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GRT and ADA chads, how are you feeling right now?

already made it to 5 figure hell and I only invested in 5k and started 2 weeks ago

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I sold lol

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Thats cute

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Yeah I hold GRT and ADA IDK what to say man. I am buying a Lambo.
Likely neither of them are done. ADA especially is going to potentially become the #2 crypto in the world and unseat ETH as the main DeFi network.

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well done, 50% gain is nice for 2 weeks

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>sold GRT at $2

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Dude GRT is +85% in the last 24 hours.
ADA. IDK even. ADA has been such a rocketship since I bought it. I dunno how many times I've Xed my money even. And I still only bought it fairly recently. I wasn't even one of the earlier dudes to the party.
It's still the beginning. That is the crazy thing. ADA is gonna be a revolution in crypto because ETH is sucking so hard with gas prices.

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good for you brother

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SODL'ers ngmi

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im about to FOMO and buy ADA at the top rn, what ya reckon

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Sure anon I will sell you on why buying ADA right now is still a good idea.
You are nowhere near the top.
They are rolling out support for smart contracts this March. When that happens, in conjunction with the sucking ETH gas prices, I think you're going to see a real revolution in how DeFi is conducted.

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>Sure anon I will sell you on why buying ADA right now is still a good idea.
Well, I tried to sell you anyway. I did my best. I really think it's just the beginning, though.

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I bought avax top yesterday
luckily my grt gains more than recovered the loss on avax
dont buy into pumps

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Ready to buy the rope now? Lmao

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OH one more important point on ADA over ETH. So ETH is rolling out ETH 2.0, we all know that, but their timeframe is over the course of literal years. Think of that in this space where DeFi is growing so fast and the demand skyrocketing. And that is assuming they keep their own calendar, which the Ethereum project is known for endless delays and pushbacks.

So it might be 5 fucking years until 2.0 is rolled out. And then once it's rolled out? For all we know it might not fix anything OR have other problems.

Cardano is a platform that was built to avoid all of the mistakes ETH did. So why wouldn't I buy ADA? That is my logic. I'm in on ADA. I'm not "all in" I've never put all my money in on one coin but I guess if I was gonna it would have to be ADA.

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GRT covered my inital losses as I stumbled around blindly and i've even made a profit, bought 550 GRT at 1.2. If I can turn 2.7k into a decent 5 figures over the next 4 years i'll be happy

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Just wait a few months once you get the hang of this shit. You'll be like "IF I DONT 10X THIS MONTH IM A FAILURE AND MY COINS ARE SHIT!"
Unless there is a crash. Which I don't think there will be. Bubble-anons generally don't understand what's happening with the growth of DeFi. I predict a bull market through the end of 2021 but you never know for certain.

Just remember to take profits periodically and you will be fine.

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bot gonna lie, im close i need to do my own research a little to understand what im getting into

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>Just remember to take profits periodically and you will be fine.
at what point of gains do I do this?

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Same here OP, started two weeks ago. Almost in 5 figures now

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I made a sales pitch to you anon. Lol. That's all it is. You shouldn't make any investments based on what some asshole on the internet says to you. Obviously I am holding Cardano and have a vested interest in seeing other people invest in it.

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what do you mean take profits periodically by the way?

like take profits once a month/3months or something?

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That's up to you. By the way, I'm not a financial advisor. Might as well tag >>28418368 too. I'm just a retard on the internet who is invested in Cardano so don't listen to me.

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Literally kicking myself for not investing more in altcoins when I had the chance. Made a lot of money but I could've secured my retirement if I just wasn't a fuckin' pussy.

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>I'm not a financial advisor.

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I'm still undecided about where to buy this coin. I don't really care about the current pump. I want to hold long term. In fact, I would prefer it if it dropped in price a little.

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if you're holding long-term, price wont matter. Better to buy at $1 than 100

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Can AlgoChads enter this thread?

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hope you only took profits on a part of the position

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>immediately corrected

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I just mean that if you NEVER take your profits, right? Like you NEVER take any profits from whaat you've earned, then you run the risk of the whole market crashing and all of the work and time you put in can be lost. This happened to a lot of people in 2018. I feel very, very, very strongly that there is no crash coming. Anons who warn about crashes seem to not understand the technology we are dealing with or how the demand has grown for it. Plus they call it a "speculative bubble" when IRL every financial institution and news publication on the planet is trying to scare customers off of buying crypto. So it's like the opposite of a speculative bubble. It's all undervalued.

