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previous thread: >>28337665

Americans can still buy XRP on Bitrue
[NY can swap crypto on Bitrue with USDC/XRP pair] or use the XRPL's built-in decentralized exchange via their XUMM wallet (fund XUMM with USD IOU's purchased on BitStamp)

>Ripple’s Response to SEC Lawsuit:

>Lawyer Explains:

>Flare/Spark Overview:

>Flare Finance Intro:

>Flare Finance FAQ:

>Flare Finance Website:

>Flare Finance GitHub:

>XRP Ledger:

>XRP Richlist:

>Past /XSG/ Threads:

>Insiders Threads:

>Insider/UHNWI/Mellon Threads:

>The Myth of Market Cap:


https://twitter.com/PRX113 [Mr. Pool archives]
https://twitter.com/flrfinance [Flare Finance]

>What wallet do I use?
Hot storage - XUMM or TrustWallet
Cold storage - Paper/Metal or Ledger/Trezor

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I hate niggers

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Seditionfags actually believe this.

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The amount he is allowed to sell is based on the daily volume, so whatever he is able to sell wont have a significant impact on price.

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that faggot is taking his sweet time on dumping this time, i need the price to go lower

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>use the XRPL's built-in decentralized exchange via their XUMM wallet (fund XUMM with USD IOU's purchased on BitStamp)
can I use my ledger to do this can Ledger nano s/x even use a bitstamp IOU USD Trustline like in XUMM ?

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fpbp also checked

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not gonna happen

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The Standard Twins

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Jed sold his daily amount 8 hours ago, and it produced almost no movement in price

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Pill me on XRP vs Algo

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FUCK this shitcoin just hit 0.46 already so I can fuck off

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>thinking biden won the election
ok lol

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never stop posting this

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fuck you i like nirvana

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Never stop posting this.

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xrp is better both for long term and for trading

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Lithium should be an XSG anthem lol

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Days never finished
Jews got me workin'
Someday xrp set me free

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Oh you want me to xrpize a song huh?
give me a minute

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>DCA into both
>wait for flare
Simple as

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WallStreetBets backup discord: DjurEMPe

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how much in an XRP suicide stack and what's a make-it stack?

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100 suicide
1000 make it

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Can't help but feel the price will dump once it gets into the $0.60-0.65 range
At the rate we're going, could be as early as tomorrow

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Im really trying to buy this stock and finally got my BTC into Bitstamp. I've downloaded the XRP Wallet and XUMM. How do I get these BTC exchanged into XLP? I can't do anything with XRP toolkit because it wants XRP which I can't buy anywhere. What do?

Seriously, I'm retarded. Help a retarded future XRP dude out.

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Maybe. ADA should be dumping on Thurs or Friday

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>Im really trying to buy this stock
>buy this stock
4/10, got me to reply

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You're going to have to exchange a little BTC get at least 30 XRP on bitrue and send from there to XUMM. Then you can set up a BTC trustline from XUMM and send the iou from Bitstamp for the rest of the BTC.

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fucking hilarious that americans are blocked from buying XRP in most places

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Doesn’t Ripple do a lot of remittances in Mexico using XRP?

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ok so you have to add a trust line first
in the xumm wallet
add the under add asset
click Bitstamp for the exchange and BTC for the Assets then click ADD (sign Transaction)

then add your XUMM wallet address to your white list under withdrawals in your bitstamp account

and the for LOVE OF GOD
add your fucking TAG and address when sending BTC or USD to the Bitstamp account ripple IOU under deposits

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;) Well I wished you'd helped answer.

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And the only place they can buy direct from has shit fees and won't let you withdraw for 2 months. Shits fucked.

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I need this to crash ASAP

Still waiting on my funds to settle.

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well, it makes sense in a way
for americans to build a big XRP portfolio is pretty cheap and accessible to them, but to the rest of the world, 50 cents outprices most stacks

level the playing field means the country with the most powerful currency must be limited to some extent of buying it so others can be "more equal"

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No. Stop being a selfish faggot. You have had years to acoom.

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beautiful work anon

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it might soon actually, just wait for it to happen
more shakeouts are probably expected

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buy the dip

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10000 suicide
50000 make it

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The jews know, thankfully I was still able to get 1,000 coins at 39 cents.

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Jesus is Lord over all creation. Repent and believe in Him and you will be given the gift of eternal life.

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who's the guy behind ron jeremy again? i recognize him but forgot who he is

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What an poor soul, look at the misery on his face and the toll on his body. Friends, remember not to fall too far for the hedonism trap, lest you wind up like poor Ron.

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Spoonfeeding, but the suicide stack has always been 1000. Make it, 10,000.

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Terminator 2. Kid that played John Conor.

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This kills the Sola Fide fag.

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we're going to see such an insane dump it's not even funny

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checked and I know, just terrible. so fatigued I can feel it from here.

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Was that pic taken before or after the lawsuit?

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It will fall because of XBT filling
you know where xbt is gonna go don't you?

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its over bros .... sell

>> No.28355576

Seems like XRP doesn't really care too much where XBT goes, these days. I could see us going back to mid 30c but I doubt it will be all that bad.

>> No.28355579

Makes it better to buy more

>> No.28355788

Seriously? Damn the elite rituals really take a toll on you. That’s beyond just being wasted at a party. Christ is King.

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thanks for the spoonfeeding schizbro. 10,000 suicide stack freaked me out for a second lol.

