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no amount of money can bring back my dead daughter

why is everyone so obsessed with the thought of being rich. it wont change your life. i have a net worth of 1.4 million but i still cry every night

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what happened? if its too painful to discuss i get it but you made this thread so do you wanna talk about it fren?

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Whatever caused her death is your fault, you've failed as a father and as a husband

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it would change a lot of things for me and my family.

I am truly sorry for you anon, i have 2 daughters and know exactly what you lost.
truly, gutted for you.

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>he made it and cashed out?
>execute her

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wtf anon

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This OP, may as well give me all your crypto

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Plenty of people have personal grief AND have to work some horrible job for some horrible asshole because they need that money to live

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There’s something mentally wrong with you. Evil people and the mentally Ill say that type of shit. Leave this place

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Subhuman is the guy who is using his daughter's death for pity points from anonymous people.

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Anon I'm a 30 year old forever alone wizard. Getting rich now is all I have.

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>obvious redditor tells someone to leave

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Maybe he just needs to talk about it... vent without looking at a human face

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Op, you failed as a human. Sorry, but you were dealt a poor hand from the start. If you are unable to adapt, then you are better off dead.

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Man 200k would solve my life

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You’re very right. Nothing hurts as much as losing a child.

I’m so sorry

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Maybe don't use 4chan as your personal blog, retard. Also, you are getting upset about shitposting. Lurk for a year and then post again, fee fee fairy.

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Not from Reddit you fucking degenerate

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because faggot i live in a broken down house in a third world frozen mountain with a leaking roof and isolated all day

i just want a fucking house somewhere sunny

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I'm only 19 and have never had children but I think the loss of a child is probably the hardest thing someone can go through. My condolences man and I wish you the best.

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Yea you are crybaby

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are you the anon who posts about his parents being completely retarded with their money?

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Been here since 2009 fuckwit. I’m just not an edgy piece of garbage like most you virgins

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>That's what life insurance policies are for. Large return is insanely cheap for healthy children.

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i think so

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this. while i feel bad for op because of his daughter, he needs to understand that different people have lives and problems. he lacks empathy

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My parents never had money, societal trappings have doomed me to wageslave mediocrity for the rest of my life after college, culture is dead unless it's sponsored by the neoliberal ruling class, and I'm 5' 9. What the hell else should I do, learn an instrument?

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Just make another one duh

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> It won't change your life.
Fuck off, $1.4m would immediately change the lives of me and everyone in my family. Sorry for your daughter but just because it's a problem money can't fix doesn't mean the money is worthless. Go see a therapist.

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Sorry to hear we are your frens anon

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Post the word that would instaban you back in 2009 or fuck off, mr epic oldfag forealz.
I always love retards flaunting about their time browsing this ocean of piss as if it were of any merit.

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Look into a mirror for more than 30 seconds without crying and get back to me

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go back to plebbit

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Man, I love this place so much.

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no >>28365319 is worse, and you arent much better.
if you dont like it, theres a whole catalog of threads.
We are not scum here are we?

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kill yourselves. None of you would say this IRL and you know it. Unathletic virgins guaranteed

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Sorry for your loss fren.
You will see her again.

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Can confirm, owning lots of gold does not make my brother less dead.

Still hurts every single day. Still break down and lose it at least once a week.

The gold’s shiny, though.

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Was your daughter hot?

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Dude, what is wrong with you. Even if his is a late - what does this post say about you as a person.

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I’m out fuck this shit. I just wanna talk about money now

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That's kinda mean, but assuming OP is telling the truth, here is not the best place to talk about such things

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Sounds like a cry for help

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ok go talk about money on reddit

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>why is everyone so obsessed with the thought of being rich
Because I don't have a dead daughter? Sorry man but we got different problems that have different solutions.

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Holy based.

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Rather cry inna Benz then smile on a bike

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>instantly throws insults based on physical appearance
Didn't know I was arguing with women. Also, I'm pretty sure you could never achieve my physique. Don't mind asking for a pic, I don't need acceptance from random people like OP.
Still waiting for the word too btw, epic oldfag.

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The fuck is this nigger shit? I thought our GME guests from reddit left already. Why are you still here guys? Why? We dont like you. We will never change.

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So, we can't aspire to be financially stable because it doesn't give YOU meaning in life? Pay for talk therapy and meds, you absolute mongoloid.

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You've never heard of groups like AA? It's healthy for people to talk about their problems with a familiar group.

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Look at all the newfags kek, this is not a fucking therapy board OP, Money can and does solve almost every problem, eventually we can resurrect your daughter even just wait

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It's not about the materialism anon, it's about the freedom. You may be in unbelievable pain, but your money can cushion the fall. Your life took a turn, but you have the resources to rebuild on your own terms. It's hard to resist the cynicism, but don't take your position for granted.

