garbage and transfer to ACTUAL money makers, i.e. mid size oil companies and reits

>> No.28472213

TAKOF is the only one in the green for me.

>> No.28472221

All these people who get emotional on seeing Chinese stocks have massive gains need to think about how they are letting emotions get in the way of profit and winning. Major character flaw you need to address if you want to get rich right now...

>> No.28472230

>buying into an obvious pump and dump scheme

>> No.28472231

Honestly though, did you not zoom out on the graph, and see the crazy run-up before you bought? Not to mention the high premium on options right when it started getting shilled and was over $12.50

>> No.28472233

I like zom, and maritime alot. Ima be honest I lost about $1200 from pltr gainz going into gme. I didn't fomo, I got greedy and lost $6000 on gainz. Shits painful thinking about.

>> No.28472247


imagine not owning the real cannabis stock

>> No.28472256

This is what I'm learning is the unfortunate reality of trying to make gains with a small account. Need to put almost all of it into one thing and hope for the best.

>> No.28472274

Sell SNDL and CRBP unless you really think they're not going to dump, keep a close eye on GTE it could go either way, I don't know enough about the other stuff, and as much as I hate fat faggot CLFtranny his stock will probably go higher so hold onto that unless you can think of something better to buy

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Haha seriously though I'm unloading these calls before I'm left holding the bag
I'm glad I'm still up 219% on them at least

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This shit was always long term, fool. Just let the super trawlers finish their work gutting the ocean of all life then we feasting

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>be me
>buy 400 shares of GTE during today's dip
>up 20% now
>mfw I don't even know what the company is or does
Thanks /smg/

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I don't give a fuck about air canada it was just an example to show how dependent canadians are on services offered by the government

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This shit better moon, I've got $2000 in it at this point. Does bongistan not have an infinite money printer like we do?

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Nio is the only good thing I've ever bought shill me where I can dump 10k to. My other 14k is in nio

>> No.28472401

Sounds good but why GTE?

>> No.28472403

ETF’s are designed for people like you with poor decision making skills. Put your money in one of those.

>> No.28472409

Hate to break it to you but you can only sell if there are buyers. That's not a guarantee

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Hey guys, GME newfag here. I was making fat stacks and mad gains up until yesterday and now I'm down -20%. What the fuck, bro? This shit is dumb as fuck. Is the what the market is normally like? I was chillin' like a villain up until today. How tf do people normally make them frogskins off'a this? Let a homie know ASAP. Peace.

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>air canada
>services offered by the government

>> No.28472433

Yin and yang shit. Red days test your conviction in your investments. Losses temper your arrogance and force you to seriously evaluate your strategies.

Believe me, I've lost orders of magnitude more than that stuff on missed gains and bad plays. Still came out ahead. Learn lessons, don't repeat mistakes, and you get used to it.

>> No.28472441

You really think we won't have net wielding drone pirates ? Again, what about the weather? what is your level of certainty?

>> No.28472443

Bags looks nice, I dislike putting big ass name on things, tho. It's like with those Nike clothes, you're like a walking advertisement, for free.

>> No.28472445

They are gonna decay more before market opens :)

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I don't care about making money off chink stocks, but I hate chink stock shills who shit up every single thread

>> No.28472462

well did I lie?

>> No.28472464

Reddit will buy my bags.

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Wait, PLTR recently got its sales team of 30 boosted to 2500? The moon isn’t far enough for us.

>> No.28472479

Because it’s a heavily shilled pump and dump.

>> No.28472501

backed whatever. really you can split hairs all you want the point is pretty clear. stock price go brrrrrrrrrrrr whether you fuck with air canada or not. TAKOF is going to be huge. You can cry about it later.

>> No.28472508

They really won't though

>> No.28472523

We’re not dependant we just prefer west jet, if the government wants to waste tax dollars keeping air Canada relevant then oh well.

>> No.28472546

2470 of those 2500 are from /biz/
they are salespeople on internet forums

>> No.28472572

Hey I posted earlier this week about getting a free Robinhood stock of Johnson and Johnson, my boomer dad said j&j has a covid vaccine being trialed now. Should I hold and see if it goes up?

Only one stock tho

>> No.28472578

I like oil, oil isn't going nowhere no time

>> No.28472587

CWEB. Chinese internet ETF. Almost always green.

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Looks like more funds are dipping their fingers in it too.

>> No.28472634

are these companies like, long term investments?

>> No.28472658

Even that retard Paul Denino is buying Stocks now.

Is the entire market gonna crash?


>> No.28472669

US has already bought enough moderna and pfizer to give one to the whole country. China doesn't give a fuck about buying our shit. Eastern block is all sputnik. What do you think anon

>> No.28472671

It's bear at the moment and has been all day. You better hope enough suckers out there are buying. It'll be lower tomorrow.

>> No.28472678

They'll never go down lad, that is a lifetime stock.

>> No.28472684

Saw people shilling TD Ameritrade last thread, how is it? Is pre trading really that big of a deal?

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>> No.28472693

Buy SU

>> No.28472696

How quickly can I get gains from an ETF tho

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File: 141 KB, 835x501, man-on-knees-sex-corp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I will trim some of my position around .9

Could be close to 3 bucks eoy if you hold for and through the PEA

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>> No.28472717


The DGWT one looks P&D as heck to me, the rest looks sound (I think)

>> No.28472719

makes my puts richer

>> No.28472721

If I go all in on the chosen stock and manage to get 20% profit per dady, then I should recover within 5 days.
To think I was once so close to doing so...

>> No.28472734

I’ll take chink shills over penny stock newfags any day.

>> No.28472736

So what's the deal with PG?

