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Made some gains and treated myself a little.
Just picked this bad boy up at the dealership.

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Too fat.
Also do they allow white slavery wtf

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how are you gonna get out of the car?

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>be me
>gets in a car crash
>only suffer a minor tummy ache

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He's a true Suter holder with a boomer mentality

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is that a car

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Yeah man.
Its a total chick magnet.

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>finally have some extra cash
>spend it immediately on depreciating asset

How to be poor 101.

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No, it's a man.

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He looks like he took a seat in a blue roller skate.

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How is this allowed? I refuse to believe this man can operate that vehicle.

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>Just picked this fat boy up at the dealership.

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His fat ass adds about 7 inches to his height kek

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does it come with that sit warmer?

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I'd be embarrassed to drive a "Lamborghini" that bad doors that don't lift up. It's just sad.

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Lambos are gaudy pieces of shit in general, but meme doors are even worse.