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>gf made me sell my 1 btc held since $400 so that we could build a luxury doghouse for her 2 pitbulls

I don't feel so good watching the price go up like this

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>for her 2 pitbulls

Are you one of them? Because you sound like a bitch.

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>gf made me
Confirmed faggot and LARP.

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>letting your gf make any financial decisions

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never talk to me or my wife's son ever again

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seriously? did this actually happen to you. dont let woman make financial decisions ever

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Way to treat your pit mommy right :)

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AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Get out anon or just kys. 1. never tell anyone about your gains. 2. If a girl says she's a "pitbull mama" it means she already getting railed by tyrone down the street.

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this better be bait

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>gf made me sell my stack to buy a solid gold cock cage to wear while she fucks Jamal
Am I still gonna make it bros?

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If it’s any consolation that luxury dog house is the closest thing to real estate you’ll ever own

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>my gf

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>gf made me
If this isn’t a bait larp you should kill the shitbulls then kys immediately

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I'm 90% sure most losers here would sell the majority of their portfolio to please some girl if there was even a small chance they'd get laid

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This is a decent larp atleast. If somehow real buy $ROPE

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I enjoy seeing pitbulls get killed

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lol a little too much to be believable

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>she fucks
Still can't get over how feminist actually managed to make "fuck" an active verb for women, too. Back in the day, it were men fucking women, and women were getting fucked (in the passive voice). I mean, can you imagine Jamal pounding his girlfriend while he (Jamal) screams "Oh yeah, fuck me harder"? Even if she rode him, it would be ridiculous. But maybe I'm just old. Maybe that's what already happens in porn and the young men who were raised in a feminized society don't see anything wrong with it.

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>her 2 pitbulls
How does it feel to taste dog cum every time you kiss her?

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you overestimate our intelligence
had the perfect gf while being poor
started to trade crypto to give her a good life
got too obsessed with it
became impossible to live with
millionaire now, and perfect gf went away to fuck randos half my age and twice my age

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That's called being functionally autistic. I'm a literal retard who's been buying crypto for 8 years now. I don't know what a blockchain is and I've never read a whitepaper

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fuckin gotteeem

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>things that never happened

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who cares

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>pitbull gf

dude you gotta get out now

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shes fucking the dogs

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Be thankful your girlfriend's boyfriend didn't make you sell it sooner... I'm ashamed anon

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larp aside, is there a worse pet to have?

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I've found that liking pitbulls is the surest sign of absolute mental degeneracy there is. The men who do are all low IQ losers. The women who do are all trashy and/or BPD.

No exceptions.

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>t. has only ever been with starfish

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Holy basedamoli. Its okay anon, the whole whitepaper and "future potential/ good project" thing is a meme. It doesnt really matter what the crypto does, it probably wont ever actually be useful. Its only use is to make money.

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>$45,000 luxury dog

You mean a mother in law suite for Jerome and Tyrone to live in?

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i'll take one for "things that never happened", Alex?

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poison the dogs and make your bitch sleep outside

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If not larp, how many bitcoin do you own?

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Holy shit you are on another level

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Men are wired to produce resources
Women are wired to consume resources

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This was my only coin.

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>voluntarily spending time with a pit mommy at all
I'm very sorry OP but not making it is a biological fact of your life. You are unable to make it on a genetic level.
If you wish to improve the human race, you should secretly film her having sex with the dogs in the luxury doghouse (she definitely does this), use the video to ruin her life, then leave and become a monk at a monastery that makes expensive alcohol. They will only give you menial tasks because you aren't very smart, but it's honest work

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those pitbulls are going to get you in a lot of trouble
they are the nigger breed for a resaon

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