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>Fantom Finance

>Trading Information


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Feeling comfy. Fantom gonna buy me a house.

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3k stacklet gonna have a hot meal tonight

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we're mooning and barely any euphoria

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grabbed sheetz every time we've mooned. good gas station food unironically

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We female to male coin? Gross

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20c is almost here!

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most people into this coin don't seem to be on /biz/
if this isn't bullish i dont know what is

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100k third worlder

hope i can buy my mom nice home

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I have 1mil stack do I sell now?

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yes, sell now.

not that the 0.2 barrier will be gone in 5 mins

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Here we go

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I see this shilled on biz all the time, weird how no one grabbed it

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IQ test

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i dont see too many threads on fantom, ive got 10k, will i unironically make it?

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10k is a suicide stack.

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I just want to have enough to pay my student debt. It's around 35k USD.

thinking on buying 5k more fanties to end up with a 10k stack. do you lads reckon it will be enough?

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Pedo coin

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Wawa >>>>>>>shiitz

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$5 EOY

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>marketcap at $370m yesterday
>breaking $500m in 24hrs
Is... Is this what it feels like to finally make it bros?

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where would that leave Fantom on the market cap ranking?

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Why did I only buy a 10k stack.

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well we dont want to have to resort to that now

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12 bill?

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Still time to acoomulate brother.
I am a poorfag who only had $300 and threw it into FTM.
Now I have over $8k and the numbers keep getting bigger kek.

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so over LINK's market cap at this moment, I find it hard to believe

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aye, depends on adoption from current projects and future projects.

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>pissing away your gains on student debt right before Biden cancels it

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>implying I am American
you don't know what suffering is

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are you cnaadian? i never paid mine back, they just took it out the inciome tax refunds i would have received each year until it was done, took 10 years or so

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no, I wish. I'm from Latin America

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Why are all the usual biz niggers sleeping on this? Was it just successfully funded that hard?

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Yes. Check the catalog.

There was one schizo that would reply 100s of times per thread with FUD.

Add that to the fact the team has an attitude of just build - worry about marketing later and you end up in this situation

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had some serious skitzo posting all last summer on every thread. was really hard to read. i got my bags summer 2019 so it didnt effct me

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Build and they will come

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I'm a Texas bro now. Moved from pa don't have sheetz anymore

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Swingers get the rope

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ya it sunk

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Big old bounce. Green again once this candle closes.

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phew! thought i was ruined for a sec

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is it gay to fuck a ftm tranny? i mean.... it has a vagina......

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who even takes a loan for college here in latino america? shit is cheap as fuck.

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Who cares if it's gay or not?

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here in Chile you literally can't study without whoring yourself out to the banks unless you're poor af (state pays for it) or you're rich af (daddy pays for it)

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>1 post by this ID
>is it gay........

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Bounce up then a drop.

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nope, I still want to fuck elliot page and im not gay

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whats the diff between ftm and ada? tech wise. looking to see which to dump some cash into

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Is there a comparison image that includes ADA along with dot and avax

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Thank you God for this dump today, now I can buy back in
I promise to never swing trade again if I can just get a little profit from this

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Here u go anon

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>why not both?

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I think fantom has a lot more room to grow due to market cap. pretty much guaranteed $1+ and a 5x

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Yes brother, we will live in comfy haciendas and export bananas to Evropa. WAGMI

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kek, based

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>GRT that almost does a 3x moon mission in a single day after months of constant pumping
>FTM that does a half-assed 40% pump after weeks of crabbing

we never had a chance, didn't we?

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This wasn't even a pump. Wait three-four months for the main one. 3$ EO May.

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I’m unironically going to kill myself before this moons

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Coinbase, REN bridge, Afghanistan pilot completed and full-scale rollout, fAave, fLend

It's only warming up

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whales suppression of FTM is much stronger which means bigger payoff in the future

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Feeling comfy desu

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wawa is overpriced garbage. Very convenient but its shit food. Pretzels are alright though.

