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We made it didnt we anons?

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this is the new MCDC lol

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Except for the retards trying to fud it

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>uses name of another organization to trick normies into buying a uniswap shitcoin
couldnt have said it any better

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how many ID to make it sirs?

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If u ride the short bus mb

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yes everest good invetment
everyone who buy everst makes good money

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Do you have brain damage?


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go on the website and try to set up an account or look at the whitepapers
while youre there, check out the spelling of the names
you make your own judgement

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well it looks like it works better now.
I don't know, I have 1K and I can' t tell if scam or not at this time, fuck

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Post link

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dont listen to the people posting everestlink. theyre just trying to make you buy in.
go to everest.org and look around the website.

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>t-they've been w-working on it for years
>muh Papau New Guinea

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What is wrong with the spelling of the names?

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please tell me why I should listen to you instead

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>do your own research
>"Why should i listen to you???"


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it links to everestlink when you ckick on buy, you absolute pajeet

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WallStreetBets backup discord: DjurEMPe

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>don't listen to them, listen to me
>idk lol dyor
Are you lazy or retarded? Choose one

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because unlike them, i actually dont want you to lose money.
believe it or not, im not some fudder who wants to lower the price to buy in cheap, i got rugpulled this week and i lost a lot of money.
this has all the signs of a rugpull/pnd. dyor and try to find the connections between this, id2020, and project everest. try to find id2020 or project everest (microsoft) mention this shitcoin. they dont.
some jackass saw these projects and put this shitcoin up for sale with a similar name and put claims on the website that they have partnerships with these organizations.
>tell you to look at the actual website detailing the shitcoin
>two anons link you to the buy page
>i tell you to look at the actual website which is completely broken and looks like it was designed by a pajeet on fiverr
>get called a pajeet
i really hope you didnt put a lot of money into this

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can't muster the energy to type a url and read a couple pages or do a google search, gets mad and stays poor instead

well played sir

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Can someone link me to something that will babystep me through acquiring this. I’m just a guy whose been hodling bitcoin since 2014 and I wanna jump in on this, but I don’t understand the process. Sorry for being retarded and out of touch.

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THIS, they both go to the same place when you click upper right. Fucking garbage FUD

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dont buy this

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You’re a pajeet and likely a HOGE/RBC bagholder trying desperately to get people to pump your bags so you can dump on them.

I can tell youre a poor pajeet because you try to link the old website before Everest got its Microsoft partnership. Absolutely pathetic.

The real website is everestlink.org

Dont listen to this curry licker

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you retarded nigger. obviously you can get to everestlink from everest. because everestlink is the BUY PAGE

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Install metamask wallet, send ethereum to your wallet, go on uniswap, click connect wallet, find shitcoins you want to buy, click swap. Enjoy

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wait are you saying you have exactly 0 IDand are spending your free time trying to get ID price to go down because you're concerned about other people's finances instead of your own? Thanks just sold 100k

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i'd like people to just do research before instantly dismissing it as a pnd so people can actually work out whether it's genuine... there have been several obvious pnds this week but if this is one it's more sneaky. what i've found though:
>"get ID token" in top right
>links to the token offering
>links to kyberswap where it took place
cross referencing this with the twitter and linkedin profiles for the company and the co-founder, both have links to the same kyberswap page. the token on kyberswap matches up with the ID token on etherscan/coingecko
can anyone please explain why i am wrong... don't wanna get rugpulled

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How can you explain this then?
No way this is a scam coin. Website looks great too!

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Cheers. Thanks anon

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>the old website
>didnt exist until yesterday
also 100% of my portfolio is in avax
im trying to get people to sell or not buy at all because i had to deal with the pain of getting rugpulled and i dont want newfags to have to experience that

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dumping to zero now

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this is on the assumption that the social profiles are genuine and they haven't fabricated employee history and lifestories for the past 20+ years

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You’re dishonesty was made apparent. Noone trusts you now. Go back to your mudhut.

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>don’t ride the coattails of the satanic elite so that you can survive the hellworld they are creating.
Why not? Can’t hurt to grab a few.

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you're fucking retarded my dude
are you implying there is a legitimate Everest ID coin, that we havent found, that was listed, and we found some perfect imitation fake that every big name talking about this has also mistaken as the real one? can you kill yourself?

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Do you think this anon here plans to get rugged?

follow the smart money

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If this was a scam, then AAVE's credibility goes out the water. I hold a small bag of AAVE and been enjoying my gains, no way someone working for AAVE would shill for some scam. I admit Everest didn't initially pass my personal smell test, but the former was too much to dismiss.