>bluechip stock
>has dropped 10% over the past month
>zero news correlating with this
>zero acknowledgement of it dropping by any market news source
>entire world ignoring this drop
>only people who acknowledge it dropping are the boomers in the comments of yahoo finance simply wondering why it's dropping

I don't have any PG stock, but am wondering if it's a good time to get in. I see zero reason it shouldn't recover at least partially, giving me a cool 3 to 5 percent I would assume.

>> No.28472780


>> No.28472788

Honestly loving all your guy's opinion. Trying to prep my self tomorrow. I gotta be smarter about this. Another anon told me about LPCN earlier today and kinda wanna play with it.

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File: 332 KB, 946x2048, Et8ft18VIAYDlSg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm EHang bro anon. $EH has changed my life the last 4 months shilling it here. Up 1300% since shilling it here. It will be bigger than NIO so 20X gains still to go.... Even CEO of Volkswagen just went on an EHang drone a few days ago and was amazed. Gonna change the world....

>> No.28472804

go bait the poltards fag

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Someone on my discord I follow noticed a huge influx of $2.5 calls for DNN. I SMELL TENDIES

>> No.28472821

no they haven't

>> No.28472822

This. People saying drone delivery isnt the way of the future are just boomers that will argue with any new revolutionary technology.
Yes, its in its infancy right now but you have a prime market for the first drone deliveries to be tested out and that is a huge fucking deal.

>> No.28472824

A big one? When they increase interest rates. Maybe in 2022.

>> No.28472826

There’s so many northern communities and reserves that rely on ice roads, drones can deliver in the summer.

>> No.28472850

Congrats on the free stock. But, well, it's not a big deal either way. You can keep it for sentimental value or swap it for something with better gains or swap it out for some other stock you like for the hell of it.

Starting out, your college major/trade, career/salary, living below your means, and the Boomer Investing 101 shit in the OP matter waaaay more. Investing and optimizing stock picks really only matters down the line.

>> No.28472856

Confident I'll be able to sell GTE above 1.2 tomorrow but doesn't change the fact that I'm a retard who bought 200 out of 490 shares at 1.16 today

>> No.28472867

All I do is OTC
I either win or lose.

>> No.28472887

Thank you anon. Im trying man

>> No.28472889

Depends on the etf. With 3x leverage you can make a lot of money fast, but you can also lose it just as fast. Look at SOXL or TQQQ this year.

>> No.28472941


>> No.28472944

What’s with all the GTE FUD? Worth at least a dollar

>> No.28472966

Credit spreads on etfs are usually pretty safe and consistent too, just do a lot of reading beforehand

>> No.28472974


>> No.28472988

Crossed my mind a couple times but is it shilled on reddit yet? If so then I guess I sell lol

>> No.28473010

DGTW is a haunted ticker, stay far away.

>> No.28473011
File: 1.32 MB, 1706x766, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

exactly the first to strike will literally have a monopoly in canada it's that simple

>> No.28473030

if humans are made in god's image, yet related to bananas and monkeys, is there a monkey god?

>> No.28473103

Protoss carrier design flying in the air above head releasing drones onto the frightened boomers would be amazing

>> No.28473111

You'll only make money day trading that garbage if you're not a retard and can read trends. The redditfag boomers will be the bag holders making the rich even more money. Actually, I like that. BUY BUY BUY HODL HODL HODL.

>> No.28473146

Thanks guys, this general is a gem on this board. I'm making gains with crypto but do not have any knowledge about the stock market desu

>> No.28473231

This entire post reeks of reddit. Go back.

>> No.28473232

OTC speculation is peak greed, I don't know how we can get greedier from here. I'm slowly turning into a bobo because it feels like a lot of people here don't know what an actual bear market feels like. People were freaking out over that minor dip back in October.

>> No.28473242

No more ice road truckers, swarms of drones delivering everything 24hrs a day.

>> No.28473244

Think TQQQ calls or SQQQ puts.

>> No.28473255

Most of the time just hodling will get you back to a positive return in the case of a market dump

>> No.28473287

Basically a 5% dividend. Kinda expensive but been overlooking Alot of stocks and they are aiming for original prices before pandemic. Underside curve, charts look amazing.

>> No.28473294

weekly calls on pink sheets

>> No.28473309

Is SOXL the truth?

>> No.28473313

What is otc speculation

>> No.28473371
File: 1.17 MB, 1894x845, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

FLT.V/TAKOF only went down today cuz the whole TSX took a shit in general and new investors panic sold. All the weed stocks you guys were shilling were all Canadian like APHA, SNDL, TILRAY.

Air Canada just announced a partnership with FLT.V/TAKOF a few days ago too. GET THE FUCK ON. THERE ISN'T MUCH TIME. They're giving them air space and a lot of business.

>> No.28473398

Just learned of this AQB stock. I don't really get why it'd drop if it's so revolutionary. This is the future of food after all.

>> No.28473418

>Is SOXL the truth?
It's a good company. Nobody will ever get tired of SOXL phones, SOXL curtains, or SOXL electric cars. My dad works there

>> No.28473432

Don't feel bad, I got in at 1.17, and I knew it was an idiotic move. At least we have a chance to come out ahead before it crashes.

>> No.28473436

This 100%. The stock market is in its 2017 shitcoin phase ala crypto. We all know what happened in January 2018.

>> No.28473443

It doubled in 3 months holy shit

>> No.28473497

>We all know what happened in January 2018.
I wonder how many here don't kek

>> No.28473503

do you trust "Not Listed" as your CEO? I sure don't

>> No.28473531

>There’s so many northern communities and reserves that rely on ice roads

No, there are ice road truckers that rely on ice roads. The people who need goods delivered can get them delivered by drones instead.

