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HOGE general: Healthy retrace edition. It needs a break from mooning you tards. DONT SELL AT THE BOTTOM OF A DIP MFS

It dropped a 0 once. calm


• Contract: 0xfad45e47083e4607302aa43c65fb3106f1cd7607
• Locked liquidity: https://unicrypt.network/pair/0x7fd1de95fc975fbbd8be260525758549ec477960
• Buy on Uniswap:
• Check the price on dextools:
• Coingecko might be evaluating our token
proof: https://i imgur com/Bhq9Has.png
• Blockfolio listing Soon™
• Subreddit to shill this to the Redditors

Telegram: t(dot)me/hogefinance


Why $HOGE of all shitcoins being shilled right now?
> less than 1000 holders still
>solid tokenomics (1% distributed per buy and 1% burned per sell; basically "swingies get the rope": the coin
>top bagholder holds less than 3% of the coins pooled
>shilled first on /biz/, meaning no surplus of weak handed redditfags or boiler room Pajeets twitterfags
>liquidity locked. Rug proof
>total liquidity exceeds those of other shilled coins like AKITA, WOLFY and SCAT

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My hogies stay hogie

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This happened 2 nights ago. I sold like a bitch. Worst pageet move of my trading life. Then mooned.

Today I bought like the fucking retard I am.


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I sold but I wish you all the best

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but a less to us all

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>using the rubic chart to shill your steaming hot half-digested curry diarrhea septic tank garbage
holy fuck what a colossal buy signal for the green cube. if i could short HOGE, i'd rack up six figure debt in loans to do so

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thanks for the gift tokens to everyone holding when u sold

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So can any of you post the gains you've made so far. All the evidence I'm seeing is that this is just another scam

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Thinking about dropping 10ETH on a mooncoin after making it. But, looks like lots of ppl here sold. Should I buy? Willing to make a retarded move on a memecoin but I may wait until tomorrow or day after

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everyone notice how dirty mouth and angry the fudder speaks
HOGE is a high vibrationary good person coin
not for mean people

also correction to OP
theres like 1200 hodlers now

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Scam scam scam

Dont buy this garbage.

>>>memes ready to go


> dozens of posts for 1 guy


>>>dubious crypro with no reql world function

Pajeet scammers. Same mcec and rubic.

Get fucked apu

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Fuck it, I’m gonna keep holding my 4mil stack. Let’s do this Hogies!

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look at the chart on dextools urself
buy the tops like a based retard

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need to sleep, eye on the prize and hodl on

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you need to do something about that terminal stage 5 colorectal prolapse you have going on, people are starting to think it's some kind of zombie buttplug and you could very well get a disease
this is a rubic thread now you simpering niggerlord

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Refuted. Go back to holding Bao or mcdc or whatever shit you have

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Meant 400m kek

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it has real world function soon
the energy and minds behind it are positive and joyful

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>totally organic and real post with shitty hoge meme
>replied to by totally organic and real post with shitty hoge meme

meanwhile 0 trading volume
no one falling for it, poo

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take your meds, only 1 ID has reposted here

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that the best fud you've got 'jeet? ngmi

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didnt read

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>haha if the same person with clearly identical writing styles and clearly identical shit tier bottomfeeder memes posts from multiple IPs it will FOOL EVERYONE!!!!
just because all you poos look alike doesn't mean you fool anyone here

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Waste of based digits

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anyone who was in on day one or 2 watched the memes being created, a lot of us actually chipped on with design tips and pointers.
neck yourself.
>same with rubic
what a retard, rubic has been going for months now, calling it a scam is beyond retarded at this point.

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Yay, I dont trust this shit at all. Too forced like that fucking macdonalds coin

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Why would i buy a great value equivlant of dogecoin thats not verified.

Ill keep my 50k bags in graph thank you.

You need to fuck back off ranesh

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Can I make it just tossing in $100?

>> No.28371615

nice numbers, bad post

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Fuckin chonky bully HOGE would love to be adopted.

But for real there's a fuckload of momentum behind the coin. Even with a coordinated dump today we're still up for the day. Wtf that hasn't happened with these other recent shitcoins like MCDC or any other bullshit.

Tomorrow, since I'm not going to blow smoke directly up your asshole, it's more than likely we pass the ATH again like we did after past dumps. Your 10 eth would 2-5x tomorrow in that case.

Regardless good luck with your gains. You did good work.

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>HOGE is a high vibrationary good person coin
No white skin wrote this post.

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Yup totally fake and gay. Do not buy. Memes ready to go..look at these salty faggots seetheing they are getting called out

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I expect a 10x minimum very soon at this current price.

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How's $1,000 sound?