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you are delusional if you think im actually going to buy this garbage.
enjoy 0.04c tomorrow, and 0.02c the day after, until this shitcoin eventually fades into obscurity and the only threads about it will be made by people who lost all their money buying this shit and need a pump to break even

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Fucking idiot you can literally read about the pilot they did of this technology in Indonesia in 2018, there are news articles. There are in-person interviews with Bob going back that far too

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Can someone redpill me on this, also gotta say their site fucking reeks of shit.

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nope but he could pull the rug kek, seems likely that the partnership with aave is genuine then based on his account. im reviewing palo alto strategy group who are advising for my due diligence!

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clearly someone is too autistic to understand a sarcastic comment

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>partnered with Visa
>partnered with Microsoft
>partnered with AAVE

What more do you need?

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Holy shit he just keeps accumulating more on every fucking dip. This man only have 400k ID 5 hours ago

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total autists holding is a good sign

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Insane partnerships many of which are confirmed. The fud going around is basically saying that they're larping as the real Everest ID, and that fud alone should show you how bullish this is.

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I agree. I went to the official tele linked in the Everest twitter and checked the contract after I got laughed at for suggesting its bullshit.Were good lmao

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project everest (microsoft)
is not
id2020 (organization)
is not
everest id (shitcoin)

there is no visa partnership, even if the pajeet website says so. the most that you get from googling "visa everest id" is some award bullshit

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i'm looking at it too, very doubtful though, the 5000 members could be colluding against biz to steal our precious shekels, many such cases!

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When did you join biz?

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I don't know who's jewing who.jpeg

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To be fair, they are just saying "thanks for using us". Something here is sketchy but I'm not sure what. Too much radio silence for such a big launch

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What did you expect? What would be considered the opposite? I feel like all decent coins come out like this. Isn't that why we have the term "hidden gem"?

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Do they, though? Try to really find info about it. It's eerily difficult considering the scope.

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I can't make my mind up on this coin, it just seems too good to be true.

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There is nothing good about Satanic Pedophiles profiling everyone's face, fingerprints, and health records onto the cloud. But the token will make you rich with a simple buy and hold strategy

>> No.28355812

As a 10k holder of Everest, I recommend you dont buy and you just chill on your holdings.

Not because i dont think you wont make money, i just think you seem stressed fren and mb should just chill and sit this one out :)

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Don't pay attention to the FUD anon.

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What exactly does everst do?

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Does somebody have the source for their Visa/Microsoft partnership? I cannot find anything. Kyber and AAVE are referencing them which legitimizes it a bit, at least. Their Twitter account exists since 2018 and an account who is called "_EverID_" who references to the actual twitter account of this project is mentioned by an official UN-Account. I only own 400$ of this coin so I want it to succeed but I need the Visa/Microsoft partnership links.

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$2-3 this weekend, screencap this

>> No.28358133

make money and new world order

>> No.28358191

Check their Medium posts. Their first blog entry shows the Visa partnership. Dunno about Microsoft.

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Shall I swap REEF for this?

I'm torn anons. The fud is strong in this thread.

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Bought a 1k suicide stack, let's get this bread

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Making shitty memes if anyone has requests/suggestions

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Let’s get this mf bread

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Ok i researched a bit and I think the chances that this project being legit is high. It is referenced on https://www.inclusivefintech50.com/winners which references to this site: everest.org. The official VISA website (https://usa.visa.com/visa-everywhere/blog/bdp/2020/06/12/how-inclusive-fintech-1591988793199.html) references www.inclusivefintech50.com which means that at least that website is legit. That website talks about Everest being a "Everest is a decentralized platform that integrates a biometric identity system, EverID, and a payment solution, EverChain, with a multi-currency wallet, EverWallet" which would add up to the actual thing we are seeing here being promoted. Also the twitter account was registered in 2018 and there are posting from 2018 to today. Either this project is legit or it is the biggest scam since Bitconnect.

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It's 100% real, I would bet money on it.

In fact I already am, and it feels comfy

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Are the gas fees really that low right now?

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Idk where the microsoft thing came from, maybe from microsoft involvement with ID2020 (which everest is definitely involved with).

As for Visa, they're listed as a partner on Everest's Medium towards the bottom on this post: https://medium.com/about-everest-updates-and-news/the-everest-story-so-far-c53f1d6e5eba

Looks like they've also received awards from Visa, in addition to many others.

