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'Hey everyone! Been a very long day, sorry for quietness, we've had zero sleep trying to fix everything non-stop. A very comprehensive post-mortem will be written after everything is back online, but we still wanted to give a brief summary in the meantime for transparency.

Here's the tl;dr of what happened since Pangolin launch: insane load triggered a very low probability bug that produced a bad state in the network. This could not have been caught in testing because there is simply no way to replicate a dynamic, live environment of thousands of users trying to use every function (even with the best testing tools).

More details: Turns out, there is a bug in the glue code of wrapping the EVM, which caused a bad block to be generated on the c-chain when exporting from x-chain to c-chain. This bug was ONLY in the x-chain to c-chain imports. Everything else seems unaffected. The import issue was non-deterministic and had a very low probability of being hit, but because the c-chain saw insanely high traffic, the bug surfaced. This bug caused the entire network to panic, and because Avalanche values safety over liveness, the network automatically locked itself trying to heal. Similar bugs have happened before with chains such as Bitcoin and ZCash.

One point of note is that this bug affected mostly the p-chain and the c-chain. The x-chain, which is the DAG, continued having operations through the network, even though the pace was greatly reduced as the network was busy trying to heal constantly with failed polling.'

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'Some questions you may have:

Q: Is this a fundamental protocol issue?
A: Absolutely not! This is effectively a bad validity check bug, in the same way that Bitcoin and Zcash famously had validity check bugs with coin minting in the past.

Q: Does this mean Avalanche cannot scale?
A: This has nothing to do with Avalanche protocol. Avalanche worked exactly as intended. Instead, the code glueing Avalanche and the EVM did not work as intended, and it produced a bad state for even correct nodes. This caused nodes across the network to panic.

Q: Are funds safe?
A: Funds are all safe. This is one of the guarantees of Avalanche.

Q: Does this mean Avalanche is centralized?
A: The exact opposite, actually! There is simply no single party in Avalanche that can unilaterally change the network state. If Avalanche was centralized, this issue would have been fixed instantly by just rebooting the state and invalidating the bad blocks. Instead, because there is no single party that has unilateral control, the patch requires a network-wide coordinated network upgrade. This is a feature of decentralized systems that value safety over liveness.

Q: What does this mean for Avalanche? Will this happen again?
A: Obviously, it’s never great to have fire drills like this, but this stress test is critical to making Avalanche as bulletproof as possible. Other bugs will be discovered, but the more Avalanche undergoes insanely high loads in real production environments, the better it is for its long-term survival. So while I don’t look forward to more nights of no sleep trying to investigate bugs, I find them to also be critical moments that create network robustness. The more Avalanche gets stress-tested, the harder it becomes.'

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This Q and A can be found in the AVAX TG group

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Bullish af

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And all of the FUDers were shitting and pissing themselves claiming this was a problem with the Avalanche protocol LMAO
FUDers and panic sellers never win
$70 EOD
check em

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Cucked by the gluecode sniffing devs

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So when's the shit fixed?

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let us proceed with dem gains

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professional team desu

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the team was able to find and resolve a non-deterministic bug with little sleep in a complex and distributed network.


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All the deluded Vaxies swallowing this propaganda/damage control bullshit from the devs. It's been almost 24 hours and the x-c chain is STILL DOWN. LMAO pathetic.

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First real day of usage and the procotol fails. This is the "Defi blockchain" btw. Imagine having millions of funds on this chain and random stuff like this happens "hur durr it happened to BTC". You know where this doesn't happen? ETH. That's why even tho fees are 100$+, it still is the safest way to park money for DeFi.
You know I'm right.

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>50 usd stablecoin

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ETH wallets had huge issues at launch

ETH had a unplanned fork a few months ago lmfao

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cope, priced out faggot

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class anwers actually, I'm used to working with tech guys and this one both fucks and techs

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its been going up steadily every 2 days. Should be just patient anon.
I've been swinging 10% every pump
im a poorfag so my 3 AVAX went 6.
Ill keep swinging till i make it.

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Why is everything offline then??

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its gonna go up soon fren

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How fucking retarded are you to think any unbiased person is ever going to use this chain again? I am not an avax bagholder, but I have been using DEFI since trading LINK on NUO network. There is no fucking way I'm ever putting any real money on this chain LMFAO.

The only people who don't view this as catastrophic are wishful thining bagholders. 'Oh it's fine bro every chain has problems at the beginning'--- this is not true if you're marketing yourself as an ETH killer in 2021. 'Teehee we got it fixed trust us dudes'

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>we've had zero sleep trying to fix everything non-stop
clusterfuck dev process in action. If bagholders of this shit don't see this for the giant turkish red-flag that it is... then there is no hope. what an incompetent SHITSHOW

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no, this is a problem with incompetent developers rushing bug-riddled code to market with millions of other people's money on the line. the devs. have shown that they literally dgaf.

