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ADA is currently on phase 3 but, what will happen when it reaches phase 5 bros? I can definitely imagine the outcome, and that's why I can say that I am so fucking pumped that I bought this coin. ADA is the truth, there is no other project which such a huge future vision like this one, fuck bitcoin and the cost to maintain it, fuck eth and their stupid fees, get in, GET ADA!

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20 dollars

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Just wait until the Africa deals come through. This is uncharted territory for crypto honestly, saying it will just be "the next eth" is small brain thinking, this will be the next Euro

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Fine, ill buy a couple hundred. This better buy me a comfy hoise in 2 years

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a bunch of niggers will buy the top, based charles

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No, but you can expect to maybe 10x whatever you put in within a few years.

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Trending on Coingecko

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.88c stable coin dogshit. clearly the food tokens are the future.

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EOY 500$ is minimum i think

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this is mad huge

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just shut up and buy you stupid, 100% profit in 7 days, this is not a stablecoin, this is a pumpcoin. You're on time

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Will this dump at $1 ???

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There will be a massive sell off and a return to 70s or 80s. It will then go up in time again.

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it will absolutely not wtf hhahaa

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Yes it will not go up again. Fucking shitcoin.

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There will be a correction at USD $1.20.. as we saw in 2017.

After that, it will continue to $3/4 end of Q2 2021

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>bunch of africans using ada
i dont get it this is literally the same as xlm's plan and look how that turned out lol

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Uneducated fag here. What does a cryptocoin need to reach ATH like ethereum and btc? They both reached within 5-6 years and still going, yet their technology is old generation.

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This keg has been tapped. Its def a race to the bottom for ADA bagholders.

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Why ADA when AVAX is already here and working and does everything better.

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they don't have the connections, Charles is on the ground putting in the work, he's literally got deals with the Ethiopian government now

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lads, i dont know what ill do once this stops pumping. watching the price increase each day is the only thing keeping me going

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>This keg has been tapped. Its def a race to the bottom for ADA bagholders.

t.some faggot that wants to buy more on the cheap

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xactly Avax is killing it , hitting like $60 bucks from $3. Thats how real blockchains get at it. Cardano "makes the news" and aint even over a buck.

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It makes me enjoy the mornings. I am getting addicted to this.

ADA maxi here since 0.30

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D R ; N S

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Goto coinmarketcap.com and compare the circulating supply of the different coins, that is why people laugh at those that directly compare prices of different coins. All that matters to you as a speculator is the %Change of what you are holding (the Alpha) compared to the change of the market (the Beta).
If you hold 100$ worth of ADA and it doubles, you would have the same amount of gains if you had 100$ worth of btc and it doubled.

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Lol I wish, but with 10s of billions in circulation, thats impossible.

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Durr what is a market cap

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complete and total FUD
$1000 EOY is conservative

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ADA will kill Tether in a few minutes

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C'mon man. I mean I'm all for little victories, but stablecoins really shouldn't factor in to the rankings.

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It's psychological. I want to see ADA in third, and the stablecoin out of the top 10.
It's like dirty laundry.

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>teleports behind you and passes tether

nothing personal kid

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I only had 250 coins. Is it all over for me? I thought I came so far. noooooooo

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boys I'm starting to panic
the fall will be tremendous when ADA reaches 1
time to sell?

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last digit will be the price after it reaches 1$

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2 after 1?
Makes sense

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2$? we'll spiral upwards

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1000 is a make it stack.

t. 2000 super make it stacker

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I knew I shoulda got more ADA, bought it late at 0.60 but still.
Should i go all out and buy $5k ADA

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Any TAfags want to explain what pic related means for near future? That's DOGE but I've seen a few others pull the same stunt of having a banner ATH day, dump, then slowly climb back to the ATH levels. Is this retards FOMOing in with hopes of another spike? Daily candles.

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I think you're trolling, but for the newfags in the thread, that would mean a market cap of 15 trillion dollars, almost 20x that of BTC. I hold ADA and believe in it, but you need to reign in your expectations and learn tokenomics.

$7 is the goal right now. If it gets to $7 then ADA overtakes ETH in market cap. (someone feel free to correct my math though)

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My TA friend told me not to buy DOGE. As a fundamental analyst, its a meme coin with no real value aside from branding. If you think the normies will DIAMOND HANDS and buy more, then by all means.

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It appears as though it will. What I find more interesting is BNB is gonna kill DOT and XRP by tomorrow at this rate, with its next sight on Tether as well. Wouldn't mind having a top 4 of BTC ETH ADA BNB

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When can we expect a dip

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I dont own any DOGE for the reasons you mentioned. I've just seen this pattern more than thrice in the past week and am trying to wrap my head around it. ATHs are shit if they're done in spikes and unsustainable but it appears as though spikes are followed soon after by organic floats to matching levels and I refuse to believe they're all just undervalued

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im afraid to buy it because its constant rise. ill wait for correction

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DOGE looked great from TA perspective over last 2 weeks but now there's no real edge for entry anymore

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Yes, and dump your LTC and ETH into it while you're at it. They're not worth holding at such small amounts.