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of course you didn't, the years and years worth of daily 10-man nigerian bukkake's you've endured has rotted your optic nerves. you're due for a healthy change in lifestyle - i suggest starting by dumping this saag paneer scamcoin garbage and buying a real project's token. rubic's a great example

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yes thats $50 for gas $50 for HOGE

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>FuCkLoAd oF MoMeNtUm
yeah right into the fucking ground

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prove it is a scam
sorry, but the word of a paki doesnt curry much weight around here, or anywhere for that matter.

>no one falling for it
terrible english, and terrible logic, 1245 holders and its day 3. 1245 people "fell for it" as you claim.
literal retard

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Theres no momentum retard

Just the same 5 posters with a folder full of memes made last week.

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mcdc had unlocked liquidity, so the dev team sold and dumped price.
HOGE has locked liquidity, so that can not happen. Proof: https://unicrypt.network/pair/0x7fd1de95fc975fbbd8be260525758549ec477960

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Never ceases to amaze me that the dumb poo behind this insists on calling detractors "ranjeesh" as if that makes sense. He might actually fool people if he knew how retarded that was.

>> No.28371770

>fudders really are just here to shill their own shitcoin
I'll be damned

>> No.28371783

only one seething is u fren
ur mean

>> No.28371791

>1245 people "fell for it"
thanks for admitting it poo

>> No.28371810

Bruh I made like 1/3 of em, the gifs at least. I didn't have em ready to go, dunno what that even imples. I just had time while working to sling them.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Whatever though dudes. We're all here slinging some bags that we hold and shitting on others we don't so people buy ours. It's the way of /biz

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the bloated giganigger known as OP used rubic's chart to shill this garbage, he started it
the cube consumes all

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pakis detected

>> No.28371864

didnt read
that chart looks amazing, show the whole thing

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Dude just sold 6.6 ETH worth of HOGE. People are panicking. If you're in this at all you fucking know it's to your every advantage to hold.

>> No.28371915

Again I made like 1/3 of em on Monday at work so. Ok.

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I accuse you of player hating

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my wallet keeps increasing when these niggas sell

>> No.28371976

>what are quotation marks used for
>how does the english language work
>if i call them the poos, then people wont suspect me of being a paki

>> No.28372023

>People are panicking.
no shit because there are only 1-2 poos behind this scam and they already dumped
congrats on your worthless token

>wallet keeps increasing as the value rockets straight back to the ground

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Don’t give FUDs your time or energy, they will see with there own eyes.

Also I made over 40000000 Hoge today for doing absolutely nothing. Good luck out there!

>> No.28372073

but you did reply, and you keep replying, and you'll probably reply again. that's all i need to get my fat fucking crotch rocket double decker hog slopper of a cock sandwich harder than granite, ready to pound and plunder the tender holes of every limp-wristed four-eyed noRBCer from here to cincinnati

>> No.28372098

>the cube consumes all
Including your money lol

>> No.28372113

kek hoge just dropped BY HALF in the past 15 minutes
imagine getting up to make a sandwich and coming back and your 1.0 eth is now 0.5 eth

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Get out of this scam, they stole my wallet

>> No.28372125

What do you recommend people invest in then anon?

>> No.28372152

didnt read

>> No.28372179



They will be back with a new scam coin on Friday. Fresh memes get made tommorrow. The threads will start the shilling around 8 est when its morning in mumbai

>> No.28372182

Nice fud retard, nobody believes your shitty photoshop job.

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bitch if i had panicked like that two days ago i wouldnt be in crypto and i wouldn't have made 10x today. stfu

>> No.28372203

so wot m8
it will return to aths soon

>> No.28372229

i think i speak for him and everyone on either corner of the IQ bellcurve when i say RUBIC
and you're not gonna read the price tag on a 15 foot length of rope when RBC breaches $3 AND this faggot ass shitcoin goes into the NEGATIVES on the same day. you'll be in debt to the blockchain, and steady on your way to kleros court. god help you when they sentence you to the ethereum mines

>> No.28372234

Son of a bitch I just want to go to sleep, stop doomping

>> No.28372252

get in now nigger buy at a discount

>> No.28372255

> Can’t handle a dip

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Sitting comfy here. Taken some profits, still 5x up and buying this dip. Whole market took a shit last night with the chinks cashing out for new year.

Put the rope down and fill them bags of cheap HOGE, back under 3m marketcap, easy 4x today dickheads

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>> No.28372295


Yeah except hogebis just some faggots made up coin.

How stupid can you be to trade money for some dumb nigger making up his own coin and memeing it

>> No.28372303

didnt read

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Go to bed, you’re not selling anyway. You’ll have a few mill more Hoge in the am, too.

