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Not feeling so good when this crap literally does nothing while every other coin is bumping in some way around. Is there any good news coming in near future or should I just sell all my PRQs and buy GRT?

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You should have sold a month ago lol
PRQ is a wallet with webhooks. You are still holding this shit? ngmi

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The chart is extremely bullish. This is a coiled spring about to take off. Patience

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wtf you made it move?!!

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I've been hearing this shit for two weeks now, and I just know the moment I give in and sell my position it'll finally come true and I'll experience a powerful bogging

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With every news it pumps a little and then dumps even harder.
I should've bought GRT instead

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You realize this coin is not listed in any major exchange yet? This is just the beginning.

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I'm sorry to hear that anon. But I can't help to smile seeing you PRQueers BTFO'd by GRT because you all acted like niggers to us GRT holders months ago.

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>to us GRT holders
>posts memes made to trick grt holders

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This shit is up 100% in a month and people are bitching it isn't moving. The chart is very bullish. We are getting ready for another run.

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It’s got SOLID support, it really is only up from here, just need some good news and the whales to neck themselves and we will moon

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*toilet flushes*

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You said the same thing three weeks ago
It pumps to 1.3 to give you faggots some hope, then drops back down to 1.1

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Grt holders attacked us first and more.

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yes sell all your prq and buy GRT right now. post screenshots too.

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I own both. I am up a bunch on both. PRQ will have another run very soon.

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I think it’s crabbing because i bought, everything i buy seems to crab

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Parshit is dead anon.

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Time to see
Lol you're in sunk cost fallacy if you hold this shit.

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We just need a proper exchange. It's such a pain in the ass for me as a WA resident to get.
>Cuckbase buy ETH > Wait for bank to clear days later > uniswap > outrageous gas fees > I have my parsnips

If they can get on binance we'll see some action, otherwise faggot whales will just throttle us. But they have a lot in the pipeline so I'm not worried. Shame we're missing some gains though

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It’s actually impressive to see how some faggot HAS to mention grt in every single prq thread.
Is it jealousy? I don’t get it

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Coinmetro is a pretty good exchange, other than the annoying "insufficient liquidity in the book" shit

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>holding since 40 cents
I am going to buy rope with all this prq profit I have

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don't listen to this retard. in a bull run, don't overthink it. just buy, hold, and accumulate on the dips.

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This is why everyone is frustrated nigger, literally every other coin has gone 2 or 3x at least since PRQ hit ath last month and has done nothing but crab gradually downwards since

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Then fuck off, impatient faggot. PRQ will not moon in 1-2 months from now.

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I sold all of it and already doubled. Bought the same amount and now have more.

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I'm certainly considering selling a large chunk of my position so I can actually make money with that, maybe I'll buy back after this bullrun is over when Parshit is still sitting at a dollar in value

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Should have bought GRT

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it's not about the money.
if you buy coins to make money you're doing it wrong.

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It's all about making money faggot.
Enjoy destitution.

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Delusion, if you're in alts and you aren't using the product (you aren't), then what you're engaging in is speculation
Stop kidding yourself

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People don't understand how powerful Parsiq is going to be.
It isn't JUST a wallet.
It's a time machine.
Imagine you lose your debit card- your wallet can't do much to help you now. Your wallet only works in the present, and it only has tiny pouches to hold your cards and cash.
Enter the Ncase wallet. Genuine Estonian leather. It has pouches, sure, but as well it has a zipper to lock things up tight- I've seen some of the early test data and the zipper runs VERY smooth.
But if that fails? Your wallet can simply go BACK in time to when you still had your debit card, then return to the present, this is one of the most elegant security systems ever developed.
I think once this goes live I'll take my wallet back to December 2020 and buy even more Parsiq, once I have my full 100k stack the PRQ network will smart trigger my time wallet to bring me back with little to no damage to the timeline.
Oh what's that? You bought the "google" of blockchain? Kek. I'll take my Ncase wallet and see you losers later.. or perhaps even, before.

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What makes Kevin Murcko such a vile and disgusting scum bag is not just that he is scamming the hard working people of this board out of their money but the fact that he is doing it in an utterly sadistic way. Unlike the average rug pull this is a bit more advanced to fuel his ridiculous ego. You see, typically a rug pull is quick, everyone buys in and BAM they take the money and run but this sick fuck Murcko has taken it to another level. After securing millions in the ICO he and his team of low lifes began working to deliver a functioning product instead of just taking off with the cash right away, this acts as a honeypot to bring in more and more clueless fools who will spend their money and even go so far as to USE this EXCHANGE. To cover their bases they've even been providing customer support with staff responding within MINUTES all to create the illusion of a real cryptocurrency exchange. But they haven't fooled me, because I know where this long con is headed. Now that the price of XCM is up and volumes are increasing on this fucking scam exchange Murcko has even brought on some big angel investors aka IDIOTS who he is TRICKING into increasing liquidity on his scam exchange. Once this happens, well, the scam is all but complete. According to Coinmetro's SCAM roadmap they will continue to grow and allow people to deposit and withdraw crypto assets with minimal fees while Kevin The SCAM Murcko lives off the money he makes from this prosperous and profitable community. A classic fucking scam and he honestly almost got away with it.

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yeah i know just fucking around lol
just sold all my prq, fuck this stablecoin

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good now the price can finally go up

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i can't believe this accelerated so quickly

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I think I’m gonna cut my suicide stack in half and move on. There will probably be an atrocious crash in the near future and I really need some growth, not a fucking stablecoin WALLET
>t. Bought last summer

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Hahahaha how the turns table. You prqfags were clowning on the graph during the prq run. WELL WHOS LAUGHING NOW. KEK

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Aren't we supposed to get Solana, IQProtocol and potentially Binance announcements all within a month or so?
I don't even know anymore, it's all a blur

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no, it’s just a wallet