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What prompted you to write this? I can't stop laughing.

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AA requires you to introduce yourself personally. It also requires presence.

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>There’s something mentally wrong with you.Fucking evil people and the mentally Ill say that type of shit! Leave this place and eat a bag of dicks!

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be like Job and accept that bad shit happens in life and it's all part of God's plan for your life.

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bro just make another one you'll feel better don't let one tragedy ruin the rest of your existence

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Ok I looked in the mirror and didn’t cry what now seething retard

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>must be from plebbit
no you faggot, im a biz newfag, but am a /pol/tard of 10 years.
Have kids myself, i'm just not a degenerate faggot who gets of on kicking people when they are down.
I know you will never change, 4chan has always been a mix of decent people, and subhuman sociopathic societal dropouts who live to inflict damage to people.
Its nice to vent your inferiority complex onto people from the safety of a keyboard, certainly makes up for being forgotten and kicked around in real life.

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kek stay classy 4chan

>> No.28366939

just make another one lol

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>dead daughter
*smokes pipe*
You’ve saved yourself from the most cucked existence possible

>> No.28366975

Can I have some then I'll be sure to pay respects

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I wouldn’t call someone a redditor in real life? Are you a total clown all the time or just when posting on /biz/ you pathetic loser?

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For some, money could prevent things like that from happening. It's a source of power to make the bad thing go way

shrug, I just want my grand kids to not starve n stuff if I ever meet them

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>1 post by the ID
okay i'm thinking OP is a faggot

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Sooo people aren't allowed to form internet support groups?

>> No.28367083

>a /pol/tard from 10 years ago
So a ron paul ancap cuck? Kill yourself jew enabler.

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its ok she's in heaven with jesus christ

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I'm very sorry for your loss anon

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holy shit, imagine being that autistic irl.
>hey you, you fucken redditor

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>implying /pol/ wasn't created as a containment board for /int/ stormfront types back in 2011.
So you've been a /pol/tard since its conception?
Cool, tell me the word that would instantly get you banned a decade ago. Posting it just to tilt mods was all the rage back then. I'm sure an oldfag like you will know it.
>browses /pol/ for *allegedly a decade
>talks about inferiority complex

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100% guarantee this edgelord has never had sex and is jealous

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4chan is not your internet support group, retard.

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>no amount of money can bring back my dead daughter
sir this is a business board

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yeah, i came to /pol/ 10 years ago with a specific ideology that is a mixture of a current ideology and a literally who politician.
because /pol/ is a monolith

>jew enabler
lol, now you are just saying random shit, maybe actually visit /pol/ once in a while you newfag cunt

neck yourself

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>1 post by this ID

>> No.28367560

Still waiting for the word, epic oldfag.
It's hilarious that this has become my litmus test for oldfags, since you can't even find anything about it online unless you know the specific word.

>> No.28367585

Well, if it makes no difference to you, can I have your stuff? If it does, then STFU.

>> No.28367669

can you post it pls.
i am curious

>> No.28367760

Nope, since it would defeat the purpose.
Although I give you a hint. It was always posted alongside a specific image. The origin of that image is Japan.

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Incredible, I never thought I d see a based /pol/ tourist.

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You're right op. I'm sorry for your loss. That's life though, there's no good reason for people dying early. It's just a sad part of life.

>> No.28368008

>Writes 100 comments to seethe about how he isn't a faggot because he knows le ebic 4chink ways of old
Oh no no no ahahahhahahahaha trannies really have a lot of repressed anger

>> No.28368018

welcome to 4chin

>> No.28368032

No, you're just a mark for attention whores like OP. This is why we always tell suicidals to DO IT FGT.

>> No.28368034

I unironically can't wait for this bull cycle to end. Biz used to be bro central for the most part.

>> No.28368044

Anything can be a support group you cherry picking faggot. Now fuck off and be a nihilist somewhere else ya miserable cunt.

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I’m sorry for your loss, anon

>> No.28368259

Dude, just buy a fleshlight. It's pretty much the same thing.

>> No.28368334

>implying /pol/ wasn't created as a containment board for /int/ stormfront types back in 2011
I'll take your word for it
>Cool, tell me the word that would instantly get you banned a decade ago
quite honestly no, i cant, literally 10 fucking years ago. but i am always impressed with the encyclopedic knowledge that true oldfags have on this site.
hence why i never called myself an oldfag.
nonetheless, ive been here for about 10 years. started on /b/ and /pol/ eventually left /b/ like 5 years ago, still drop in to check out threads with fat chicks now and then though.

