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>Everest ($ID)
What do you guys think about this Beauty? And especially what you think about the fud going on here related to the project (no Whitepaper, 123 fakestreet etc)...

pretty under the radar und just launched on Coingecko recently. Looks pretty decent to me.

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It looks ok
As far as I understand they weren't ready for the interest the people had

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Seems like a very legit and devilish project.
Just check their team and partners.
I am wondering where all the volume comes from

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I’m bullish. The fud makes me extra bullish. Anybody getting in under $1 will be very happy desu

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It's been number 1 on dextools for 3 days. Will break one dollar today.

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When is this coming to binance? reeeee

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Ftx first and very soon

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Just bought some
Seems like a no brainer this will be a few dollars EOW or EONW

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Oh he's doing that steady climb before takeoff

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literally seems like a shill, stupid nigga sCum

> are you thinking we are full faggots here?
>I bought bot ocean tokens and wait for full platform for dex trading release

smart boy knows what instruments to use for top trading

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compared to all the other shit here this is as legit as it gets.

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https://twitter.com/EverestDotOrg/status/1358154483977494533?s=20 (aya miyaguchi retweeted)
bought a suicide stack

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Already went all in on this, so gonna shill a bit. The fud seems stupid - its a big confirmed project by any standards, and the monstrous volume and 2 day 100m cap alone should tell you that. its pumping hard and fast.

Their official statement is that the website is getting DDosed and migrated, to me it looks like a case of low marketing budget. Normally shitcoins go the other way - 90% marketing budget and a trash product.

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No whitepaper
No dev team

I don't understand why anyone would buy the coin given those two facts.

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$2-3 this weekend when it gets trending on normiegecko

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When the fuck is Coingecko going to add the supply???

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There is a whitepaper, look at their roadmap, they delivered it already, but it was only given to internal people on a need to know basis (ID2020 collaborators).

I'm sure they'll release a public version.

You have no idea how lucky we are that they need a decentralized network for their product to work, we're not supposed to be in this early.

Stop creating these threads and just stack as much as you can, this is the last time I'm responding to an ID thread

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if this shit doesnt hit 1 dollar by tonight, or about 5 or 6 hours, im dumping a large stack. I'm not watching this crab as -5 IQ faggots cash out a 5% gain over and over while other projects actually do sumn

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Sold my ASKO to buy this.
Let's see which one is going to bring in more le cash

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No whitepaper
No activity on github
No dev team, just Bob telling about things plus one other dude

Who is even making this? Bob and his co-founder?

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You can actually find their team here.

Pretty sad they didn’t offer their white paper to the public yet. would avoid a lot of fud.

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Most of the people with the role "engineer" state they left the project in June 2019.
Also the timeline says the whitepaper was published July 2018 but where is it now

Idk, I don't want to be too negative, but this project sounds very ambitious without a clear backing. I bought in a bit but I'm not sure

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Bought some Everest but their hosting/webpage is pure garbage atm.
Really want to see that getting sorted out

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I mean if this was a scam then they would have had to put in a lot of work faking all their references and advisors. But their references were retweeting their official account on twitter as well as discussing the topic with the ceo in a video. Their twitter account is from 2018 which means that they would have had this planned since 3 years. And after putting so much work into the perfect scam, they fuck up their website and whitepaper? It just seems unlikely. It is more likely that they wanted to start this project slowly but got overwhelmed with the amount of attention it already drove.

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It's just as likely they tried to make a product with a team and partners in 2017-2018, couldn't get it done, laid low till now. Engineering team left in 2019. CEO Bob sees the bullrun, throws in what was done and tries to make a quick buck before rug pulling.

But it may also be a working product and they got overwhelmed - where is the team, github and whitepaper now though?

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Okay, just saw an transaction (0x9f094ba871ca8364d891c9525795bedb58302c31bef9d46af3d31aa7fee90eb7) where Everest sent 3600ETH to FTX so I guess some big things are still happening.

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how do you know this is connected to everest?

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this has too much institutional support for me to ignore.

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Backtrack it to here 0x3EdcE9AB4a6e2c4608e829583FC590e6E2B59DDc

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expect for institutional whales to dump to try and shake you out before listed on FTX

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What are they even trying to achieve.

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none of theses addresses have anything to do with everest

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I just posted you this 0x3EdcE9AB4a6e2c4608e829583FC590e6E2B59DDc, follow the incoming transactions

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ok i see now, what would that be for? 6M$ is way to high for a listing fee.

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I don’t think there’s going to be much shaking on uniswap fot $100 trade fees kek

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FTX can buy a nice stack for liquidity with this

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holy fuck
its already built

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a 150 eth transfer from FTX is starting to buy. But why would ftx accumulate on uniswap? couldnt the team just sell them token over the counter?

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someone please explain, why does their stablecoin have a supply of 20 decillion??

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Checked and based.

Everest is the cheat code of this bullrun. It’s going to pull dummy numbers. Going to be that asset that you see come out of nowhere +10,000% and nobody even knows wtf it is.

Whoever dropped that gem here is a saint.

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Good question, thought the same as well

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>inb4 rugpulled by Bill Gates himself

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Because the entire planet will be using it.

