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I have around 8k capital and am looking to make the big time, I'm talking 50k-100k. Currently I'm invested in boomer metals and mining companies and am down 1k since initial purchase.

I was here when ETH was $300, LINK was $3-4 & ADA was fucking $0.03. I missed all of these rockets and now seeing every top 100 cap crypto explode. I fucking missed the boat boys and am too retarded to know what the next boat is and whether it will sink with my autist ass still on it.

I dream of making it one day biz, of cashing out crypto to buy my own acreage and shacking up with my step-sister.


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Unironically HBAR. I've only spent about a grand on it so far, but I really should dump more in. I have no clue why there is so little shilling on here about it. If you read the whitepaper and see the partners (fucking GOOGLE is one) you will see.

Up till now I've only spent a few hundred on shitcoins at a time, and each time I wish I had put more. GRT, Chainlink etc. This time I'm gonna fucking dump a fat stack.

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unironically $5 eoy is the floor for this bullrun

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unironically rubic

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Okay, fren. I know IOTA It's been there forever, I may be able to trust it.
I thought Rubic was considered a rug pull at this point. Maybe that was just sad frens who didn't buy in originally.

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>i need a 100x in a month
>i bought wealth storage

are you an idiot

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Yes fuckhead.
>too retarded to know
>my autist ass
Boomer metals don't move, It's triggering, seeing all these shilled coins going +40% a day. 50-100k is my eventual goal but I just want some fucking green for once.

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>make the big time
>I'm talking 50k-100k

unironically just get a job $50k isn't the big time

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Well fuck cunt I'm just trying to be modest. I'm not a larper. Can't get job either not enough in area and I have no qualifications.

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Can I run my own node and stake my coins? Or is it enterprise only atm?

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I am a fucking brainlet with crypto so idk how to stake anything sorry brah

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If by boomer metals you mean $CLF and not precious metals youre unironically gmi.

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Half into Reef coin,half into ADMP stock,just hodl them and you can make it

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Just put everything on link and wait a decade

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Don't buy Rubic. The chart alone should say enough. Iota is a solid midterm hold, although the scheduled releases kind of align with when I somewhat expect the bubble to pop again

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Yo are you the nigga always spamming clf in my threads or is it a group of yall.

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When do you somewhat expect the bubble to pop? These shitcoins can't keep going +20-40% a day.

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This is the answer to all your problems


Everyone here I found this gem some weeks ago and bought in at around £250. Needless to say I am ecstatic and wish I wasnt such a poorfag and could have bought more. I dotn know anything about this shit I just got plain lucky. I dont even know what it does I just know out of all the shit I've plunged money in to this has been the best and the guy who told me about it thinks it could hit 4k by April

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are you fucking ur step sis

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Yes they can.

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buy avax you can get it on binance

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tezos is going to $100, put all you money in tezos and hold until it is $100 then use APY to make money from the pile of cash so you can neat

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Just put your money in ASKO or MFI. ASKO Launch is this Saturday, MFI in 6 weeks.

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dont you have a slampig to tend to foot boy

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pics of step sis.

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eh idk if I'm that degen, what if someone recognizes her?

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censor the face

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Its REEF where all the smart money is going

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take the pain, you'll be rewarded handsomely in 5 years

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>I'm talking 50k-100k
That's nothing once you get it

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Prob true. Am willing to take 1m+ but that feels impossible af.

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Honestly, but please do your own research first, check ASKO.

<dOrg (from the graph, tezos, balancer, all top 100 coins)
<Hashquill audit (no rugpull possible)
<low mcap

If you are looking to trade 8k into 50/100, this is it.

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unironically just buy fantom and pray

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Since this is the retard thread I ll ask my question too. I did a good amount of money with shitcoins and icos in 2017. Now I see all the new pump and dump scams are defi only and since I was away for the last year I really dont have a clue.

Wtf is defi? How do I use it? can i buy the tokens inside defi in other exchanges? Whats the liquidity they talk all the time? I need a quick rundown on defi.