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I'm always scared i type in too less gas fee. but Metamask normally selects the right amount.

>> No.28360114

On top of that, why would Aave ever associate themselves with a scam? They are as legit as it gets. I think anons are just spooked.

>> No.28360304

It is referenced on https://www.inclusivefintech50.com/winners
Where is it referenced?

>> No.28360371

I have 400$ in it, not too much but I would be sad if this indeed was a scam.

Also: Everest,org is registered at least since 2019 on their name (https://web.archive.org/web/20190108143921/https://everest.org/) and contains information that add up with the actual information they give out today (bob reid being ceo for example).

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>CTRL+F "Everest"

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Great analysis. Get the fuck out nigger and go "invest" in your furrycoins. :DDD

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Misread, I was on the Visa page lmao.

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Does somebody have information about some of these guy in the picture here? If yes are there any information accessable where they referenced this project? If so please share. That would be the final confirmation that this project is legit.

>> No.28360798

it says who they are right there lol

just go their Linkin accounts

>> No.28360817

A quick google search comes up with this regarding the former President of Estonia

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imagine fuding yourself out of being rich

>> No.28361089

I dont see any ref to Everest in their Ln's

>> No.28361110

Does anyone have the url for this page? I don't think Virgil Griffith is on the team anymore since he was arrested for going to North Korea.

>> No.28361161

I dont personally care a fuck about FUDders, they're the ones missing out, not me.

t. gmi 10k stack

>> No.28361200

I wanna make it

>> No.28361241

We will, atleast get closer to making it.

>> No.28361303

you will fucking make it anon

>> No.28361314

Its from 2019 taken from the wayback machine. The new website has a new layout

>> No.28361440

anyone know circulating supply of current tokens; whitepaper no work

>> No.28361456


Because they're ADVISORS you absolute fucking dunce.

>> No.28361553

If this is a scam then it is not the typical pajeet shitskin scam. These guys would have to prepare this scam since 2018 (see their twitter) which I think is unlikely. But something about this project gives me a weird vibe. Dont know what exactly but I still think that something here does not add up

>> No.28361578

Cheers lads.

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This gives you weird vibes because all humans are connected on a deep level and EVEREST is the endgame of NWO. The future humans will suffer because of EVEREST, but I still invested in it cus they would suffer anyway.

>> No.28361790

it's a scam they were originally shilling some project everest on microsoft.com saying it was a partnership and that was some https webdev project completely unrelated to crypto lol

>> No.28361812

Interested in this aswell. I want to know how high we can go. Expectations guys?

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>Executive Director of Ethereum Foundation retweets EverestDotOrg

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People will do anything to fud when they know they already missed getting in early.

What’s funny is, it’s still early! But he won’t allow himself to buy now because he didn’t get in at .15 .25 .35 .50.

It’s the most legit projected out rn. It’s partnerships are undisputed. He absolutely bought the top of some bullshit like HOGE or McDonald coin and now can’t let others prosper. We need this though. Let them fud.

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This is a weird kind of FUD

>> No.28361935

what he said

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Were team members shilling it or did biz posters make that connection?

>> No.28361996


>> No.28362018

It was a schizo anon iirc.

>> No.28362058

Thanks broski.

>> No.28362099

Biz posters likely a mistake by people who just saw Everest and Microsoft but had no clue about programming.

Microsoft is partnered with ID2020 as is Everest so that is likely the Microsoft/Everest connection.

>> No.28362111

I agree they will suffer because nothing I can do will stop this, but it feels wrong to profit off their suffering. To be clear, the current implementation sounds relatively harmless if you want to opt into something like that but the future state is ID2020 and the mark of the beast if you're religiously inclined. If you think the mark of the beast is just some schizo shit then in secular terms it's global enslavement through data control. I'm going to put my funds somewhere else and go pray for the world now.

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>> No.28362152

So what is our market cap currently? Cant see it on any sites.

>> No.28362213

Ok, I think I have to ignore my bad feeling about this and accept that its legit. I mean if this was indeed a scam then it would be some fucking psychic shit. Who would put some much afford into a scam? The information are consistent, their website is registered since add least 2018, eth devs, the UN and AAVE referencing this project on twitter and they have a confirmed partnership with VISA.

>> No.28362224

There are two aliens 102 km from you?

>> No.28362230

nigger stop being mad about buying the top of mcdonald coin and do something properly for once

>> No.28362304

Mount Everest is only 8,849 m tall. The moon is 384,400 km. Do the math; this can't moon.