>> No.28355806

12k (us)
not sure if it will be instant tho, but it will bring the market down
xrp has its own filling to do at 0,3 (us) but it will be brought down after that
this is why hodling on your own money is retarded

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File: 129 KB, 866x1390, rock-roll-drummer-joey-durants-wedding-celebration-at-the-rainbow-bar-grill-on-sunset-strip-in-hollywood-california-featuring-ron-jeremy-adina-durant-where-los-angeles-california-united-states-when-01-jul-2018-credit-sheri-determanwenncom-PCHJFW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like it was after the suit, but he doesn't look much better in this pic from before.

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Haven't kept up with XRP in a bit. What are the current murmurings around it?

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Yeah, his apartment looks like it belongs to a robot. He must be miserable.

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God, that would be something to witness. Here's hoping.

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I've been holding since 2016, don't know how much longer I can wait to make it. It's all so tiresome.

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only have 400
oh nooo's

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Digits say how many cents my memecoins will each be worth when I wake up 8hrs from now

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Damn, nice anon, and yes, a big part of the remittances from US to MX has started to be performed through Ripple Net by way of Moneygram if I remember. (also, Bitso is helping in that regard as far as I'm aware)

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Who are these guys? Can I get a QRD?

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.52 is the new .48 or something i guess

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no need to hope
it's literal market mechanics, same reasons it had all of its dumps in the first place
And it's sneaky, I'm 99% sure the big fuckers did it on purpose so they can crash it later on, everyone panic sells and they hoard everything

think of how much money you could've made on trades lmao
IF you know how to trade ofc

>> No.28356441

i saw an ad for Ria when i went to my local bodega


>> No.28356481

Word has it that it's the standard

>> No.28356540

its over, sell before it dumps hard

>> No.28356607

Realistic and plausible pilled

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XRP is a bridge currency of the future, that's great, but why does that equate to a huge price surge? Seems like this is forever a .30 cent stable coin.

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post your short

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watch bearablebull videos at 0.25x speed and you will have the answer to everything.

>> No.28356874

The supply is limited, so if you want to transact absolutely huge amounts of value, then the token must be worth a certain amount, so those huge transactions do not swing the market.

>> No.28356883

say you need to move 40b from bank A to bank B. At .30 you'd need 120b xerpies, kind of impossible isnt it

>> No.28356972

Why didn't you buy it a few weeks ago?

>> No.28357123

cause I just got paid and I missed early today

>> No.28357156

Nice, judging from the date of that news article, the rollout seems to be slow so we can expect the news from amazon to be a nothingburger, at least for this year I think

>> No.28357232

lmao they never do. only poorfags, rektfags, and shills talk like that.

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i understand.

>> No.28357307

just wait its dumping soon

>> No.28357507

Obvious fud is obvious but I'm in good mood so here's spoon-feeding for newfrens: global bridge currency cannot be volatile. ODL is performed through a market sell of one currency for XRP followed immediately by a market buy of another currency with XRP (i.e. USD-->XRP, XRP-->GBP). If you try to perform a single transaction for millions of dollars, that would eat up the order books and induce significant volatility, making the currency conversion inefficient. If XRP is high value, say $2K, you only need 1000 XRP to convert $2 million, which wouldn't move the books to any significant degree.

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whenever your parents say it's alright

>> No.28357728

Whenever you want.

>> No.28357731

the fact xrp only goes up during an SEC lawsuit should show that it's the most stable currency available

>> No.28357795

post switch flip

>> No.28357855

when market opens

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>people bought at 0.62eu

>> No.28358459

Yep, but if they flipped the switch and went live right now at the current price, volatility would be off the charts because the volume would be bigger than probably any other asset in history has seen. Price needs to come first before ODL can be ramped up for CBDCs.

>> No.28358678

wish I would’ve filled up a bigger bag of iota

>> No.28358841

I was able to withdraw from Uphold anon. Not all of the zeros I bought but got most of it out.

>> No.28358919

so we moon before the real switch

>> No.28359038

US anons, don’t buy on Kikehold or Bittjew. rape fees and holding times. here’s what you do:
Buy LTC on Coinbase
Send to exodus wallet (the chads wallet)
convert to XRP
low fees, fast sending times from CB exchange to your wallet, and the conversion from LTC to XRP is very fast.

>> No.28359132

Price first then regulations has been said

>> No.28359161

>people don't think it's gonna crash
lmao faggots just check out OMG @ 12-16 aug to 23 dec

>> No.28359202

don't do this and just buy on coinmetro or do the bitstamp method

>> No.28359221

coinbase is trash

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>> No.28359314

literally nothing wrong with coinmetro

>> No.28359319

That's how i picture it, yes. But I think there will need to be a narrative for the normies to swallow it, so there will probably need to be a financial crisis before we see anything. I'm betting the debt bubble bursting would probably suit it best. Keep an eye on treasury yields.

>> No.28359398


>> No.28359452

if you're going to post fud without anything to back it up

>> No.28359520

this is how I’ve been thinking lately as well. it would be too obvious to just have a massive green dildo of epic proportions. everybody would know something fishy is going on
sure, regulatory guidance can allow a moon, but the public needs to be able to look at the chart and think there was reasonable evidence of its utility before implementation

>> No.28359553

By no one reputable. I'm not saying it won't go down that way, I'm just saying that's something we toss around here and that it doesn't have some sort of written in stone quality.

