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LTO Network is a hybrid blockchain with two layers that operate independently. The private chain facilitates automated live contracts between private networks; the public layer is optimized for "anchoring" and sharing information on an immuateable decentralized ledger.


>scaleable inter-agency data sharing consortiums

>~100k Tx/day (rising)
>99.9% Tx's from actual usage
>used by United Nations (land registry in Afganistan)
>used by Dutch gov
>GDPR compliant

>50% circ. supply already staked
>deflationary: 0.1 LTO burn/Tx
>unique "LPoI" network economics incentivizes clients to buy, stake LTO
>100% of staking dividends derived from network fees


https://pastebin.com/D5ETj3Ks (embed)
>ARTICLE: "An Obj. Look at LTO"
>ARTICLE: "LTO's Valuation"



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I made the OP image but I'm not satisfied, I'm not sure what I should change, any ideas anons?

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Make logo bigger.

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Will do

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Based quads.

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imagine not checking these digits

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Something like this?

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It's surprising how this coin isn't even in the top 100, while it is actually being used. Unlike the majority of crypto.

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The logo looks like shit. It shouldmt be jaggy, as it looks cheap. And it needs a rocket, as the coin has genuine potential.

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I'm still working on it

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Delete and start over.

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holy fucking checked anon

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How about an astronaught?

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Guys, should I sell my 10k+ VIDT and buy LTO with it? I doubt a merger will happen since 80% of the community would have to vote for it and it would effectively dilute LTO holders.

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Of fucking course how is this not obvious

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I already have LTO though. I am wondering if I will get bailed out by Ricky. I would be selling my VIDT at a loss...

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It might sting now, but I have a feeling you're going to kys a few months or a year from now if you don't pull the trigger... LTO is still sub $100mil mkcap, there's still time

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looks a lot better

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KMS over 10k tokens whut? I am already top 100 on LTO. Just wondering what to do about my VIDT.

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Oh I thought you were a VIDT troll...ya if you're already an LTO oligarch I guess you're already set. I don't see much of a future for the VIDT token. Might as well off load it.

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i would keep your vidt if you’re legit a top 100 holder. you’re set with LTO, unless you think rick is gonna turf their token altogether, might as well hold it

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what does this coin do differently from every other coin in the market other than the fact that we have private companies and institutions jerking off into it

i'll drop 1 BTC into it if you give me a good reason to

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riddler bump

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In what world do you think that Rick cares about VIDT tokens. Tokens are not shares of a company, they are utility. If the value of the utility of that token or the perceived future value decreases, simple holders are of no consequence. Businesses relying on obsolete tokens will simply move to new services. It's the same as paying for a software license then having it revoked since the service provider goes under.

VIDT will likely be gutted and merged into LTO eventually. VIDT will bleed out until it is unceremoniously retired.

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LTO needs our help bros. Be responsible and do not shill but engage in reasonable conversation to spark greater interest outside of this hell hole

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Why would he let VIDT survive?

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I don't think he cares at all and I think that is bullish for LTO. I like how he has handled VIDT even if it cost me a few thousand dollars.

"VIDT will likely be gutted and merged into LTO eventually. VIDT will bleed out until it is unceremoniously retired." Yes. I see that as the most likely situation too.

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LTO doesn't need our help at all unless you own a multinational corporation looking to use blockchain services.

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Leased Proof of Importance (LPoI)...the economic incentives created by LPoI are such that they compel major business partners and clients not only to run their own nodes, but to buy and stake LTO...in essence they would "get paid to pay their bills", or to run on the network on a "net zero" basis. However, the way LPoI works is that it penalizes staking MORE tokens than your actual network usage would justify. This protects against centralization. Too FEW tokens and they have to pay out of pocket for fees. This implies that any LTO that nodes require to run on a "net zero" basis are effectively removed from the circulating supply...in other words, a considerable supply crunch is inevitable. The basic economics of the whole network necessitate it.

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Final version, I think it came out good, I considered doing a pepe head but it would be too small to be recognizably him.

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purely for optics, who would want to get into bed with LTO if they have a history of gutting a project and leaving the token holders out to dry? it all seems a bit hostile.

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thats so retarded and bad, give him a joint smoking too

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I wish I had a consistent art style, here's the other LTO thing I made.

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The only person in the world who isn't going to let me down

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>M&A tax lawyer for 5 years
>80mil LTO M&A fund
apex predator coin....

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/biz/ node bump
9.5% of staked LTO currently on /biz/ node

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"This is done by swapping those tokens for LTO" So VIDT holders will get bailed out?

>> No.28359528

isnt owner of biznode making nothing for it?
unfathomably based...