>> No.28372356


Never bought your fake gay scam coin

>> No.28372365


>> No.28372374

>look mom i pressed refresh on my vpn and posted another zero effort non-meme, so organic and real, so comfy *flames shooting through windows as hoge crashes below floor after floor*

>> No.28372376

>when RBC breaches $3
lmao, bro take the change left in your rbc wallet and buy some fucking meds

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You robbed me blind pajeet, fuck you

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i always wonder why, people like you will flock to these threads, and stay with them the entire night, just to FUD non stop, its like you pick something and try to put as much spite and damage into it as you possibly can. yet this coin keeps bouncing back, i am still 2x and climbing.
i just dont get it. whats in it for you anyway?

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>> No.28372456

its a problem with their own life
they are feeling bad so trying to spread it
i have been there
have mercy on them

>> No.28372459

I've been pretty impressed with the resiliency so far. It's going to be really volatile in the beginning for anything but people have been handling the dips really well.

>> No.28372494

>tfw crashing down after I sold
I wish every funcoin could work out and make everyone rich. The world is such a cruel place bros

>> No.28372535

right on cue, as we have come to expect.
FUD just keeps on failing.

>> No.28372560

this isnt a fun coin

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Leaving auto refresh while go to sleep gn bros

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>> No.28372594

fuck, you're right. that's an insane claim for me to make. i meant $30, EOQ3

>> No.28372608

yeah, thats true.
Its a way to elevate themselves to a faux position of grandure, to find some way to look down on others, must make them feel better.

>> No.28372662


>> No.28372671

do you sometimes forget which phone you're typing on, poo?

>> No.28372694

>Not posting transaction Id

Larping also kill yourself

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File: 219 KB, 772x1080, 6C92BFEF-07B2-4FE5-BB16-B2F2FE9E1DB2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seriously like how pathetic are people. I’m a grown man, if I lose my money that’s on me. I don’t need all these shitheads in here who are really just bummed they missed the billions. Sad

>> No.28372735

why are you here?

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File: 9 KB, 218x231, 20inchDICK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Made money on RBC and sold that horse shit and put it into $HOGE

so loyal to a coin and not to increasing your own wealth

Cutting off the nose to spite the face keeping RBC while it crabs and does jack shit

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File: 210 KB, 820x892, 790-7907832_7190485-pink-wojak.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28372756

Omfgggg aping in my life savings right now

>> No.28372762

How are the gas prices doing?

>> No.28372786

dunno about him but I'm here to call out obvious poo scammers
mostly because of your shitty fake memes
if you hadn't tried to force your garbage and pretend people were "memeing" it with zero effort lazy ass photopoo jobs and samefagging on 3+ IPs I probably wouldn't have given a shit
but you just stink of curry so bad

>> No.28372797

High and dry

>> No.28372814

what the fuck are you on about now?
im using this thing called a laptop, do they have those in india? or are you accessing this site from your bargain bin windows phone?

>> No.28372817

lowest it's been in days

>> No.28372863

exactly, it really just stinks the place up.

>> No.28372918

same, i put 1300 on rbc, pulled out 4, watched it sink. then got up to 10k on ada, before it crashed. put 2.5k on this, havent looked back.

been a hell of a ride though

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File: 68 KB, 888x894, 1571736604104.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whale here. I've had my fun but this coin is cooked. I'm gonna pull out now, see you on the next one.

>> No.28372977

please give an example of a "real meme" then

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If you faggots aren't paying attention, the sales are basically going such that the whales are cashing out and regular buyers are getting in. Most of the sudden drops are literally a singular whale cashing out and the paper hands that follow, and so far it's recovered nicely each time. I think it's looking to be a lot more stable than yesterday now and is finishing higher as a result, and already surviving it's first bubble is a good sign. Proud of you all. But please get more creative with the memes, just posting the logo on top of everything is fucking lazy.

>> No.28372993

Jesuschrist is it always this retarded after a dip? Did you idiots think it was going to keep climbin and climbing without correction? Lmao

Give it 1 or 2 days and watch climb again...

>> No.28373041


>> No.28373093

cope harder
it's over pajeet

>> No.28373097

Im giving it until the blockfolio update before I do anything.

>> No.28373099

We are literally about to bottom out, is there any reason I should hold this? I swear shit like this is why I should stick to stocks only.