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holy seethe

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>the absolute state of turkish shills and their deluded bagholder victims

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The FUDding, fuming, triggered nocoiners are:

- Rubic scammers
- Jelly Balkan untermensch
- DOT butthurt betas
- Raging RADIX cuckolds
- ETH newbies who don't realize AVAX can SAVE Ethereum's problems without harming the network or killing it
- Swinging degenerates who will get the rope
- Pajeets with crusty asshole
- Uniswap masochists

Disregard them, laugh at them, but also be kind to them. Their faces are about to melt.

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Nobody says AVAX is trying to be an ETH-killer, even Emin himself says this, fucking cope and neck yourself

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Alert Alert my non-biz PAID TURKISH ROACH AVAX SHILL. you have no arguments because the developers are sloppy incompetent fucks which they have proven to the world. AVAX dev processes are very clearly (PROVEN) to be an absolute clownshow

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>rushing bug-riddled code
wasnt rushed
>This could not have been caught in testing because there is simply no way to replicate a dynamic, live environment of thousands of users trying to use every function (even with the best testing tools).
so no amount of delaying or whatever could have caught this anyway.

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>Nobody says AVAX is trying to be an ETH-killer,
this is exactly what the paid AVAX shillers have been spamming on /BIZ/ and twatter for the past month 200+ threads per day.

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yeah hahah the last 9 months totally never happened

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No point talking to the coping bagholders. We are going to see a mass exodus fromo AVAX as soon as its live

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Being this butt mad, do you think you need paid shills when something goes from 5 to 70 in 2 weeks?

Only people still fudding AVAX are butt hurt shit coiners, it's a 100% top 10 coin.

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>rushing bug-riddled code
>wasnt rushed
Demonstrably false. Clearly it was rushed, that it failed so catastrophically is evidence of that.
>no amount of delaying or whatever could have caught this anyway
horseshit. you're gobbling this cock-drizzle from incompetent developers who are now trying to cover their incompetent asses. Turkish Roache Shills gtfo this board

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LMAO the irony of this guy telling people to cope when he's baghold coping all over this thread.

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>yeah hahah the last 9 months totally never happened
okay so you believed what retards on /biz/ said instead of the project head. so you're dumb.

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>Being this butt mad
not mad. just relishing in watching reddit-spacing non-biz newfags who have been paid to SPAM and SHILL and FUD this board with their garbage rushed-to-market bug-riddled-shitcoin squirm under the boot of a giant reality check. LMAO

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nah just btfoing FUDing niggers like you, btw ive found your moms address and im on my way to rape and kill her

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holy shit anon delete this b4 fbi sees

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>okay so you believed what retards on /biz/ said instead of the project head.
okay, so you believed the project head who hired a turkish shill army to spam biz 24 hours a day for months with their non-organic highly polished shitcoin peddling. lmao. the cope

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The turkish shill reveals his mudslime inclinations. Another Muslim Rapist Murder of Peace - News at 11

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Honestly I hope price crashes so I can buy more. This is a top 3 coin that I never heard of until a week ago

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Did the the project head foresee the chain getting bricked? If he did, then he's incompetent. If he didn't, he's also incompetent.

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POST your short now faggot, yeah I didn't think so.

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>hired a turkish shill army
literal conjecture based off muh epic /pol/ turks bad meme, good argument bro

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Why haven't you all sold yet?

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literally can't move coins

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logically invalid conclusion from faulty premise. cope and seethe. next.

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literal clear as day obvious of to anyone who's been using this board for years.

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post wrist

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Fucking hell 4chan seems to be like 50% turkish shills these days. What in the actual fuck is going on?

>> No.28405724

post your counter-argument to you reddit spacing non-biz-native shill

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>8 posts by this id

yeah, i'm the one coping roachnigger. I gave your chain an honest try and now I'm giving my honest review.

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Never trust, god forgive me for uttering this word, a t*rk

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>sell them Emir
>sell the bags
Who do you think made the phonecall that crashed AVAX last night?

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again, you are just speculating, you have absolutely no evidence/proof of a coordinated turkish shill campaign. you are coping.

>> No.28405827


americans arent like the worst shit in this world? nobody likes u

>> No.28405857


>I'm not mad

Nigga this is all you, post your short, you're a genius who knows it's a scam, post the fucking short.

>> No.28405871

AVAX should higher actual intelligent shills, you turkish roaches are good a memes but have a tendency to violence and a low IQ making your ability to rebuttal non-effective

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not an argument :)
also you've posted 5 times yourself

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BSC and AVAX are for pajeets who can't afford the fees is my theory. But why the fuck would I care about fees for AAVE or other lending platforms (or any other DeFi), when the interest is more than enough to cover any amount of fees anyway.

