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>/biz/ tells me to buy doge
>it dumps
>/biz/ tells me to buy shiba
>it dumps
>/biz/ tells me to buy McCoin
>it dumps
>/biz/ tells me buy hoge
>it dumps
1 week, 1 fucking week of trading crypto and I’m down 800$, why do you keep doing this to me /biz/

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Maybe think for yourself and don't buy shitcoins called McDonaldsCoin

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stop buying pump and dumps, find a project with good long term potential and never sell

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Your problem is that you don't browse nonstop.

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You seriously fell for every single pajeet scam posted here in the past few days? Wow, truly amazing.

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literally buy cardano and forget about it for the next 6 months. seriously, don't look at the chart, don't let your dumb nigger brain tell you to panic sell or take profits. just buy it and forget about it.

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> i can't separate the "buy my bags" schills selling their +300% bags from the real gems
then don't buy shitcoins.

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> /biz/
90% of this board is free afvertisement for pajeet pump n dumps. What did you expect? Lurk more, play with small money and learn. Personally I avoid crypto, but good luck

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we told you to buy link at 20 cents
y-you did pick up a fat stack right?

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SHIB is unironically not dead yet

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Its OK fren, buy grt and go take a nap.

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Learn to recognize a PnD, that's your lesson for today. And look, it didn't cost you much, either.

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Scammed by every pajeet coin, and people still believe that shills were unironically concerned for GME shitlords.

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Buy Bitcoin, buy etherium, buy monero and maybe chainlink. Store it, forget about it for 5 years -> profit. Stop daytrading, retard.

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Next time just go to an Indian restaurant, eat a $20 meal and leave a $780 tip.

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>buying shitcoins pump&dumps in the most bullish stock market anyone's ever seen


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>does whatever /biz/ says
sell everything and find a new hobby

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Always do the opposite of what /biz/ says.

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It sounded good and like it would catch on large scale and maybe even McDonald’s officially buy it, that’s what people in the thread was saying
How was I supposed to know? These were the most popular threads on the board
How do I know this isn’t another pump and dump and that I inevitability get dumped on?
I wasn’t here for that but knowing my luck it would have been dumped on me, why doesn’t the mods do more to stop scammers?

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If you actually bought McDonalds Coin you’re McFucking retarded. Buy EVEREST. Buy AVAX. Look for legit projects.

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>maybe even McDonald’s officially buy it
Holy fuck anon you can't be serious.

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>why doesn’t the mods do more to stop scammers?
just go buy litecoin and stay away frow uniswap

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Should have bought LINK. Safe and steady climb to $1000

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you sweet naive newfren. DYOR. Buy GRT/LINK/ETH/ALGO

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>why doesn’t the mods do more to stop scammers?

They'd have to delete this board then. Welcome to /biz/

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>maybe even McDonald’s officially buy it, that’s what people in the thread was saying
you are stupid beyond reproach

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if you learned something from this then that $800 was an expensive lesson and now you know that you fucking suck at chasing pumps/swinging so just hold something long term like rubic or bonded.finance

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Stop buying their bags retard. Invest in something with utility. I'll make it easy for you anon. Put 1k into zilliqa and stake it. After you see I was right, DCA more. Stop chasing pajeet pump n dumps.

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What do you guys think of golem. Decetralized computing clusters seems like a good idea.

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Thank you, come again!

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biz also told you to buy rbc, reef, bao, avax, grt, link, eth, btc, and any other coin that has mooned

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stop trying to get rich quick
pick a coin with a real long term goal and real world use and watch the money multiply
pic related

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>How do I know this isn’t another pump and dump and that I inevitability get dumped on?
nobody wants to hear "read the fucking documents about the shit youre buying", but thats what you need to do if you have shitty instincts. this place shills the good buys as much as the shit ones, but you need to be patient. they shilled MDC for like 2 days until it fucking died. theyve been shilling GRT for weeks and its going up. pay the fuck attention

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>maybe even McDonald’s officially buy it
Why would that ever happen? Why would they do that over a nice cease and desist and suing the fuck out of the people behind it?

