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What should I tell her /biz/ (if I match with her)?

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Sage virgin

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Tell her you buy high and sell low, so she knows right off the bat that she meets your high standards but will dump her immediately once she starts getting fat, old, and ugly

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shorting women over 16 is a fool proof way to make it

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ayy bby u wan sum fuk

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ask her if she invests in ligma

>"hey sexy, do you invest in ligma?"
>"what's ligma?"
>"ligma nuts"

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lmao our entire infrastructure is about to crash isn't it. 2021 off to a great start

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Tell her to buy Graph before it’s too late

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>tell her about hedgies backed by the federal reserve and how fiat backed stocks are worthless compared with POW, POS and trustless crypto
>tell her about $SLV and $PSLV against the valuation and scarcity of gold
>tell her to buy $AMC, $NOK and $BB

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tell her stocks are rigged and for chumps, buy crypto instead

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Tell her to buy Reef

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Tell her you’re going to teach her a out the classic pump and dump

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Something like this

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kek, not even matched. "i'll tell you about the stock market if i get a free sub to your only fans account."

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she fat and probably stinks as well, why would you want to match with her?

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