Like, look at these projects: https://dappradar.com/rankings/protocol/binance-smart-chain
99.9% is fucking vaporware scams and AVAX is gonna be no different. Low fees just attracts P&Ds and stupid farming projects. The real gems will always be on ETH though, because trust is way more important than the initial fees.

Screencap this. When the bear market hits, BSC and AVAX will be wiped out, while ETH will prevail. Again, you know that I am right.

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Will it dump when coins start moving?

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I'm Canadian you fuckin' hoser. There's nothing wrong with some turks posting on 4chan, but no one wants to live in a roach majority shithole. Cease your nationalist shilling bullshit and fuck off.

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Ethereum fees had dropped to 3 dollars on eth-to-eth transactions, when AVAX launched its bridge.
Now its 7 dollars... when will AVAX be back up again?

We all need AVAX running. I cant pay those absurd fees. Soon it will be 15 dollars again for eth-to-eth transactions.
This is not /pol/, this is /biz/, there are people from all over the world here, and some just cant afford huge fees.
Only AVAX can save Ethereum from becoming a burguer-only coin.

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not an argument mate

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Who buys a shitcoin developed by scriptkiddies who literally and unironically use the term "glue code"?

>> No.28406174


Depends entirely on how the team continues to handle it.

They're now communicating, here's a link to a test TX on cchain and it was a success. They have a fix, it's a validator upgrade, in the past it was a quick process.


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I didn't sell BTC when BTC had problems and that a was massively profitable decision. I didn't sell ETH when ETH had problems and that was a massively profitable decision. I didn't sell AVAX when AVAX had problems and it will probably be a massively profitable decision too. Maybe not. But most likely.

>> No.28406199


BSC jeets are awful as well but they are not nearly as aggressive as AVAX shills have been. I know many OG linkies that fell for this meme. Seems clear now that no one is going to build shit on these 'chains' just copy paste buggy eth projects until eternity.

dumping mine for sure

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again, it's not speculation. the turkish shill-for-hires are a known entity in the crypto world, offering their services to blockchain leads on the regular. The inorganic highly polished coordinated memeing on /biz/ by newfags who were clearly NEVER here before the campaign started are all you need to know 100% for certain that it was a paid shilling operation. Ever biz native knows this. You turk's propensity to threaten rape and torture and murder in your AVAX shill threads as well as piss and shitting memes and even beheading let the world know clear as day that it's a bunch of roach mudslimes doing the shill. game over mohammed.

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Use Anyswap if you want to DeFi on another chain without losing all of your money. People actually think AVAX is a first mover in the ETH killing space but they've done no research about better options.

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>gay retards saying gay retard shit
one question; when will normal service resume?

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still reddit spacing - lurk more

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>Biz native

Fuck off newfag.

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Can someone explain to me why it isn't dumping? If this is such a big problem why is no one selling?

>> No.28406400

Its not DeFI, its a eth-to-eth transaction. I want to buy XMR with Changelly.

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Because https://wallet.avax.network/ is down for many hours, and Binance is not allowing deposits.

>> No.28406521


Because the whales won't allow this to dump in the bullrun dummy, there's big forces at play here, much bigger than the jeets here threatening to dump their 40 AVAX.

Also it's not such a big deal. A fuckup, but not catastrophic.

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can't even get the spacing right. inbred low-IQ turkish roach probability: HIGH

>> No.28406541

Can't access wallets?

>> No.28406570

Hey anon, here's a tip for you. Buy some BTC in the next dip. Stake in Margin trading as collatoral. Then borrow 100 USD. Long or short AVAX (there's a big sell wall at 51 USD, but I think the price will continually rally at 48USD which is the ideal time for a long) and adjust your leverage according to your risk (if you're in the clear, pump it up). Set a stop limit so you risk losing only 10% of your funds. When you margin trade, you effectively increase your capital by 50x if you make the right call. Pull it back into AVAX or a stock you like.

Once you learn the depth chart and the floor and resistance, and you understand any news about a coin, you can increase your capital quickly. The stop limits prevent you from ever losing too much, and the risks are good. Practise with a small amount until you get the hang of it but it's the quickest way to getting yourself a make it stack.

