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Never did follow the broad market pumps. Still following 2017 ETH independent pumps. Seems like this is still broader crypto space catching up to LINK bear market gains (this happened with ETH in ‘17 too if anyone remembers). So anon.. did you buyed?

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Nuking to the price of a cup of coffee when Sergey unleashes the dev dump.

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Go nuclear? Have you been following this perpetual crabber? All it's done is max 1% gains while everything has doubled, tripled, quadrupled in this bull market.

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Meme magic has been known to be real on 4chan for a long time now. Normies and r*dditors are finally finding out. When the last 3 years of LINK memes and Sergey deepfakes go viral, we reach singularity

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You’re not even newfags you’re oldfags self fudding. My bags have been packed for a long time just like yours let’s go already. Fuck the discords

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Bump. Only solution to price suppression is exposure. Same went for GME. Difference is this project has more utility than any other investment on the planet right now.

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$60 incoming.

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Most weeks since August, Thursday through Saturday night is good. It's been off a bit since Sergey started dumping 1.5M so maybe the paradigm has shifted but it's too early to know for sure.

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Blessed be this thread.

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All around me parabolic scamcoins
Surging shitcoins, surging scamcoins
Pump and dumping for their daily earnings
Link is crabbing, link is crabbing
Their gains are filling up their wallets
No regrets now, no regrets now
Hide my bags I want to drown in sorrow
Dump tomorrow, dump tomorrow

And my bags are very heavy
My gains have all gone flat
Delusions where I've made it are the worst I've ever had
I find it hard to hold them 'cause I keep on bleeding sats
When shitcoins all go flying it's a very very
Clown world
Clown world
Clown world
Clown world

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Deluded stinkers, once again, making a dopamine spiking thread in hopes of roping in new 4channel visitors. 3 going on to 4 years you guys have resorted to spouting retarded delusional EOY prices. Every talk Sergey has attended and spoke at has been an utter failure. Even the guys at cointelegraph, who were fawning over him at the start of 2020, didn't even list him in their top 20 people in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. Like does that not make sense to you, muh "game changing tech, blockchain agnostic, revolutionary, yacht party" and this guy couldn't even make the top 20. A total and utter failure, and shame on you for shilling this to the poor retards who visit this pathetic board. Continue to multiply your link stacks by purely speculative dream prices and then jack off to it. losers.

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150-225$ eoy

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It's over. Sell now, rebuy later. 21 and maybe even the teens will be tested amid the daily Sergey dumps.

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>15 min chart
Top fucking kek

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oh lawd
fucking based holy shit

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>9 hours ago

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Meme magic itself is about to go nuclear. GME was a meme magic test run. LINK is the end game

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Please explain link to me and why I should buy it. I want to be able to provide financial stability for my wife and daughter.

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You kind of missed the boat at this point lad, 1k link is the suicide stack and that will run you 26k ish these days.

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This guy

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FFFUCK is it really too late to buy in?

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So theres no point in buying any link at this time?

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Don’t listen to him. LINK has been fudded by its own investors (including myself for a while) to prolong accumulation time. You don’t even understand how early you are

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dont listen to him, if you can scrounge together even a couple hundred link it will be lifechanging in a few years

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It seems very likely to pop soon. It is being suppressed more obviously than ever before. We need to reclaim at least the 5 spot

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Don’t second guess the lover of Big Macs

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>9 hours ago

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It won’t happen. At present the only thing concrete is price feeds. It’s important price feeds fine but not >20B worth. Once team actually develops something beyond price feeds maybe but right now that’s all they’ve managed to do Bc anything else is much more complicated and they can’t pull it off.

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at this point it's more of a solid investment than a moon shot
Most of us who talk about link on this board own thousands of tokens
It was the most talked about crypto on this board 17/18 when it was pennies, we all loaded up and are just waiting for the final pump this bull run to all get hella rich
You can come along for the ride but but you're already kinda priced out, but we still believe it'll keep going higher otherwise we'd bill selling instead of posting memes.
Here is a recent vid about it
Also take into account that I have to tell myself that the pumping is mostly over because I have 65k link that I picked up for 25k back in the day and my brain can't handle thinking that this shit will pump to $200 because then I'll be insanely rich so I might be more pessimistic of the price than most.

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Genuine question. What does suicide stack mean? Sounds awful but seems to imply good things

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How big is Bitcoin.com?

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It's the minimum you'd need to have in order to not commit suicide out of embarrassment if link goes to $1000 eoy after hearing thousands of autists telling you to buy for three years and you not listening to them.

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An amount that means that you won't want to commit suicide because you knew about it so early.
A lot of people didn't buy in 2018 when the whole board was Chainlink and it ranged from 0.20 to 0.40 for the whole year.

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shiggy bop

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If you’re asking this now it’s too late newfag

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Whats the current early-stage meme coin to buy tall stacks of right now? I want to pay for my daughter's college, car, house, and early retirement savings.

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Been holding since 2019 and sold last week. Put it into GRT which has already done a 2x.
My only regret is not selling my LINK in august last year.