>> No.28362333

Should be around $60-80 mil

>> No.28362433

So we can technically go over 50x from here with little to no problems?

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Pack it up, goys. Its ogre.

>> No.28362490

Give me an EOY prediction on this NWO monster coin.

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File: 144 KB, 1195x657, tokenomics.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks good

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File: 742 KB, 1284x2778, C6829B25-7803-4A40-90F6-7F97EAB0C24B.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It’s not a scam you fucking moron. If you are confused by what is and isn’t a scam go look at fucking any MEME coin and then look at this project with actual partners. Fucking idiots holy shit. Read the medium article. DO SCAMS PARTNER WITH COUNTRIES?

Chart still looks healthy too.

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conservative is $3 apparently but i expect a lot more from nwo coin. does anyone have thoughts on this??

>> No.28362903

$3 EOM, $10-50 EOY

>> No.28363027

Im one of the few people in this thread that did research that strength the claim of this project being legit, you fucking nigger. So how about stop crying about me asking a few critical questions?

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>> No.28364572

How good coin?

>> No.28364644

I'm fairly new to uniswap but have used it before... but my attempt to swap Sushi to ID was 'reverted'. I know I'm out the fees which fucking sucks, but my Sushi should reappear in my wallet again at some point right?

>> No.28364720

coin seems good

>> No.28364830

You're right this has been a planned scam since the start. All made up linkedin profiles that have added random connections overtime, don't believe me have a look. Mostly people in the phillipines and thailand.

Don't know why they didnt just leave with the pre-sale funds I guess the scam is bigger than we think.

Enjoy your anal probing guys.

>> No.28364981

Did you reply on your own comment with your moms phone :DD

>> No.28365059

Sorry nigger but you won't get a better entry

>> No.28365155

>work on project behind the scenes for four years
>win major awards in technology and finance
>establish trial program in cooperation with Indonesian government, successfully complete it to demonstrate real-world potential of the product
>establish partnerships with major financial companies, major crypto projects
>Finally list token, with majority locked until future dates


>> No.28365286

Then why did Aya Miyaguchi (Ethereum dev team) retweet the official twitter account of this project? Or why the fuck do they have a VISA partnership?

>> No.28365767

the long con bro
establish yourself as a real project, gain institutional and corporate backing, run pilot programs in coordination with foreign governments, release token, release product, enroll everyone in the world, and then PULL THE RUG

>> No.28365977

I dont know man this seems to be a lot of work to make a so sophisticated scam. It could be a scam Im not doubting that but the more I researching about this, the more legit it looks to me.

>> No.28366098

Just popped in to see if anyone actually unironically called Everest a scam, to make fun of them. It’s not even like, difficult to research this lol

>> No.28366258

>Then why did Aya Miyaguchi (Ethereum dev team) retweet the official twitter account
this is all i needed to see. just bought a stack. thanks

>> No.28366348

Because his in on the scam faggot.

>> No.28366494

man thats just a ridiculous claim... Why would a ethereum dev burn their name just so she could earn a few dollar with it (and possible face charges of fraud)?

>> No.28366612

he's joking you retard

>> No.28366639

Fudders are seething no IDers, they are receipts.

>> No.28366831
File: 260 KB, 220x189, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28366842

I'm not feeling so good about this one anymore bros this feels like a scam now I think Im going to sell

>> No.28366938

Don't rope yourself tomorrow, anon

>> No.28367002

I dont care.

>> No.28367110

Now /biz/ imagine.

All the Qanon conspiracy theorists will fucking hate this once they hear about it. What if they could be convinced that because this is a governance token, and is required for using the system, they needed to buy as much as they could and never sell, so the NWO couldn't come into power and they could hold the balance?

>> No.28367343

Run narrative.exe

>> No.28367369

Thats fine but I am just saying I have been involved in crypto and biz a long time and this reeks of a pajeet scam

>> No.28367448

Man I'm too giddy or something, I audibly kekked at this gif reply

>> No.28367478

Of course man.

>> No.28367775

I went to https://www.everestlink.org/ and almost threw up

This faggot already rug-pulled a coin in September with the same goddamn concept and website

>> No.28367861


>> No.28367899

You sold already. Time to leave brother.

>> No.28367951

Not even the right website dumb faggot.