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peak comedy

>> No.28368449

did it start with a G?

>> No.28368477

fuck off you and your dead daughter

you can make a new one just cumming in a vagina

me i will never be able to own 1,4M

i hope she burns in hell surrounded by pedophiles

>> No.28368503

just decided recently that i'm fed up being poor

>> No.28368518

They're a bunch of autistic edgelords with zero emotional intelligence. Don't get angry at them, pity them. They somehow think rejecting a fundamental part of being a human is a good thing.

>> No.28368524

sorry anon but death is inevitable, enjoy your life while you have it appreciate what you have find God before it's too late and shit, cry into your dollars, pain comes from not being able to appreciate what you already have

>> No.28368578

the fucking thing is, i am almost certain i know what you are referring to, but i cant fucking remember. not exactly a good look for me right now

>> No.28368674

I remember saying 4chan would get you banned, nigger tongue my anus, roodypoo, what was the ass sparkles one? candyass. hands free f4pping. I'm scared to type that one because I know that was a permaban.

>> No.28368943

all i can remember is that it was something to do with moot having some shit with somebody, a mod or someone who gave him shit or something.

ahh fuck it, guess im a newfag cunt after all then

>> No.28368979

>Just decided the nigger jew who invented whites to invent the stock market in order to enslave said whites has to be defeated
Not gonna lie /pol/ack, I will always see your kind as retarded and subhuman to a good extent. Today you have shown /pol/tards are perhaps men too, on a good day.

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I'm sorry anon.

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t. 16 year old zoom attending high schooler

>> No.28369185

I'm so sorry for your loss my friend. I wish I could actually express the depths of the empathy I feel towards you. I know it's no consolation, but know that a stranger somewhere's heart is breaking for you.

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>There’s something mentally wrong with you. Evil people and the mentally Ill say that type of shit. Leave this place

>> No.28369274

we are a mixed bag, to be fair, the most ethnically diverse group of retards around.
Its certainly nice to be around this board for a change though, got pretty sick of "trust the plan" and "2 more weeks", or the countless "happening" threads.

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i hope they put her with epstein and another pedophile in hell

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>1 post by this ID

>> No.28369448

and they stretch her vagina and her asshole until she begs to come back in earth but its over for this bltch

good riddance
toll paid

>> No.28369490

umm i just want to make /biz/ a bit more heckin wholesome

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File: 383 KB, 512x286, eb502e0a5ed1f003dbbaaec0a62134dc605a612a3a843abf51d543debbd080eb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>these goddamn replies
what the fuck is wrong with some people

>> No.28369586

>no amount of money can bring back my dead daughter
I lost a daughter two at 13 years of age. Still think of her every minute and that was five years ago. OP, you keep going and some money makes that easier.

>> No.28369721

Maybe you should learn to code.

>> No.28369761

You had a daughter at 13?

>> No.28369766

You're garbage. Remember that. No amount of money will fix a person like you.

>> No.28369798

gtfo normie

i piss on op's daughter grave

>> No.28369809

someone post the word that got you banned already

>> No.28369876

He paid the bogpill

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>You're garbage. Remember that. No amount of money will fix a person like you.

>> No.28369915

Lmao bros r u also seeing that one faggot who keeps posting edgy tranny shit to get (You)s?? Imagine that being your only source of dopamine [email protected] @ that id.

>> No.28369926

hey guys i have 4 million dollars and my daughter is dead

im so sad

did i told you i bought the dip
and sold the top?

you deserved it op

you are a piece of shit just like that dead slut

>> No.28370020

I lost my newborn baby boy. I was devastated. Severe depression followed. It permanently broke my brain as I no longer really am able to experience joy in this world. God bless anon and remember life was never supposed to be easy. We are here for a reason and it’s not supposed to be fun.

>> No.28370042

I watched her die for two years after an accident. She was 13 when she was buried. I'm in my early 40s, she was born when I was 20, I married young, the marriage broke down subsequently. Rough few years but you keep going.

>> No.28370050

i dont do it for yous

i do it to remind op this is not his personal blog and to go back to red dit

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>> No.28370124

>We are here for a reason and it’s not always supposed to be fun.
Fixed that. Time does not heal but it dulls and there can be fun again eventually.

>> No.28370148

>1 post by this ID

>> No.28370237

Fuck you fagggot I was gonna post that but my IP was banned
t. phoneposter

>> No.28370260

good riddance

>> No.28370264

Haha I'm epic 4channer because I remember girugamesh and nobody can enter my secret club

>> No.28370303

Get this get this. Next, he fucking replies saying "I-I d-don't do it for (You)s!!"... And I didn't even specify who the tranny was...he just knew he had to be the faggot tranny and ousted himself
Ahahahahhahahahhahahahahaha oh no no no Freudian slips exposing trannies once again how could this be ahahahahahhaha dios mio

>> No.28370329

1 Post begging larp.

Incoming he posts his wallet, people who have tragic stories don't throw out bait like this.

