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Bancor will introduce limit orders in it's dex soon. Bancies $100 eoy

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223 you mean

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Thought this shitcoin was designed to be stable?

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designed not to pump ridiculously iirc. its still goin up

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after it overtakes uni

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this, IL protection, even automatic restaking soon. Its light years ahead in tech compared to other DEXes.
Yeah anon stablecoins usally do 75% in 10 days

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why this specific number

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Might just add more to my LINK stack since it's the only thing not pumping lol

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>1000% in 1 y
oh it's stable alright.

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Is it worth it to hold bnt if it's not enough for staking? I only got 500 of these fuckers

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what happens when the 27 days ends on the rewards cycle?

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The larger a pool is, the more likely the rewards are to continue - they're put to a vote. I know ETH and LINK are safe bets for them to continue.

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BNT is the answer

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what about dai?

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Ok. So BNT is the jesus AMM but its still not even in top 100? The fuck why

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you're probably confusing it with RSR somehow

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I bought 1000 of these the other day. Idk wtf they are but I know they’re bullish.

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I think a big reason is that routing through a Bancor pool requires double the gas fees, which makes it really undesirable for routing on small transactions. That's why L2 is going to change the game and BTFO Uni

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Staking BNTies and will be making more than my wagie job soon after restake. I literally work for Bancor, this is the true power of a DOA.

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Scammy jewcoin. Staying far away

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>2020-present: Liquidity provider at Bancor Protocol, Tel Aviv
>Liquidity provider and market maker in the automated protocol of a trading pair with a daily average volume of $4 million. Additionally responsible for governance of the decentralized autonomous organisation.

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how does it work? how can i do that too?

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Good. Stay from these threads, pleb.

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have fun being poor

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My GRT bag having a little fun rn but once I sell that will likely split it between my BNT and BAT stacks

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You need to go the network and place them in a pool. The only setback right now is enormous gas fees, but between L2 coming out and being bullish on Bancor, you might as well just do it