>> No.28368123

I just don't want to see you guys posting huge losses when the rug gets pulled

>> No.28368276

He has none

>> No.28368316


>> No.28368324

Go back to your village rajesh your wife is calling

>> No.28368329
File: 101 KB, 500x500, C85AA73D-0469-4FEF-B97E-2959DB5312F5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He’s spamming every thread with this copypasta. P low effort, must be a HOGEpajeet

>> No.28368576

Im not in hoge either, im mainly in btc, eth, and rbc currently

>> No.28368708

But fren if you have evidence that this same thing was ran in September it should be easy since these sorts of things are on chain, in a publicly distributed ledger where we can all see. So you can just show us where the rugpull was. Unless, could it be you're fuding the project to buy cheaper???? How could you anon!

>> No.28368824

Its all there.. dont say I didnt warn you guys

>> No.28368870

All where?

>> No.28368880

man wtf just give us a proof? What is the problem with that?

>> No.28368955

thanks i just sold all my ID

>> No.28368975

"its all there"
didn't post shit when asked for evidence
to quote a wise man

>> No.28369101

here's a (you)
everyone in the thread should read these tweets, very nice full scope explanation

>> No.28369424

Yes itis valid coin that has many use cases and has solid team behind it, you cannot doing the wrong

>> No.28369500

Ahhhh an RBCpajeet. We dont want your bags pajeet. Go take your currycoin elsewhere.

>> No.28369813

Bros.. just look at the dev team behind this.. This is not hard information to find, you guys are going to lose everything on this

>> No.28370153

I bought at 0.1 I dont fucking care.

>> No.28370322

Can you give a reason why this team is a fraud? Jesus Christ man if its so obvious then just give us proof

>> No.28370717
File: 124 KB, 1154x947, bnt8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you mean this team?

>> No.28370726

Dude what are you even talking about are you delusional? Read what I said earlier the dev team pulled this same scheme several months ago and now they are doing it again

>> No.28370798


>> No.28370814
File: 2 KB, 298x20, 123412341234.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fud = buy signal
get in before $1 anons.
It's not even good fud either. But, kinda obvious that $3 is inevitable.
I repeat. Get in under $1.

>> No.28370869

Be specific, what was the name of the coin?

>> No.28370915

What coin did they rugpull? Just give us the name of the coin and its association with the dev team. If its so obvious it should not be a problem, shouldnt it?

>> No.28371317
File: 12 KB, 207x41, nigga_coin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As if you people don't know which coin it was

>> No.28371498

>What more do you need?
partnered with rockefeller

>> No.28372075

you just obviously don’t support the agendas and will be targeted by the IRS you obvi racist

>> No.28372294

But if they're rolling this system out anyway, and if you don't use it you are excluded out of society in every way anyway, doesn't it make sense to be early?
People have trouble understanding BTC let alone DeFi, so I guess we could try explaining it to as many people as we know, but when it rockets the fuck up and we told them not to buy out of morality, then they miss out on gains and resent you.
Seriously, I want your opinion.

>> No.28372607

holyshit im liking the FUD this is getting. bullish as hell

>> No.28372801

If you look into the Linked in of these team members. Amry, Yanuar, and Rani all now work for a different company and haven't been with Everest since 2019.
Tyler Frost No longer has a Linkedin account has been deleted or is private.
There is no github.
The coin is nothing more than a simple ERC-20 with 80s in a dev wallet that isn't even provably locked small amounts and large amounts get moved around regularly. I'm actually thinking this is a legit scam desu.

>> No.28372847

dystopic as fuck boyos, kinda shitty that the one time we get to be rich, it's going to be in a cybernetic hellscape; Lesson, your time is very limited here on Earth, use it wisely.

>> No.28372936

That screenshot is also from a cached version of their site from 2018/2019 btw

>> No.28373114

I keep seeing biz saying this is going to enslave humanity. Are you all trolling or am I taking crazy pills? This is a wallet that will bring crypto to the masses, it's the next step and what we've been waiting for, what are you all babbling about? Is it because it's tied to your identity? Whether it's this project or another, you would necessarily want your identity on the blockchain at some point to eliminate all the siloed data everywhere, whether it's government information, medical information, education, etc.
This makes total sense, I really don't understand what you're all flipping out about.
It's like people who keep saying AI will kill us all, you need to stop watching so much sci-fi.
Watch the interviews with the CEO, read about what they want to do. Many 3rd worlders don't have access to services like basic medical care and more because such services require identification. This can help.

