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Come on in and discuss Litecoin with fellow holders and/or skeptics of Litecoin. How many do you have? What are your price predictions for 2021?

What is Litecoin?
>Ancient boomer coin made in 2011, almost identical to Bitcoin in development.
>Widely accepted and mainstream, has some institutionl interest.

Litecoin news:
> https://finance.yahoo.com/news/litecoin-hits-3-high-prices-125739999.html
> https://www.nasdaq.com/articles/the-party-may-just-be-starting-for-litecoin-2021-01-15

>inb4 "Bitcoin silver"

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Bumping because I put some effort into making this thread.

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I proudly hold 5.

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Buying 50k soon no mooning yet pls

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5 hodler here. Bought at 170 and ready for liftoff.

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No regrets. To the moon.

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Well, if the price hits 10,000 in 2025 that'll be a solid investment for you.

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What’s a decent EOY target? Even if it hits ATH and you buy now, your money is probably better spent in ETH. Also I’m a 21 LTC stacklet

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Better get in quick anon, it's forming a cup and handle. Breakout is imminent in

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.02 - .04 ltc/btc ratio start slowly cashing out to btc hodling

So at 50k btc we're looking for 1k to 2k

At 100k 2k to 4k etc etc. That's my strategy anyway.

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I think LTC will be a good store of value once BTC hits over 100K for institutions or Third world countries since is pegged to Bitcoin

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I honestly don't count on it. I simply want a semi-safe investment after gambling some of my money away on shitcoins, so that I can put my profits into BTC.

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You guys need to be thinking bigger. institutions are currently buying up crypto, but not the million-and-one shitcoins that exist, regardless of how good those are fundamentally. They are boomers so they will buy things like BTC, LTC, ETH. Normies are also waking up to crypto but they are too stupid to use things like Whatever-The-Fuck-Swap. They're pumping prices with apps like Robinhood. When normies finally start realizing that non-doge crypto exists, they'll immediately choose the "safe" investments that are within their price range, and Litecoin checks that box.

With mastercard soon accepting probably these main 3 coins, expect a breakout unlike patterns we have seen before.

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I have a little over 100
I think it will easily hit 1k per coin this cycle
massively undervalued right now

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I hope you're right, I actually plan accumulating more.

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Anyone got the blackrock crypto portfolio for future shilling purpose.
I think LTC will roll out this way, still a week of crabbing and following btc until some news hit and we go parabolic. Latest 2 weeks from now so plenty of time to accumulate.

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crashing hard by next week

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I agree with you. I don't plan on selling my entire stack either. I always hold 25-50% of the original. It's just my current plan for stacking sats. Ltc will blow up but ultimately I want the most BTC I can get.

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I think it will too. I'm expecting that doge will have caused a mass-education of normies into crypto, which is funny since the original purpose of the doge joke was to educate people. I have like 3-4 friends who all bought doge and through the rises and dips of it they're actually learning. The difference between now and 2017 is that Gen Z is now old enough to get into investing, and they're less skeptical than Millenials about new technology because they don't remember a time in their (adult) lives when crypto didn't exist.Still, pyramid schemes and scams are falling out of fashion, so shitcoins, past probably doge, won't be as desirable to them. Litecoin and Ethereum are looking good to me.

Welcome to my thread fudder. Explain your stance?

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just like i said, crashing hard by next week and doesnt get discussed on /biz/ ever again

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W-will I make it with 44 litecoin?

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Why do you think it will do that anon? You must have some reason, unless you just want it to dip so you'll be able to buy in under $170. Sadly... I worry you may have missed your shot.

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This shit was made as a scam and people still buy it although it only changed like 1 line of code from the original bitcoin code that that time lmao

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bitcoin hits 50k and LTC will hit 1k no problem.

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It has been dead every year since it was created right? Kek.

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yeh mang we better buy next eth killer lmao

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Holy shit I remember all those coins.

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I use LTC to make international transfers, I seriously hope it never catches on with the fucking HODL crew.

It's actually useful as a fucking currency and means to avoid traditional banks.

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Yes, and now notice WHICH two coins are still top 2, 9 years later.

I mean bitcoin seems to be doing pretty well so the fact that they're identical and completely tied in terms of pattern is alright with me.

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>unless you just want it to dip so you'll be able to buy in under $170
good god i have seen so many responses of this kind everytime a new PnD coin shows up here,its like people here are programmed like NPC's for when specific events happen

also the truth is,I have been studying behaviors of several large crypto forums to figure out when it's the best to buy based on certain behaviors of these people

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so buy more than you need for your purposes, hold for a couple years, then you can do the same transactions for less USD

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I'm holding 40, i've been putting a few hundred from each paycheck into ltc for about six months now. Also have been doing some smaller cap trades with other funds to gain litoshis. Should be at 100 ltc within a month, then I think I can ease up a bit. Am I gonna make it?

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Peercoin, namecoin, terracoin, devcoin, novacoin, might as well call them Rubic, Avax, Iota and Everest.
Do you mean my response? Litecoin isn't a ~new PnD~ coin that requires a pajeet shill team.

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Why would I do that. I already hold BTC, ETH and all the rest of the meme crypto that has no useful application other than ripping off clueless normies.

The increase in price of all of them is correlated, so it's pointless which one to hold.

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I know I have to be patient with LTC and I'm fine with these dips since I bought at $160 but fucking hell is it painful see BTC break 47k while LTC flounders around the $180s. A spike like what we saw on Tuesday sometime this or next week would restore my confidence completely at least.

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I may continue making generals and memes. We are undervalued liteknights.

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Goddamn, flipping from BTC to LTC now is the easiest free sats you'll ever make. Feeling fucking comfy af

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Do you mean Grayscale? Blackrock has said they're in BTC as of now.

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Forgot the chart

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litecoin being adopted by paypal and mastercard will moon this so hard once their platforms release

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I can't wait to wrap this shit in FLR and get me some free spark tokens.

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This isn't current. Grayscale as of today is now holding 1.37M LTC and has acquired 36.9k in the last 24 hours.


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MC said they're accepting it in September, but if they announce what cryptos are in, LTC is a guarantee, it'd be huge.

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Mimblewimble will be huge in March and litecoin historically outperforms BTC during bull runs. This one should be no different

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Fuck, wish I can just fast forward to March to see where it goes instead of enduring these unbearable crabbing sessions.

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yeah sorry grayscale , thanks

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either this or flare snapshot, it doesn't even matter what the catalyst will be
in 2-4 weeks we moon

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so what makes litecoin better than link?

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It is already priced in, mybro

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"better" is a problem here. LTC is a worthwhile diversification. Link is your Oracle, ETH is you contract, LTC is the actual currency you want to move. LTC is designed to be a currency with fast speed and low TX fees. The 4 big coins to hold right now are ETH, LINK, GRT, and [PICK 1].

The last coin to hold is one of LTC/XMR/XRP/XLM/ALGO. All of these five coins serve a purpose of facilitating trade effectively. LTC is getting MimbleWimble and compatibility in FLR (privicy and DeFi).

XMR is is the privacy coin. XRP is the schizo standard. XLM is the internet coin. ALGO is the APR coin. All in all I hold LTC, XRP, XLM, and GRT (I liquidated my ETH for GRT and holy fuck that was a good choice).