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I bought SHIBA right as the ATH was subsiding. I kinda regret it, but I only dumped $200 into it. If it ever pumps I'll genuinely be rich. I don't think it will pump though.

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>maybe even McDonald’s officially buy it, that’s what people in the thread was saying
You are quite possibly the biggest retard on this board and that's saying something

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Well how do we recognize one?

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dog related name/logo(and apes recently too) is an immediate sign

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Is it on Coinbase? No? It's a PnD.

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they just want to get your $800 for free without making a credible cryptocurrency like im trying to do from the ground up. thats why they dont put a cap on doge and hyper inflate it so that the price stays low. If they burned half the doge the price of doge would go up by supply and demand.

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Buy Iota and hold. You will make it all back.

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>/biz/ tells me to buy GRT
>it moons
>/biz/ tells me to buy ADA
>it moons
>/biz/ tells me to buy GRT
>it moons
>/biz/ tells me buy AVAX
>it moons
1 month, 1 fucking month of trading crypto and I’m up 15000$, I love you /biz/ <3

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No one is telling you to buy algorand

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Stop listening to rajeesh shilling meme coins. Buy legitimate crypto projects you moron.

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Buy more established coins, even the sorta shitty ones. That's it, Don't buy anything that's at an ATH though, which is basically all of them. If you have to, wait for a mega dip.

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litecoin KEK
a literal replaceable-by-anything useless coin

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Don't panic yet on hoge, still not time to sell.

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I hate to break it to you, but /biz/ is full of scam artists and pajeets.

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>buy link
>buy eth
>buy Btc
It’s really not that hard bro

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i am a bit split about this one. it might go low, or it might actually take off big. either or, no real inbetween. i saw some people write about a potential kucoin or kraken listing, and i suppose if people get easier access to shib, since its a super normie friendly coin, then it could pump big. uniswap is blocking normies for buying

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Believe us or don't. Just don't FOMO in when it moons.

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Always do the opposite of wsb.
Never listen to /biz/.
Don't be a boomer.

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This is the only advice you should be listening to. Stop buying into memes. What fucking purpose does doge serve? Not shit. Just buy some shit and hold long term. People bought chainlink when it came out a few years ago because it was a decent project and now a lot of those people are rich after holding for 2-3 years. You’re still early for GRT and link IMO. Definitely buy into Bitcoin and ethereum with the intention of holding for years. You don’t have to buy all at just invest in increments as time goes on and treat it like you’re depositing money into a savings account.

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Shouldve bought graph

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Its worse than sonm and that went thru the floor

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rubic truly is /ourcoin
and i'm not sure how good that is

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Buy some REAL crypto tied to a company making an actual service, here are some examples of actual cryptos

I could go on, but i just gotta say, you shouldnt be investing if you're just gonna be putting your money into blatant PnD's

I've also only been on /biz/ for like 2 weeks now or something, and i'm up 2k. If you can't tell the difference between a shitcoin PnD and a real crypto, just buy 1k worth of BTC and hodl it for 15 years.

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Literally stop buying shitty scam coins. DYOR (DO YOUR OWN FUCKING RESEARCH). I tell you this from a place of love. HAVE DISCRETION.

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OP is 100% black lmao

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did you get any BOND though? biz has been on this one for like 2 months and it's doing pretty good

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>I could go on
Please do. I lost $1200 between rubic and hoge but I made back $1000 on ID and now I don't want to fuck around playing with fire anymore. No more swing trading. I want real promising and novel/unique projects I can still get into very early.

>> No.28356092

try OPCT
could take quite some time to get traction tho

>> No.28356096

Your best bet for getting early into a good project right now is LTO in my opinion, but do your own research

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Also how the fuck did you lose money on rubic? Did you buy the top and panic sell like an idiot?

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Literally this

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>maybe McDonald's will buy something that blatantly infringes on its IP rather than suing it into oblivion
Hard for me to have sympathy for you, OP.