>> No.28373111

pls sirs don’t buy Hoge pls buy rubic
show bobs annd vagin

>> No.28373225
File: 45 KB, 1308x234, Whale Movement.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whales are moving, everybody HOLD ON TIGHT

>> No.28373264

Lmao literally all you have to do is hold and ignore, this shit swings it's shitcoin 101.
Only the strong deserve their fat gains and they're going to get them

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File: 14 KB, 449x371, 1598900418753.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28373325

>barely 4 eth worth sold
holy mother of kek
literally will take 6, maybe 7 eth worth of uninterrupted sells before the price is quite literally where it began when the token launched
and you fucking shitskins have the gall to use rubic's graph in your shitty god damn meme. what's the hindu word for "chutzpah"? i'm starting to think sandeep and chaim are cousins

>> No.28373335

the only swinging is the door hitting pajeet on the ass as he runs away laughing to print the next scam coin tomorrow

>> No.28373369

Not too bad atm, more or less same price than yesterday night, but with a lot more holders. Graph still look decent, imo. Let's keep holding. Don't panic. This might be a meme coin, but we have a fixed supply, a burning mechanism and no devs with locked tokens.

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>> No.28373506

please pajeet. fuck me in the ass harder

>> No.28373524

You tried but it's over. Take your losses

>> No.28373529

Cool guess I lost all of my money

>> No.28373546

All these weakass hands lmao ez x3 after all the whales are gone

>> No.28373556
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>> No.28373582

3x from here is the former support line that was just cut through like butter a few minutes ago you coping faggot lmfao

>> No.28373608

waiting for the dip, absolute rock bottom is where i want to be

>> No.28373620

come on man im a coping bagholder too but the circulating supply is going to balloon with all the day 1s getting out

>> No.28373621

We'll see, you cucked nigger

>> No.28373622

>t-thx for selling idiots, you're only making my stack fatter!
yeah but your stack keeps getting more and more worthless lmao

>> No.28373734

well nothing like losing it all on a pnd thanks biz for the shill ;) finding some rope

>> No.28373795

Fuck my life

>> No.28373903

so glad i didn't put any money into this shit

>> No.28373910

Any other EUfags buying in?

>> No.28373922


Have fun having nobody to sell to

Another pajeet scam ends predictably.

Doesnt look like they covered their gas fees this time. Bet they are mad asf

>> No.28373941

there are going to be some unhappy burgers waking up tomorrow unless
gets to work

>> No.28373951

"Can't be rugpulled" I'm a fucking idiot for believing in any of this scam shit. I only put in what I was willing to lose but damn still it burns....

>> No.28373992
File: 11 KB, 218x231, born to fren.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tfw i swung for an extra 800 million hogies just there

>> No.28373998
File: 19 KB, 256x256, b74133de4d835fb9ff4ab54e06f04c87.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I sold before, why does watching this unfold make me feel so damn hollow inside?

>> No.28374005
File: 62 KB, 976x850, _91408619_55df76d5-2245-41c1-8031-07a4da3f313f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

screencap this, hoge will never go above ath again.

>> No.28374023

no. stop going up you fucking pajeet coin... dont give me hope.

>> No.28374028

Big green dildo right now

>> No.28374031

Literally recovering now

>> No.28374056


>> No.28374078

anddddddd go! and Go!

Anddddd go!

>> No.28374085

It’s a lesson learned, if it gets back up to your break even point I would pull out. Anything this volatile is not worth the risk.

>> No.28374136


>> No.28374144

but isnt it a thrill? to put everything on the line for gains? this is the shit i live off

>> No.28374145

Low cap token, I don't know what you expect. Of course it's going to be volatile.

>> No.28374153

recovering into the toilet

>> No.28374176


WE'RE BACK TO 0.0000035

>> No.28374180

Booom gogogogo hooooooogeeeew

>> No.28374189

fuck off pajeet

>> No.28374248

i have gone through 3 emotional states in the last 5 minutes

>> No.28374254
File: 28 KB, 550x393, 1612813964064.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you weak handed faggots make me sick. all you had to do was hold and then buy more if you had spare eth on the dip that you've been supposedly begging for.
t. top 5 hogler

>> No.28374270

>isnt it a thrill?
not when it's a scam to make 2 poos with a token contract new delhi-rich
they're going to be eating the finest tiki marsala tonight, then tomorrow figuring out the next scam so they can make it to the end of the week

>> No.28374312


>> No.28374324
File: 921 KB, 1242x1429, BD81E668-6C43-4EA5-9586-74C985A2F747.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28374332

Thank you based anon who bought 5 ETH worth of HOGE

>> No.28374357


so just scam money from the same people they are scamming.
we are all stealing from eachother. thats how this works.

money isnt everything

>> No.28374368

dropped in the holder rankings despite not selling. that would mean at least 10 more whales bought than sold. that said, all these billions flying into the burner make me nervous

>> No.28374379

Get in on the dip guis

>> No.28374384

Same but eventually the gambling addiction seeps its way into other aspects of your life

>> No.28374397

not happening anymore now

>> No.28374438

i only sold to buy right back in, upped my stack by nearly 1/3. this makes things a lot easier for me to ride out. good decision.