>> No.28473534

Straight FIRE
Gang Gang Gang

>> No.28473542

I think we can hit 2 dollar if you guys just keep your fucking pants on. AT LEAST 1.5/1.6

>> No.28473552


I'm 60% cash rn waiting for a correction. My only holdings are pltr, net, rtx, ba, ual, and dal.

Any suggestions on how to play a bear market?

>> No.28473556
File: 178 KB, 406x430, 1608516145526.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

LAZR is going to moon and PLTR is goin to dip in the coming weeks. Plan accordingly anons

>> No.28473585
File: 841 KB, 498x274, FB3219C6-81B5-47EF-BA17-588711569493.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When is the market going to crash

>> No.28473593
File: 115 KB, 736x1105, 5abf9c9008c69201bf472268e1e0b3bf--sexy-asian-girls-asian-beauty.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>buy QCOM calls
>they're still going down


>> No.28473604

JNJ is something to keep for sentimental value but you're in a downtrend right now that if patterns over 5 years tell anything might not rally until early spring. Even still you're probably not going to gain much more this year from it if anything. Diversity is always better.

>> No.28473607

What software do you use for taxes?
I know, >doing your taxes >ever

>> No.28473613

no its not. Unless you are a wizard with options and/or trade on insider info you will probably fail in beating the market over the long term 10+years

>> No.28473616

Christ, what a bad play. RYCEY is tanking to <1.00 it will happen. they're shutting down factories, digging into their cash reserves, and they have no long term goals other than their small nuke plants.

I'd rather buy GE than I would even look at RYCEY again.

>> No.28473628

Tomorrow at 15:59.

>> No.28473643

dgtw is haunted and that's what makes it exciting for clown world investments

>> No.28473644

It should have already months ago. Who the fuck knows

>> No.28473651
File: 791 KB, 400x270, tumblr_m3mc06l4xi1qgvf41o1_400.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i sold most of my calls today, actually made some dumb mistakes because i couldn't find a direction. i think i have it now but I'm definitely slowing down with options and anything else that could go to zero. That being said, people have been anxious for about 3 months now.

>> No.28473655

>What is otc speculation

Imagine them as shitcoins being propped up and shilled here like rubic and asko

Will they make it? We'll find out!

>> No.28473665
File: 904 KB, 2688x4096, 1610702003849.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28473688

Not when it's been going consistently down since 2017.

>> No.28473689

>newfag retard has a bunch of tickers without a clue why they bought any of it
>IDEX is on it
Literally EVERY time

>> No.28473705

>chink stock shills shit up threads
I haven't seen any of the anti Chinese stock FUD posters give me a suggestion as good as SOS.

>> No.28473756

AC is bankrupt. it will take down takof with it. maybe they sell it beforehand

>> No.28473765

Did you see this guys portfolio? An ETF is his best bet until he does some of his own DD.

>> No.28473780

>69.3% cash
>24.1% boring Vanguard funds
>6.6% meme stocks

>> No.28473781

I question drones reliability in those conditions, northern winter is insane compared to the mild stuff we get down south. Better to use the drones when the trucks don’t have access.

>> No.28473791

you fucking retard, why would you spend billions mutating a few fish when you can literally just go out to sea and throw a net out.

>> No.28473804

little late for buying now unless your quick on the sell. It'll probably keep going up short term, but in a week it'll reverse course. I bought in 2 weeks ago at 500 and I'm looking to sell soon now.

>> No.28473806

TD is a good broker. No fees outside of penny trades and options which is standard. After and pre market trading is only a big deal if there is breaking news. So yeah, it can be a big deal but volume is low so the bid/ask is usually pretty wide with low liquidity.

>> No.28473891

Because you have to fly the fuckin fish in a plane from alaska to LA nitwit

>> No.28473896

this is their way of making money while they're bankrupt until the canadian gov gives them a loan. they laid down for the new regulations so they will get one 100%. with that said, a partnership with someone as big as air canada [basically the biggest airline in canada] should automatically shift this to at least 5-10$. that's a professional backing. I firmly believe this is a 25$ stock in the short term and like 250$+ by the time it gets amazon deals etc

>> No.28473907

>69.3% cash
>24.1% boring Vanguard funds
should be the other way around. If you have Vanguard funds you are thinking long term(hopefully). Do you even know what price you will buy cheapies at when all you see is pink wojacks and bobo's?

>> No.28473919

>dgtw is haunted and that's what makes it exciting for clown world investments


Dayum, look at that glowing .gif text near the end!

>> No.28473924

Best ETFs besides the ARKs? I already own them and they should be fairly safe but I want to diversify more. I found some okay dividend growth ones but I'll take other suggestions.

>> No.28473927

I don't want to hold over the weekend and I have no reason to believe that it will peak after 10AM tomorrow.

>> No.28473934
File: 134 KB, 640x516, pp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

D-Did someone say Tendies...? Alright im in extra $50

>> No.28473936

inflation low, interest rates low, Fed money pumping the economy

2021 is full clown bull run all year

>> No.28473984

>big boy money/simplifier
>ARK Upgraded

>> No.28474000

>$50k out of $85k straight cash

I am READY for the dump, all in FNGU and SOXL

>> No.28474033

>inflation low

I stopped reading right there

>> No.28474042

>Best ETFs besides the ARKs
People are going to get burned chasing these numbers

>> No.28474064


>> No.28474078

Hey people been making money of IDEX.

>> No.28474104

Pretty much every retailer has said they won’t carry mutant fish. AQB has no customers unless they try the asian market.

