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how much did you lose on mcdonalds coin, /biz/?

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I don't FOMO in /biz/ shitcoins

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No one penny because I'm not retarded enough to buy stupid shit

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Nothing, I just got into crypto a week ago and mcdc looked sketch as fuck then already.

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imagine eating her pussy right after she dips it in mchicken sauce

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I choose to invest in shitcoins that at least offer a working product

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>Imagine the odors

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what the fuck is this pepe

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I don't buy shit without intrinsic value
Let this be a lesson to all you mcdonald fucks

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Paresis victim pepe, many such cases

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none, even as a noob i thought that shit was retarded

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-10 USD

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none, but i feel bad for the anons that did

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He got the Pfizer vaccine

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i raise you

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The reddit scam is gamestop stocks, ok.
the biz scam is a fucking token called "McDonaldsCoin" that offers free coins for anyone who goes through the McDonalds drive through and asks to pay with "McDonaldsCoin".

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>I actually made money on MCDC
>But it's none of your business
>MCDC is a sound investment
>You low iq plebs would never understand
>MCDC is going to bounce back in no time
>It has solid fundamentals, tokenomics, and technical analysis
>It's the successor meme coin to DOGE
>Just you wait

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I love fishburgers

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>but locked liquidity!!
>the team hasn't sold yet!!
>impossible to rug!!

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Fuck off dejan, you're not getting my mccoins, stay poor dilate and never selling
This but unironically

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Made 10x

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Nothing because I converted it to HOGE and paid off my investment in both

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This, $XIPOOH, SHIB, BERRY among other retarded coins, why the fuck would anyone buy this shit, it should be completely obvious to anyone as to what they are after even the most rudimentary google search, you're all retarded degenerate gamblers and it's always the same pattern of posts:

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I bought it when it was shilled for the first time and went to bed kek woke up to 6x, sold, bought a little more when it dipped, sold again. Im actually closer to x15. I know it was a total shit from the start but putting few eth in it for a morning surprise was cool

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Niggas dont know you can buy biggest shit and just gotta be early in a bullrun

Made 80x on bao

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i find it hard to believe anyone was tricked with this pnd

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When i saw ppl crying about mcd rugpulling i checked and i was still 4x up from initial if i didnt sell

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>I could sold at 44x
>Cashed out -$10

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Im only mad that i passed on shiba, it did 30x from the moment i checked price and passed on it. Glad about mickey dees pump n dump

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Seriously, what the fuck did you think would happen? Are you stupid? Are you a complete ignoramus? A newfag? A reddit refugee? How many fucking flavor of the month memecoins do you have to get scammed by before you recognize the patterns?
>Take popular person/character/company/event
>Copy paste an ERC-20 shitcoin and name it after said thing
>Shill it on /biz/ until retards like (you) buy it
How many times do you have to fooled, duped, swindled and hoodwinked until you realize coins like this always end up the same way? Trumpcoin, NuLink, Coronacoin, Luigicoin, McDonalds coin. They are all the fucking same, the exact same scam every fucking time. And yet, greedy idiots like you KEEP FUCKING FALLING FOR IT. You exist during one of the greatest transfers of wealth in human history, there are tens if not hundreds of actual legitimate projects that you could be speculating on. And yet, every time, without fail, you choose to gamble on stupid fucking memecoins with no real usecase. Do you think you can time the top? Clearly not, because you've been rugged so many times. Do you think it's actual a legit project? I hope not, or else you're retarded. What will it take for idiots like you to realize that there is no reason to buy stupid shit like this? How many times do you have to have the wool pulled over your eyes before you realize your mistakes? I can't comprehend it. I can't wrap my head around it. I cannot fathom how goddamn dumb and malleable you have to be to buy obvious PnD con jobs like the aforementioned projects. What the fuck is wrong with you? Why do you make your parents wish they had aborted you every waking moment of their lives? Have you no shame, no sense of decency? Get your shit together, for the love of God. I am sick of midwits like you ruining this board by being easy prey.

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I guess I learnt a valuable lesson about PnDs. Get in early and get out early. Fuck my greed, man

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I am not a midwit, anon. Just a retard

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if you invest in anything other than btc you deserve to get burnt

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Nothing because anyone with a functioning brain could see it was a scam.

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look at the toilet on this bitsh

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Yeah, it was a scam. But I thought my bags could dumped on the normies. It died out fast

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Bump for newfags

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They weaponized your superority complex against you, do you think normies would use uniswap. Half of the reason dogecoin "stock" now has a life of its own is due to it being on robinhood. If you want to dump on normies, it has to advertised to them(twitter, tick tock, insta) and has to be easy to buy. MCDC was shilled on /biz/ and /pol/ and is not even listed on coingecko, who the fuck do you think is going to buy it??? Even pajeets made a killing on grt today, while you just got rugpulled by an ethot.
Don't be an idiot next time.

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something about this image is revolting

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Imagine being a cow and being slaughtered so a part of you could be ground up, flattened, thrown between two buns and then sat on by a freak wearing a wig and commie colored panties.

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Nothing. The hedgies are on suicide watch. Give it two more weeks.

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looks like meme token $REPE will blow up very soon. Last chance anon

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I lost 6$ usd in gas transferring eth to MetaMask & back again into Coinbase. Once I got on metamask I realized how dumb I was being & rugpulled my 100$ on the jeets

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This one was a basic intelligence test

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I don't buy memes

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Aaron, Jesus Christ is God.

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>how much did you lose on mcdonalds coin, /biz/?
Socks? That's definitely a dude.