>> No.28359595

You're such a little fag. No one should trust coinmetro after they blatantly sent people to shill here for it and if you don't know what I'm talking about then you're either him or a dumb newfaggot. I don't think you're him because he would literally only post about coinmetro and nothing else ham-fistedly into every thread.

>> No.28359599

Attention Faggots,

This is the Last /XSG/. XRP is and always will be a failed investment and scamcoin. /XSG/ is maintained by Ripple labs to keep their shitcoin alive and you pathetic monkeys keep falling for it. I mean they’re in court for running a scam right now! Open you eyes loser! (SCHWARTZ)!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

This is the final /XSG/ Thread.


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ok bud, but stop suggesting methods that will rape them more in fees than buying directly from an exchange, or alternatively as i've said, the bitstamp method

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>> No.28359803

>stop suggesting methods
never did, newfag. lrn2ID
>ok bud
ew, you queer

>> No.28359900

It's become a ritual of sorts

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bot or very lonely man, I wonder

>> No.28359950

>but the public needs to be able to look at the chart and think there was reasonable evidence of its utility before implementation
I wonder how they will manufacture this - I've been relatively impressed by their inorganic Gamestop squeeze. Rather disappointed by the recent XRP PnD group but still the NWO has been putting crypto front and center.

> By no one reputable.
I saw it baba's twitter, so fair point.

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Bros, I have 2.5k will I make jt?

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Let's keep it comfy, gentlemen. CEXes all suck, coinmetro included. But if you're going to buy direct, not through the Bitstamp method, definitely don't buy on Uphold, Coinmetro is better.

>> No.28360077

how about next time you reply to one of my posts you have a legitimate fucking response? get this jewish bullshit off my reply, coinmetro is for 3rd world streetshitters. NGMI

>> No.28360094

are these retards for real?
just add the word jew is like adding trump in front of it
am I supposed to react and recoil in fear or disgust?
I need my Xeerpies

>> No.28360124

First it was
>It's going to zero
Then it was
>It won't break 30
>It was just a pump and dump
>Its going back to 25
>It won't break 50
>It's gonna doomp I swear bros pls god if I missed out

>> No.28360162

that’s probably also the purpose of XSG lel. individually I’m sure many of us have been reeing at the normies to start learning crypto now. this community could’ve been cultivated as the ultimate “told ya so”. surely price action will have to support this though

>> No.28360306

>Coinmetro is better.
again, no schizo should trust coinmetro after what they did, but it's just a warning. I don't get hurt if someone wants to be a retard, I don't have a dog in this fight. final warning

>> No.28360438

How does $5mil sound?

>> No.28360460

>oh no they paid people to shill
suppose that means i shouldn't be holding xrp then
it's a scam and only shills would peddle it

>> No.28360470

It doesn't matter even if it hits 20000k, it's still filling
remember the first xbt spike?

>> No.28360479

How does unlimited chicken tendies sound?

>> No.28360524

Not enough. Time to drop 4k

>> No.28360600

you are starting to get it

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Xrp is dare i say The Standard

>> No.28361070

i take tumeric, black peeper everday. i have ginko just havent taken it in a while. when i take the ginko i notice a more focus day.

>> No.28361172

who is the long hair crypto guy? I want to watch the meme man

>> No.28361205
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>black peeper
Do you take just powdered tumeric from the store or what's your process?

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There's two and they're both fags who don't believe in the power of xrpee going past single digits
Alex Cobb and I forgot the other fag's name

>> No.28361323

Ive started cooking with turmeric a lot more, add some butter and cumin and you've got a fantastic base for a rice dish. It also makes food golden and pretty.

>> No.28361332

does anyone have the comfy pepe meme about accumulating XRP? I always used to see that on xsg but haven't seen it in a while.

>> No.28361401

amerifat here, buying XRP every dump im doing just fine faggot.

>> No.28361637

>order filled
finally lmao

>> No.28361960

Sold at $0.52?

>> No.28362055

Checked and based.

>> No.28362079

nah 0.43 wanted to fuck off after I entered in a wrong position
I'm super fucking impatient and want to gtfo asap after bad decisions but at least I made a small profit here

>> No.28362163

I used to have major psychic breakdowns being in clown world without grounding actions. Clown world has it's tolls, I am became convinced I was not fit for "societY", and along the way of XSG, other irl activities I had the pleasure of being "Human After All"
I am that I am
A surfer upon the Waves, I own a contractor business, and am engaged with society while being a total goofball. I've got my board waxed, my leash (umbilical cord is tied to Mother Earth), and I can spot waves forming off the coast. Sets of three, a little smooth, the ones behind are rougher and rougher, and I reckon there's a tsunami on the way.
XSG has been a cozy way of realizing that I am human after all, the rest may not or have forgotten, but we are going to make it.
Expect the wake to shake off a few, a few to drown, and for gods' sakes check on your mothers

>> No.28362248

>Bad decision

Choose one

>> No.28362328

You will never be white enough for the white ethnostate that's never coming.

Your women will continue to be bred by men of other races, and all races wi still live in harmony in the future, much to your dismay.


>> No.28362336

I'm trading nigger, never hodled anything

>> No.28362345

Keep seeing this damn pic
Feel schizo enough with out the sec being 222

>> No.28362459

They don't know.

>> No.28362502

You're bold, anon, I'll give you that. Wishing you good fortune and hoping you don't get burned. Maybe keep a sui stack just in case?