>> No.28474106
File: 106 KB, 980x1269, tiny-nuclear-reactor-2-1608155437(1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Looks like nuclear energy is making a slow but sure comeback in the long run- assisted by the promise of small modular reactors, and the growing realization that renewables alone will not cover all energy needs if we want to get off fossil fuels, and US government moving into action to stop Russia/Canada/Australia/Kazakhstan cucking our domestic Uranium miners, restarting the only domestic uranium ore conversion facility and moving forward on establishing the first ever US Uranium reserve-

Positive public perception is gaining momentum too-
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jzfpyo-q-RM (positive video despite the clickbait)






Nuclear sector slowly making moves-


Nuscale is leading the way in the US on the SMR front followed by GE-Hitachi


Not sure if uranium imports are banned yet but once they are expect the US uranium mining industry to surge. This is a really long term hold though, like 2025+

>> No.28474111

Yeah, I'm reversing this over time. I wasn't really paying attention, somehow... I'm on schedule to be 46 cash/44 Vanguard in July.
I don't want to do it all at once

This doesn't include my retirement accounts

>> No.28474128

it's against /smg/ rules to hold leveraged etfs inter-session

>> No.28474154
File: 943 KB, 1200x856, 1590111922379.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Came across something interesting while looking at my UAL stock. Apparently United Airlines is spending $1billion on some company called Archer Aviation that makes EVtols. Archer just merged with another (SPAC) company ACIC so now Archer is publicly traded. Might be a good investment?


>> No.28474158

Plus made a call for 4.5 2/19 on it.

>> No.28474192

So is DNN going to pump and dump tomorrow?

>> No.28474195

I pray for no pink wojaks tomorrow
Truly have a comfy day where we all make redditors hold bags.

>> No.28474237

yeah it is pretty funny, I made 3x on it, probably not gonna go back in, but imagine clownworld logic that the ticker goes up tomorrow, fuck it im probably out for good>>28473924

>> No.28474265

That's the plan.

>> No.28474337

The Sparrow seems absolutely useless, Robin XL is interesting but looks like it can only be applied to certain environments, and the Condor is just a helicopter lmao.

>> No.28474340

Check out lbsr
Uranium play at .0065
''Sudden volume''

>> No.28474353

Source? Literally every major retailer carries gmo product. Everything tgat has corn syrup in it is gmo.
The gmo fear train died when CA required labelling and people realized they’d been eating GMO for years and didn’t care.
So please, whoch retailers have said they won’t carry GMO?

>> No.28474448

Solar/wind memes are still strong with techbro shitheads. Protip: the road to green is a diversified set of energy tools including solar, wind, nuclear, geo, hydro, and tidal
You shut out some of these tools for shithead reasons, you will ALWAYS be turning back on Coal, Oil, and Gas plants.SIMPLE AS

>> No.28474515


>> No.28474517

>You heard that right, this company with 2.9B shares in its O/S has $2501 in assets and $3.5M in unsecured claims.

>> No.28474527

All right guys, I did a bit more digging on a ticker that's been discussed here a lot recently to try to make sense of what's going. Some of you are calling it a spooky ghost business, but I think it might be more apt to call it a phoenix business...or at least it's trying to be a phoenix. I'm going to refrain from naming it because I think a certain shill is right about there being a lot of money to be made on it, and I don't want to attract any more heat to it than necessary.

From what I see, this firm was a business that failed in 2018. The reason it has now been revived is because a couple of rich guys are looking for a tax break. The firm went down in flames with massive losses, and because of American tax structure, if the firm were to in the future become a profitable business, those past losses could be used to avoid taxes on those future profits.

So if you're a rich guy looking to start a new business, you acquire ownership of this failed firm. Not because the business or it's assets are of any value whatsoever, but because you can use it as a tax dodge. Whoever these guys trying to revive this ticker are, they have no affiliation with the past business using the name. They're purely trying to start a new business and pay as little tax as possible by using this businesses past losses to avoid taxes on future gains.

The problem is that the SEC knows what these guys are doing. So basically, these guys have to pretend that they're actually trying to revive the business until they legally acquire ownership of it, and then once they have it they can start a new business using the ticker as a shell to dodge taxes. As long as they can successfully navigate the court process, which it seems likely they can based on our shill's bullishness and on the net worth of the guys trying to pull this thing off, then there actually is huge money to be made on this thing.

Any Questions?

I'll repost this at the top of the next thread in case it gets buried in this one

>> No.28474533


Man some of the models look flimsy, needs to get more beefed up for Canadian climate

>> No.28474581
File: 550 KB, 600x600, 31C9D4AE-3DF6-4ED5-B300-ECDE3CFADA64.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck do I hate the pol refugees. They are exactly what they hate, low iq migrants trying to change the culture with there low iq ideas.

>> No.28474582


>> No.28474595

How high do we think DNN will go tomorrow?

>> No.28474596
File: 71 KB, 1000x800, Et9mi7cXYAoP9X1-orig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The road to green is nuclear, and hydro where available, and some wind/solar. Pic related proves it.

>> No.28474605
File: 29 KB, 672x602, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this is starting to scare me but i don't know what else to pick as my boomer stock

>> No.28474661

That article is 6 years old and calls them “frankenfish”. It’s a blog post that’s more than half a decade out of date. Try again.

>> No.28474703

tfw bought at 49
and amd at 5
I am your semiconductor prophet

>> No.28474705


>> No.28474766

what do you think of intel? i bought them because they are fucking cheap and us based (in theory). i also think Biden is going to throw some money at semi conductors produced outside china for a while, then buckle and say we have no choice but to source them from china.

>> No.28474770

How do we taunt them into actually turning it into a business

I want to make money, but I also want to see their plan backfire for memes

>> No.28474818

Year-year and a half. Minimize debt and maximize gains while you can because once the music stops this time I’m not sure the dollar is going to come back.

>> No.28474821

bro im probably not ganna read all that bro

>> No.28474828

>Any Questions?

exit strategy when?

>> No.28474846

who is the new one? have you look at achronix or indie semiconductors?

