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My family has money on AVAX we really can't afford to lose . Please tell me WGMI

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imagine giving your money to turkish scammers. nice trips but sorry anon.

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is your avax staked?

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$10000 EOY

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Checked trips. WAGMI

Source: have 50 AVAX Staked until August

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I bought the dip

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No. It's in binance and we started a transfer to our avax wallet right when everything went to shit. There's a TX id but it's not on avax explorer. I'm scared.

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maybe tx got cancld and they show up at binance again.

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Update on turkish telegram, google translation from CEO

Greetings to everyone,

On the evening of the Avalanche network, Pangolin congestion triggered a bug. Because of this bug, a great slowdown started in the net. The bug's impact is limited: the funds are intact, it is impossible for anyone to lose their AVAX or other digital assets. We are currently working on a patch, we will ask friends who set up a node when it comes to, let them deploy the patch, restore the network speed. No need for excitement or panic, Bitcoin and almost every other system have experienced similar problems in similar growth phases, we are about to circumvent ours. "How can Avalanche be better in every way, nothing bad?" The answer I gave to them was always "The biggest disadvantage of Avalanche is that the code is new". I believe we will pass these stages with your support, and as a result, Avalanche will be even stronger.

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ty fren

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Filthy gutterspeak roaches making excuses. Time to short this turd.

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Fuck me fuck me fuck me. I'm gonna lose everything. My wife, my car, my house, my golden retriever. All gone for trusting a turk. JUST.

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Checked. Based AVAX

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>CEO so retarded he can’t write coherent English longer than a sentence

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This is a google translation retard. The original message is in Turkish, can't you read?

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Strange that he releases an update in Turkish, not English, like non-Turk members of the AVAX community are irrelevant.

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what CEO can not write in english but only in roachspeak?

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the stack option is gone, the export will be there right frens?

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No idiot, he’s too retarded to write in English so he has to speak jibber jabber dirt language in the roach nest until one of them figures out how copy paste into Google translate

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Just hold anon, wont regret

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>>28429555 Calm down u anon, everything it's fine u are not lossing

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look at diluted marketcap anon, I'm sorry your family was scammed...

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all funds are back in the wallet lmao

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To be fair, non-Turkics aren't really human so...

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based nationalist

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Why did I put all my avax in metamask WHY