>> No.28362551

>all races wi still live in harmony in the future
doesn't work like that kek
but at least the chimpouts will be glorious to watch from afar
already got a taste this summer, but the darkies are weak they can't compare to the based aztecs
machetes of peace incoming

>> No.28362627

Ewww cuckfag, go back.

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guys is using exodus to convert no good? i only have a tiny stack that i bought at .29 and would like more this month

>> No.28362694


is that Alex in the picture? Looks like someone else. What's HIS name?

>> No.28362704

Not daytrading, fuck that just standard trading
It's not hard actually as long as you read the market correctly
I used to do the charts naked at some point

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see pic
that's not alex.

>> No.28362859

they rape you with a 10% exchange fee. otherwise, exodus is based

>> No.28362915


Nevermind, just found the guy I think (DIY investing?) Also you are BASED! Kill all cuckfags and trannies... this latest batch is probably from Reddit. Always report them for off-topic or something else if you think it will stick.

>> No.28363008

Thanks for your input Chang.
Now fuck off back to Beijing

>> No.28363029

coin base = % fees every buy.

>> No.28363042

>I heccin' love miscegenation and white loosh
>Christ is king!
Literally on the border of
>what do you expect from christcucks
>this stupid faggot is trying to incite hatred towards christians
The initial coordinated tranny catchphrase we've seen lately is telling, though.

>> No.28363067

It's the other guy who doesn't have a unique name. it's like D.I.Y. Investing or some shit like that.

>> No.28363100
File: 322 KB, 1300x1475, jeddy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hmm anyone find it strange David just revealed some odd details about Jed and Arthur Britto? Was this known? Seems like it was unsolicited too https://twitter.com/JoelKatz/status/1359661096504762368?s=20

>> No.28363106

HODL both for the win is all you need to know.

>> No.28363208

perhaps someone told him that he's a pussy and he took it a bit too literally

>> No.28363253

yeah you do that, see how well it worked when south africa banned whites

>> No.28363499

>Arthur Britto
>A B
Did Jed fuck with the DIA's money?

>> No.28363630

Checked, I like to think he saw us talking about AB in a earlier thread.

Also DS hates Jed and probably (secretly) Chris as well.

>> No.28363661

Wish there was a pic that was like a meg at least.

>> No.28363824

For Jed to seemingly get away with it means he represents some real powerful people.

>> No.28363930
File: 84 KB, 834x493, schwartjed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was actually thinking just about that thread when I came across this DS post.
Suddenly David hands us this revelation that Arthur is actually entitled to 2% of XLM issued.

>> No.28363946

Lucis Trust ;)

>> No.28364012

>implying Jesus was a natsoc uberfag
Jesus says to love and help all, so anything Christian stands against most of the sociocultural ideas of natsocretardism

>implying all that wasn't planned by the illuminati banker fags

Everyday I troll you retards and slightly enrage and radicalized you a bit more, so one day you'll act out, ruin your life by exposing how blatant retarded and selfish you all really are.

I know you're not the average conservative lol. Like I've been telling you for a while, you, are the same as the BLM and antifa idiots but on the other side, paid for and sponsored by the same people.

Tick tock tick tock tick tock :)
Time is running out! Every day that passes, your ideology becomes less and less relevant.

The "moment" you are waiting for dissipated many years ago, and will never come back no matter what you do because the progress of time in them ind of the average normie had totally and completely ruined ALL of the deepstate cabal illuminatis plans.

You lose.
But remember, God gave you free will.
You hose to come here, and chose as you existed.

This is what you got, hatred and destruction of all of your ideas and hopes and dreams of control and power Nad influence.

You reap what you sow faggots, Jesus, God, whatever way you want to look at it will allow you, the weeds, to grow with the wheat, and in the end you will be tossed aside and burned.

Such is the will of God, the WILL OF THE ALL.

Nothing can stop what is coming.


>> No.28364350

>implying some derangement of your own
I said nothing about any supposed natsoc Jebus.
Swing, miss.
Tell the truth: you're the faggot constantly trying to tell Christians they're going to hell or whatever because they use fiat or hold xrp.

>> No.28364450

everyone is going to hell, anon

>> No.28364456
File: 511 KB, 949x1256, cute cat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28364472

Kek, yes, every anon that disagrees with you on here is the same anon and its all me.


Hahahahaha! Fucking idiots, can't even do simple stylometric analysis in your heads.....

But hey

2k EOY, amirite? ;)

>> No.28364501
File: 595 KB, 976x850, 16129317581624.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Jesus says to love and help all
Love and Help are ambiguous terms here.

>> No.28364581

>constantly changing IPs for no reason whatsoever
>tranny cackling "IT'S NOT ME, HAHAHAHAHA!"

>> No.28364614

Checked and interesting....I never realized AB was a JR. things that make you go hmmmmmm. This contract clearly defines AB as the brains behind the design.

>> No.28364656

Ew, fuck you. You fugly seditionist cuck.

>> No.28364684

where we at xrp bros
whos holding
who sold

>> No.28364699

>DS hates Jed
source on this? It's the first time I've heard this

>> No.28364753

Schizos are welcome here, but they have to be XRP Schizos.

>> No.28364779


6k zerpies i never selling not even 2k not 10k never. literally never selling and dying with my wealth

>> No.28364800

browse his twitter

He also said you can be mad if you have a reason to

>> No.28364803

Why wouldn't they hate jed? he simped for his girlfriend trying to get her hired at ripple with no qualifications and when he was told no, he flipped out and here we are

>> No.28364879

keep at it

>> No.28364922

50k here. never selling

>> No.28364924

Check DS's Quora and Twitter for any mention of Jed.