>> No.28474849

There are definitely places in the world that can pull off geothermal. Iceland for starters. And Japan if the hot spring industry wasn't so retard strong (yes, you read that right). You have to be blessed with geology though but for some island nations it can make more sense since most of them are near volcanic networks.

>> No.28474865

Is Tomorrow the last day we should hold DGTW?

>> No.28474879
File: 251 KB, 220x204, kunbadthoughts.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


It did back in September/October last year. I bag holded meme stocks for like 5 months just to get past the break even point.

Glad I held though. Up 250% so far

>> No.28474881

The road to green is silver. If green takes a dump you still have shiny rocks. If green takes off your silver is a rocket.

>> No.28474888
File: 806 KB, 1280x633, XV Smoking.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

so tits up or tits down
let's do this

>> No.28474892

Bearish on Intel. They became complacent.

>> No.28474903

>Genetically engineered salmon pose unacceptable risks to wild salmon and broader ecosystems.
How is that possible when the females are infertile and the fact they're grown in landlocked vats, you know away from the seas and rivers.

>> No.28474909

Japan is mostly nuclear, even Fukushima didn't make them go as full retard as Germany did

>> No.28474944

can't tell if bait or not

>> No.28474951

so glad I got the fuck out of SNDL when I was still up $4,000

>> No.28474957

I dumped sing, but I told u that earlier. cmon bro, mutant salmon and therapeutics? I suggest you stop falling for terrible stocks. Get out of sing while you still can.

>> No.28474958

you niggas need to invest for them to beef their shit up. i think they're all right probably starting in toronto first etc as they beef their shit up

>> No.28474968

>It did back in September/October last year.
No no no. Not even the march collapse was a proper correction. The P/E ratio is stupidly though the fucking roof.

>> No.28474977

That's retarded thinking

"It posses a risk for wild salmon"

Yeah they would have a point if this was sea caged based farming. But this is totally inland and detached from wild salmon.

There is absolutely no way for an AQB salmon to escape a landlocked facility and walk to the ocean to escape.

Fucking environmentalists ruin everything.

>> No.28474989

the demand is so high though, does that even matter now?

>> No.28474990

penny stock jesus has stated repeatedly to hold for 90 days or .10 cents

>> No.28475043

Nuke bulls underestimate how fast the solar transition is happening. Even tho solar+storage is pricey its cheaper than these next-gen reactors that don't even exist yet. I can go buy a powerwall and panels tomorrow if I wanted. The whole sun dont shine at night meme pretty much irrelevant when you consider pumped storage, etc. If the West hadn't fucked itself post-Fukushima/fag republicans printed money for their inbred coal miners from 2010 on nuke bulls would have ruled the world. now theyre fucked

>> No.28475077

Assuming that anon's research is correct, then pennystock millionaire is likely waiting for the new company to "emerge". Reads like a stealth reverse merger which can save you a lot of money on fees and registrations. But that is a lot of conjecture unless he has some SERIOUS insider knowledge.

>> No.28475088

no fucking idea man. I think there's a lot of money to be made here, but I think this is one that's gonna take work. Follow along with their court dates and make sure they keep getting the results they want (their rich, so they probably will). The last court case was telecast, so you could even listen in if you wanted, though I can't make too much sense of all the accounting gibberish

>> No.28475090

US gave TSM a subsidy to build a new fab, not intel
intel will keep looking like a value trap until the new CEO pulls something off in a couple years.
No point speculating in a value trap until they have a roadmap that isn't just +++++ refreshing obsolete crap. It is pretty bullish that Murthy and Swan are both gone, but nothing can happen overnight in this sector, roadmaps for semiconductors tell you pretty much everything

other than INTC proving they have a real direction now, I'd probably only speculate into INTC if Jim Keller comes back

>> No.28475134

Everyone here will shit on intel. I posted about buying them when the price was below 50 a share and everyone called me stupid.

It's had a big run up so I wouldn't throw money at them now. But if it ever goes to sub 50 again I would recommend for long term boomer holds.

>> No.28475171

No, they have another court date coming up. Be in before then if not sooner

>> No.28475212


Get in at 1-1.2

>> No.28475223

3 of those places are in the same country

>> No.28475252

I've had FANG since last Summer. Wish I had bought more.

>> No.28475261

The environmentalists are cringe as usual yeah but the store chains are the ones really hurting it. Maybe it’ll change in the future as the climate gets worse and wild gets scarce but for now these sissy hipster faggots don’t want mutant fish with their avocado toast.

>> No.28475277
File: 51 KB, 467x519, 1597780393535.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So what exactly is the downside to pumping and dumping hyped stocks like SNDL or DNN or even GME as long as you sell it before or just when it starts dumping? It seems like a super sound plan but surely there is a downside or risk right?

>> No.28475336

hmmm good advice here, ok, i made some profit recently but i will probably take some off.

>> No.28475339
File: 782 KB, 1125x1328, 2AB1204A-3CF0-4A7A-A1CB-F196C00095BE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28475345

Do you guys think that NVIDIA will be able to acquire ARM? If the deal falls through, will NVIDIA's price go down?

If it does fall through, who will buy ARM?

>> No.28475348
File: 91 KB, 850x1340, 1611505952945(1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That is correct, however savings isn't a good option due to inflation.

we are all balls deep into stocks due to the TINA effect.

Just have to ride it while (((they))) keep printing money. Once that's over it will send bag holders back to the stone age

>> No.28475372

If you don’t leave at the right time then you hold the bags

>> No.28475387
File: 34 KB, 300x100, D284C075-99A7-4C31-84BF-5441417E6674.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you have more than 5 digits, do you support pol ideas?