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Maybe the team doesn't want to OTC the tokens below their own valuation ($3) and it could also lead to legal issues with other partner.

They should have just whitelisted FTX in the IDO though

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read this write-up from Kyber you twit. you don't deserve this coin



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That seems likely vs him having literal infinite wealth and control of all the money down to the last penny in the entire world.

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I feel bad for only being able to put $1K in this now. Do you guys think I'll have more time to accumulate before this hits $5 and goes truly parabolic?

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You’d think a project with this kind of massive global scope would have more recent articles, and not the shit from 2017-2018..

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How much for a sui stack guys? 25K?

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You will eat zee bugs in parabolic amounts

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You think people with 50eth worth give a shit about $100

You poor fags baka

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Everything is basically finished watch the video from the start


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10-20k sui

$10 EOY

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Uhhh... woa

I mean you are right and that makes sense based on thebinterviews I watched. Just mind-blowing

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Bullish on 1.35 by 10p est. charts pointing to this. Last chance ladies and pajeets.

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Pajeet still shilling this crap?

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I just need them to announce the LINK partnership for full boner.

I’m deep in this already but I’d bet the farm if that happened. Hyperledger connection already confirms but still I know 90% of what they’re doing besides swaps on their l2 chain are utilizing LINK.

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Where is put EVEREST GENERAL THREAD!? This is about to moon mission

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Mark of the beast. Will probably make tons of money but I won't buy, I'll get rich off something that isn't creepy. In b4
>stay poor
>kys Christcuck

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Wait so is ftx confirmed or a rumor?

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If this doesnt fucking break out of this fucking crab soon im going to rip my face off and eat it

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what's the dextools link? i may have the wrong one

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It is driving me crazy. The bots are pissing me off on this one.

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looks like it's in an ascending triangle? i think it'll break out toward $1 today

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Its a scam.

Check out the linkedin pages here:


Most of the dev team listed here left the effort last year, so they were brought in for initial build, and dropped before pump and dump, because this coin has no future.

The marketing person (Joseph Morris), whom was verified by icoholder.com (THE ONLY VERIFICATION mind you), interviewed at the bottom of the link won't even put it on his linkedin.

Sold my 5k

Jesus man, they keep creating new threads every time I kill the last with this post, they're full-time scammers, serious work being put into this bullshit.


https://www.linkedin.com/in/mdkail/?utm_source=icoholder "Advisor" on everest site but also "CTO" according to his linked in, Mike d. Kail "CTO" on his linkedin for everest, is active advisor for about 20 projects presently, most likely past scams such as this.
https://www.linkedin.com/in/amryamanah/?utm_source=icoholder Amry Amanah, "Engineering Lead", Left June 2019
https://www.linkedin.com/in/unavailable/ - DEAD LINK for "Typer Frost" Operations
https://www.linkedin.com/in/joseph-morris-b442224a/?utm_source=icoholder - Joseph Morris, Marketing, has no reference to Everest on his linkedin, despite being listed on ICO holder, and being verified and confirmed on it.

>No engineer team
>No whitepaper
>Whales keep dumping at 80-90c (check the chart)

Scam coin.

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Like dude. WHAT the FUCK. I am seriously about to drop this fucking faggot coin. It never even mooned and is crabbing at like a 3x. Fuck this shit. every time it has momentum some literal faggot stuffs 40 cocks in his ass and runis it

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I'm curious to see how the AMA goes on TG, hopefully we get answers to the basics like the whitepaper and kill off the copy pasters for good

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the co-founder of Everest just did an interview with AAVE like two days ago...

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What is its market cap? Coingecko not showing it, just 0.

>> No.28403986

probably 100 million right now

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ID for maximum weatlh

>> No.28404108

'total circ supply 116M'

from telegram

If this one will hit aave marketcap(and we will this year) one coin will be $85

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Look daddy God, I stayed poor but my 1 and my 0 were left untouched by the beast. T- Trtust the divine plan! Think unsexy thoughts!

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Based in a 65 mill circulating supply it's closer to 50 mill

>> No.28404238

Not bad. I bought some but I can't seem to add it in blockfolio. How do I fix that?

>> No.28404240

Yep, until devs decide to dump the full 800Million coins.

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So ftx buying id with eth they give them. What does this mean anons

>> No.28404305

source that devs have 800m coins?

>> No.28404360

Is there still time to get in? Feels bad getting in this late

>> No.28404374


AAVE is their CUSTOMER btw for FIAT onramping. The only other project AAVE is a CUSTOMER of is LINK.

>> No.28404414

It's so early Blockfolio doesn't even recognize it. Contrarily, you can see it as a rushed deployment. Bearish or bullish, your choice.

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this got me hard

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650 million, minimum but that assumes they only hold 1 wallet, which you be an idiot to.

Lots of attempted disinformation about this very suspect coin.

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Ok now I know you're trolling or new as fuck

>> No.28404929

Look at who holds EGLD for example (random example), 83.5% is held by two wallets.
Would you call EGLD a very suspect coin?
One wallet holding most coins at the ICO isn't suspect per se.

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$1 tomorrow
$3 on monday

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That doesn't mean a lot. The coins have to come from somewhere if people want to buy them.

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Yes, only 3 days since launch

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