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ITT: We post the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto.

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he's british. only britbongs use gmx

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I HATE this FUCKING clown

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Because you're a jealous little stacklet. You're poor because you're not a world-changing genius. Is what is is, cowboy, better luck next time.

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Hal Finney

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I can never hate him after Tesla went down to $300 last 5 months ago

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This. Unironically. He's watching us from above with Terry.

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satoshi also "posted" about the london news in his btc tx

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Szabo or Back

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>Had the (inherited) money to make good looking electric cars in a time when the ugly-ass prius was the only electric car on the market

You Elon cock suckers truly are the worst people

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didn't have anything to do with PayPal either he's just a leech

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I'm Satoshi Nakamoto. But don't tell anyone.

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I really don't think that's the case because of all of the emails between him and satoshi that are available. Writing hundreds of fake emails to convince people you're not satoshi is too autismo even for crypto

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>Ground floor of paypal
>Ground floor of electric revolution
>Ground floor of space travel
>Ground floor of traffic control
>Ground floor of brain-computer interfaces

The only ground floor YOU'VE been on is with your knee pads you fucking faggot.

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Sergey Nazarov = SN = Satoshi Nakamoto.
There is many evidence, not even kidding.

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Nick Szabo also has the same initials but in reverse

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Satoshi is British. +1 for bongs

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And Japanese names are written with the surname first and given name second.

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Wasted quads on someone who sucks a silver spoon billionaire’s cock. Don’t forget to wipe your chin

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hes south african

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On the one hand Elon is a faggot who go lucky gambling on memes
On the other hand redditors seething at him makes me laugh

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I'm the one making money.

Good luck with your trans surgery, your knee pads will be paid off soon

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how could you even think he's British lol

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Everyone knows SN is Adam Back

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>le contrarian npc

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what's there to hate? his success?

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This, it makes sense the guy who made bitcoin is autistic enough to wear the same shirt every day for 3 years.
>be satoshi
>make bitcoin
>lose private keys because spilled bigmac sauce on laptop
>watch people get rich off your invention
>invent chainlink to scam autists
>realize autists will go for a highscore + an hero in minecraft on your fat ass before their bags go to zero
>make it work

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We’re all making money. It’s the GBR. Idolize yourself before idolizing another man

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>Attacking one of the best entrepreneurs in history
IdOlIzE UrSeLf AnoN

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I didn’t attack him. I think he’s smart, but I think jerking off to other people’s accomplishments is beta as fuck. See how others gain advantage and try to one up them.

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you have all been so naive

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>Make a lil bit a code for my CADD class
>Teacher-professor likes it
>I callt it "CWCoin" but dumb homo professor called it bitcoin

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So Hal Finney probably isn’t Sakamoto, right? But he definitely was in contact with him at the very least?

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It's so obvious

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Fucking kek

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> Who is Adam Back

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Wow you're schizo too? Take your meds before you actually cut your dick off

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You're all wrong. Satoshi Nakamoto is the CIA

"Satoshi" means intelligence.
"Nakamoto" means central.

Although someone said in yesterday's thread that it's Ari Juels? But why...

I've also heard that Satoshi's real identity is hidden somewhere in the SHA256 code or something... anyone know about this?

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he's my head canon anyway

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How does that make me a schizo?

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Satoshi Nakamoto is not one person. It’s many of us.

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>he thinks Satoshi isn't a beautiful empowered female

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>Jerking off to other's accomplishments
I was replying to another ANON that was attacking his accomplishments and you meander in with your mental illness and talk shit.
You are right the quads were wasted, they should be on this reply where I call you a fag.

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Are you ok? I’m the only one here responding to you.

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>satoshi is just one man

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have you not read the screwtape letters? he's either HF or the big Serge

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t. jeff bezos

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It's Adam Back and you have to be completely retarded to not see this.


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100% CIA but once again they fucked up big time. Just like with the chinese virus. Dumb fucking CIA.