>> No.28475388

None of this is new. Those are the old memes from as far back as the 90s. The duck curve gets worse the more you try to force solar and/or wind to be more of your power generation. The battery technology keeps having to play endless catchup with needing more and more and MORE efficient storage.
There is also the empirical evidence that once you start turning off nuclear power plants, no amount of money and wishful thinking about solar/wind prevents you from having to turn on fossil fuel plants. No country on the PLANET has done this. Germany has been trying to sneak nuclear back in from French plants.
This has been known in the energy sector since at least 2000 but in terms of dipshit venture capital firms it is much, much easier to sell solar/wind. Especially with the rise of the biggest techbro dipshit in the universe: Elon Musk

>> No.28475413

have you ever watched Jurassic Park? because this is how Jurassic Park happened

>> No.28475419
File: 110 KB, 1280x1267, 1612406464530.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28475451

Getting dumped on. There are more greedy and stupid people than there are rich people. So you have to either be smarter and less greedy than rich people. You need to hit a 2x to make 1k. They just need to be up one cent

>> No.28475453
File: 164 KB, 307x363, Golden Smile.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok its basically a Prisoners' Dilemma but instead of 2 people its hundreds of thousands? Is that a decent way to understand it?

>> No.28475459

>just predict the future bro
god i hate /smg/

>> No.28475463


define in context, pls

>> No.28475468

He must right? He's posted his folio a few times and he has like 200k on this thing? Maybe he's so loaded, that isn't much to him...

I'm not even sure the money is in waiting for the new company to emerge, it might just be in the completion of the court process. Then the big dogs come in and buy up all the shares cheap so they can resell them later for an effective "IPO" once the new business emerges

>> No.28475514

idk, everything is so FUCKED in clownworld that a ghost company with no assets might moon to x20

the reason im thinking about rebuying tomorrow is because I sold after hearing about the court document that showed the company does not exist

but the stock went x4 after that was published, and has only fallen to 60% of that pump


I just dont kniw anything because I figured it would either be removed by some federal authority from being traded, or fall to 0 in a day


>> No.28475522

>DGTW is the crown jewel
>GRST is the crown jewel
Yeah, don’t trust this guy. Selling

>> No.28475545

Downside is trying to stay in too long. Or getting in too late. In the case of most of the /wsb/ crowd; both.

>> No.28475564

plan of restructuring

>> No.28475610

Sundial is so not a pump and dump though guys! It's a solid company with 610 million cash on hand and debt-free! Weed is totally gonna be legalized in the United States and that is totally a good thing for a Canadian cannabis company that has no US infrastructure or partnerships for distribution!

>> No.28475624

>>DGTW is the clownsuit
>>GRST is the crown jewel


>> No.28475628

It's fine if you can afford to do nothing but watch graphs all day. I almost missed selling SNDL at a decent price before it dumped further because I happened to be on break at the time.

>> No.28475662

nigga read my long post

>> No.28475670

Yes pretty much, you’re trying to get out with as much profit as you can without getting too greedy, staying too late, and losing your money

>> No.28475756
File: 13 KB, 250x250, ThatsAGoodWisdom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Isn't that literally all stock though?

>> No.28475771
File: 94 KB, 720x1280, 1612496866053.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28475785

I don't think he's scamming, I think he's just some normal guy who gets fed insider info and makes bank off it. Of course, that doesn't mean his advice is right. Maybe he has no idea what he's talking about and he's just the last guy in a game of telephone. Tread with caution when following his advice, but I think he's a very valuable resource

>> No.28475839

I can't tell if this is supposed to be sarcastic or you're really shilling for this garbage

>> No.28475845

>Everyone here will shit on intel.
because they have so many fundamental flaws, it's not something you can braindead hold like TSM
if you were going to micromanage and swing trade something, you probably have better options than INTC too. People have made +100% off fucking NAK and GNUS buying it from the bottom after they dumped hard, but that doesn't make them good investments

This shit is lagging behind so badly when the entire sector has mooned hard. Everyone in /smg/ has already been spoonfed that, and it should be very apparent how shity INTC is right now that their best hope is to outsource to TSM so their contracts don't switch to AMD once they all end this year or the next

Keep a watch on what happens on the Argonne contract for example. It's delayed for now but they were expecting INTC to have 7nm by now, how long do you think they will wait until they decide to just switch to AMD? That's your canary in the mine

>> No.28475864

No. There's a difference between making educated guesses based on factual data and trying to predetermine when a bunch of random anonymous assholes are going to decide that they've reached their exit point

>> No.28475877


>> No.28475882

yes, but it's easier on a longer scale, not on a daily/weekly or even monthly scale

>> No.28475909

>A crown jewel
he has never contradicted the idea that GRST is the one to rule them, but he has always said that all 5 are
hm, alright im buying back in, fuck it

>> No.28475947

>It's delayed for now but they were expecting INTC to have 7nm by now,
*to have 7nm by last year

>> No.28475971

Anyone who gets advice from Yahoo finance deserves to be poor.

>> No.28475973

jesus christ I can't believe I'm doing this but I guess I better lean into this clown world

>> No.28475977

personally, I made a good bit on this DGTW spike yesterday to be happy.
am I going to miss out on massive gains? maybe. should I risk my winnings to follow the pursuit of some madman? again, maybe. but I don't think I will.
once I saw 10+ different IDs talking about it in /smg/ I figured it was probably a lost cause

>> No.28475985

It's obviously sarcasm. The implication, which is correct, is that the US legalizing marijuana at the federal level would actually badly hurt a canadian weed company because it will massively increase supply without anywhere near as much of an increase in demand.

>> No.28475993

>no news
Analyst reports saying that it won't be able to do well yoy in the upcoming quarter. Personally, I'm way against this thesis: prior year was supply constrained BIG TIME so tons of the bottom line were left on the table for PG. Second, the CFO (or maybe CEO can't remember) was very adamant in raising guidance for the full year. I expected it to drop a bit since earnings (which it has) but then come next quarter report it will spike up. Currently looking for a good entry point but haven't been too worried since it won't move very much without catalysts.

