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Bull market is over. Reddit reject communists are buying.

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>suggests DOGE and XRP
Jesus christ OP do you know what this means? This bull market could continue for years while DOGE and XRP pump and dump incessantly!

idk about you but for me, it's the WAGMI

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>but it CANT be doge or xrp.
Reading comprehension anon.
Bull run cancelled.

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>Putting money in DOGE

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>I know it conflicts with your values.
What did it mean by this?

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Why can't we all work together? I heard about GME here and made 300%.

Just because its on Reddit doesn't mean its bad.

t. oldfag

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>Just because its on Reddit doesn't mean its bad.

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>he/him integrated into the fucking UI

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Sir. We are here to make money

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Commies don't believe in free markets, or values apparently

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doge is going to keep going up retards, most holders are never going to actually cash their gains out because Robin Hood will crash by that time, but it's going up.
Doge is the wildcard crypto.

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>Just because its on Reddit doesn't mean its bad.

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Because if you faggots ran this website we’d have pronouns in our ID’s

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Fuck redditors. They are subhuman. I hate the effect reddit has had on culture. My coworkers are nearly impossible to talk with because they just spout shit they saw on there and get all their opinions from there. The general smug, sterile atmosphere rubs off on people

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>not XRP
Guess he doesn't know about The Switch

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>saying that while being in a board that specializes rugpull shitcoins

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>he thinks the regular people on here are the ones that fall for those and not the newfags

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Then I'd finally be free from this place

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Why have these shitty toxic values when you can break them so easily. God commiefucks irritate me to a new level. They hold other people to values that themselves dont follow, cant wait to for this mania to froth up a little bit more and shit on their heads with my fucking bags. Being rich and making these losers lose money brings me great joy.

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Sell signal overload. There are the post bull market bloomers. Think Bor is one of them.

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>not xrp
capped and will post anytime one of you fucking niggers call xrp a reddit coin again, you fucking commies.

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>not including link to the shithole

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Kek, the crypto community on reddit hasn't been too excited about dogecoin anyways. This isn't anything new. The people reading these comments aren't going to be hype about dogecoin anyways. That said it's good to get people in other shit too. No reason to focus it all on Dogecoin. Seriously, some of the holders are way too cult like.

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Read again

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glad they aren't buying doge so they can stay losers

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Wait..reddit is starting to become bullish again? 11 months after the bull run started? I care a lot

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Investing in cryptocurrency like it is now is the same as investing into a snowball ponzi

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rugpull shitcoins are a feature of DeFi and personally, my favorite

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what sub is this?

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I don't think you get that the people here don't want or care to come together. If someone in real life started talking about 4chan to me I tell them to fuck off. What reddit doesn't understand is that we are actually a bunch of retards and why would we want to be around more retards. This guy gets it. >>28369417
And to my point >>28370009. If 4chan goes away we don't care. We don't like each other. Whenever some faggot post some soppy shit about how he loves 4chan I know immediately he's from reddit.

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I litereallly became a milionare over night with bitcoin. just buy it, you wont regret it. trust me

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listen to this man. crash is imminent:


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