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3500 Stacklet of GRT here, how does I delegate? Explain like I'm even more retarded than I already am

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move grt to metamask
move to metamask to indexer
you will need eth to move from metamask to indexer

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Can you delegate through coinbase wallet? I don't trust metamask.

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That is what I am waiting for too anon I do not trust MM and Coinbase was an early investor in GRT so I hope they allow delegation this year

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It will cost you 400 GRT in ETH fees.

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Im curious, what is the opinion on the token emission of this project? Doesn't the drastic increase of the token supply that will take place this year negate any increase in the price at least in the short and medium run?

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You the MVP

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you pay the ETH fees in GRT instead of ETH?
what the fuck

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>i don't trust metamask
>i trust coinbase

hurr durr

to this anon's point, wait til a low gas price before you delegate. it'll make it so it doesnt take so long to recoup your costs

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