>> No.28476001

>fed insider info on penny stocks
The only reason penny stocks like this in the first place is because the government doesn't pay any attention to them until the pump and dump happens.

>> No.28476055


Hope we don't scare away that penny anon.

This subforum of 4chan has waaaay to many shitty schemes and many got rug pulled, at least those 4 lettered indexes mentioned by penny looks hella golden.

>> No.28476067



>> No.28476078

Anyone who doesn’t do their DD and invests based on “no debt” deserves to lose their money.

>> No.28476141

>The battery technology keeps having to play endless catchup with needing more and more and MORE efficient storage

As opposed to nuclear, which was perfect in 1986 and no efforts have been made towards miniaturization or efficiency? Come on.

>This has been known in the energy sector since at least 2000

It isn’t 2000 anymore, grandpa.

>> No.28476145

Also here, Forbes says it’s trash too.


>> No.28476179

>After and pre market trading is only a big deal if there is breaking news
All gains on the S&P happen outside regular market hours.

>> No.28476206
File: 1.13 MB, 2732x1149, 3262C911-B309-42F0-B85B-6A9A647FCAEA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>selling dgtw and grst
Bad move. Both those are primed for big moves.
Both at highs.
Huge fucking volume.
Look at the dgtw chart from ddamanda in pic related.
Traded over 2 million dollars today. 8x recent avg
Over 4 mil yesterday. 16x recent avg.
Last week it traded 54k one day.
Grst is very similar
Buy more or at least watch your holdings grow very fast.

>> No.28476216
File: 42 KB, 495x541, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28476223

I was in a discord server for SNDL with 5,000+ people. The cult-like mentality and sheer denial was unreal. I lost $14,000 in gains today alone on this piece of shit but I feel lucky as shit to have gotten out while still managing to keep $4,000 of it. Even if they somehow turn out to be right I don't feel bad about taking the profit and running.

>> No.28476256

>GRST is the crown jewel
>a rehab for boozers

pick one

>> No.28476283

Ya any country turning nukes off is retarted. We've never been in the current situation though where solar (not solar+storage) is the cheapest power source. China subsidizing solar to fuck US manufacturing makes it so we can waste a fuckton of energy on inefficient storage tech. Longterm I think nukes could work but the current nuke bullrun is gonna pop once people see how long its gonna be for these next gen reactors

>> No.28476315

It's definitely risky, but if he's willing to bet 200k on it, then I think I can at least risk a few thousand on a potential 10+ bagger. Couldn't blame anyone for staying away from it though

>> No.28476377

pls crash i hold cash for big buy

>> No.28476408

I mean they could be right in that it could shoot up to an arbitrarily high number depending on who decides to pump it, but it will inevitably be dumped, because it's just a small canadian weed company without any particularly great future prospects.

>> No.28476427

Uranium futures green!

>> No.28476470


Anyone have an opinion on this?


Chinese will dominate the civilian drone market. Does any other country matter?

>> No.28476474

> friends of the earth
So you have no news articles. Neat.

>> No.28476480

>solar (not solar+storage) is the cheapest power source
Maybe if you're in spain or nevada

>> No.28476523

Don't bother with those groups. They start spouting random target prices and get greedy by convincing you not to sell. That's how I fell into the stupid trap of NAKD and BB. The easiest 2x I could have ever made. Eventually lost those gains.

CTRM is another one for retards. Idk if it will go up or not. Fundamentals are there but I sold as soon as it pumped 50%. Friend of mine says it will go 20. Yea ok.

>> No.28476527

>As opposed to nuclear, which was perfect in 1986 and no efforts have been made towards miniaturization or efficiency? Come on.
Miniaturization is for modular deployment originally avoided because of fears of proliferation. But it didn't seem like the public cared about distributed sources of spent fuel since it axed the Yucca Mountain Repository. Here is also a little secret about the plants that apparently no one "wants": once you turn them on you never want to turn them off. The nuclear fleet in the US is going to be pushing 60+ years old soon despite originally being planned for 30. The chill on nuclear made technological progress glacial but there is always room for improvement.
>It isn’t 2000 anymore, grandpa.
Anything you read about solar and wind memes today is identical to the late 90s. They don't scale. And the battery demands, capacity, and inefficiency scale parabolically the higher the percentage of power that comes from those sources.
It is absolutely perfect for venture capital techbro dipshits. Anyone who actually works WITH the grid has known the answer for a long time: you diversify your power sources for the same reasons you diversify anything else or you turn on fossil plants again because they are cheap, reliable, and scalable.
It is as simple as that and Elon "King Dipshit" Musk casually delayed real discussion of this for a decade.

>> No.28476544

but we don't know how much he is playing with. this could just be a game to him. a well-motivated game, but a game nonetheless.
I like the other picks. personally I took my winnings and dumped into WOGI because it sounds fun and it's fun to say out loud. it's like picking your sports team based on the color of their jerseys, but in this market it's kind of a good strategy.

>> No.28476555

I will buyback with my initial investment tomorrow and keep the profits
gotta invest in my local florida businesses

>> No.28476642

i still dont understand how SNDL can be worth billions when ZENA.TO has comparable numbers to it and is worth only 100 million

>> No.28476657

yeah this is the only commercial drones in canada and they have government backing. they'll get the deals with businesses etc not the chinks

>> No.28476665

trips for crack den moon stocks
I chose to avoid GRST but best of luck to you fren. hop in WOGI after if you want to have more fun

>> No.28476694

I know right? There’s more than one, see if you can find it.