>> No.28359583

I doubt it...the M&A fund is reserved for when LTO has a high market cap. I don't think they're going to blow their load and break the glass on that reserve when LTO is < $100 mil mk cap

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Yup, based af

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its nice. maybe a gradient with the colour theme though

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Once LTO reaches 10 times the price of VIDT they will spend 4m LTO to make a swap

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When he says there will be no six figure hell for anybody in LTO, does he just mean make it stacks? Or does he mean that the apy will rise back up after an initial dip to like 1% as he suggested in one of his other posts?

Say 20k LTO

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When people say that someone did the math, and there's big corpos accumulating as we speak, why the fuck wouldn't those corpos just buy everything up right now? Why let us retail cucks in at all?

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Imagine trying to convince your shareholders who are invested in serious stocks, or Bitcoin if they’re REALLY risky, that this random shitcoin of the 10000 available is actually different, and that you should spend hundreds of millions of dollars on it.

It takes months and months for even large firms to accumulate and do their DD

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Leased Proof of Importance disincentivizes users and clients of the network from accumulating too much LTO. Staking more LTO than is justified by your usage of the network results in diminishing returns on the staking rewards compared to network fees. LPoI therefore ensures that decentralization remains economically incentivized. That being said, to the degree to which the network and transactions grow and more clients come on board...well, each client, relative to their use of the network, is economically incentivized not only to run a node, but to stake LTO in order to "get paid to pay the bills" (Net-Zero). So to the degree that the network expands, LTO will inexorably be taken forever off the market...

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>United Nations did DD on LTO
>Dutch Gov did DD on LTO
>both use LTO

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But we stake and don't use the network at all nigguh how we making money

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Oh shit so eventually LTO won't be traded on exchanges any more?

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Because we are in the early stages of establishing the network. We retail plebs are serving to keep the network decentralized and providing liquidity to the LTO network while it establishes itself. Eventually our "services" will basically no longer be required, but by then the price of the token will be so high that we will all consider ourselves to have been well compensated for our contribution.

>> No.28362143

It's not that it won't be traded, its that the circulating supply will be extremely tight...the only variable that will ensure LTO is still available for clients who need to obtain it to use the network will be PRICE... you do the rest of the math

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The Riddler said we will never have to sell our tokens though, implying we will always receive APY

>> No.28362375

When is eventually?

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Correct, but APY *WILL* drop over time. This is very important to stress because I've seen too many anons on these LNG's project that they'll be earning 6% APY on a $100 LTO...that's not what's going to happen. What's going to happen is pic related: those who got in early and accumulated make it stacks will be still be generating very generous dividends in nominal terms relative to the capital value of their stack. In other words. It'll be like owning a blue chip stock that yields 1%...but owning so many shares that you can live off that income.

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So I read a bunch of shit tonight.

I’m having a hard time understanding how they think they will be able to onboard new clients with a ridiculous token price. Every part of their tokenomics pushes the price up but...why even use LTO when there are a number of projects they could choose they do the same thing cheaper (when the time comes)

>> No.28362741

Hard to say. My time horizon on this investment is 5 to 10 years before I reevaluate where we are. LTO is a Long Term Hold.

>> No.28362928

For new clients (when the token is a very high price), the insentive will be: 1), APY will be much lower; 2) if they run a node and stake it, they're usage of the network will effectively be free from a cash-flow perspective. This is appealing to many companies because it would be a one time capital investment -- they could keep the LTO that's being staked on their balance sheet so that the net position to shareholder equity remains balanced...

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Will the APY eventually get to zero though? Seeing as how they try to get the "net Zero" shit from stakers and network users. If network users accumulated enough and still get 1% apy how would that work

>> No.28363500

Only if network traffic went to zero (in which case it doesn't matter). The APY doesn't have to go to zero to ensure "net-zero", by design. Read this article on LPoI, it explains why there is an incentive to own not too little and not too much LTO, but just enough to match your usage of the network. "Net zero" doesn't mean that no fees are being paid; it means that the clients who are using the network are also running the nodes that are receiving the rewards.

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Crap, was looking to buy some but binance just shit itself

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Plantation Stack bump

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Study pic related...notice anything?

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The under valuation is definitely bullish, when you said earlier your horizon is 5-10 years what does that mean? Till 100$? Or more?

I'm past the stage of thinking this is a Ponzi scheme, it's legit.

It's just I feel like there's a lot of other people in a lot of other cryptos who are probably just as certain as we are that this will take off.

I'm brand new to crypto I'm assuming youve been here a long time, is LTO unique to you or were you dead certain on other cryptos that pissed the bed?

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Governments and the UN don’t give a fuck about profits, only efficacy and good PR. Private hedge funds solely exist because of profits, and they aren’t using tax dollars, they’re using client dollars.

