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Or is it past 2.00 now what the fuck is happening

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What the fuck

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2.50 EOD!!

5.00 EOW!!

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Pajeets are pumping the shit out of it.

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This board told me to buy bnb istead of grt. Im financially ruined. Im new to this so i dont understand

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Seriously what is going on? This shit just isn't stopping since it broke the EUR barrier.
Did the whales finally finish their delegating stacks for real and released the dam?

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Pajeets don't work past 2pm on Thursdays.

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Blessed Pajeets. I will personally buy a plane ticket and clean their streets

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It's dumping to $1

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its damping

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That was fun

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wtf is this shit, I didnt have enough time to acumulate yet

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you win some you lose some. we dont know what will happen always, everyone is just guessing and some are educated guesses, and a tiny fraction are sure things, like grt.

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Like I said in the other thread:

its literally just 1 whale pumping it


this wallet is buying it all up

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its not damping anymore

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When the fuck is it going to dump? I didn't accumulate enough aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Suck my dick ivan, GRT is the white mans coin kek

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I literally cannot take a break to post without it making crazy gains. Is it over 2 yet what's happening?
I fomoed in twice today and I'm still up.

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Been in the game for a while held massive pumps and rode them back down. sold 70% of my bag at 1.50. Will hold the rest to see where this goes.

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But what does he know that we don't? If he's the only one pumping he'll won't be able to just dump it all at once. Perhaps he's just trying to create momentum. This coin is very solid, I suppose stopping it is harder than accelerating it. Or not and I'm full of shite

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dyor and you would've known GRT was a solid buy

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i sold. hand too weak and i got bills to pay

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88 million in ETH tokens probably an exchange wallet

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You're gonna neck yourself when this is 10 dollars EOM

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Gonna have a blow off trough for another half hour then climb back up check my digits and suck my cock

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The circulating supply has been eaten up.
If you bought 1/4 of current price you double your investment in 3 months of delegation. If you buy at current price, then delegate instantly and then price drops 50% and DOES NOT FUCKING MOVE it takes 2 years to get back on positive. And this coin is a long 2-3year hold atleast. And as we know good projects memelines always go up in long term. Timing the market with this coin is unecessary. Only thing that matters is time spend in delegation.

No matter what you do with GRT you end up positive in the long term. If you doubt about dropping few thousand $ into this think what the indexers with millions of bought GRT have in line to lose. Those whale indexers will go to any extend for this project to succeed.

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>bought the top again


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today's top is tomorrow's bottom for this coin. such a fucking comfy hold.

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>bought at 1.65.
I almost bought the top, didn't I?

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You basically did

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this is why you're ngmi

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I would have bought some if I had money.
Luckily i bought into ada last year when it was 0.08 so I have started to make baby gains

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pajeet go

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My $1.40 sell order triggered while I was sleeping because I figured it wouldn’t go past 1.35 for a day or two... my fucking face when.

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Got another £100 to throw in, do I buy this now or REEF

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Never sleep anon, are you retarded?

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the top of today, the floor of tomorrow. grt is longterm

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i told my rich boomer dad to give me 10 k to dump into this. Just gave me 1000k god damn it.
Im delegating a meagre 2k coin stack when i could have bought 10k at 0,40

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It will continue ascending. It's correcting a bit and also BTC is spiking and sometimes coins plummet when BTC spikes instead of following it up. Volume is up 210.20% and most are buying as opposed to selling I would guess. Though a lot are likely swinging.

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Looks like it has stopped to catch a breath. $1.60 will be the new support today. We'll see another pump tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

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Maybe make a /grt/ general? I don't know...

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It's okay anon I did the same thing. Worth it! t. 1.2k stacklet

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Oh fuck I've just realized it's time for burgers to wake up. We could see another pumping in a few hours. Usually burgers pump and europoors dump.

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for every buyer there is a seller

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yap, just dumped some bags on you, sorry boyz

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Damppp it

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Crabbing at 1.60$-1.66$.
Dangit, whale halted the momentum

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Buying to hold I should have said. It would seem that if more people are buying to hold as to buying to swing then increase trade volume is a sign that the price will stabilize or go up. This is just a guess though.

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>apologies anon, I didn't realise you bought sub $1. the executive lounge is right around the corner.

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It's alright, we need healthy corrections along the way. Thanks for doing your part, anon.

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Not a single pajeet owns this coin, it's too expensive for these streetshitters.

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>20c dump
It's over. You DID sell, right?

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here's your dip

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Nah, because its back to 1.70$ now, this 20c dip was just a minor setback. Btw I brought more the dip

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Oh no 20c it's never dumped this much and could never possibly recover or go even higher ahhh>>28389080

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Hope you lads bought that 1.60 dip lmao

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i bought my first stacklet in this dip. Hello guys

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It can't go continually linearly up without corrections. I wouldn't call stabilizing for a few 5 min candles in a row 'crabbing'. It might even go down a bit more before continuing to go up.

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I have no idea wtf this coin is doing anymore

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This here
> It would seem that if more people are buying to hold as to buying to swing
should read
> It would seem that if more people are buying to hold as OPPOSED to buying to swing

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thanks /biz/ for convincing a noob to buy in around 0.3 <3

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Dumb fucker. Don’t make a sell order if you don’t want to sell

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If I go to sleep /biz/ do you all promise to only buy for a few hours?

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>need to go to bed
>also need to watch this coin every 19 seconds because who knows what it’ll do next

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>tfw using my food money to buy more GRT

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I sit in solidarity with this

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>all this FUD cope
Sorry you missed out on the moon mission, dupinder. Maybe next time.

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Dream the dreams of a winner broski. Because that's what you are, a winner

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i just bought this meme coin for 1.68

idk why but i got 10€ for free on Blockfolio

>> No.28391399

how do you handle new coins to buy? i feel like i am always late

>> No.28391595

because they got hackfolio'd yesterday and went full blown nigga coin kek

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Checked. I was a little late to the GRT party too. But I just look for crabbing and buy the dips as best as I can. I'm a crypto noob desu

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hodl this for 5 years and enjoy being a millionaire

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