>> No.28476816

Go deeper God damn

>> No.28476821

Ok. My entire theory right now is "No way president Harris doesn't bomb the fuck out of some third world country." I was in RTC, LMT, KTOS, MAXR, PIPP. Dumped LMT and RTX cause they will only spike 20% or so when it happens and won't do much till then. Dumped KTOS after 25% gains because Cathie bubble and because DD anon convinced me they won't get the full contract. Have sells set up for MAXR but I'm also ok holding. Crazy tech and assets, dirty dirty corrupt BOD.

Is there any reason to own anything other than PIPP if my entire theory is "Kamala gunna bomb someone"?

>> No.28476826

in bidens america more and more people will smoke crack, weed is a gateway drug

>> No.28476853


I'm a retard that bought into the hype and this was my first experience with investing, I wanted to believe but I eventually had to admit to myself that I didn't really believe in what I was doing and was just hoping for a quick payday. I should have went with my gut and sold out when I was up $18,000 but I got greedy. I still somehow retarded my way into $4,000 of profit that I frankly don't deserve and now figuring out what to do with the $15,000 that's just sitting in my brokerage account.

>> No.28476868

That means the market will be green right?
Right anon?

>> No.28476884


>> No.28476885

Right, I think it's one of those don't risk more than you can afford to lose kind of things.

I looked a bit into EGYF also and it has the potential to be way way way more than a penny stock. Obviously a lot has to go right for any company to succeed on a large scale, but EGYF's fundamentals are extremely impressive

>> No.28476896

Why the fuck are trades limited to certain hours anyway? It's bogus.

>> No.28476898

Because things are worth however much people think they are worth, not how much they should be considered to be worth. However, anything that is valued highly based on something which is not actually be true is poised to lose most of that value.

>> No.28476951

the joke was yesterday night an anon claimed to live near GRST "headquarters" and said it was unironically a homeless crack den.
not sure if it was a joke or not but I'm sticking with it

>> No.28477055

To reduce the amount of cocaine being imported

>> No.28477059

If you don't have any other savings, then do nothing with it. If you insist on investing it, wait for a significant market correction and dump it in VOO or another similar broad market ETF which will provide small gains and protection from inflation with essentially no risk as long as you don't have a defined point that you would have to sell it.

If you don't have a suit to work, you don't have any business buying individual stocks with money you can't afford to completely lose.

>> No.28477073

boomers cant stay awake past 6pm dude

>> No.28477090

Yeah but your meme trader who is suddenly interested in the market isn't going to make his bank there. He's going to swing trade or go long. This makes post/pre a good thing but he wont live there anytime soon.

>> No.28477109

yeah I already felt like my initial 1.5k investment was a huge gamble, was stressed the entire time, and was super happy to get out with 2x. I am slightly worried about fomoing back but think I'll be okay.
with every successful trade I make I get more worried about impending doom
because it's only fair that people have equal rights to trading*
*does not apply if you are of a higher class as you receive privileged trading rights

>> No.28477114

More like Ethema Health opened their first rehab for crack-den enthusiasts and got all licensing for operating rehab centers recently.

>> No.28477146

Don’t forget brand recognition, it can make or break your product cause people will remember it good or bad.


>> No.28477150

lots of places seem that way in florida

>> No.28477170

my theory is it's a space defense company, no idea what kind but i think that's the deal

>> No.28477211


>> No.28477233

you realize if there was 24/7 trading, there would be hedge funds pumping shit all day and then dumping it in the middle of the night literally every day right? Retail trading would be impossible

>> No.28477338

how is this any different than what currently happens in AH/premarket?
the only difference is retail investors are actively pushed away from participating now

>> No.28477341

>However, anything that is valued highly based on something which is not actually be true is poised to lose most of that value.
i dont think i'll ever learn how to take advantage of meme/hype like this
i ended up selling GME too early around $40 because of this, and I had trimmed even earlier already out of fundamentals

im never going to retire early being a fundamentals cuck but i don't understand how people can stand holding positions where you KNOW the gains won't hold. Like a game of chicken basically?
Lost my chance to retire with GME, and lost many more with all these pure hype runs around. I guess im not retiring in my 20s unfortunately

>> No.28477371

It says they are seeking military aerospace. Dunno if that's more planes, actually arming space force
Or just a vanilla bomb brown kids.
I'm praying for space force. Imagine how much the stock would be worth.

>> No.28477456
File: 196 KB, 672x882, AEC2DB3F-2A92-48CD-AABD-BC9DBB0067EC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>with every successful trade I make I get more worried about impending doom
This isn't going to work anon. The universe will coalesce around your thoughts of doom. Clear that shit out and get back in there with your head and heart aligned for success.

>> No.28477602

Yeah for sure -- I just don't see any other defense play with as high if a floor (max 20% or so loss right now if the market tanks, and the fund is worth more when company shopping) and a longer right hand tail. KTOS might 2 or 3 x from here I guess? Same with MAXR. PIPP could 5 or 10. Dunno, just trying to figure out if it's the right play for my theory.

>> No.28477608

Shit like GME is incredibly rare and you should not base your strategies around it. Especially considering that not only company policies but legal procedures and possibly even legislative text is being changed to make sure it doesn't happen again.

>> No.28477704

>i dont think i'll ever learn how to take advantage of meme/hype like this
>i ended up selling GME too early around $40 because of this, and I had trimmed even earlier already out of fundamentals
When a stock starts getting memed, first thing you do is go look at the chart. Get a feel for the stock's long term ups and downs. Like GME, regularly went up and down 20% or so. When you get that number, set an alert on tradingview for a 20% drop on the meme stock. When it hits, buy the stock then sell when it goes up 20%. Set a new alert. When it drops again, reload and fire again. That's how I play meme stocks until they finally flame out or I lose interest. I tripled every dollar I put into GME this way