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if it was the CIA you know damn well Ari was involved

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What the fuck are these [ redacted ] problems?

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You're responding but not understanding. You will never be a woman.

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I agree and it makes me sad. It kind of ruins the fairy tale image of Satoshi being this Chad who came in to save us from tyranny. This guy says a lot of incredibly stupid things if you follow him anywhere.

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>The first ever Bitcoin transaction was sent from "Satoshi Nakamoto" to Hal Finney

>Hal Finney lived three blocks away from a man literally born "Satoshi Nakamoto", a libertarian computer engineer who worked in classified military projects and finance

What's the fucking mystery? Satoshi Nakamoto is Satoshi Nakamoto. It's not a psuedonym. No one was trying to hide their identities during development, they literally used their real names, from Satoshi to Hal to Andreas.

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I don’t want to be. I want us all to be rich and for us to be able to set our children up to be billionaires like Elon’s parents did. That is all I’m saying.

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You will never figure it out because Satoshi is a roastie

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Based and clitpilled

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Millionaire parent's don't just create billionaire children. It takes work. You attacked me for defending his hard work and are now giving the credit to his parents. Which if anything should be given to the taxpayers that subsidized his companies.

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I think you would find it more likely that billionaires are born into high net worth families at a higher rate than lower networths. You are correct, rich parents don’t always make billionaires... but they make most of the billionaires that exist.

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To add to my point, if you asked Elon directly who he credits for his success, he would most likely mention his parents. Anyone who doesn’t acknowledge that the tools our parents provide us are what facilitates our success is a fool.

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Some examples

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Unironicaly Sergey. The prove is the most convincing of any argument made from anyone else.

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Sergey is definitely part of the coalition that is “Satoshi”.

Ari is as well.

Who else? Most probable, NSA / CIA

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Satoshi is definitely a woman.

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>Stop sucking his parent's silver spoon cocks. Don't forget to wipe your chin.

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I apologize. That was very harsh of me.

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quads of truth

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Honestly, when people were trying to figure it out, and journalists were bugging suspected SNs, the official “Satoshi Nakamoto” never tried to dissuade any of them

Except for one. He immediately (like before much anyone else would know he was being bothered) said “I am not Dorian Nakamoto”, which is as comical as him saying “I’m not Dorian, so stop ringing my doorbell. I mean Dorians doorbell. I mean uhhhhh who’s Dorian? Uh anyway I’m not Satoshi so stop bothering me. I mean Dorian. FUCK.”

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All good! I take back every bad word said.
I pray we all make it.

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Right under our nose all along

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What's his endgame?

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Sergey, Ari, likely a glow agency, Klaus Schwab has some part in this, and that's why Link is allowed to succeed. A project aiming to be the ground beneath everything we use daily? And delivering on promises? VRF is big enough in itself to be its own project. In this day and age that kind of project is controlled every step of the way

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szabo laid out the theory definitely. does it really matter who did the implementation?

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stay mad

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Teslas are so dumpy looking.
Lucid is a way classier design.

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back and szabo

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oh shit

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Weird nobody posted him yet.

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i'm too stupid. who is that and why is it funny

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back to r*ddit

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Paul le Roux

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Are you serious?
He wrote like a bong
He slept like a bong
He even coded like a bong
Bongs dragged the world kicking and screaming into the industrial age and they bongs will drag it again into the information age.
Pic related, Lord mogg, bong of all bongs.
He forecast cryptographically secure cyber currencies built on prime number division in the fucking 80s. His son is leader of the house.
Should be called bongcoin.

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>everyone is afraid to post satoshi's real identity

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ya i feel you don't let the pajeet iron man wannabees get you down

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I'm sorry guys, it was me all along

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fucking idiots
anyone with an iq over 100 already knows this

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Yeah, why would somebody who wishes to remain anonymous make it "obvious" what their nationality is when they could do the exact opposite and throw people off?

Truth is bitcoin was created by NSA glowies.