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Quick refuel and then we’re going to the moon

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loaded on the dip, at x2 now.

x100 (at least) is on the menu

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>buy my bags

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If you sold over .15 you’re a badass

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Holy shit a 2x in the past hour
This coin never dies

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>time in Mumbai: 7:50am
funny how the shill threads come back as soon as India starts waking up

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Most of the rest of the team are selling tonight. You stragglers better remove what you have from this before it literally goes to zero... you’ve been warned. (again)

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Dude, this IS the team posting this thread. They are trying to get one more small pump in before the final dump and abandonment.

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how can they do this to people

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yea ok dejan

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These people are soulless. All they care about is jewing no matter how many new friends get hurt

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I’m not Dejan, anon. But you’re going to wish you listened to me before tomorrow. I’m only saying this because I couldn’t take any more of the lies.

This anon is correct. All of you should be exiting out of this before it crashes to nothing. Take my advice this once.