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>Fantom Finance

>Trading Information


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summoning this glorious fag to neck himself. also $1 EOQ1

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wrong pic, meant this huge faggot. phonepostin

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All you had to do was to fomo in Fantom

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UMMM it’s going to at least $0.36 today

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avax refugee reporting in

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I tethered avax

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Reminder that this is not the pump we're waiting for. The main pump will occur in three-four months, after ACCI pilot program has been completed.

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Coinbase is that coming any time soon?

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All pumps matter. I dont mind stacking my pocket 2x from FTM

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Clergyman reporting in. The prophecies reveal that this is our time.

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fantom chads - is anyone staking with the hyper blocks pool? Did I get rugged again?

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Prince reporting in

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>holding ftm and mooning stonks

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Fellow clergyman, are we gonna make it?

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I don’t think so but we’ll have a big stack. Maybe if you hold for a really long time and all the stars align

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Is it too late to come ?
You will not like it, but I used to swing a lot with this.
Is it a take over ? Or just as usual ?

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I got another theme for us. Fantom. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNUegtJ-W5I

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Haha that was the fag thinking OGN was going to pump non stop

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It pumped again

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FTM is a long term hold, as you probably know, I wouldn't dismiss this as another little pump and crab-like pattern for weeks
Holding this shit for two years desensitized me

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I bet a lot of fuckers gonna sell at 20c

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someone answer my question fuckin reeeeeeee

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I think a little higher like 27

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mid level clergy here. all we can do is hope. if asia and the middle east start picking this up then yes. seoul and dubai both have contracts (even if small) and afghanistan has an entire gov wide contract. if the dominos fall then we will at least be better off.

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I’m staking on it and don’t see any issue so don’t know what to say anon

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I just checked, I'm on hyperblocks 2 because when I tried to do hyperblocks two days ago it said there wasn't enough left to delegate, so I chose 2. no issues with two. i assume whatever i ran into with 1 affected you, although I don't know what it means.

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It's dumping hard

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weird. I couldn't claim rewards for two days... kept getting an error. Just tried again and it went through... thanks anon

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Officially in 6 figure hell if we hold 18c. I dont say this enough here but FantomChads... WGMI

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You had 2 years

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How to get six figures

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is it over?

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We will make it according to our station in the hierarchy; humble but comfy.

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Still on the uptrend. Very slowly though.

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I just reached 5 figures today

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congrats anon. you'll be joining us in six figure hell soon

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i just hit 5 figures with a mix of crypto of stocks

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Can't drop any truth bombs today, sorry guys. Too busy bullying avaxfags.

>tfw you got to see avax die live

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Yes now back to 0.12

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DCA a 500k stack at .02 - .03 range and stake.

Also swing through Funi to increase FTM stack

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check'd & kek'd

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congrats anon

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can you explain that to a brainlet? i cant figure out their wallet

should i be unstaked to do this?

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On our way brothers

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jesus christ it's like 8 hours still to get back my AVAX stack I was staking on Binance

please tell me it's gonna be okay Fantombros...

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quick rundown on what happened with AVAX? cant get your stakeables out or something?

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There's bound to be a correction, but how deep? Dunno.

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I don't have any avax but I think it'll be alright if alt season keeps goin but it might take a while to recover

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You are not prepared

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no I think 24 hours it's the Binance standard for redeeming the locked staking coins early

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I don't know... token unlock soon, avax holders will get diluted hard

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buy what ever stack you can afford, realise you will need to pay a 100FTM fee to withdraw from exchange to the PWA Wallet. if you bought on binance, send from BEP2 chain to the BEP2 address in wallet, if from hotbit or kucoin send from ERC20 chain to ERC20 address in wallet.

Once funds are in wallet, go to staking, add delegation, pick a node (Connors node or gofantom are the largest and probably safest) delegation stack and set time period for delegation. Once delegated, mint sftm in the Defi tab, use minted sftm to mint fusd. make sure to keep your C ratio above 500% to keep rewards. then swing fusd through the funi. buy wftm before a pump, sell wftm for fusd when top of pump. goal is to buy back the amount of fusd you minted, and keep the excess wftm. Goodluck

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what if this is a scam coin?

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I did not know that. I can't keep up with all the L1s. I leg out at 2x+ while btc is flat.

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My stack went from sub 2k$ to over 20k$. If that's a scam, then please SCAM ME HARDER!

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who cares coinbase moon

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Ir this is a scam, then I love to be scammed

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god damn it im such a retard if i just waited a week or two later to buy instead of fomoing in id be so much richer now

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my fanties are stuck in MEW. how bad are gas fees to get them out? Any tips? fucked up sending my kucoin fanties over. been too nervous to send them to the wallet. spoke with james at the team awhile ago. gas fees were too high awhile ago but really need to stake those 140,000 fantoms. super worried about sending them out but need to bite the bullet.

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keep acoomulating anon. patience pays off.

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youre retarded, thats absolutely a fantom holder, and probably a big one at that

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why is it dumping

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i dont like buying above 10c. i saw it at .015 and almost bought some more but i was just really fucking lazy and i thought it was gonna crab for months still

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there's dozens of whales who hold millions, why do you think
it's a long road ahead

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its up 30% in 24hours

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fuck, could've made $1500 with my minted fUSD today

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i know that feel anon. keep an eye on the price but we'd need a market correct for sub .1 imo

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healthy correction

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how do you figure out how this shit works

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Artisan from europoor cuntry reporting in.

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I don't know, there's no chart

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So all that stands in our way now is Cardano, right?

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with a 140,000 stack you average around 60 FTM a day staking, plus 6% through fusd minted. I would bite the bullet and get them in there. youll make back the fees in a few weeks easy

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yeah i agree

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I'm tryna go hard in the fantom
Hit Sunset Boulevard in the fantom
I'm talking 6-7 broads in the fantom
Yeah coming out their bra's in the fantom
I got a bottle of Cristal in the fantom
I'm waving my black card in the fantom
Niggas lookin real hard at the fantom
Cause tune make a beat go hard in the fantom
Shit what if it was y'all in the fantom
You probably just hit the mall in the fantom
But not me I'm a ball in the fantom
Yeah, Kobe, Gasol in the fantom
Plus I'm 6'5 sittin tall in the fantom
Dre lookin for me tell him call in the fantom
I'm a boss in the fantom
Rick Ross in the fantom

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Dumping upwards

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Shill me fantom right now anons. Or you're a gorilla nigger.

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It's dumping

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Nice going retard

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if you need shilling on this you're ngmi

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Pathetic Retard You dont deserve Fantom if you can not read

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Seething Vaxies have nothing to do but fud other threads while they watch their investment melt away.

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>tfw only own 500 FTM

will it be worth $1k one day?

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FTM will be worth 1k, yes, when, no one knows.

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How does 5 dollars feel?

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that sounds impossible lol people here would have like 200 million dollars if they held it forever

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remember the digits

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Can’t stop the rise! 20c today!

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Let's do some maffs
Ethereum is currently 486 times bigger mcap than Fantom. So if FTM got to where ETH is NOW it would be worth 82 dollars a FTM. We are just now seeing crypto take off really. So maybe in five years if FTM does well, especially cornering the asian market as it seems like its goal, you could see 300+ a FTM
Maybe by 2030 if FTM is a contender you'd see 1000 a FTM.

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>already dumping back
Piece of SHIT

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When should I buy this?

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Becker is going to make it crash!

Fuck you Becker!

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Again, FTM will be 1000, but when is the question for all you whales.

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Stop dumping ADA Becker, just let it break 1$

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