But that said, you never know. Everything could come crashing down at any moment and you could be left holding the bag. That is the shitty side of investing. Everyone you invest with is sort of oppositional to you and when they cash out you will lose money.

By the way, I'm not a financial advisor.

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Yes you can. I didnt get into ALGO but its also a comfy coin to hold from researching it myself

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I have kind of a big long position on ADA, so yes please buy it kek.

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Thread theme: https://youtu.be/8DyziWtkfBw

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Sold my initial investment and left my 125% profit in GRT. Am i a retard?

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I literally put my last $700 dollars I had into 50% ADA and 50% GRT.

Might be the best decision in my life.

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also fucking doge has become another boring coin so I may move some of it to either grt OR algo or ampl. dunno.

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Why yes, as a matter of fact, I have used the Reddit platform. How could you tell?
Seriously, that anon basically signaled that he is new to all of this. So he likely doesn't understand the nature of it and how people are gonna try to take advantage of him on here. And to some small degree I was trying to take advantage of him by shilling him Cardano (even though I really believe in the tech and the platform) so I dunno I just figured I'd help a nigga out and try to explain it to him. Chill out.

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Bought a 10k stack of GRT at .55 and .75 Feels great. The only person I discuss my finances with is my father and he told me he's proud of me for learning how to invest wisely. So comfy.

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In that case, this is the comfiest thread up right now.

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there is no such thing as "5 figure hell" OP it's just called "poor"

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>invest wisely
>in magic internet money

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Sure, but I have security concerns. I want to own and stake my Ada. I don't want it trapped in an exchange.

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I wish I had a father.

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Same brother. I put my last 300 bucks in. Up to 800

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I'll sell you mine for 1 BTC

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all money is a magic imaginary concept of value.

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Well I didn't exactly tell him how easy it was. I don't want him to know I was just listening to the retards on this mongolian basket weaving forum.

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yoroi wallet is your friend. As for staking pools, try Cardano Samurai

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I'm sorry fren. I'm proud of you.

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I wish I had more money to put on GRT. You're gonna reach 100k easily in months

only got 1k stacks (500 @.90 and 500@1.90). I want to buy more but I'm poor right now

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BTW because some of you anons have suggested that you might be new. I should just tell you that you should never just listen to someone on here.
Like yeah, I own Cardano so I think it's a good investment. But then it's also in my interest to make you want to buy Cardano. Then when you buy, the price goes up and I can cash out. See how it works?
So places like /biz/ are full of people shilling their own agenda and trying to make you do what will benefit them.

Now that is all fine and I will shill my coins and talk about why I think Cardano is the best. But if you're new and just put your hard earned part time job dollars that you made between college semesters into crypto, I don't want to be the fucking guy taking advantage of you and manipulating you.

So I'm just explaining this out of some faggy perceived moral duty that I have.

Anyway, everything I said about Cardano being good is correct and I do believe it will supplant ETH or else I wouldn't be in it. But just remember, no matter what, no matter if it a day from now, a week from now, a month from now, a year from now or a decade from now, I want to sell my Cardano before you do.

That's the nature of /biz/, Reddit, /r/WallStBets, Wall Street, any financial institution, MSNBC, that bald fag on MSNBC with the "Mad Money" show, Bloomberg financial news, magazines, anything.

That's the nature of the whole thing.

There I said my piece and now I don't feel like I'm taking advantage of "fresh new blood" or dumb 18 year olds. I feel morally and spiritually cleaner now.

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Damn, GRT really is a big winner. I had the choice between grt and algo and went with algo at 80 cents. Still a nice profit for me but a shame I missed that train.

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Thanks anon, that actually means something to me lmao.

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Yeah im sure all the poorfags on this board with their 50 bucks have that big of an impact because you shilled Cardano a bit

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Based and morality pilled

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reminder to everyone feeling FOMO right now about GRT, you're not late. In fact, you're STILL early. This shit is guaranteed to reach 100 EOY.

You have time until it reaches $10 which is by next month.

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i sold 2/3 of my stack at 2.05. way too much euphoria. planning to buy the dip

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>bought GRT at .50 when it first came out and was making gains
>missed the peak and the fall, felt really stupid when it dipped into .20 territory
>decide to not check it and maybe it will make it to .90 sometime this year
>decide to check it today
>its up to 1.90
We're all gonna make it bros