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Brainlet explanation:


Big brain explanation:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbUqcbNqQ-Y [Embed]
#1 IL protection. Not as impactful during a bull market but larger stacks looking generate revenue from providing liquidity will obviously want IL protection when things settle down or go south for a while.

#2 Single sided staking. Wanna stay all-in on your token of choice and still provide liquidity? Bancor is your guy.

#3 Vortex. You get vBNT from staking your BNT that you can swap for different coins if you think they will outperform BNT, then swap a portion of the tokens back to vBNT to unlock your BNT stake when you want to.

#4 Massive growth in TVL, #1 pool for locked Chainlink. Marketcap hasn't gone up proportionately. Sitting around 350m while competitors with inferior tech and higher swap fees sit at 10-20x that.

#5 Working demo on arbitrum testnet with 50x lower gas/swap fees.

#6 EOS bridge up and running, actively building a Polkadot bridge

#7 Sweet sweet passive income with insane APY% (for now). Tons of linkwhales chilling in LPs.

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seriously can we get some like. decent memes going for bancor the only good one is the one with the jew and pepe in the lambo

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unironically I’m thinking of putting my linkies in

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a good idea if you like making money

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im thinking of retiring this year

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uniflop seeing downtime looking pretty bullish for my Bancies

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yeah same, but I still want to squeeze some passive income before staking comes out

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its free 16% APY

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im planning to retire on my bancors without even factoring my lincors

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We don't need memes, we should rather discuss alternative or complementary strategies

It's definitely more right now. I'm calculating 11% on my LINK stack alone after 10 days.

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You can do both. Memes just make it fun.

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This is the most undervalued AMM in the space. I held some BNT a few months ago and came back after watching a video on the vortex and vBNT.

Yields are insane and being able to leverage vBNT is probably the most genius tokeonomics i have seen since SNX pioneered yield farming in early 2020.

I think we go easily 10 billion in this cycle. All you have to do is just sit back stake and relax guys.

Im a top 100 vBNT holder and feeling super comfy. Why just hold ETH when this has way more upside??

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the team literally said they won't let this pump
stay away

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yes anon Im sure they hate money

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They're Jewish wtf are you talking about

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>I think we go easily 10 billion in this cycle
compared to the 2017 bull run, this would be NOTHING for this kind of product
YET I learned to be careful.. but I strongly believe in this shit so let's see where this is in one year

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your right i shouldnt be too bullish. Gotta keep expectations in check but i figure in this bull run instead of making shit trades just stake my BNT earn nice rewards and stop stressing trying to swing.

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You need a ledger to stake?

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ive staked with just metamask

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That doesn't sound very safu

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Im considering selling all my link for bancor, anyone want to talk me out of it??

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it's probably not