>> No.28364933
File: 18 KB, 300x293, god.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't care. Never selling. Still talking to God.

>> No.28364939

will reenter @ crash unless something else crashes sooner

>> No.28364989

holy and blessed 33

>> No.28365043
File: 165 KB, 401x267, 7xCtIWDLH1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nice meme

>> No.28365090
File: 93 KB, 1220x836, wew.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

big fucking dick out of nowhere

>> No.28365171

XRP has opened up so many opportunities for me , it's all falling into place. I and many of us here have been destined to find this crypto out. Is not 2k yet and I have done so much already.

>> No.28365202


>> No.28365304

oh no no no

>> No.28365332

K thanks, will have a look

>> No.28365360

Literally found crypto and XRP 1 week before it mooned to 90c back in 2020. It actually felt like destiny

>> No.28365377

Trannies are men with such a low sexual market value that they do a calculation of what their sexual market value would be as a woman and they realize the game is so skewed in favor of women because the women market is so fucked that the religious tier indoctrination brainwashing of the left convinces them that they should just go with their "new life" having a higher sexual market value as a degenerate pump and dump, INSTEAD of women, simps and degenerate chads all just being honest enough to admit that the reason any of this is happening is because the chads wanted to fuck people's wives, women all secretly want to be thot stacies and now it's in the open, and all the simps are so NPCed.COM that they don't even remember that they used to not be simps and keep women in check with shaming for being whores and chads accountable by getting jumped and robbed after fucking a guys gf/wife

Sometimes I feel bad for all of you poor poor fools that read this and because you're in such a hateful mindset(or you're a glowie in an op) what I say.

Like leftists that watch CNN clips of Trump and assume it's not partisan.

Just goes right over your heads. Oh well, I like inputting my words into the universe so God can look beyond space and time to see that I at least tried.

>> No.28365480
File: 34 KB, 621x636, FLR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nice meme, good tv series.

>> No.28365486

Be high IQ burger:

XUMM + Bitsamp

No fees. On ramp fiat to BS - send USD IOU to XUMM. Trade for Xrpies on ledger for free. Pinch nipples in joy

>> No.28365515

Yeah I'm convinced that the 2k prophecy is not the destination, but part of this magnificent journey paved for us, in case we wanted to thread on it safely. wagmi

>> No.28365553

I've seen decent SMV men become trannies
they're rare but they exist, I think it's mostly brainwashing + peer pressure + emotional problems for their cases
Otherwise yeah it's ugly freaks

why do you write walls of text tho

>> No.28365588

Alright, based, yes of course, so who should you be mad at? Who is the boogeyman? Do you know?

And no, more specific, can't merely say "evil" or "satan."

Specifically, your beliefs, don't be scared. Is it the racist chuds? The pedo trannies? Illuminati? Deepstate? Which buzzwords are we going to go with here?

>> No.28365659
File: 72 KB, 1325x186, 321215246523.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related

>> No.28365671
File: 70 KB, 630x630, 1596999105085.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I am very intelligent and you're all beneath me!
Ok. Last (You).
>Sometimes I feel bad for all of you poor poor fools that read this and because you're in such a hateful mindset(or you're a glowie in an op) what I say.
I'll just point out that this sentence makes absolutely no sense in English.
>and because you're in such a hateful mindset what I say
Sure. And that's because we're all feds that can't compete with your intelligence.
Yet we're full of crazy.
Of course. It all checks out, no problems here.

>> No.28365916

>the orc accuses you of sexual harassment
>get sentenced to 10 years of manual labor in fanggot forest
>first day at work
>Lurtz checks you out
>Looks like meat is back on the menu boys

>> No.28366081
File: 51 KB, 512x512, wondering.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I kinda feel like I'm an annoyance with so many questions anons, but here goes.

Any obscure composers you'd recommend listening to while studying?

Modernists, minimalists, generally schizophrenic, whatever you got.

>> No.28366083

No lol, it's always less desirable men. The sexual liberation of women was a mistake, the Hollywood indoctrination of men to make them think being a Chad bull is the only thing in life ALSO was a mistake.

Simps need to start slut shaming women and robbing/jumping chads after they fuck someone's wife or gf.

How it used to be.

Because I I fucking feel like it, explaining complicated issues on here has to be like this so I can control the replies to my posts using certain language.

This is why shills hate me so much, because I trap them immediately because they're brainlets, degenerates and heartless people.

Thus you have 3 options
1 reply and agree
2 reply and disagree
3 reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*

*any combination of 1 and 2 plus 3 = retard

>> No.28366284

>No lol
there was literally a thread today on pol about some dude that blasted himself with tranny hormones
and he said that before he fucked himself he was "cis" lmao just straight up admitted he chose to go tran
You remind me of Firepower btw
>simps need to start slut shaming women
LMAO nice meme

>> No.28366313
File: 688 KB, 1500x1287, A12OIZDdEGL._SL1500_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nobuo Uematsu, kek

>> No.28366440
File: 231 KB, 451x466, 123534762345.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's something that I used to listen to while studying.

