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anyone else taking profits? i feel like i'm the only one selling right now (slowly). i still believe in BTC and ETH but i feel i'll be able to buy back cheaper later. i still have my original bitcoin (named clara) that I purchased for 336 dollars, that one I'm keeping until it either goes to zero or a million.

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Who’s Clara?

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I took profits at $21 link, sold 80% of my remaining stack to pay off my mortgage. Wish I didn't but I can't say I regret it. At the end of the day my mortgage is gone and I still have a 1600 suicide stack

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You're doing the right thing anon

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Too early to take profits bro. There's gonna be a lot of bullish news before it's time to sell the top. Mastercard just announced today they are going to be accepting crypto payments in their network starting this year. Gonna see a lot more shit like this before it's time to pull.

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I agree with others. Start taking profit around 70k. We def going past 100

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its a little early if you ask me. also never selling link

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my doggo as a kid

nobody ever went broke taking a profit is what some boomer said. i mean these 10x gains and stuff are so rare, we may never see this in our lifetime again. sometimes it's hard for me to see things keep rising after i sell, it feels like a loss, but i try to remember that these times aren't realistic and that my gains were very strong

i hope so. ._.

i'm taking them slowly, like week by week. I still have 60% of my original holdings. by next month at my current rate i'd have 40% to give you an idea of pace. I'm doing it in halves too, so it will take twice as long for me to get to 20% of holdings.

i think the sky is the limit really, i'm just getting a little freaked. as long as interest rates are at zero and the fed keeps pumping money, i see no reason why it can't keep going - but, that's the thing about these sorts of situations, never really know what the pin will be. I remember being a lad watching my dad in the dot com boom.

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