>> No.28373149

And if you look at their current linked in fucking no one works there. They have 4 real employees and thats including the CEO and cofounder. The 3rd seems fine, but used to work for the state department. The 4th was charged with being a scammer. The then there are 4 marketing people...

>> No.28373603

When I saw this for the first time today I looked for it to see it’s history on coonbase..wasn’t there. Every crypto I’ve ever looked for is at least searchable on it.
Couldn’t find the address on the main site, some sections of the site didn’t even work.
Gonna pass on this one.

>> No.28373701
File: 70 KB, 679x401, 1612961262134.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Man, you have no idea what blockchain technology is capable of, do you?
look at patent WO2020060606, it's a cryptocurrency system that pays the user in crypto to perform biometric tasks. This is the future of the COVID (Certificate of Vaccination ID), where thanks to this technology, and a cashless society, they can just turn you off (perhaps have that OS they inject into "malfunction") if you don't biometrically mine their crypto. The reason they are paying you for your biometric data is because they are using that data to create super-AI, life-extension tech, and touch your kids

>> No.28373901

Can you show where Visa has said they are partners?

>> No.28374059

>Tyler Frost
right here fag

dont you understand the token can be a pretty simple token? clearly the PLATFORM is what matters. built in FTX,AAVE,XRP support. this shit gonna move

>> No.28374089

thats a legit concern but whats up with all the partners then? The advisors are not some random pictures, they really did support this project. I.E. the former estonian president discussed this coin live with the CEO and Aya Miyaguchi (eth dev team) retweeted their official account on twitter. Also they have a VISA partnership which is referenced on a VISA related website which again is referenced by the VISA main site. I would just give them the benefit of the doubt and that they are just dogshit when it comes to communication.


which again is referenced by the offical visa website:

>> No.28374363

>Selected fintechs benefit from increased visibility including media coverage, digital activations, and opportunities to pitch their innovations to leading investors.
Is that really the same as being a partner?

>> No.28374498

Holy fuck biz went on full fud mode overnight. Comfy as fuck.

>> No.28374522

So you are saying he works for them through his consultancy company? So the Consultant does operations and doesn't want his linkedin associated with the company, okay.

How about https://www.linkedin.com/in/joseph-morrisa/ Who is in marketing allegedly but his linked in says he is an MBA candidate, and he works as a senior associate for a tax advising agency. He knows C++ and liked a post by bob reid awhile back but that is the only thing connecting them.

Listen I do believe this technology is here and is coming but I think this particular group of faggots are a bunch of corporate grifters attempting to steal your Linkies and I think you should be careful.

>> No.28374611

This makes me think the Antichrist might be a super intelligent AI?

>> No.28374660

What else could you call it? Its like venture capital companies giving money to a selected group of companies in hope that they will succeed. The main point is that these substitutions are not being given to a company/project unless visa and its associated company have researched them. And I find it unlikely that these trained expert were not able to detect a scam but /biz/ suddenly does.

>> No.28374695
File: 77 KB, 615x706, 1613003278837.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tyler frost is kind of based though in that he shared this. Make sure you're buying BTC because hyperinflation is upon us.

>> No.28374756

It's because they're really fucking good at it mate, like everything looks good but then there is no tech only promises.

>> No.28374790

>It's because they're really fucking good at it mate, like everything looks good but then there is no tech only pro
there is tech? why would aave tweet them out....

i dont get it, nice FUD though

>> No.28374881

Is it not because they just released the tokens to the public a couple days ago?
Yeah, you have all the retards going into room temp IQ shit like MCDC, at the very least this tries to look legit and has some traceable history.

>> No.28374896

I read an article about a test run of this system in Indonesia/Papua New Guinea. Didnt bookmark it, tho.

>> No.28374923

They won an award. That's it. Being given a plaque and a plug to investors to look at you is not the same thing as actively working with in a meaningful way, especially if your supposed involvement was over two years ago. People see shit like Visa and are assuming the payment system will include Visa cards or the like. It's the same shit with the AAVE interview. If you listen and read carefully, AAVE is there to essentially plug themselves. Yes, you CAN use AAVE to make your product amazing. It's all just weirdly misleading and it put me off of it. I hope they are just retarded when it comes to proper marketing and that's it.

>> No.28374972

pretty sure that first guy is joking, or at least hopefully they are

the fud only further warms my already comfy bones

>> No.28374980

Aave tweeted them out because they "integrated" aave into their wallet, but I do not believe it since there is no code. Same with Kyber. All I have onchain is a fucking IDO nothing else. There is no github. Aave tweeted "We are happy to see aave integrated into EverWallet!" But Everwallet doesn't fucking exist AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

>> No.28375025

Look at the source of the article. There needs to be additional verification for it to be just legit.