Ye best be weary of that which you study
many hours lost on trivialities
Still, wouldn't mind being a student again.
As a student, you're closer to the infantile Other the Western ethos permits you to be

>> No.28366448

xanopticon, venetian snares

>> No.28366456

>Literally being reduced to nitpicking grammar, syntaxes and other nonsequitor things because you're totally outclassed
>first line of greentext is a succint ad hom implying I am not making sense and that what I said wasn't based

So, you're an idiot, just another seething brainlet.

>threatens to withdraw (you)'s
>doesn't know I get my sheckels anyway
>now is confused again
>wait but now that he said that I can't call him jew
>wait is this anon just totally mind fuxkinf me
>maybe if I call him a glownigger....
>wait damn it
>I already called myself a glownigger

Kek. Simple fun games anon, simple, fun, games.

>> No.28366459
File: 49 KB, 809x339, 1956284569173.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is obviously just some cheap pump and dump scam
you can clearly see how the big whales are massing up waiting to dump on the little guy

>> No.28366489


>> No.28366511
File: 27 KB, 462x424, 44513055-6E4B-49E5-8D04-3CCABD891F59.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have a Nice Life is band I listen to while working out or working, pretty good selection. Hope you check them out fren

>> No.28366597

If a user who assigned an ETH address for the Flare drop used a MetaMask address with a seed phrase in lieu of private key they’ll still be able to access their flare right?

>> No.28366609

>using indicators

>> No.28366649

While I'm doing college work related stuff I usually listen to some Electric Wizard and Sunn O))).

If you like vid related :
then go for it

>> No.28366651
File: 954 KB, 1600x1259, 1612845024079.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't want to live like this anymore...

>> No.28366676

Porter Robinson

>> No.28366718

Yes, your seed phrase is the private key.

>> No.28366735


>> No.28366846


>> No.28366878
File: 3 KB, 125x99, 1608340238471s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28366956

so Binance is freezing trading now to allow people to cancel orders for 30 mins...is this normal?

>> No.28367037
File: 28 KB, 588x331, wdhmbt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.28367052
File: 227 KB, 1919x1080, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

based graphic, saved thanks

>> No.28367080

Looks like you sold the top, nice job anon.

>> No.28367132

Remember when the stock market in China ws collapsig, and only members of the CCP party were allowed to sell early while blocking out retail? This is the same thing.

>> No.28367135

ayyyy my man. This is rad, I hadn't heard it yet. I fuck with it tho. Kinda in the same vein as Badbadnotgood.

Been listening to Dilla a lot lately, and the new Madlib. Have you heard it yet? It's good as fuck.

>> No.28367165

Wtf... LMAO

>> No.28367166
File: 21 KB, 580x548, 1610927647510.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what's wrong with me. i graduated college this year. w/ honors. going to apply to law school, taking the last next week. range is 165-169. don't look hideous. got my bag of xerps at 2.4k. but i still. feel empty, haven't made a real life fren since i graduated highschool. never talked to anyone in college. just kind of sat alone and studied. my life feels empty, at first i thought the covid lockdowns were great, a world where everyone lived like me. but i'm still depressed. have been depressed since i was 11. i have tried to kill myself on three separate occasions. hardcore fuckery that two randos and a former roommate /saved me. i feel broken. i don't think i even remember who i was before.

>> No.28367170

good job man. made $100 when we're about to pump 100%

>> No.28367180

"Commander Pryce suggests "intramarital" intercourse to maintain the ban on adultery. The Ceremony is a highly ritualized sexual act that high-ranking men (such as Commanders or Angels), their Wives and Handmaids undergo to conceive children."

>> No.28367424

you're going to make it anon. hold on

>> No.28367505
File: 507 KB, 1744x788, 1610214427662.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lmao the Third Man apu is my favorite.

i'm back in school after a decade working and i'm enjoying it a lot more this time around. i can lose myself in the work, and i enjoy learning about the subject matter. it's satisfying to be working towards a goal- even if i make a bazillion bucks off crypto, i'm still going to practice in my field, because i'm excited to use the knowledge i'm gaining.

nujabes- the originator of the "lo-fi beats to study to," baroque pieces (i don't know composers, i just like the way it sounds) or indian classical. pandit nikhil banerjee is a sitar god. i particularly enjoy his Raga Malkauns. also sitar music is great for listening while in a psychedelic trance if you're into that.

>> No.28367534


>generally schizophernic


Put this shit on loop while solving stock market mysteries. Also the entire World of Horror soundtrack is great.

>> No.28367543

Why hold XRP when you can buy Dogecoin?

>> No.28367582

I don't care what psyop pol is pulling on you today.

The problem is the leftist brainwashing of the simps and women, leaving high value people with free reign and low value people screwed entirely.

It's what's going to happen.

>be any young girl or boy growing up
>see all the strange degenerates
>probably a single mother household
>resent mom
>see catlady wine aunt
>girls don't want to be like her
>sees old men depressed with no family
>boys don't want to be like him

Dual mindset of the progression of time here.

>be alive and 20+ years old
>clownworld accelerating
>women approaching wall faster
>men are out of work
>can't simp successfully
>normies are beginning to question
>soon mgtow monks will be standard
>carousel passes revoked for low quality
>Chad passes diminished

And this is all happening all for the kids to see.


Hahaahahahahaha! Children in a couple decades will be getting reported on by CNN, the headline will say

"Young teens put other teen in hospital for sleeping with their boyfriends"

"Misogynist young boys are fighting more in school, studies report also shaming girls for promiscuous behavior."