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If you're still in hoge, now's your chance to bail

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You bought hoge at ATH didn't you? Sorry if you did, but just relax dude. It's not over yet

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I'll check these out.
The RBC hype got me into crypto. It was like $0.10 when I decided to buy in but by the time I finally fucking got everything working it was already at $0.79. I was beyond pissed at coinbase and my bank for both cucking me for days and just aped in anyway in a fit of stubborn impotent rage. It tanked literally 30 seconds after I bought in. I held until I saw the everest ID threads and saw my RBC was crabbing for eternity. I already knew a lot about ID2020 so I pulled out of RBC for it plus some ETH and immediately made 3x.

HOGE I knew was a pnd but I got in really early. Then I cashed out too early, got greedy and got back in, made some more profit, lost some more... Anyway yeah I'm not fucking with swinging pnd meme coins again lol. I knew better. Not worth it when ETH is so fucking slow and the gas is so expensive.

It was all fun as hell though, I don't even regret it. Real emotion roller coarser. I learned a lot and holding ID is pretty comfy. Now I'm actually studying TA and crypto on udemy non stop and genuinely enjoying it.

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I just bought algo at 1.077 and now it’s down to 1.052, I can’t win

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Are you just saying that because most of these have mooned in the last 2 weeks or would you have called them out in late 2020

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LINK 30%
physical silver bullion 30%
10% BTC
10% ETH
10% cybersecurity ETF
10% robotics/AI ETF

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I was skeptical on mcdc. it outperformed what I expected. but I didn't sell, and now its my first real loss in crypto because I am a dumbass.

just do grt link, eth, or btc. making it off shitcoins is pain.

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Unironically stop swinging OP, just hodl and profit

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This is bait, no one is that stupid.

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Haha all the other shilled coins on here have been going up megalolz

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Because you are addicted to scams and rugpull. Dyor and look into 0xBitcoin. It's a long term hodl.

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>and maybe even McDonald’s officially buy it, that’s what people in the thread was saying

KEK you just got Gayvinder Poomar'd

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Buy Chainlink.

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What was initial investment?

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You could have put that all on Reef and lived like a king for the rest of your life. Its not too late.

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>Serving a cease and desist to a defi smart contract
Anon, I....

>> No.28358297

Just uhhh make sure you document all that for your taxes bro

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Dont listen to aggressive shills
At best put a teeny amount into them

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you know id is a pnd scam coin too right

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How can you be so new.
/biz/ trading rules
If it's heavily shilled, it might be a P&D.
If it's heavily fudded, it might be a moonshot.
If it only has color swapped pepe memes is also a P&D
If it has high quality memes, it has a nice and compromised community since corporativism doesn't allow for anything but sterile and stale memes.

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>maybe even McDonald’s officially buy it
That's my signal, I'm liquidating all my crypto.

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Imagine being a real human being and buying and holding any of the coins in OP. This is like going to a carnival, getting taunted by a carnie, and losing your money on some stupid rigged game. Unironically retarded

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Why didn't you HODL HOGE boyo? It just bounced off yesterday's high as support, same as yesterday and now it's on it's way back up.

I hope you're okay anon.

>> No.28359847

rbc is fudded, shilled, has high quality memes and colour swap pepes

>> No.28360277

Making 3d graphics with cubes isn't high quality memes.
RBC got heavily astroturfed here, that isn't really shilling. And it got criticised for rising out of nowhere and having pajeets. Legitimate concerns aren´t fudding.

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wheres the jeets i thought the team was white and from england or somewhere

>> No.28360735

the memes are good today hop in the thread anon

>> No.28360848

Colorswapping is even beneath reddit, Rasheed.

>> No.28361805

Unironicly i requires some work on your end ude. Dyor, compare it to its competitors and see if it is a worth while risk.
Stop just dumping shit into coins people say are "the x killer". Most of this shit adapts so quickly you need to keep on top of technical terms to avoid getting scammed by buzzwords

>> No.28361910

>down 800$
fuck off poorfag, i drop this on slots on the reg. get a real bankroll

>> No.28361914

It's bc you're not buying the only coin to come through here with major fundamentals and partners
>tiny tiny RBC stack

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