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Post demoralizing things here

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I made 100,000 since January with a ten dollar starting investment

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we are approaching the climax of this bullrun and since you're too greedy, you wont cash out. you will be down 90% on your portfolio after the crash and we will crab for several years.

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Wow 100,000 BAO for $10? a steal

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Wrong, we haven't even started bro

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I have insider info and I have been posting FUD for weeks on plebbit and elsewhere to load my bags up while things are still cheap.

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You're going to go to jail retard

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i just lost 80% of my entire portfolio in a shitty yolo

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I bet you were posting that stupid meme graph about "returning to normal" when we had a -15% correction last month weren't you? How can you stand to be so poor?

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Jesus dude, buy a few 4chan passes for like .05 ETH and use a few virtual machines with VPNs. You look like a fucking retard

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No amount of money will get rid of the drug-addled autist brother that I have to support for the rest of my fucking life.

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Retarded for responding to people? No you're the one who's struggling to get enough oxygen into your brain. I'm literally perfection incarnate. I'm unstoppable, indefatigable, and eternal. None can defeat me

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Also, how the fuck does this happen

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western european youth is over 40% nonwhite
it's 60% in NA

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Holding 100% of my portfolio in ETH. Fucking piece of stagnant shit.

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the annunaki are real, /x/ tried to warn you

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The jews will win in the end.

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Brain to big to be a cis

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You will always be ugly and beta

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Stakenet completely fucks every other 'dex' project and even cexs. If you haven't bought even 1 masternode you will not make it.

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reported to the secret three letter agency for posting that

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100k is the original make it stack. 10k is a suicide inducing stack.

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The government is hopium for the masses

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At any given moment this can all come crumbling down. Sleep well

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Vagueness is a hallmark of a quality demoralation shilling campaign.

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The crack heads with drug stocks will rule the world.

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