>> No.28374444

i mean was it ever really? it's a rfi clone verbatim

>> No.28374500

it's a guaranteed win for the scammer, and a roll of the dice whether you win for the people trying to latch onto the coattails.
if you know this much and knew when to sell, good for you.
if you're falling for the [email protected]! DOGE BUT DEFI!! memes, you're the sucker they'll be laughing about next week when they make the new coin and the new shitty zero-effort forced memes

>> No.28374509


>> No.28374513
File: 255 KB, 491x471, doggers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i did this too but wow jhc this was way too stressful and i wanna die. we did hit 0.000 000 6 yesterday. if today's mega dip is 0.000 001 6, this is a very, very good sign.
today's low is yesterday's high!

>> No.28374528


>> No.28374539

welecome to biz. where you learn to read bullshit, not trading.

>> No.28374556

>anyone who was in on day one or 2 watched the memes being created, a lot of us actually chipped on with design tips and pointers.
>"design tips and pointers" for zero-effort lazy ass fake memes by a poo with an outdated copy of photoshop
>"just put our shitty ready-to-go logo on a bunch of random images and generic anime girls pulled off a booru"

Imagine falling for ANY of this.

>> No.28374614

this fucking shit is retarded, fuck you fuck your shit pajeet coin and fuck your shitty nigger ugliest fucking logo for a cryoto ever kys

>> No.28374628

true, i wish id dropped out at the peak last night and came back in this morning though, but dont have a crystal ball.
the only thing i am worried about is the way the chart looks, its not an attractive chart for normies to look at

>> No.28374674
File: 120 KB, 807x908, 9F10B6AF-7651-466E-8F53-CE78704E788F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

2.2 billion and never selling. Thank you paper hands, you couldn’t even make it a week and gave me 50 mill Hoge today alone. Good luck with the buy back.

>> No.28374686

i was literally in the thread you fucking retard, loads of us were

>> No.28374726

>"just put our shitty logo on every generic image you can find"
so real and organic
the memes, dude
the memes

>> No.28374822
File: 97 KB, 796x500, reality mean.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


It just looks like the mean wasn't 0.0000045 like i said but closer to 0.0000025 tonight and probably 0.0000033 tomorrow

>> No.28374839

Dump this garbage coin for Union or you will not be making it.

>> No.28374843


Yeah..all in the first thread.

Like they were premade days before

Fuck off pajeets

>> No.28374853

theres plenty that are not just a logo on a random image. why even lie?

>> No.28374895

Imagine a retard like you saying right to peoples' faces that your "memes" aren't garbage.
You will never understand chan culture.

>> No.28374970

buy the dip

>> No.28374971

i'll rest more easily now than i would've before seeing this. why did i double down fuck

>> No.28375007

literally not what i said at all, but whatever

>> No.28375024

Yeah I'm a real sucker just watching my free stack go up and down without doing anything, not. This shit is free money

>> No.28375030

Dude, who ever you are, you can eat the fattest fomo cock and seeth all the way back to the basement.

>> No.28375059

>why can't you just let me scam in peace
You get what you deserve for your shit ass fake memes.

>> No.28375102
File: 30 KB, 583x437, 110ba54a2981998658bc690abf13702a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Real talk does this ever have a chance of reaching 700 again or have I truly been pajeeted

>> No.28375141

Thanks for saving all us anons senpai, so thoughtful of you

>> No.28375167
File: 343 KB, 500x281, 1613018048220.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28375172

Half-week pump and dump. Your stack turned into this weekend's curry dinner dinner for rhajesh and samir. New shitcoin and bad memes on Monday, see you then.

>> No.28375183

So uniswap is showin a value of 0 when I try to sell.
Will that turn into real money once it's done processing?

I'm not selling now but I want to know what to do

>> No.28375195

probably during this weekend. everything will rest on the shoulders of the Blockfolio admins tomorrow and Friday.
we have done all we can to organically grow this coin and it is now in the hands of (unfortunately) reddit and the pajeet and chink hoards

>> No.28375277
File: 176 KB, 486x487, tux.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.28375278

what the fuck do you think?
i swear this scamcoin is going to add another zero real soon and you gullible retards will still believe this coin is going to make you rich

>> No.28375289

Easy. Next week or sooner

>> No.28375321
File: 9 KB, 225x225, C4DE0C07-1F0B-4A01-A2FA-BBB1F85FF633.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hoge is coming for you