>> No.28375052

yes this project is high risk and I wouldnt put too much money into it but all things considered they look 100x better than the other projects on here

>> No.28375076
File: 83 KB, 540x684, Rat poison.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wrong file

>> No.28375079

Price is literally marinating for an update pump. >Muh radio silence
Just means they're working over time and don't got time for that social media dumb shit. You noobs are going to hero when this shit pump to $3 in an afternoon. Lmao comfiest hold of 2021

>> No.28375151

I dont think it's going to $3 yet. But yes indeed, a very comfy hold (a bit volatile, but dumps get eaten really fast).

Thanks to whoever shilled this at fucking 10 cents.

>> No.28375246

Here is a better one where they actually talk about issues with the pilot and what the pilot was:

>> No.28375264

I need elon to fucking tweet so I can dump my doge and ape in

>> No.28375384

Did you read the fucking bangladeshi one? I've never been so terrified in my life I don't want a Digital Identity D: Give me my comfy rubics back not this fucking bullshit. FUCK THE CHINKS I'M SIDING WITH THE RUSSIANS>

>> No.28375402


Your a moron. Everest if the fiat on/off ramp to AAVE, FTX and KYBER. From there they will continue to partner with every defi app they feel they need to offer thier clients a better banking system then what is traditionally offered.

Think about it for one second.

In order for a normal person to access defi they have to go through multiple applications and be competent enough to navigate out of coinbase, through metamask and into AAVE. GOOD FRIGGIN LUCK.

Everest is a full stack application that is regulatory compliant. All people need to do is deposit fiat and they will get high yield interest compounding every month curtsey of AAVE platform on the backend.

See, your grandpa doesn't care about smartcontracts and most likely they will never know how to use metamask or any crypto address. All they and 99.9% of the world population care about is deposting MONEY and getting back 10% yearly. Everest gives them that.

Everest is the new global bank. They will be the custody and bridge to defi.

Most of you haven't figured this out yet. those that did aped in. With everest the bull run in defi just hit a maketcap of 10 trillion dollars.

>> No.28375465

Yeah. Pretty much everyone already knew this shit is the worst in concept. A lot of people tie it to the mark of the beast and such. We just like money.

>> No.28375470

This site here references the everest program:
can someone verify that this is a legit website operated by the UN or an affiliated entity?

>> No.28375505

test 1

>> No.28375611

I don't think you're right I don't think Everest wins I think Bitcoin wins and I think the team behind Everest are a bunch of grifters, but that something cool like that will come out soon and hopefully not be market of the beast you get fingerprints and eyes scanned when you get the vaccine type shit

>> No.28375642
File: 156 KB, 1608x914, microsoft.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Imgaine fudding the project that is backed by ID2020,Microsoft, Visa and may others

>> No.28375710

If bitcoin wins Everest wins.

Your not seeing the big picture.

>> No.28375801

That is a totally different project.

>> No.28375819

Get the id goym, eat the bugs, you will own nothing and be happy.

>> No.28375850

Thats probably something else. Everest has nothing todo with HTTPS or encryption in generell (at least its not the main purpose)

>> No.28375940

Project Everest is not the system ran by these fags it's the system ran by Gates. Just like link, he fucking Shadowforks everything like a nigger, it's just that shadowforking link doesn't matter since it doesn't work without the decentralized network anyway so it's dumb.

What they did with ID2020 is like Energy shit, it's 6000 households. This is hardly widescale adoption this is some fucking iota shit. It is unlikely that the 4 man team can get something this monumental done when they can't even sort out a website. Like jesus fucking christ they couldn't hire a competent designer to put together a website? And you want to tell me they designed a competent system that is secure for your Health records. When they are using In house oracles. If they even use oracles at all I doubt they got that far.

>> No.28376056

There is just no project here I don't know where the VC came up with even a $3 per token valuation They must have been anticipating massive hyperinflation because this token isn't worth a fucking nickle right now. It does nothing and the Devs will dump on you, they are greasy americans set up in Malta. Good fucking luck.

>> No.28376156
File: 1.41 MB, 1080x1080, rubic.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Me you ask? What I am going to do?
I sold all my Everest and I'm taking the profits and going back into Rubic for tomorrow's announcement and then making sure I'm all in LINK again by the 16th because we all know what happens then. Unless you're not a time traveler. You are a time traveler right anon?