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if i find your dead kids in the after life i swear i will stab them until they die a second time

>> No.28370400

Because my problems and the problems of all people under a certain income threshold WOULD magically go away with money, it takes a certain ammount of privilege to think "money can't solve all problems" when your "problems" are just relations with other people, i.e, your parent's never loved you, someone you loved died, she doesn't love yoi etc

>> No.28370455

It's ok, you will be in Hell and busy with other activities.

>> No.28370466

keep licking my sperm loser red ditor

>> No.28370529

ok christc.uck
kys and go back to facebook

>> No.28370593

The thing is you have a mind of a child literally. You are so sheltered from being a disgusting autistic kissless virgin you don’t even know love. Your brain hasn’t developed any of these emotions so you are stunted and the actual definition of retarded. We feel sorry for you actually.

>> No.28370624

You should read up on where you are going, it's near universal metaphysically in all cultures and religions, let me convey it to you, you are going to solitary confinement for eternity

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>why is everyone so obsessed with the thought of being rich. it wont change your life.
give it all away and let us know if your life stayed the same

>> No.28370682

No, but it can but you another one. If you know what I mean

>> No.28370686

>falling for bait in a bait thread

place is crawling - get out now

>> No.28370863

>gets called out because of muh old fag e-peen
>somehow the one asking for concise proof is the faggot

No, but it actually ends with a G.

Girugamesh is normie tier, try again.

>> No.28371051

i probably had more sex than you
when my gf called me to say her grandmother died i told her i cant do nothing in a text

l dont care about your family members i piss on their graves i didnt have a father and never say its sad indont care just kys lf you are so sad about your daughter go ahead join her in "paradise" deluded loser

>> No.28371055

/pol/tard here to remind you that OP is a jewish demoralization shill. wagmi

>> No.28371168

>dead daughter
Good. She would've inflicted suffering on people anyway because thats what women do.

>> No.28371237

toll paid in advance

>> No.28371395

>he thinks 1.4 million is a lot

>> No.28371733

I am sorry for your loss. I would trade my entire net worth for a wife and a son or daughter but I’ll never experience what it’s like. Hope things get better for you OP I’m sure your daughter would want you to laugh, smile and enjoy life

>> No.28371852

edgy but funny

>> No.28372117

>1 post by this ID
You stupid niggers.

>> No.28372296

Just lol

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>> No.28372549

You think you’re funny but you’re a real cunt and you probably keep your head down in daily life

>> No.28372605

Pudi pudi pudi

>> No.28372707


>> No.28373026

>i didnt have a father
Kek get a load of this faggot bastard

>> No.28373079

Your daughter died because you were weak. Kill yourself.

>> No.28373166

Is better to cry every night on a comfy bed with an ucranian teen than crying every night alone on a shitty fucked up bed.

>> No.28373213


this is the right way to do edgelord humor


this is the wrong way, unironically ngmi

>> No.28373334


>> No.28373422

kys retarded nigger

>> No.28373426

I promise to take extra care of my daughter, but I'm gonna need some btc donations:


>> No.28373454

Just finished work, jumped in the car and read this, bouta make a nigga cry up in here. I can't even possibly imagine the pain, I really hope you can find some peace, that really fucking sucks.

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Sorry for your loss. No amount of gains will ever be equal to your daughter and you'd happily give it all up just to have her back. Feel the same way about my ex getting an abortion and that put me in a bad place for years after. However you life goes on and hopefully you'll find ways to make life better for yourself and others.

For many of us here even an injection of 10 or 20k could be life changing. You need money to make more money and most people don't have a traditional route to massive success but these shitcoins at this moment in time with luck and persistence are the only feasible way to make crazy gains.

If there is an afterlife then she's happy and if not then shes at peace in eternal rest.

>> No.28373566

The reason I bust my ass at work and am trying to make as much as I can from invests is my daughter, want to give her the best life possible.

>> No.28373761

>1 post by this ID.
>close tab

>> No.28373768

reread this 5 times and it still gets belly laughs

>> No.28373827

ngmi with this personality

>> No.28373857

You can buy a new daughter with this money!

>> No.28374968

>1 post by this ID

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I think if you're trying to get rich to fill a void sure it won't do that. I want to get rich to get a nice place and treat myself and the woman I love to the comfiest life without financial stress

>> No.28375366

Was your daughter white? And are you white?

>> No.28375550

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