>> No.28375329
File: 17 KB, 375x375, 9686cde6995da0ff5d1fc99e217e6f7bfe57fc788c41da438871437ac5432bcc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Im not buying your shitcoin, pajeet

>> No.28375336

>see you then
we all know you are going to sit and wank your little cock off for 18 hours a day for the next week fudding this coin and moving on to the next one to fud that too.
I cant imagine such an unfulfilling life desu

>> No.28375355

>organically grow this coin
>"memes" like >>28371085 are "organic"
Do you even know what that word means

>> No.28375379
File: 68 KB, 993x635, McRugald's.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

get out now retards

>> No.28375450

Reminder that the FUDDER admitted to being all in on rubric and was reluctant to suggestions to invest in GRT

>> No.28375539


>> No.28375562


>> No.28375600

>4 mil stack
Your 4 mil stack is worth less than half the cost of the gas it would take to get it back out

>> No.28375605

>27 posts by this ID

>> No.28375628

gonna cry about it because your hooks aren't baiting any more fishies?

>> No.28375651
File: 69 KB, 541x541, hoogtie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i have GRT tho anon. bought it the first day it listed on CB at around .12. it's a good project and would succeed even if it wasn't.

but this coin is a LOT more fun. i've enjoyed memeing with you and organically growing the base and made some really cool friends along the way. even if it dumps back to $0.000 000 5 and i break even, it would be worth it just for the memes and anons (who are no longer anon)

>> No.28375661

>Dealing with FUDDERS in the telegram cause thread halts

>> No.28375673

not including every single thread tonight he is in.
he is the saddest cunt ive seen on 4chan in a while

>> No.28375731

>i've enjoyed memeing with you and organically growing the base
>if I just keep posting these words they'll think I'm a fellow kid from "4-chan"

>> No.28375743

Would you do it if it broke its market cap tomorrow?

>> No.28375747

Wgmi bros dont give up

>> No.28375757

so, is this still the comfiest hold?
t. 500 million bagholder

>> No.28375789

damn, just woke up and saw my lil hogie down at 266. you leave those americans alone with a good coins once and they let it go to shits

>> No.28375842

bBoga spread wisdom pls

>> No.28375884



>> No.28375885

What will you do if the toilet witch gets you?

>> No.28375889

still comfy. will go back up tmrw when the boys wake up

>> No.28375890

yeah its been a rough night, whales and fudders have been shitting the bed.

>> No.28375909

of course
early highs were just showing what can be done. now it creeps back up

>> No.28375925

just wait for the boys to wake up

>> No.28375938

im jelly of the swingers who got in another buy at 150

>> No.28375944

Only a low IQ wouls think pump yday was sustainable, just added another billion to my stack, see you at ath in a few days weakhanded poorfags

>> No.28375975

do you get paid by the post? I'm not selling faggot

>> No.28375981

Uh, do you guys really think blockfolio will list it after these obvious pnds

>> No.28376016


>> No.28376027


>> No.28376049

How? They're so blatant

>> No.28376058

>getting paid to call a shitty poo scam a scam
what kind of mental gymnastics do you have to jump through to get here

>> No.28376060

Euros build, Yanks collapse. Tragic

>> No.28376072

you dont check your own shit

>> No.28376108

i managed to add 800m to my stack doing that. some retard said he was a whale about to dump, probably a liar. but i dumped, and took advantage of paper hands dumping also.

had i seen what was coming, id have cashed out last night to become a mega whale

>> No.28376142

That was me, hogie! 160

>> No.28376206
File: 26 KB, 480x358, quotes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

desu same
glad i did it tonight. i was kicking myself for not catching that 0.000 000 6 low yesterday night but i caught the 0.000 001 6 low tonight!

tfw top 25 wallets now ;D

hope you are prowd of me, fellow 4channer website users!

>> No.28376258

i see you wanderoof

>> No.28376320

> 31 post by this ID
Which is it, obsessed or paid?

Also: post hand to show us whether or not you're a pajeet

>> No.28376324

aw man, yeah same. i was like "its definitely going to happen again tonight"
somehow managed to convince my self it might not, despite the batman peaks warning sign.
how do you check your rank btw? i figured it out earlier and forgot again, cant seem to re figure it out

>> No.28376388

>paid to call a scam a scam
please tell me how retarded you are

>> No.28376419

how to buy?

>> No.28376421

it's on etherscan.
scroll through and find yours! you should really learn to use this website and tokensniffer if you're starting with shitcoin trading. i've been trading for a few years and shitcoins for around 1 and it's a very, very valuable skill to have if you want to not get scammed.


