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These are the true coins of the NWO. Confirmed by synchronicity. Accumulate ALBT, LINK, GRT, AMPL if you don't fancy the taste of bugs.

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Lol nice try, the coin is literally called "ID" you dumbass

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everest is scam coin sirs do not be doing the buying
let me buy it for you and take it off your hands sirs trust me i have poo poo hands already

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Find me the connection between ID and ID2020 faggot

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I bought Everest at 30 and sold at 70. you will continue to lose money if you hold

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I swear you are clinically retarded and cannot do a simple web search https://id2020.org/projects#programs

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no link

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You either did not open the link, or you have nonexistent reading comprehension

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this is all i have to prove. i wont be wasting time fighting with fudders
good luck

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There's no link on the ID2020 site to your shitcoin. Anyone could have made a coin with the name Everest

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was just on a zoom call with the former estonian president, he told me to say OP is a faggot

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Oh back to this braindead fud from yesterday, go to their telegram or subreddit to find the IPO on kyber, then compare the coin on there to the one offered on Uni, its the same thing with the same addresses. Anons already figured this out yesterday.

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op absolutely btfo

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Written by id2020 and links back to everest.org
Sorry sweaty but I'm not selling into your fud campaign

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Bump because I know you're gonna let this thread slide since I proved you wrong.

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This doesn't prove anything

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fake website

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This doesn't disprove anything
OP is a faggot confirmed

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>Hurrrrr durrrrrrr, this doesnt prove anything because I said so
How did you manage to even type in this reply?

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Oh my god hahahaha I'm gonna be rich aren't I? That's the best you got hahahah that it's a fake website? Who do you expect to fool lmaoooo

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What about this you braindead retarded fucking niggers?

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I’m not going to bother arguing with a paid shill. Your pnd is already over

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Implying you're not likely a paid fudder kek

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bumpppp so OP's shame gets prolonged

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Kek bump

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nice "trade" sir I will be doing the selling at $3 and you will cry tears of stinky poo

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>someone finally put a star of david on chainlink

I didn't want to do it and wreck Linkies' bags but it was a long time coming

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Next aave

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Thats the point dood. Jupiter and shit.

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Best of luck to you

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big AMA tomorrow and then giga pump the whole weekend when we trend on normiegecko, you've been warned

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Guys I lost my last ETH buying this shit. I fucking fell for the scam and lost it all I want to kill myseld I bought at .90c yesterday.

How do I not fall for scams while not missing out? Why do I always pick the absolute worst shit but ignore the ones that pump hundreds of %? I was even here warning others this was shady but I couldnt help myself and threw the last of my money into it I cant live like this any longer

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>Guys I lost my last ETH buying this shit. I fucking fell for the scam and lost it all I want to kill myseld I bought at .90c yesterday

you didnt lose anything fren, unless you have paperhands and sell right now

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Its fucking down 40% fuck your "paperhands" bullshit you sound like gme bagholders that held from 400 to $45 just shut the fuck up scammer fag

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