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I generally wouldnt agree with this cope. But its kind of true, as soon as FTM hit 26 cents, a lot of whales unstaked their bags to unload, its been about 10 days since it hit 26 cents so it makes sense that any massive sell-off would have happened by now. Weak hands have been shaken off

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Price EOY predictions?

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feeling like this for a while now
i love you all frens
we will make it

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love you anon
we will make it fren
first the moon then uranus

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patient anon
we will make it
let it be known
>the green candles
>the green frog
>the green text
manifest destiny
if you build it they will come

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avaxfags btfo eternally

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Gonna swing again. Gotta accoooomulate.

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market dumping but ftm still climbing... boooleash

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make a little wish some Chinese investors stick their red envelope money into FTM in the next few days

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hello frens, i have entered the fantoom. Idk how this is so under the radar at this point with all the defi partnerships i just don't understand, is it time to sell my whole avax stack for ftm, i'm playing both sides but ftm looks like the sleeper, comments?

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fuck off with that nazi shit this is a pro-CCP coin

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i traded my 2k GRT when it was .98 two days ago for FTM at .15. seeing GRT now is making me hope it's not a mistake. i had no idea GRT was going to 2.4x overnight, jesus. cmon fanties.

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File: 716 KB, 1024x798, __hatsune_miku_and_bottle_miku_vocaloid_drawn_by_noyu_noyu23386566__346c4f92ac0bfe571613a96e018e71df.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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you'll never be a women chinkoid

clever id matches pic, 200$ is excellent, sauce?

>> No.28481065

Dubs confirms, $3 and of May

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This is a long hold bro, probably going to see crabbing and bullshit mini gains for a few months until the pilot program news is released then we are going out to the fucking oort cloud. Now is exactly the time to swing and accoooomulate bags.

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Yeah, I figured GRT was going to crab and do bullshit. I had held it since december. Fucking hilarious the day I finally consolidate it goes parabolic. All I could do was laugh. Ah well, I'll just acoomulate more FTM.

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1trillion mc

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I've jsut discovered fantom and i'll swing my grt into this once it stops pumping this or next week.
Just checked the charts this has gone from .02 to .20c in 2 weeks so thats some steady gains.

>> No.28481816

why is fantom mooning? is it btc? does it crash if btc does?

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Are we gonna hit 43 or 62 cents by Sunday? I'm thinking 60s.

>> No.28481965

shill threads all over. Only organic project rn is BOND, like literally

>> No.28482025

More to come fren :^)

>> No.28482091

it's not mooning. it's steady gains with whale dumps. over time whales will have less dumps as gains increase. you'll probably see this drop to .15~.17, barring some big news or critical event

>> No.28482433

feels like a moon to me

>> No.28482533

Agh buying here feels wrong but I'm still doing it as I know we're $1 soob

>> No.28482591

Wait for the dip nigger, it's gonna drop down to 15c ish.

>> No.28482598

remember /biz/ hasnt even bought yet hardly. everyone here is fucking retarded the least retarded ones started hopping on at .15

>> No.28482669

I'm all in too. Gotta get out of 5 figure hell somehow

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What lies beyond the wall?
Some say it was built by the first Whales

>> No.28483056

Bought 100k at .02. Wish I had 10x that.

>> No.28483113

it's gonna be an uphill battle my friend. a project this old has so many whales its hilarious. don't even check the top wallets, it's demoralizing. most early moons are going to be smacked down by fantomillionaires because they're too retarded to live off the delegations

>> No.28483138

100k is still a pretty comfy make it stack.

>> No.28483342

Imagine having millions of fanties and not sticking them in a stacking pool and pre ordering your lambo lmao.

>> No.28483453

100k is a suicide stack and has always been a suicide stack.