>> No.28376424
File: 101 KB, 1591x1429, 1612907284788.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kiss her cause she looks like this cute coin girl

>> No.28376436

loser it is then

>> No.28376444


>> No.28376457

It's going up again. Last chance to buy before the 5x in 5 hours.

>> No.28376487


kill yourself dumb nigger good lolz from this ebin raid GO TO BED DIRTY FUCKING NIGGER TAKE A FUCKING SHOWER

>> No.28376494

he's right, why would you sit here in this thread all night fudding. captain save a bro?
i've been in the threads all day long and havent said shit

>> No.28376502

go ahead and seethe
pajeet scam is a scam, are you pajeet or one of the cultists crying over your losses?

>> No.28376522

wow, you seem upset at losing money

>> No.28376538

aw damn, i moved up to rank 24. thats not a good sign, whales are dropping out

>> No.28376556

Bro we can just be freinds you could be in the top 25

>> No.28376579

you aren't from around here if you're gonna make a post like that.

>> No.28376596

it's pumping retard

>> No.28376628
File: 203 KB, 703x642, 1612903141156.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm upset at fudders, not worried about this nothingburger

>> No.28376639

more like it's preparing for a big steaming dump again

>> No.28376683

>shit ass fake memes
>"We'Re So OrGaniC!!!"
how much do you have to gargle to get pajeet cock taste out of your mouth?

>> No.28376689

Nobody can be nice because hurr Durr nigger shit

Shut up your my nigger if you act like my nigger just be chill

>> No.28376696

Most desperate fud I’ve ever seen

>> No.28376705

damn, you can even tell by how smooth and horizontal the graph was between 6 to 2 hours ago and how more trades per hour are happening once euros wake up again.

>> No.28376722
File: 40 KB, 820x425, Dave-Ramsey.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.28376737

i wanted to try and learn what to click to get back to it, but will just remember to put #balances on the end of the url. thanks anon.

i usually keep etherscan open plus 2 instances of dextools, one for fullscreen chat and the other for transactions.
still etherscan is not the easiest, definitely have a way to go.

btw, i'm wallet 23, up from 39.
nice, never felt like one of the big bois before

>> No.28376749

wow keep seething that will magically make this pajeet scam not a scam

do people who get their money taken from them always spaz out like this?

>> No.28376757
File: 462 KB, 521x937, 1612906499803.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Running out of fud I see lmfao


>> No.28376772

I'm sure it's not, maybe in 16 hours.

>> No.28376778

gains actually

>> No.28376802

>shitty photoshop of a meme I made
thanks for showing me how desperate you actually are pajeet

>> No.28376812

I bought 1 billi at 500. Wish I waited but whatevs. Hope it recovers soon

>> No.28376826

This has always been biz's coin nigger

>> No.28376834

I just woke up and immediately bought more. HOGLERS RISE UP

>> No.28376843

what we're all trying to figure out it - what does it matter to you? why are you here? this isn't your money

>> No.28376853

1. Post hand to prove you're not a pajeet
2. Post your portfolio to show your investments

>> No.28376854

damn, you are a ballhair behind me then. same boat
currently 24, feels pretty good

>> No.28376889
File: 1.21 MB, 1100x1092, 1612908237710.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Oldfag looking for laughs feels bad
Sorry boomer! Now suck my massive HOGE cock

>> No.28376896

We will be at ATH again tonight and all the poorfags with no HOAGIES will be crying.

>> No.28376901

>PoSt HanD
haha I'm not the poo trying to steal your money, retard
I don't get anything from keeping you from making idiot mistakes other than the satisfaction of seeing this inorganic shit tier garbage get run off my board

>> No.28376951

Okay, how about sharing your portfolio apu, what should we be investing in?

>> No.28376962

Got in around 93 so can walk away happily

Shame the American's tank it, but it's recovering.

>> No.28376982

join the discord
we'll have people sitting there eggsplaining to you how to meme shitcoins. also if you can video edit and sing, that would be helpful as well. invite is in the telegram (don't stay too long in there because it's literally just pajeet spamming)

>> No.28377034

not fly by night moon scams with "memes" that are clearly low effort trash made by one retard with photoshop, to start with.
there are plenty of ways to make gains right now, if you want me to tell you the next big get rich quick garbage you shouldn't be buying into volatile trash like this in the first place

>> No.28377059

i actually believe you are as sad as you just made yourself out to be.
you are totally right anon, you are winning at life.

>> No.28377072

don't care what you think of me
doesn't stop your scam from being a scam

>> No.28377107

Ignore that guy. He's mad as fuck.

>> No.28377121

> Refuses to post hand
> refuses to name a single coin he would invest in

This is legit hilarious now. Come on buddy, name a coin you're holding.

