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my lil bancie stock doing sum

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Those small steady increases while making me +100 usd a day with staking are so fucking damn comfy. Feels good to be a bancchad

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A dead shitcoin

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I'm making about $400 US a day doing absolutely nothing.
I can't keep getting away with this.

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Why make this thread?

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Why get out of bed in the morning?

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How many Banc y'all got?

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holy shit. this thing really cant pump.

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Feels nice to be a bancie im comfy

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you will get burned eventually.

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3 months "work" lmao

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where do you stake ?

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What's a realistic price tag for this slow mover?

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slow climb untill vortex and L2. I have no clue how much that will pump the price, but I will definetly wait for at least 3 months to see what happens

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i still can't figure out how much money i would do with a specific amount of BNTs
can you explain how that rewards get calculated and what an actual APY is?
It's some sort of interest and acts like a reward afaik. and the percentage means what?

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how do i need to stake for 400 a day

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I think ~ 60k bnt at the 2x multiplier.

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how much u staking son?

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Depends on the Pool. Let's say you pick DAI/BNT. Current LM rewards are 122% on that pool.

Let's say you deposit 50k BNT and keep it in the pool for 365 days. From LM rewards only, you will receive 61k BNT during that year, which is roughly 167 BNT per day which at a rate of $2.9/BNT = $485/d.

In addition to that you get swapping rewards which have too high fluctuation to make a precise prediction.

That being said. BNT will not stay at $2.9. With all the stuff that's coming in the next weeks, I'd be surprised to see BNT below $30 in 6 months. So in that case yield just goes through the roof.

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I am a poorfag with only $150 worth of BNT, is it worth me doing staking in any way or not?

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will the percentage of LM rewards decrease with an increase of people staking in that pool?
I mean, that sounds like a decent moneyfarm machine to me

is the team of bancor legit and hyperskilled?
I mean, they should have an insane bank-level of security built up due to all the whales staking insane amounts of cryptos there

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No, gas fees are too high for that. You could buy more BNT, then stake it.

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not untill arbitrum

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i love bnt. i keeps the fucking moonboys away. they see 5% pumps on the daily and ignore it for a few weeks, only to come back and see that it's incrementally gone up by 80% since they last checked.

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>will the percentage of LM rewards decrease with an increase of people staking in that pool?
Yeah, it will decrease slowly as the pools are getting filled.
>I mean, that sounds like a decent moneyfarm machine to me
It is.

>is the team of bancor legit and hyperskilled?
They are legit. They basically invented AMMs, discovered IL and are the only DEX out there that has a solution for that problem.

As soon as people start withdrawing from Uni, they will discover very quickly that IL exists and that it will offset all gains they made from fees + more.

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I would say they're on par with the Chainlink team as far as Dev experience goes.
Even Andre Cronje applauded their skill and it says enough that they pretty much birthed the AMM we know today.

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This exactly. If you look at the 1y, it's up >900%, and >100% on the 30d.

It's nuts, but BNT is basically stealth mooning and NPCs will only realise once it's too late.

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Is it worth staking my 400 bnt's?

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4 cents from 3 dollars

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500 stacklet checking in. Am I going to make it?

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same with link

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will this shit move above 3 ffs

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Why? What's so bad about another pool?

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of course, we hold both LINK and BNT

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Your inflating the chain to protect that coin.
It's up to the voters to decide what is added for IL protection.
Personally, I don't want it either

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3.dollars baby here we come

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I just sold all my BNT (only 500) am I retarded? I want to find a few quick pumps then hopefully come back to stable increases with BNT.

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Trying to figure that out is the only reason I keep getting up

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Kind of? I would've just staked it.i know it's a risk with gas fees but I honestly don't see this going down for awhile.

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>am I retarded?
I don't know anon. We'll see at the end of this cycle. My guess is, yes... that move was fucking stupid.

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wow you are retarded

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we just hit 3.0, congratulations

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You're a fucking retard
t. Holding and staking 20k

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you're the kind of nigger that gets priced out of BNT and AAVE

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Does anyone have the original screencap I require it for my collection.

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There are still millions of poor Bntys left cold and alone on centralized exchanges. We have have to bring them home so they can stake with their frens.

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i feel like an autist watching the charts. just stay at 3 dollars you fucking jew coin

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I'd be much happier to breach the top 100 instead