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why the fuck is this place nothing about crypto? seriously? i see people on reddit turning like 800 into 10k off options and shit its the same exact shit as crpyot.

is this really just "im an alternative computer autist and i like the nerdier weirder version" type shit?

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We don't do it for 10x. We go for 100x.

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I'm in 6 figure hell from a 1k investment in 2017 after having withdrawn 20x my intial. Autism pays.

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what was it? 3 years in an insanely long time

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pajeets and underageb&s are too stupid and poor to get into options.

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but bro it's the future financial system you just don't understand, fuck the banks we just wanna pay $200 per transaction to subsidize AMD

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Then go do that so you can rope and not annoy us anymore.

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>gambling on degenerate short term stock plays vs investing in the future protocols of the world and literally owning a piece of the infrastructure the whole world will run off of within 10-20 years which will perpetually pay out dividends for your entire life
Yes, it’s the same anon. Go back.

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The platforms require too much KYC and are somewhat restricted and limited for non-burgers.

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I turned 14 euro into 34k.

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>investing in the future protocols of the world and literally owning a piece of the infrastructure the whole world will run off of within 10-20 years which will perpetually pay out dividends for your entire life

kek you believe that?

yeah good point. once i own a home or something ill probably cash out half my shit in xmr. thats actually a really big benefit

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BTC, ETH, NEO, LINK and various shitcoins. I'd be a millionaire if I had just kept dollar cost averaging over time but I didn't know what I was doing.

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what are you buying these days? id be so fucking rich if i was taught stocks and investing and shit earlier but my parents are consoomers so i got fucked

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OP is a fagoot!

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Crypto is like buying gold except its done online and you have then umbers in your wallet instantly

Stocks is buying literally nothing some random jew says u now own even tho its just a number inside their sql database they can just turn off any second

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>i see people on reddit
then fuck off back there

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why would i go somewhere that doesnt show me how to make money? i do both stocks and crypto im not going to not learn

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When doge plummets to 0 you will regret not investing into assets with actual value

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>3 years
>insanely long time for 100-300x returns

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other way around dickhead. all crypto apart from bitcoin is base don literally nothing. fucking dickhead, thats so obvious to even the dumbest retard.

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I bought some XRP as schmuck insurance. Most of us here were in the same boat and ended up on an anime imageboard looking for financial advice. As long as you're patient, you're in the right place.

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I made 200x on bao shitcoins lmaoaOOOO

back to your reddit boomer stocks

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Go back then.

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>i see people on reddit turning like 800 into 10k off options and shit its the same exact shit as crpyot.
yeah basically
options are just a cheap way to get leverage
you can also just call your broker and get at least 4x leveraged buying power for shares and 10x if you're a big boy
for years crypto traders have memed about "lel boomers think their stock mooned when it only went up 10%" because they're too fucking dumb and financially illiterate to realize a 10% move on a stock can translate to massive gains if you're using leverage
downside risk is also way easier to manage with stocks
yes i realize you can go on some crypto exchanges and get fucking 125x leverage but that's going full fucking retard and probably the easiest way to get liquidated before you can even blink your eyes

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Ignore the Reddit ADHD zoomers anon.
Even their messiah DFV held GME for a year+ now before he made bank off it.

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i do crypto and stocks and options but i dont see why boomers are talked about like stupid boomer shit? i put money in crypto and stocks at the same time and they both gave me the same gains. actaully a little more stocks because its still going up but my coin is totally dead and flat lining

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Go back then faggot

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boomer gains are still good as fuck. theres an anon on /smg/ with arkf leaps and 100k worth and he gets like 2k in a day 9k in a day. i know its not a straight line up but still

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lol nigger enjoy the kikes protecting you

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Just go back.
You probably wouldn't understand anyway
Just like how I dont understand options
Everyone has a niche, for us its shitcoins
Go back.

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ive done a 4x on crypto just starting

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Started with $200, now I'm in 6 figure hell and have autism. Trust me this crypto shit is not worth it.

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so why are you bitching about this place being about shitcoins then?

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Lots of anons invest in stocks but they mostly stay confined to their stock market general. Majority of threads on /biz/ are pump and dump advertisements to a preferred audience for free. It takes a little bit of time to differentiate the genuine autism from pajeet scammers. Either adapt to the memes or die.

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it's because shitcoins have been pumping and dumping like none other, and everyone wants a shortcut to 40x or 100x their money. "Business and finance"? Not lately. The board should have generals for starting business and growing businesses to invest in. Sure it's not 'become a millionaire overnight' type stuff but it would actually be a smart thing to discuss and pursue. Maybe I'll try and make those threads, I don't have much experience besides a small software venture, but there's a lot of innovation to be made in a ton of fields. If you hear what I'm saying please look out for self improvement generals on other boards. Providing value to the world will not only be deeply fulfilling, it can also provide you with massive wealth rather than stressing about candle charts. You CAN DO IT! crypto has it's place but unless you really understand the minutia of how your shitcoin works, it's no better than gambling at a casino.

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If you don't know that your results will likely eventually return to the mean, you belong on reddit.

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i dont get why theres no talk about options when its literallly shitcoin tier gains and its easier for me to learn here than reddit. reddit has 3 million posting stupid shit and half of them are retarded. its just an echo chamber now

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>i see people on reddit turning like 800 into 10k off options
People on reddit mostly only post their wins. Gamblers only remember their wins.

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One of my trading stacks went from about a 100€ to more than 100k€ in a diversified defi portfolio in two trades. The most insane thing was Eth to YFI trade on 1inch routed to uni. Thanks to that I got rich with YFI and also got both of the airdrops and then the airdrops on top of airdrops

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I made a $1000 gain last night while asleep on crypto I accumulated for free through making one low stress swing trade per day over the past two weeks.

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yeah i know its not all the time but i see pink wojaks all over the place and shit. the thing im talking about is people buying hoge and mcdonalds coin and shit.

i would honestly ride those pump and dumps up but its not worth the $300 gas fees anymore. i put 200 in avax last night as a joke and went to sleep and woke up and made over $100 i know its not a lot but it is a day at a wagie job just to take a nap

i know a lot about this shit since i found it ive been on /biz/ like 12 hours a day minimum watching charts and just absorbing charts with pure autism. i like this coin so if it does fall a lot ill probably just buy more but its pretty stable

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wtf is this real?

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no man is shopped

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Actually this was my initial concern with this forum as well. But I've invested in both stocks and crypto in the past week and I've made a LOT more on crypto. Everyday you can see at least a 2x. Finding stock that 2x everyday has been difficult. The 2x crypto are shilled here everyday. It's an easier lottery.

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yeah i keep hearing crypto is better but i see people getting crazy gains on stocks. someone put 500 in a tesla leap and it turned into a million fucking dollars in a year.

any tips for finding good cryptos? im starting to get into it but white papers and all the shit around is kinda boring to me compared to reading about companies

i think crypto might be better as a poorfag but if i have a shit load of money stocks might be better to throw money in and forget about for a couple months

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After seeing the gme bullshit last week i think Crypto is less shady than stonks. Therefore crypto > stonks.

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Options are gambling. If you lose you lose your entire investment while with crypto you always have a chance of getting your money back if it dumps.

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i quit meme stocks after they did that shit and have been looking more into alt coins since that yeah. i wanna get back into meme stocks since i understand options better but i gotta refresh reddit all day until theres a new one and its boring as fuck.

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