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unironically chainlink

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kek has spoken

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I'm hoping REEF hits .25 and adding more to LINK and RSR positions with that

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still chainlink

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Love these parodies

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the big brain play is to take a loan against a small percentage of your LINK to buy a make it stack of everest ID

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Thanks, I'll keep buying as much as I can spare to. Poor wagie here just trying to help my daughter make it, don't care about myself.

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same here. Hope you make it, brother.

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First target is 160K sats, But we're going to 400-570K sats if BTC dominance go down as well

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Trips of truth. Checked fren. $60 incoming

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can one of you marines post the ETH guy screencap

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Somebody told me to come here for a screen cap of a guy that missed out on ETH. Anyone got it?

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It is known.

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Oh henlo fren

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Absolute shitcoin brought to you by paid link shills

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absolutely kino

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Israel has no right to exist.

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The question is when is it going to be used for what it's designed for? What's the timeframe for widespreas utilization? How many businesses actually need smart contracts to reduce operating costs?

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what a lazy article. I dont even think Sergey is SN (SN=Ari), but I could write a far more in depth article than that.

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Sergey was on Real Vision today.
Real Vision has 355k subs

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now we need raoul pal to shill to his buddies and boomer followers and we'll go straight to $1000

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Checked. But why are they posting it now? Air date was oct 2020. Also 99% sure it was 1 of Raoul Pal’s alt picks for his own personal investment.

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We already got Mike novagrats, now Rauol..... Please Elon be next.

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Have a (you)

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Bros... is it just me has anyone else felt something in the last 24 hours?

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Real Vision has paid content on their own site. They post older content for free on youtube.

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But u real think a normie is going to sit through a 1 hr video to learn about oracles? Certainly not bad news, but probably not that significant either

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yes, it's an instinct honed over the course of the past 3 years.

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That's the point. They're memeing it up to turn it into a joke.

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its worms dear,, u have worms

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oh fuck

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It really is link man, I’m pissed at my friends because they still refuse to buy any. Gl

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who cares what your friends do? i haven't told anyone around me that i'm invested in LINK, they all think i'm in BTC. i told someone the other day that i thought ETH was a safe bet just so they'd fuck off. never bought a penny of that dogshit.

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dangerously based

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10k has always been a suicide stack, newfag

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Based TFF version

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Yes of course there is point the very idea of a suicide stack is ridiculous if you also suggest that you have "missed the boat". If it costs so much to get a suicide stack, its no longer a suicide stack unless you think the coin will top out at like $100 or even $1000. When LINK goes to $81k wouldnt you rather have at least 10 of them?
10 is the new suicide stack. These fucking idiots hate the idea though because they bought in 2017 so want to be the only ones allowed to get rich off it.

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More like NUKE IT

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you had 4 years

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>priced out at $27

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Link has done a 130x, unironically why do you think it would go further?

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i literally dreamt link would go to $80 the other day

>> No.28381433

I had a vivid dream of it going to $11,000 in seconds

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These hopium threads are so fucking pathetic. The reality is it's going to crab at $24 for weeks while BTC goes to the moon. Screenshot this.

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this is not the same as

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The thing I love most is that OG linkers are going to sell a vast majority of there stack of $1000 ever comes true, late fags are going to hodl even harder and ironically make more than the OG’s kek

>> No.28382031

Why does any asset go further? There's your answer. Wake up and smell the coffee, anon. Shiz is goin' mainstream.

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kek'd lad

>> No.28382272

>number not going up
>feeling bad
>multiply my chainlink by $300
>wow thats a lot of money haha
>feel good again

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you're psyoped or a shill.
Star of david is as sinister as the yin yang, it represents duality cube represents the material world
double cube bad

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Matthew 20:16

think long term not short term, our patience and will be rewarded.

>> No.28382785

blockfi is adding LINK, that's quite comfy
GrayScale is announcing a LINK trust later, that is quite comfy..

>> No.28382821

>220,000 holders

It already is mainstream.

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We're literally slowly dumping upwards
40$ EOM

>> No.28383124

strapped in anon

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Nulinker cope. The OGs are the only ones who have the personality, delusion and now experience to hold beyond $1000.
Swingies will, however, inevitably get the rope.

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I only have 2000 Linkies and I'm literally missing the fucking bull market to hold them.
I'm selling 100 at 1000 so I can enjoy myself for a few years but the rest are being fucking staked.

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faces and hands are wrong reeeeeeeee

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inspiring, couldn't help myself, apologies for tempo being random, also I prefer the other version so fuck you and fuck me.


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Wait, did Sergey Nazarov himself personally buy the "smartcontract" domain 6 days before the Bitcoin whitepaper back in 2008?

Or was that domain name just registered (by some rando) at that time?

>> No.28384581

some rando had it, sirgay didnt buy it till like 2012 or something.

>> No.28384607

There's proof of this?

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should i buy some chainlink now anons

>> No.28384716

Answer: No.
Token not needed.

>> No.28384856

Got in post mortem, only have 11 linkies, maybe it can go somewhere

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1.5mil is my weekly suicide statck

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please be true, I've been getting my anus absolutely destroyed in this bullmarket by holdding on to this json parser

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