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>Hello, I'd like to swap a coin, please.
>No problem, that will just be 4000$ in gas fees + tip.
It's getting unbelievable at this point.

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Just wait for Cardano.

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Use L2 retard

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Don't worry Charles is going to put Uniswap on ADA.


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Hownto use L2 teach me senpai.

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Loopring sirs

not scam

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>wait for magical ETH 2.0
>wait for magical cardano
>wait for some new gay thing
crypto is garbage and we bought garbage. i just want to sell to a new garbageman

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Fees like this will be impossible on cardano because their network is way more scalable and able to handle more and more tps as the network grows

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LMAO at Cardano shills.
We all know this problem will be fixed, and is literally THE problem holding back the GBR.
Ah fuck why I am spoonfeeding. Spaz out retards. Maybe go buy some GME and ghostchains.

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>implying that soifellow will stop falconing long enough to code a line

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>room full of shit
naaa he ain’t

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there's no users on retardano

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lmao this cuck

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>wanted to swap 150$ worth of token
>thats just 162$ gas sir

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Retarded eth maxi.

>it will be fixed

V2 not out for several years at this point, you're admitting that not only is ETH killing the GBR but also that eth is functionally useless except as a holdover.

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>V2 not out for several years at this point
Are you retarded?

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Sounds a lot like Tron, except tron is actually already doing exactly everything to solve the prolems we have but no one wants to buy it because it's a shitcoin.

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>not only is ETH killing the GBR but also that eth is functionally useless except as a holdover
It's the only thing of fucking value, that brings value, that has applications, these shitty ETH killers are bringing no one to the space and so fucking far behind. Everything is on ETH. When the GBR happens it will be ETH. The tokens that moon will be on ETH.
Your streamer soiboy faggot chain are going to die. Deal with it.

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No, are you?

>V2 any day now

Kill yourself and take your pedo-god Vitalik with you.

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Ditch these shitcorns and buy ALGO

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AVAX is pumping to the moon unironically because people in the third world are abandoning eth. It's over, cocksucker. The people who buy shitcoins the most are pajeets and chinks and slavs who don't want to spend a lot on gas fees. Kill yourself.

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>pajeets and chinks and slavs
Sounds like a great group of investors to be in with, stupid faggot

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Friendly reminder.

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I have 1 ETH. Should I hold? If not would you put it in ADA or DOT?

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Use loopring for gas fees.

Problem solved.

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You will NEVER be ETH

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i've been telling fools to stack LRC for over a year, but no one wanted to listen...

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this. kek

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just spend $7000 to migrate your coins to a different chain with less functionality, then you won't need to pay gas fees and also can't do most transactions

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I've actually had sex with this woman. She lives in the North of England. Real nutcase, but she makes around 20k a year from onlyfans.

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Just 20k?

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I listened. Bought 500k.

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you'll be a millionaire soon if you arent already

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He also does her taxes. How do you think he managed to get laid?

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>has sex
okay larper

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>the group of people who get the most use out of the thing you're investing in.

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Why don’t you fags just trade with wETH to save gas? Fuckin poor morons

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I bet the pussy stank

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Lol with those prices the functionality is nearly the same brainlet. Kys contrarian fag.

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>sir, that will be $60
>$600? I don't have $6000, what kind of service is this?
you guys are a bunch of poorfags larping as rich if you cant afford $60 tx

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Explain to me like I am 5

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What is the GBR? The great bitcoin replacement?
>inb4 newfag
I've been here since 2015

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I don't get it, do gas fees just apply to shitcoins like BAO and DOGE?

I've been swapping ETH for other coins with coinbase without any fees.

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gas fees are for erc20 tx on a decentralized exchange
idea is you can trade without a paper trail, taxes

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Coinbase, like Kraken or Binance, only swap certain coins for their own small fees. Basically you're "in house" and will pay a fee to cash out to a wallet. Otherwise you're more or less just making them move tallies in their own ledger. Uni, or other swap services, are having to actually make a transaction with the entire network as stuff goes from one wallet to another.

Because wrapped tokens are cancer.