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and so i shall lord over more

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My Rubic Stays Cubic

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Call me when were at 7777

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by march no doubt

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try next week

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wow ok, checked. i guess it'll be next week then

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Join the cube stack

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Will do

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Pajeet scam with hired actors. GTFO.

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apparently they're paying pajeets to buy 1 rubic each and artificially inflate the number of holders

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Is that you Comma?
Sorry about how McScam turned out

Get Rekt McFaggot

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are we actually going to 100 dollars?
holy fuck im never selling

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Are you purposely this fucking stupid? Why would they pay people to buy 1 token worth 50 cents? That's a huge net loss period and no fucking impact in the grand scheme of things let alone 1 candle

This be top tier retarded fud if I've ever seen one

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how do I buy rubic? And what's a suicide stack?

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100 suicide stack
1000 make it

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>still in the top 100

feels good

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soon 60k holders

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Thanks for your input Narendra

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incorrect. 10,000 suicide stack, 100k make it

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i dont htink you know whats coming

we're going to 1000$

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We've crossed the rubicon. The moment this gets listed on a larger exchange we'll instantly 100x

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Need flags on biz

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no argument here. that would be lovely

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You offered no proof or rebuttal, get called out on some mcdc level fud and that's your comeback?

Don't be late for work folding t-shirts and target you broke ass monkey

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>Comma is trying to swing and FUD Rubic
>Still licking his wounds from McFraud
My Rubic Stays Cubic


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1000$ that would be 100B marketcap, note sure we will see that before 3/5 years

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don't reveal our scheme you bloody basterd! yes you are a true scoundrel sir! fuck your mother!

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From an interview with anon last week.

"Good sirs now thatbI have bought in low my Rubic has cubic. Please do the needful and dump bags so that myself and Kabir may invest more."


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very nice

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nice fucking tripcode bro

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how does one buy rubic? I have never really dabbled in crypto, is it a bunch of hoops to jump through or no?

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just have to be above room temp iq and you'll be fine

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Add me back to rubichads, faggot Ana simp

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Made coz your whore was exposed?

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thanks lads, I’ll put some dough in there once I get all that sorted

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No wonder she needs the mask. Ugly skank

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>whore and simps can scam /biz/raelis out of hundreds of thousands
fucking scum

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Reminder that Rubichads is in a civil war. Pick your side

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Reminder that pajeets from RUBIC hired some slavs as hired actors in their last video.

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Rubic Loyalists
Rubic Forever
Rubic Total Victory

Supporters of Comma /MCDC are
Faggot Fraudster Fudders

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Here's your enemies

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When will it be on a legit exchange?

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I'm on the side of making Rubic the next big dex that dwarfs uniswap with zero fees and anonymous swaps.

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Soon. You think you want this but unless you're holding 50k you probably dont.

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At best, next month. At worst, uncertain.

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Based and Rubicpilled

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show wallet addresses

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Yikes even that Reef scam has more holders. That’s why the price keeps swinging so much.

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>You think you want this but unless you're holding 50k you probably dont.
what do you mean?

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Rubic Loyalist

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true rubic rangers dont sell before 2025
newfags will sell at 5 dollars thinking they hit bank
(in few months)
the real ride starts after next halving

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Nice. For a Fivrr actress, Sasha really takes her role to heart. You gotta commend her for that.

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1000$ is not a meme

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Is 500 RBC enough to make it?

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When RBC hits $20 1-2 Years, you'll have $10k so if that's all you can afford, good for you being a player.

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how does 500 billion dollars sound?

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ama is going to be HUGE tomorrow

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I can afford more but I'm still not convinced it's not a pajeet pump and dump coin. I bought LINK at $0.60 and that paid off but this seems a lot more retarded.

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I check the RBC code regularly.

And honestly what RBC needs to be to get big really quick isn't there yet so they might not be able to have their product hit the market on time.

The liquidity pool implementation will be a game changer that'll drive the coin cost up.

Its not a scam and 80% of RBC is out on the market, so there is no halving that could happen and the team wants to build the best product.

Its all about if you think they can pull it off, going back to their code commits I think they can and why I have RBC.

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Based. I believe. Digits wills it

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My sell target is: $10


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why so low do you hate money?

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Fucking simps, man get a girlfriend christ

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Q4 2021 could be $120 easy if they pull off L2 and it works perfectly.

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Great, now I gotta watch Casino and imagine everything with Rubic.

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Kek Q4 anon? Try beginning of Q2

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that would make me (a retard) a multi millionaire

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It's from Goodfellas anon

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Same and based. This won’t happen though as good things aren’t allowed to happen.

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potato potato

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$2.5 mil for listening to /biz/. lol.

Im moving somewhere cheap and banging hot chicks and reading for the rest of my life if this happens. Siphoning it off however I need to to avoid CGT.

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Keep on forgetting their also adding cross-chain limit ordering. So you set an order with Rubic and they execute the trade if one of the exchanges hits that price.

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New UI?

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My bags will change my life at $10. No further explanations are necessary.

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Shit that looks good

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>Q4 2021 could be $120 easy if they pull off L2 and it works perfectly.
$120 would mean a market cap of 14,000,000,000 and would place Rubic in the 8th position. Can you see why this won't happen?

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is this a jeet scam like asko and everest or legit ive been wanting to start dca into some defi projects but everytime i start looking up the shit posted on here it turns out to be some kind of fake scam pnd

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>holding 25k rubic puts you in the top 10%
wtf I thought I was a stacklet

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>$120 would mean a market cap of 14,000,000,000 and would place Rubic in the 8th position. Can you see why this won't happen?
but it will, dyor on rubic

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Devs have some history in the crypto space, for whatever that's worth

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someone give me nazi rubic memes

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Jeet scam

>> No.28418969

please sir do the needful

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It could happen if we have an altseason like before. Comparatively, $14b might be a top 15 spot. I don't think $120 will happen, but $50-60 sounds reasonable.

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Okay now in all seriousness. Rubic has some competitors, Uniswap is one of them, the most successful one, with a mcap of 6 B. The others, like 1inch or Balancer, are only 500M. Rubic is not going to be above Uniswap.

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>>28418904 ,

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>Rubic is not going to be above Uniswap.

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I would agree, but if they get l2 and an anonymizer working then why not? It’d be 10x better than uni

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UNI trannies can suck a faux-dick. I hope they get ruined. With that being said, $50-60 is with a huge altseason again. My sell point in the current market is around $10 with a gamble to $14.

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yeah but uniswap fucking sucks, and going with Ultra Gay, hyper liberal ideals over building a better product is going to end up costing Uniswap. On another note, this whole ecosystem is incredibly new, we're not talking about dethroning microsoft here. What makes Uniswap so untouchable?

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>What makes Uniswap so untouchable?
Nobody said untouchable, but we can use it as a reference when comparing mcaps.

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the legit enemies are stephan, ryan and dejan. the others just were used sad shit

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