>> No.28406632

You literally can't move any coins, the only way to sell is if you are already on the an exchange
my money is locked in metamask untl the chain starts running again

>> No.28406653

>it's not speculation
yes it is.
>the turkish shill-for-hires are a known entity in the crypto world
irrelevant to whether they are involved in AVAX.
>The inorganic highly polished coordinated memeing
you are the arbiter of what constitutes organic and inorganic shilling? how can you make them judgement with incomplete information?
>by newfags
>Ever biz native knows this
says who
>You turk's propensity to threaten rape and torture and murder in your AVAX shill threads as well as piss and shitting memes and even beheading let the world know clear as day that it's a bunch of roach mudslimes doing the shill. game over mohammed.
irrelevant /pol/ tier cringe that is both not an argument and indicative of an autistic dislike for this project based on your perception of it as 'turkish'.
tldr: cope and seethe, not an argument.
try again?

because its not a big deal at all and only the seething newfags here would have you believe it is

>> No.28406648

coins cannot move because the whole network is buttfucked. but trust the shills, this is the future of crypto

>> No.28406674

Why do these people care so much about a project they have absolutely no vested interest in. If you think it's a shit project why do you care so much?
It sounds like sour grapes. Missed the 200% gain that was being shilled here all month so now you lash out. How embarrassing.

>> No.28406686


>muh reddit
>muh spacing

stay poor bro

>> No.28406697

>Big forces at play
wtf are you on about? There's big dump at play about to happen. Straight on your head once people unstable and the wallet goes live and Binance takes deposits again.

>> No.28406702

actually this happened when eth was in $10-$50 range

>> No.28406706

>You turk's propensity to threaten rape and torture and murder
It's literally in their blood mate. They are the rapespawn of the mongol hordes. White girls know all about turkmale creepiness/rapiness.

>> No.28406722

>this is your brain on /pol/

>> No.28406737

Doesn't the mayority of AVAX holders have their tokens on exchanges?

>> No.28406803


Yes, you sell just fine.

>> No.28406812

No, the majority are staked in the P chain.

>> No.28406826

Because we had to put up with 5-10 clearly inorganic shill threads a day and non-stop fud of our coins from midwit AVAX holders. Chickens have come home to roost.

>> No.28406886

because, it's not as big of a deal as the fantom shills make it out to be. that being said, if the problems will continue further down the line I won't hesitate to sell since I got in at 7 and got my original investment back and more.

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Q: is your chain broken
A: yes

Q: is buying someone's bags for $50 a retarded idea
A: yes

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You will see.

>> No.28406922

Dunno I have mine staked and I don't plan on selling.

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>There are people ITT, right now, who think t*rk shit is just /pol/ memes and thus schizo theories
I'm glad that they're about to take a massive fucking dump on their heads. Serves you right for trusting a t*rk.

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>newfag midwit-IQ roach shill team-leader thinks PAID inorganic new-fag shilling cannot be spotted with 100% probability on /biz/.
>Muslim Turkish mudroach shill thinks it's normal to use rape and murder and piss and shit references in memes for shilling shitcoins
there really is no hope for you. and I can tell you're scared people will see you roach shills for what you are. best of luck stopping the bleed when the coins become unlocked from this absolute joke of a platform

>> No.28407148

Fuck off nigger. Post your short cunt

>> No.28407158

because poor asses FUD in /biz/ don't have more than 1000 coins to do any significative dump and anyone without an autistic brain know what is happening is normal

>> No.28407195

>>newfag midwit-IQ roach shill team-leader thinks PAID inorganic new-fag shilling cannot be spotted with 100% probability on /biz/.
yes, it is objectively untrue that 'PAID inorganic new-fag shilling' can be spotted 100% of the time, correct.
>>Muslim Turkish mudroach shill thinks it's normal to use rape and murder and piss and shit references in memes for shilling shitcoins
>best of luck stopping the bleed when the coins become unlocked from this absolute joke of a platform

>> No.28407332

the post

>> No.28407437

yeah good argument mate
back to /pol/ now please

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>fud of our coins

>> No.28407618


>> No.28407817


Calls everyone a newfag and claims AVAX will 100% fail but doesn't post his short. Clearly just poor a anon who got priced out.

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Did they say anything about lowering the gas fees on this update?

>> No.28408043

Now its 8 dollars for a eth-to-eth transaction.
I had to drop the trade. Sad, because XMR is in a local botton, looks like a good buy.

>> No.28408316

sorry friend. I already started using binance like 4 days ago. I still dont know how things work. I only watch charts then go to sleep while buying low and selling high.
6 avax took me like 3 days. I dont want to risk it.
Maybe when my paycheck comes ill try to do some margin trading.

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DOT is waiting for you & only you!

>> No.28408899

I don't see how the threads the last few days were inorganic. The coin literally went from 15 to 60 usd in 3 fucking days. That's insane. People who got in on it were obviously euphoric as fuck.
Sorry if some of them were cunts about your favourite altcoin though. People who root for their project like its a sports game are destined to stay poor.

>> No.28408969

They need to release a functional product first.

>> No.28409063

she NEEDS to be black bred

>> No.28409797

yeah one thing we definitely don't have enough of is fatherless niglets

>> No.28409969

cucks and racemixers get the rope