Hahahahahahaha! Glory be unto God.

>> No.28367624

Anyone good at life/universe pemdas or algerabic equations?
Writing out a small pemdas equation for life.

>> No.28367630
File: 1.83 MB, 492x457, asciifeels.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Checked, I'm here for you bro. Life won't always be as it seems, look forward to good moments in life.

>> No.28367655

Why not both?

>> No.28367710

new Madlib is super tight. have you seen Tyler & BBNG play together. shits pretty cool they do several songs together


>> No.28367713

what do you guys think about the theory that DS and Jed are actually working together because XLM is the retail side of XRP and it's all theater?

>> No.28367721


You need more XRP holy shit. No WONDER you're depressed.

>> No.28367765
File: 28 KB, 480x360, hqdefault-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nothing's wrong with you, anon. There's something very wrong with the current state of industrial society, though, and it brings sickness upon us. Fear not, great things are coming and you have a role to play in making those things come about. WAGMI

>> No.28367829
File: 17 KB, 250x250, 29b87a44aee09bae79bb8255192027e4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28367870

This is what I've had in my mind for a while now. I can't see any indicator that the commie fucks accounted for the youth in their rebellion against them, ironically since that was one of their main vectors of coercion for decades. The zoomer meme will come to pass and what replaces it will be a vengeful very fucking angry conglomerate.

>> No.28367983

thanks fren. wagmi. i'll try
thanks bro. what if my brain is broken, and no matter what i do, i'll never be happy. even if we make it, i still feel the same.
it's a small bag, but i have worked hard to get it. just finished paying of school debt. but i don't need a huge bag, I'm just one guy.
thanks fren, yeah. the world seems fucked up. but i have felt this way since i was young, i thought it was just my situations, but now those. are gone and nothing has changed.

>> No.28368001

life's not that bad. just find things that you enjoy. there are other people out there who like the same things as you. just bullshit with them about your common interests and you should be allright

>> No.28368070
File: 47 KB, 737x538, 1610464733543.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

see? schwartz making a big stink about it in person plays into my theory that they are working together. it almost seems like he's hamming it up.

i think Jed definitely has family connections, but the fact that he got away with it could also be explained by XRP and XLM working together- but they had to come up with an excuse to split, for XLM (which remember is an XRPL fork) for retail and XRP for institutions

call me a schizo- and don't get me wrong, i am, I honestly unironically think XSG is being datamined for info on schizos and maybe even using our responses to trolls to create personality profiles- but think about it. it makes sense. it's all kabuki theater, XLM and XRP are working together. but, like all lies, it's effective because it contains a large element of truth- namely, Jed is an infantile douchebag and everyone hates him.

supplementary schizo theory: "the unstellar man" who sends endless inane .0001xrp payments to Jed's wallet is actually either Jed, Britto or Schwartz using those payments as a kind of code

>> No.28368142

Dogecoin hasn't filled yet it's going to crash and burn badly, you can trade the pumps and dumps but it's risky

You think I give a fuck nigger? I live in Greece and every summer I just mow down tourists nonstop

>thinks the children will change
the children are the primary targets of the brainwashing for that exact reason
Only thing you got right is mgtows, I think the whole increase of incelism will just make people bitter about women and push them to create good sexbots even faster lmao
Will be fun to watch the sexual market after that

Your post is just wishful thinking in general. Accelerationism doesn't work in white countries beucase whites have no problem betraying their own race and going extinct

>> No.28368268

It's called being American

>> No.28368289
File: 86 KB, 852x960, 1612070374300.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

!!!! lmaooo

i know he's been in these threads, because one time we were talking about how $5,000,000 in cash IOUs were being transacted on the XRPL per second, and a poster came in here and posted "somebody should ask David about this on twitter right now" so somebody asked him and he answered within 2 minutes, and this was at like 3am CST. that's all the confirmation i needed

>> No.28368312

thanks fren.
that's good advice, but i don't feel lonely. and i write books for fun and read, or workout for hobbies. but i still feel the same.

>> No.28368340

zoomers are angry and rebel against not who you'd want but rather, against you

>> No.28368409

>Binance has completed temporary system maintenance and will resume all trading activity at 2021/02/11 05:00 AM (UTC).
CZ getting the dildo lubed for retail

>> No.28368422

this is interesting because it makes it sound like Britto had a bigger part in it than Schwartz did. Plot twist!

I still say he's an AI, an alien, from the future, or maybe a quantum AI robot alien from the future.

>> No.28368440

>Accelerationism doesn't work in white countries beucase whites have no problem betraying their own race and going extinct
maybe not in your country but in mine its working and with great results

>> No.28368547
File: 61 KB, 576x501, 1612372069331.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Villainy, feel him in your heart chakra

>> No.28368558

damn that's good. their stuff with Ghostface is great too.

>> No.28368570

Do you live in Ukraine?

>> No.28368799

They run Ripple

>> No.28368806

Spain, the massive inmigration we have been receiving for a year is a bless, people are waking up as soon as the problem hit their neighborhoods

>> No.28368842

Is it safe to buy in now or will there be a cheaper entry point?

>> No.28368985

maybe cheaper in a few weeks, maybe not. right now ain't bad if you believe.

>> No.28368989

It will dip but thedip may not be enough to be worth it. When we moon you're gonna regret penny pinching, just get in now.