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VTHO was a TA dream a couple days ago. Can't believe there weren't more threads about it... couldnt have been more blatant

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Buy more often at smaller amounts instead of going all in at once. Dollar cost average (DCA)

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GTFO with your PnD shilling. Your low volume PnD shit is gonna rug any minute now.

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>Tried buying 1K ADA earlier today on eToro
>Dogshit exchange says I need to relink my bank account for someone reason even though everything worked before
>ADA keeps pumping and I can't buy in because eToro says I've tried to link my bank account to many times today
>Can't even use Binance because it still hasn't verified my address after 2 weeks

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a week ago I fucking thought that it could be a good investion (BNB) and oh my fucking god, it flew so insanely quick that I misssed it haha, but at least I bought some of bnb now

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I was able to make profit from dogecoin. I only invested 150 dollars and I made 3.9k from profits. Didn't really think I'd make that much from a meme coin, but I am waiting for the outcome, if it crashes I just lost 150 dollars no biggie. I did put 1.3k dollars on ADA.

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You can still buy without the address verification. At least I did.

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Whats the best place to convert ETH to ADA and which wallets can hold ADA?

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So, what's value does DOGE provides and it's 10B. That's more than a lot of known companies.

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This happens and I will be set for life

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wow you sound like a really smart guy (rsg)

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I'm on Binance US and it won't let me deposit from my bank account without the verification.

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I have ~1600 ADA. Pretty comfy

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This is unirioncally going to 100 dollars in the next 2 years.

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Sad, right? I always kept 30 or so for fees but I turned that shit off days ago. Been kinda waiting for any semblance of dip or even slowdown to grab more but it just isn't happening

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I fucking wish.

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Well I'm glad I got into crypto while living in Europe.

Have you tried using your card? If you have some USDT or other coins you can swap it if you toggle the pro version.

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You have absolutely no fucking idea what you're talking about.

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4k stack here. bought at $0.3

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Literally never selling. Waiting for a good dip to ape in some more

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Selling at $1 and then buying back in.

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Buy Zilliqa. It's better in EVERY way and has MORE utility.

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Zil is a boat anchor it's going nowhere

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But do they have a Charles Hoskinson? No? I'll pass

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went from .02 to .11 in 2 months. It's win/win for ZIL. The longer it takes people to catch on, the longer I get 16% interest. Really dont care if you faggots don't buy it. Biz doesn't buy gems, just chases PnD

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Is this a good time to buy more ADA lads?
Or is it the WORST time to buy more ADA (lads)?

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Tell me about cardano's smart contracts? scalability? sharding? Oh, you can't anon. Because its trash. This is gonna dump hard and I'm gonna laugh. Enjoy that 5% interest I guess?

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Big deal even the biggest shitcoins have given those returns. ADA did way better than Zil this year.

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>brags about how fast his coin increased in value
>accuses others of pnd
sorry you missed out on ADA

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what about 65k? Thats what I have but it pails in comparison to the other anon on here who has 417k..

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anon here. You completely do not understand what ADA is holy shit .

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death situations ( planes, spaceships etc..). The very definition of reliability, as with other functional languages, it is immutable and eliminates a whole class or errors and bugs. That's why they have the co-inventor of Haskell Philip Wadler on board. He's HUGE.

2) IELE VM that will translate Smart Contracts written in about 30 of the more mainstream programming languages (to start with) to be readable by the Haskell protocol. Backward compatibility. All these languages (Python, C, Java, JavaScript, Solidity etc...) are regrouped into the K-framework built by RunTime Verification, a start up that has NASA or DARPA Toyota as clients. It means that developers will be able to develop smart contracts in the language they're the most comfortable with. That's a lot of potential developers if you ask me. Even Ethereum will look like a toy when it's released.

3) Sidechains will soon establish Cardano as the blockchain of blockchains, apparently they just solved their NiPoPos and NiPoPoW issues.

4) Fully working PoS - even if not released yet, as it's been peer-reviewed for years it's just a matter of days/ weeks before the fireworks.

5) Multi compatible Daedalus wallet for different currencies ( BTC, ETH...)

6) etc etc... I don't have much time to write more

The more you dig into it, the more you realise that Cardano is in a league of its own. There is no other crypto project that even fantasise about reaching what they're achieving.

That said I am confident that ZIL is a good project as well but it's just not fair to compare the two of them. Cardano's goal is not to replace anyone, but rather to be complementary to the main coins and enable blockchains to talk to each other as well as being a secure, reliable and scalable SC platform.

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Oh I understand. Why don't you make an attempt to enlighten me oh wise one?

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I went from loving ADA to hating it in 5 seconds when I realized after 4 weeks my 100k stack hit hit a stop loss I forgot I set thanks to some absurd 1 minute candle. Fuckkkk. Thought I was getting rich...

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Holy fuck dude

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I wrote this a few years ago.

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nobody cares

that being said I hold ADA and imma be rich

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It explains why ADA is the better choice.

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mcap will go straight above eth. People are starting to realizing this thing is going to be flipped.

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Kek. I can't wait to see the pink wojacks on cardano.

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