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My conservative timeline is 5 years to a $10bil market cap, or around a $30 price. This is not outrageous. This is not unrealistic. I prefer to be conservative because being pleasantly surprised is better than being disappointed. I also think that sub-$100mil mkcap right now is absurd...this project should be at $1bil right now, based on its potential and real world adoption. You say you are brand new to crypto and you stumbled upon LTO while it is sub $100mil mkcap...fren, I haven't seen a value opportunity like this in crypto EVER. The risk/reward ratio is off the charts. I can't make decisions for you, but I can tell you that value investing is a tough slog...you trudge through swamps of shit for years on end looking for a good value opportunity. Consider yourself lucky to have stumbled upon LTO, but also make sure you DYOR. Know what you own. Let me repeat that: KNOW what you own...

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love both LTO and SENT. what makes more sense to invest in though, when SENT is at 10m mcap and LTO close to 85m?

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I've was here back in 17/18. I tried my best to figure out what made most sense investment wise, in the end i invested in ethlend (which was barley shilled here), xlm, and Req. REQ was one of the main ones shilled here and supposed to be a paypal on steroids and never went anywhere. Xlm well its still relevant but hasn't performed much price wise compared to other cryptos. Ethlend made so much sense. It was defi and i held onto it all these years and it ended up being one of the best performing coins of 2020 2021, mind u i sold early after it became aave. I went into LTO because i saw in it what i saw in aave, a blockchain solution with a real use case but better than aave, because it was so low in mcap and it was already being utilized and legitimized by companies who are paying to transact on their blockchain. They brought vidt on board not just for txs but because they had a solid team of developers that LTO as a company can now offer many solutions for enterprises for many tasks and do it all under one umbrella of LTO. Companies dont want to deal with multiple blockchains. They basically saw problems in businesses with the sharing of information between companies used the hybrid blockchain to create a curated solution that is as efficient as possible

>> No.28368624

Ya they aren't a start-up that invented a solution for a problem that didn't exist...they literally were a data services company that provided a solution to real problems that real clients had.

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just enough to cover the server costs, the king

>> No.28368689

don’t stop, I’m almost there

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kek, didn't see someone posted it already

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late night make it stack bump

>> No.28370161

Am I gonna make it?

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Well, you have 6x the median balance on /biz/ node, if that gives you context for where your stack ranks

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I got really into /biz/ in late 2017/early 2018, and ended up buying half link half omise go. I learned my lesson from losing half my money in omise go, and now that I've been on this board long enough I can tell pretty quickly what's astroturf shilling and whats a real project.

My investment in link really paid off, and the feeling behind link in 2017 is similar to the feeing behind LTO, only that link had more fud because it was more conceptual while LTO is impossible to fud because it's so embedded and proven in real world business fundamentals.

one other anon put it pretty well: "i got in during 2017, but I’m a mindless retard that was just following other peoples breadcrumbs. I get a similar sense here tho, lack of marketing hype, billions of shitcoins mooning left and right, but a founder focussed on execution rather than price."

>> No.28371166

When is binance coming back online so I can buy aaaaaaa

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You're not the only LINKer to have such sentiments regarding LTO...it's kind of eerie, actually, because I totally missed LINK yet all these LINKers, like you, are saying that LTO feels like 2017 LINK...

>> No.28371242

Hm, its up for me?

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el tio late night bump

>> No.28371632

LTO doesn't feel like 2017 link because link was always huge on this board while LTO has had mostly self contained and informative generals
Not saying that LTO will go further than LINK but just sharing what I know to be true
I am a 2017 linkfag

>> No.28371787

Ya fair enough, I wasn't around to know what LINK was like around here...I guess part of the reason why I'm so bullish on LTO is BECAUSE it is so ignored and overlooked, despite the fundamentals.

>> No.28372244

market cap kinda high already

>> No.28373541

lol wut?

>> No.28374329

wow, the first time i've been quoted lmao. certianly less biz shilling for LTO than LINK, but theres still time for it.

>> No.28374977

>with a ridiculous token price
Fees will be voted down as price increases, so they'd need fewer LTO to use the network, meaning fiat price would stay the same even though token price might be huge.

>> No.28375269

>meaning fiat price would stay the same even though token price might be huge.
This doesn't make sense. You haven't done the math.

>> No.28375357

The fiat price for using the network stays the same even if the token price is high when transaction fees are voted down.

>> No.28375430


>> No.28376160

How do i turn my eth into lto without getting ass raped by gas?

>> No.28376472

Move to a better country

>> No.28377185

theoretically, if i wanted to purchase $100k worth of lto. what would be the best avenue to do so as an american?

>> No.28377473

Rick Schmitt is a scam artist.

>> No.28377549

how so?

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