>> No.28376232


>> No.28376263

I was with you until you went crazy and started shilling.

>> No.28376316

Ah link maxi. Nothing will happen on the 16th btw

>> No.28376356

Oh Rbc is hardstuck at sub 50 cents? Good for you brother.

>> No.28376358

Seems probable.
Dont expect genuine AI tho, just pickled brains in jars

>> No.28376417



>> No.28376563

How does Everest win if Bitcoin wins? If everyone just has fucking Metamask or some other wallet and uses crypto entirely and leaves fiat behind there is no need for the fiat on/off ramps it's just pedo satanist shit there is no need for everest these are just grifters. Don't lose everything. The devs have 80% of the supply ready to dump on you. Even worse distribution than chainlink big vomit.

>> No.28376671

Even the volume on this shitcoin is fake go sit and watch the dextool for a few hours you'll see a bunch of bots scalping. Pretty much every single trade there are bots and they fight each other and they fight you but it's just increasing the volume without staying in the Crypto which makes people more bullish.

>> No.28376773

Yea its like there is a lot of scalping bots because of high volume and low liquidity, weird.

>> No.28376950

i noticed this too. almost all the big trades seem to be fake wash trades - on dextools you'll see a buy for 13600 ID, then 10 seconds later a sell for 13477 ID, and in between each wash trade there can be a several minute lull where no trades at all are made.

unironically just sold 24k for a nice 4k profit. it's only a matter of time before others start catching on

>> No.28376983

It's really difficult to read your post since you're a fucking reddit fag so I only respond to a tiny bit at times you should work on that if you want people to be able to read what you say.

1.Why should I give a fuck about the normal person? 2. Why would this team in particular have the wallet that is going to be the one that becomes worldwide adoptions?
>Everest is a full stack application that is regulatory compliant
Then where is the fucking stack? There is no code. They claim you own your own data but then use fucking inhouse oracles? How is this secure if there is no fucking github? We don't even know what is behind the smoke and mirrors, and I'll tell you why that is. There isn't anything, it's nothing. The project is fake. Not a single thing. Nadda. There isn't even a wallet, let alone a working one. You think these guys know how to make a wallet that can get mass normie adoption? Ha, they can't even put together a website.

>> No.28377032

Dang, ID memes are already mogging GRT memes and it's only been around for two days.

>> No.28377049

2 words.
Linkpool Staking.

>> No.28377109

I was being slightly sarcastic. It has a lot of natural volume but low liquidity draws arb bots. Doesnt really matter. This shitcoin will either be a big hit or miss.

>> No.28377165


>> No.28377178


>> No.28377301

you guys aren't even trying anymore

>> No.28378386

Who the fuck is this jogger?
Is he gonna jog away with my ID?

>> No.28378722


>> No.28378762


Its a scam.

Check out the linkedin pages here:


Most of the dev team listed here left the effort last year, so they were brought in for initial build, and dropped before pump and dump, because this coin has no future.

The marketing person (Joseph Morris), whom was verified by icoholder.com (THE ONLY VERIFICATION mind you), interviewed at the bottom of the link won't even put it on his linkedin.

Sold my 5k

>> No.28379217
File: 32 KB, 487x183, lil informed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck you, everest is legit. Here is proof

>> No.28380317
File: 98 KB, 891x827, kek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was shilling Everest extremely hard and highly bullish on it for the past 36+ hours but after what I just recently found I'm exiting after this
I have a weird feeling about this project anons.

>The shitty website
>All devs leaving in June 2019
>No whitepaper to be found
>Based in fucking MALTA (?) with white founders
>Github links to one with the source code for a basic github pages site made by the fucking co-founder (aka jack shit to be found here)

Digging deeper into this Github you find https://github.com/Everestdotorg/Everestdotorg.github.io which has two contributors:
>https://github.com/bradleyjw which is one of the co-founders github (https://www.linkedin.com/in/bradwitteman/)
>https://github.com/dcapina (I can't figure out who this is)

dcapina has 3 public repos, and one that caught my eye:
This looks like the html/css template that's currently being used on the everest.org website
HOWEVER it probably isn't since that's a Jekyll template, and the current everest.org site looks and even feels like some shitty WordPress website made in 2 minutes.

And last but not least, their main address for their company profile on LinkedIn is noted as 1234 fake street.
>What the actual fuck?

Good luck to whoever chooses to stay in this, and I honestly hope this moons.

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