>> No.28483535

i dunno man my price target has been .50-$1 on this project but recently i think it could hit $2.50 without waiting too long. 250k is a lot of money to most people

>> No.28483636

I hold 500k, if I hold 500k there's people out there with fantomillionaires that will dump at like 30c. This will not be a quick pump like GRT, it will crab for months at a time.

>> No.28483709

i thought it was gonna take forever too but idk after seeing it hit .25 overnight and then slowly crawling back just 2 weeks later has me thinking it might keep rising faster than we thought

especially if they release flend and the bridge and shit

>> No.28483913

That's my fear. I've held this long, but if I'm looking at 100k that will be hard to not sell.

>> No.28483996

On the upside, I think most whales that have held this long probably have some belief in the project. They probably won't dump all their bags, just their principal and a healthy profit.

>> No.28484048

i dont think theyll be dumb enough to sell after seeing it climb this much. probably most of them have it staked and locked in.

most the whales i talk to here just want to keep it staking and live off the rewards

>> No.28484194

Whale here. You are correct. If you know then you know. Fantom is not called a foundation for nothing.

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maybe some of them have died waiting or simply forgot

>> No.28484479

>7.5k stacklet
Man I put $250 in at about 4 cents but I feel like a fucking idiot. I didn't expect things to move this quickly. At least I'm not entirely priced out. Is 10k a suicide stack?

>> No.28484519

i have 35k and pretty suicidal about it man

>> No.28484602

this. im only 45k and it feels bad. if i had entered a damn fantom thread a day prior i'd have 3x. cant believe in 5 years ill be missing millions due to a single day, but whatever cant think like that

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>> No.28484723

this was basically the first coin i bought seriously

>if i waited one week one fucking week id have twice as much and have like 60k
>if i came here just a few months sooner id have ten times more

>> No.28484731

A good positive is how good staking is on FTM. Even with a modest stack and an ever increasing coin price, rewards are going to be decently comfy passive income.

>> No.28484741

Can someone give me the TLDR for this coin

>> No.28484826

how do i convince myself to lock this up for a year? i kinda convinced myself when i bought to sell at $1 but its looking bigger and bigger the more i look into it.

im a poorfag so i dont exactly have a lot of time... is 3-6 month locking worth it?

>> No.28484844

It’s fucking SkyNet.
Buy it.
That’s it.

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>> No.28484979

is staking really even worth it with a 30k poorfag stack?

>> No.28485137

You will make your stack much bigger by swinging it over the next few months of crabbing bullshit.

>> No.28485146

I wanted to kill myself when I tried to swing 50k and nearly lost it
Got back in just barely

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File: 2.44 MB, 2500x3000, mik.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

man im staking 3k stop asking and just stake it if youre just holding it better than nothing

>> No.28485264

swinging scares me too much as a poorfag
the idea of it mooning while i try swinging is too much for me to bear

>> No.28485542

How can I maximize my staking returns?
Locking for an entire year is painful

>> No.28485683
File: 3.07 MB, 1530x2400, mik1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lock it up as long as possible pussy there isn't any better option

>> No.28485766

i did some maths and if i stake for a year and this hits $1 ill be able to basically pay 6 months rent with my staking rewards if i get a cheap room with a roommate or something

shit this might be pretty comfy

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did you add the additional 4% apy from minting fusd?

>> No.28485990

no ive been triyng to figure out but im a newfag and cant figure out the defi wallet thing at alll

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File: 226 KB, 666x1280, IMG_20210202_040522_896.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Finally, someone who gets it. Schizo here, if you newfags wanna know why fantom is the most important crypto, I explain it a little bit here


>> No.28487365

based schizo
thanks to you i poured a ton of funds into this (to me) and went from 15k to now 45k.

>> No.28487413

wtf are you talking about schizo, FTM is a platform coin not a currency coin like BTC, take your meds buddeh.... (but i hope you are right about 200eoy)

>> No.28487471

im gonna be neet forever off staking rewards alone fuck the one off big payment

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