>> No.28377135

doesn't stop your scam
from being a scam

>> No.28377147

im in both, just lurking tho

>> No.28377148

We're gonna make it frens

>> No.28377175

Name a coin you're invested in Raj

>> No.28377212

lol, can tell by your sudden switch to the defensive that i cut you a bit with that one.
nice, seethe, let the hate flow.

>> No.28377245

Really need more Twitter action going on

>> No.28377249

>43 posts by this ID
not seething at all

>> No.28377260

name a coin you are invested in gayboy

>> No.28377271

you realize the difference between us you're attacking me personally
and I'm attacking your shitty scam
you can literally say whatever you want about me, it doesn't matter. do your very best to hurt my feelings! it doesn't stop your scam from being a scam. you don't magically transform this shitcoin into a viable market by "winning" over me

>> No.28377309

just woke up you weak paperhand faggots.
don't care, never selling

>> No.28377350
File: 146 KB, 959x1280, IMG_20210210_043609_842.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.28377355

> 44 posts by this ID.
> Refuses to confirm race, or current crypto holdings
> Spending all this time trying to FUD HOGE
If you're not being paid you're legitimately mentally unwell.

Come on lad, lets see your portfolio

>> No.28377373

>being paid to call a scam a scam
same old broken record huh
how much money did you lose?

>> No.28377374

>s..stop it anon, y...y...youre attacking me personally, its so poersonal.

hahaha, fucking seethe you faggot.
now, stop dodging the question faggot balls, name a single coin you are invested in.

>> No.28377396


>> No.28377399
File: 59 KB, 986x536, DECC0E96-54BB-4B0C-897B-DB305C274641.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

63 here and a 3 billion bbc holder. Should have sold but know it will reach a new high soon

>> No.28377401

45 posts. Jesus guy, why don't you go do something productive instead? If you hate something so much just ignore it?

Your time is valuable, why don't you go invest in something you like and let us morons lose our money with this one, huh?

>> No.28377420

Wait for Euros to wake up. Muttland and Assia always fuck it up.

>> No.28377423

oh btw, heres your non fake meme you asked for

now, name your coin

>> No.28377431


>> No.28377467

gotta give it to him tho, hes singlehandedly keeping the thread alive while mutts are dropping the ball on us

>> No.28377471

You don't own any crypto do you anon?

Also I now suspect you're more of a chang, you're very insect like in behaviour.

>> No.28377476

my sides

>> No.28377481

This FUD is super bullish. As soon as pussyhands leave the rocket, it will be moontime again.

>> No.28377495

Nigger were trying to save you you aren't saving us

>> No.28377527
File: 128 KB, 949x1024, 95D3E9B4-AAFB-4CBD-AFFD-FCCCFBA26ED8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It has dipped every day around midnight CST. Eurpoors and chinks are fucking it up

>> No.28377533

haha, glad somebody picked up on that subtle sneedery

>> No.28377612

Retard. It dumped after midnight in Europe. You mutts fucked up.

>> No.28377634

have you not been around yesterday? euros singlehandedly launched this rocket.

>> No.28377679

Chang post your portfolio or go to bed.

>> No.28377778

lol, as soon as the tables turned on him, he fucked off.
when you see him again, remember to ask him to name a coin

>> No.28377803

I just woke up, Juan.

>> No.28377818

>haha we won guys now the scam isn't a scam and we'll make our money back!!

>> No.28377849
File: 9 KB, 220x183, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guysss I asked you to keep it poomping before I went to bed. Oh well thanks for the cheap HOGE, time to accumulate

>> No.28377873

Post portfolio.

lol I bet you're a REQ bagholder

>> No.28377933

its ok fren . we all get farmed tokens .

>> No.28377966

>can't defend his pajeet scam
>just lost his money
>PoSt a PoRtFoLiO!

if you want financial advice that badly why don't you just ask nicely? I already gave you the best tip you'll hear on this board: don't fall for fly by night pump and dumps

>> No.28378005

Look, man. I'm gonna go make some tea. Find another fren to talk to.

>> No.28378043

> 47 posts by this ID

Thanks for keeping the HOGE generals going though lad, see you in the next?

>> No.28378146

see >>28374822

le return to le mean

>> No.28378236

name a single coin you are invested in

>> No.28378243

>on a shitcoin so volatile it swings between 0.25 and 2x its value within the span of an hour
dumpers left
you can hold your bag for years and it will continue to be worth dryer lint
guess what, just because you can make a contract doesn't mean you've made a market

>> No.28378260

Kill yourself wigger

>> No.28378282

Hmmmm juicy. Thanks

>> No.28378320

i baek nu bred



>> No.28378395
File: 247 KB, 638x359, eb7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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