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same, no idea what it is.

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This may as well be called retard general but I have 1k in ADA and GRT on Binance. Where should I store my shit to avoid chinese shenanigans?

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Lmao 50-100k bro just wagecuck for that amount

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You didn't sell before Biden took oath? Dude he campaigned on killing the industry. "Learn to program". Really?

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>rug pull
nah what happened is. rubic isn't really polished yet. but the appeal is there. enough so that it could become a valuable tool for trading shitcoins on the ethereum network and the binance smart chain. (eventually polkadot as well)

however people continue to belittle it because it's too ambitious for the team to handle. but with 4chan's effort, we are bringing more attention and $$$ to their product. they hired some more devs and are gonna start rolling out some solutions for their platform. Like L2 which is supposed to speed up and reduce the price of ethereum transactions.

all said and done they are going to make something really nice and easy to use. and they have the competence to finish products.

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Trezor one wallet

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she looks like a whore, anon. YOu can do better

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Another bad investment, you're on a roll

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Not with 8k I can't.

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this. shit gets smellier the longer its left to rot. and if you keep feeding the shit. it gets straight stank. Go ahead, shit on the floor and leave it there, keep shitting on the flow, and watch that stench grow with time

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Pick a coin with good fundamentals and stick with it. Hint: BNT is going to blow up when vortex gets released

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More. Now.

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Should have just thrown it in ICX yesterday when I told you

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I'm not telling you to buy it, I'm just saying it so that a few months from now you can remember hearing about it

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you think a nigga finna finish college. boy u on some broke ass sheit

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Lost her facebook, there are better pics with tits and stuff but I can't find her fb. She's like 24.

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Yeah at this point XCM needs no shilling, it's gonna be so massive

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That's the thing with biz, good posts get lost, pajeet crap is all around

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This post exemplifies the reason why you have been sitting on the sidelines (at a loss, no less) watching this century's greatest moon missions pass you by like leaves in the wind.
You do not have what it takes between the ears to distinguish great projects from shit. Moreover, you do not have what it takes between the legs to get in on them early and weather the storm that always rears its head before a colossal green dildo bursts forth from the ground.
Rubic is not the only project that will melt faces this bullrun, but it's one of the biggest. Put your nose to the grindstone of scouring /biz/ for hours a day like I and every other comfy NEET who made it did, and do your own god damn motherfucking research for once. Or let the only thing that you pass onto your children (if you even manage to have any) be crippling debt you worthless unwashed niggerfaggot mongrel.

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>bought boomer rocks and boomer rock miners (because he thinks he knows boomer rocks)
Too dumb for crypto just cash out before you lose it all

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Listen you little faggot, I do scroll through biz everyday. I struggle with throwing money into random ass shitcoins only because It IS a stupid thing to do. I insulted myself enough in the OP post you don't need to act like I'm full of myself. And I don't intend to have any kids like your biological slave ass will. Fuck you.

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buy btc and eth you retard. keep buying every week for the next 3 years. fucking PROFIT

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Hold have the precious metals and put the rest in algorand. Be patient for a few months. Literally forget you have it until you hear about it from random places like tv and coworkers etc

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>looking to make the big time


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>buy btc and eth you retard. keep buying every week for the next 3 years. fucking PROFIT

Honestly this is best gig. Everything else is a distraction. Lots of things done out that are better than industry norms but can’t compete because they were not first to market and have no foundation. Linux and Unix are better than windows technically but no one gives a shit.

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XMR retard.

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It's literally dumping you mongrel and explain how rubic isnt some second rate garbage rn. Literally any other project doing something remotely similar is doing it better

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Screaming at you niggers to buy luna and mir since new year's and they both did 5-10 x. But you didn't listen

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>make the big time

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Just let this thread run long enough and if you just buy any coin that hasn't been shilled to you, you'll make it.

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>antinatalist cuckold missing out on the next antshares

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it's always unironically this unironically that. shill me something ironic

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