>> No.28369011

Imagine a life of porn only to end up in shit apartment

>> No.28369015

Be the new Franco. Good luck brother

>> No.28369051
File: 300 KB, 854x480, 1612747664558.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It might go down, but it could also go up. Just DCA through March.

>> No.28369066

No one fucking knows! Buy high, buy low - just keeping buying for when the moon mission arrives you don't want to be left with your pants down

>> No.28369069

its always best to figure out how much you want to invest, then invest a pct at a time. I think most we'd see is 2 cents dip or so, but plenty disagree with me and we're on a general for schizo bulls

>> No.28369073

We already have one and he is going to win the elections sooner than expected thanks to this

>> No.28369076

As I said, accelerationism doesn't work in white countries
it works in nonwhite countries. But Spain has always been pozzed and you're not med enough to redeem yourselves that easily.
>people are waking up as soon as the problem hit their neighborhoods
show me some graphs that say that you aren't rapefugeelovers, basically the exact opposite of graphs about diversity and shit so far

there's no whipsaw and it hasn't filled yet, why bother? Unless you want to post pink wojaks for the whole next month

>> No.28369083


>> No.28369126

It's possible, sometimes I wish I'd kept my xlm.

>"the unstellar man" who sends endless inane .0001xrp payments to Jed's

I've legit never heard of this.

I also think DS lurks here and possibly posts.

>> No.28369145

nigger you really are going to tell me what is happening in spain better than me? fuck off with your blackpill bullshit

>> No.28369179

it's weird dude, i've had deja vu when reading certain posts sometimes in completely different threads on completely different boards

>> No.28369188

I think this is it my dude, it's was .20 in Jan, might go back to .40 but it's now or never

>> No.28369239

If what you say is true then you will have the data to support it. Show me the graphs showing you did a complete 180

>> No.28369260
File: 23 KB, 500x593, 1610313999082.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anyways, thanks for the responses frens. i just needed to post my feelings somewhere. if i rope i will pass on my xerps to my brother, help him out.

>> No.28369315

this is jed's wallet

>> No.28369332

This post is off-topic

>> No.28369428
File: 60 KB, 300x300, 15646851534.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Search for Christ anon, it will detach you from this clown world. I suffered from anxiety for years but the past year I've had quite the spiritual awakening and renewed my faith in the Lord. I have never felt better or unbothered by the state of things. WAGMI

>> No.28369429

youll be good man
there's obviously a reason youre here
you chose the zerps and the schizos
or did we choose you?

>> No.28369459

This whole thread is off topic, it belongs to >>>/x/

>> No.28369492

Smart move anon - I too like to live dangerously. In case of accidental death I've drawn my girlfriend a map of my yard and marked off where my (1' thick covered) aluminum foil cold wallet is (another map was distributed with locations passwords)

>> No.28369506

i mean, i've said the same thing in here before

incidentally, does anyone know if those 500 million XRP left in Jed's wallet are his last XRP period?

and how did that poster in the last thread know that Jed had 625 million XRP left? was that Schwartz?

>is Schwartz in the room with you now? can you point at him for me?

>> No.28369609
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>incidentally, does anyone know if those 500 million XRP left in Jed's wallet are his last XRP period?
He will be the ULTIMATE swingy

>> No.28369732

i went to catholic school. got bullied a lot. didn't have a nice time. no offense to you, or any other religious person, but it is not for me. the only time i felt like there was a god was when i worked at the movie theater and had to hunt pedophiles. one tripped while running out of the building and face planted onto the curb and snapped his neck. thanks for spreading good vibes.
you all chose me, i just don't know if mooning will even make me happy.
that's cool, i will just write it down in a note for him. place it in his room before i do it.

>> No.28369860

>those memos
what's he trying to tell us?

>> No.28369909

new thread
new thread
new thread

>> No.28369965
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Catholicism is bullshit, Jesus is legit though. He protects me from demonic forces when I'm astral projecting, no joke.

>> No.28369972

someone should count how many of each message there are.

>> No.28369992
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you can always reach out anonymously - get better anon pick up some hobbies and start doing some exercise

>> No.28370047

What data are you talking about, studies from mainstream media? universities? kek, go check the results in the last elections in Almeria and Murcia, the 2 regions with the highest % of inmigrants and see what political party won there, go visit Canary Island and check for yourself how much they love them, even the faggots in Chueca are afraid because there are menas roaming the neighborhood 24/7 looking for faggots to beat guess who are they gonna vote next time, in Mallorca the inmigrants are asking to be sent back to their shithole country because the local population wont stop harassing them, in Sevilla the new sport of the local youth is to move around inmigration centers looking for menas to beat, there are reports in Extremadura that the inmigrants had to be moved 6 times from town to town becuse the local population literally expelled them, then you have Cataluña which is about to experience their own small civil war fueled thanks to the massive inmigration, not that I give a fuck what happens there. Go check forocoches if you are curious about it but dont dare tell me what happens in spain or not because you dont know shit

>> No.28370257

We all have our journey. I'll be praying for you fren

>> No.28370319

Fuckin newfags. Jed still has billions, he has multiple personal and settlement wallets.

>> No.28370397
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I want to know anon's personal opinion and take on XRP. Why do you think it will be the standard and what stands out from other altcoins, specially ethereum and bitcoin as they are the most valued ones at the moment and it took them within five years to get where they are now.

>> No.28370890
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650 total at the moment. Started on 1/24. He seems salty about something.

>> No.28370994

his project was relegated to being used by third world niggers hahahahahahahaha

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